2020 In Review: Our Top 10 Success Stories of 2020


I can’t believe I’m able to make a post like this. What started off as a pipe dream has evolved into something so much larger than just myself, it’s unbelievable.

Today I want to do a recap of what 2020 has looked like for us here at RealityCreator.com. I want to show you an inside look into what our clients were able to achieve, because ultimately our success is defined by our clients’ successes.

What you’ll see below is a recap of the top 10 results we’ve seen from the Reality Mastery program. Honestly, it’s quite difficult to pick and choose as we’ve had SO MANY awesome clients and equally awesome results, but I think these 10 really deserve to make the cut.

Without further delay, let’s get right to it and I hope it inspires you:

#10 – Carlos Burgos

Carlos joined us back in December 2019. He’d recently quit his corporate career and started his own Amazon FBA business. Unfortunately, his business had been making a loss for over a year, which left him demotivated and led to procrastination.

Carlos was able to go from consistent loss to 20k monthly revenue and a 5k monthly profit within 4 months of being in the program.

The biggest shift for him was getting crystal clarity around his “why” and having tools to help him manage the conflict between his 2 identities: the one that is suited for a corporate career vs the one that wanted to be a successful business owner!

#9 – Viktor Jiracek

Viktor is a Real Estate investor – specializes in wholesaling. He joined us in February of 2020.

His primary struggle was in transitioning into starting up his consulting biz where he trains people to create successful wholesaling operations just as he’d done, but what we saw was that the conviction was missing in his ability to put himself confidently out there – he couldn’t confidently pitch his services and charge what his service was truly worth, always underselling himself.

This changed in 4 short months. Viktor went from absolute 0 in his coaching business to generating 40k/m in revenue. Go Viktor!

The biggest shift for him was learning how to manage his “attachment” to certain results and outcomes that he wanted to achieve; the level of importance that he attributed to things. Once that had been reduced, he was able to simply move with intention, there was no longer an internal battle that once plagued him.

#8 – Ayaz Dar

Ayaz is an ecom entrepreneur who joined us back in March. Prior to joining us, he was doing 15-20k in profit per month in his business, but what he saw was that it was inconsistent. This inconsistency was brought about by the internal ceiling that was set for him.

This internal ceiling came in the form of doubts. Doubts not just in his own ability, but the incessant focus on the wrong things, the worries and the fears.

He couldn’t change the negative hypothesis that he was living with, which translated into profit inconsistency. There was a lack of confidence in his decisions and commitment.

Ayaz had all the right strategies and tools, heck he even did a significantly higher profit month before, but it just didn’t last.

However, after joining Reality Mastery, within 11 weeks Ayaz went from 15k/m in profit to 55k in profit in the month of April!

The biggest shift for Ayaz was learning how to become more self-aware. He used the tools and learned to watch himself dispassionately, instead of being reactive to circumstances and as a result, being controlled by them. Ayaz became proactive!

#7 – Jo Chun Yan

Jo is a brand designer who does awesome work for her clients, but she found that she was always stuck at 5k-8k a month, and never was able to crack the 10k/m barrier. The biggest obstacle that kept Jo stuck at the 5k-8k months was the story she kept believing; she kept telling herself that she was good enough, but she never believed it.

Consciously and logically, she understood that hitting that 10k month was just a matter of getting a few more clients, but unconsciously and emotionally, she was only worthy of the 5-8k.

That quickly changed. Jo went from 5k/m to 15k in a single month after just 5 weeks of being in the program!

I believe the biggest turning point for Jo was week 4, where we covered methods of coordination and how to make that old story less “sticky”.

Essentially, we helped her dis-identify from the 5-8k month self, so that she could consciously identify with that 10k+/m self.

Now Jo has the internal world necessary to keep soaring up and fulfill the destiny that she chooses!

#6 – Pedro Cortés

Pedro is a marketing consultant for software companies, and an online entrepreneur. See before he joined us in the Reality Mastery team, he was doing okay…but okay didn’t cut it.

He was inconsistently doing a 5k month, but it would massively fluctuate; he had all the tools, tactics and strategies, but what was missing was the correct internal world to make use of the tools.

He kept hitting a barrier when it came to the big 20k month goal he had. So he decided it was time to make a change and took the leap to join Reality Mastery in February.

By April, he was able to crack that 20k month! The biggest shift I believe that helped Pedro was simply shifting his perspective.

He used the tools in the program to start looking at the same things that he approached every day, from a different set of lenses.

That led to opportunities coming into his worldview that were previously unseen to him. Connections with key people, influencers and new customers! Then, he made sure his internal world was in the right place to receive and make use of these opportunities.

#5 – Trey Cockrum

Trey has been one of our veteran members, having joined right at the end of 2019. He’s a digital marketing consultant, with an awesome agency that helps companies scale up their businesses.

Trey was good at his craft, but what he really struggled with was his self worth. He was doing around 10-20k/m in his business, but that was his ceiling. He had fought with himself daily, being afraid to charge his worth and not being able to say “no” to customers he didn’t want to work with. This kept him highly reactive to his business.

This changed over the course of time. We saw Trey hit his first 30k month after 6 weeks of working with us, and his first 80k month after 6 months! All at the ripe old age of 20.

The biggest shift for him was raising his core standards & unattaching himself from his business. Trey learned the sweet spot between effort and surrender.

#4 – Nour Bouhamdan

Nour has his own digital marketing agency that serves HVAC owners. An interesting fact about this man: he’s only 15 years old. Instead of doing what normal 15 year olds do, Nour’s goal was very different.

See before he joined us, he had huge dreams. He wanted to provide for his family, live an extraordinary life and not settle for that corporate trap. So he started his own business, which at the time was doing slightly shy of 2k/m.

He was struggling. Every day was a battle; he would fall back into his video game addiction, procrastinate on what he knew he needed to do…cycle of frustration, beating himself up and a negative feedback loop building up.

So he took the leap to join Reality Mastery and within 27 days, Nour generated $13k worth of business in his marketing agency, out of which $9k is recurring revenue…all at the age of 15.

The biggest shift for Nour was “coordination”. Instead of beating himself up after falling back to his undesired patterns, he simply learned to manage the contents of his mind, and observe them dispassionately. This unattachment transferred to his conversations with prospective clients, who felt the sense of calm about him and thus decided to do business with him!

#3 – Jaime

Jaime was an ex CEO of a tech startup that didn’t do quite well. His story is quite different. Prior to taking the leap to join Reality Mastery, Jaime’d just experienced one of the biggest turning points in his life – he went through a divorce, lost his tech startup that he’d started with great hopes and dreams…and this experience left him shattered and over $250k+ in debt.

What he quickly started to see was that all of these external situations were all a reflection of his internal state of being (very few people see that, let alone are able to admit that).

His situation swiftly turned around. Within 6 months of the program, not only was he able to almost wipe out a quarter of a million in debt, but also change the meaning of the events that had occurred and actually start moving forward with his life rather than looking back every day.

The biggest shift for Jaime? He stopped making excuses and playing the victim card and took full responsibility for his destiny. He stopped making decisions from a debt consciousness and started to embrace the abundance consciousness.

#2 – Tia Javier

Tia once worked full time as a PA and a speech therapist, and grueling 80 hr weeks, as well as having to take care of her kids and manage 175k worth of student loans and credit card debt.

That didn’t stop her from doubling down on herself and taking a leap of faith. She wanted to create generational wealth for her family, and break out of the cycle of scarcity.

See Tia knew how to work hard, what she didn’t know was how to manage her internal state of being to move towards what she wanted.

Within a year, we saw Tia go from 50k/yr, to 120k/yr in a new job, to throwing away that job in favor of her own speech therapy business which is now on track to getting her to 200k/year, all with her working less!

This story is a super inspiring one, so here’s a link to a detailed interview that I did with Tia where we go deep into her story and what helped her make such a radical shift. (Click here)

#1 – Bastiaan Slot

Bastiaan is practically a celebrity in the Reality Mastery community, and a great source of inspiration to all. He joined us back in Jan 2020.

See he had been following my work for a while and wanted to cultivate a closer relationship with me. But, he was also struggling with a lack of clarity and direction.

He was actually doing well. He had a coaching business for agency owners, teaching them how to get clients. He was doing 20k/m in revenue and for a long time, he had been stuck there.

When we got on the consultation call, he’d mentioned that by the end of the year, he wanted to hit the big 100k/m.

I asked him what was really stopping him from doing that.

His answer? It wasn’t the tactics or strategies. Bastiaan was no stranger to investing in 30k masterminds, 5k for coaches and programs.

He saw that his personal life was getting in the way. His internal state would always get shaken up by something.

He would get too attached to the outcome, which would end up keeping him narrow minded.

Instead of focusing on the 3 next clients he could get, he was focusing on the 1 client he didn’t get.

Not only that, his relationship with his partner was becoming toxic as well.

Bas knew that he had to make a change. That’s exactly what he did.

See in 9 months of us working together, I’ve seen Bastiaan make so many changes, so much transformation.

He ended up not only fixing his internal problems, but also got clarity on a niche he was truly passionate working with.

In 9 months, Bastiaan crushed his goal and hit 150k in revenue in the month of October alone.

The big shift? Instead of making a surface level change by trying out the next coaching program, or ad funnel strategy, Bastiaan went straight to the root – the operator of all these strategies.

He really looked into his attitudes, and multiple posts of his in the group show how the key for him was learning how to balance his intention with unattachment. Wanting something without needing it.

With this, Bastiaan was able to become vision focused, instead of focusing on what he wanted to avoid. Within 11 months he successfully achieved his goal of 100k months and boy what a journey it was!

Concluding Thoughts

Well that brings me to the end of this blog (if you made it this far) and I hope this was insightful + inspiring.

But I want it to be more than that.

I want you to be able to say and feel that 2021 is truly your year, and have a powerful foundation for tackling all the “tests” that come up, and instead of failing them, learn to pass with flying colors.

If you want to see results like these guys, and make 2021 your year then I have good news for you.

We are holding free consultation calls for the Reality Mastery program, to see if we would be a good fit to work together.

In this call we will do the following:

  • Understand your current situation and what’s truly holding you back
  • Set a goal for us to work towards
  • Set a game plan to achieving this goal

So if you want to speak with us in detail to see if we can help you out, click the link below and sign up for your free consultation call!

Click here to apply for the free consultation

Looking forward to seeing how we can help!


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Cultivate the Internal World of a Successful Entrepreneur

How to overcome the revenue barrier and scale your business to 7 figures by shifting your identity

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