3 Things One Must Do To Master Identity Shifting


In today’s video, I share with you the concept of identity shifting and how it’s been the most profound thing that I’ve ever done in my life.

Throughout this journey of goal achievement I realized that in order to achieve (and keep) what I want, I need to internally become the person that’s fit for it.

Eg being a successful business owner meant not being afraid to invest in myself with books, programs etc. So I became the kind of person that’s not stingy and clinging to money, but rather one who never holds back in investing in the growth of my business and self.

Once I internally changed, my outer circumstances began to change as well, albeit with a delay.

What interested me was that there were times where I didn’t change at all, but was still able to achieve one or two feats.

However, these feats were just short lived and I soon found a way to squander and self sabotage to the point where I lost it. I realize now that this was because I wasn’t fit to keep it.

Eg being in a relationship where I felt like I wasn’t good enough for my partner, it inevitably ended in a breakup.

So I want to share with you 3 big things that allowed me to consistently shift my identity every time, and become this self that’s aligned to what I want to achieve.

Here’s what I discuss:

  • The process of identity shifting
  • Finding out “who you need to become” via reverse engineering
  • Key #1: changing your social and physical environment
  • Key #2: changing your appearance
  • Key #3: changing your lifestyle

Hope this was helpful! Leave me a comment below on this post with any questions and I’ll personally answer.


quazi here and in this video i want to
do something really casual while i’m on
my morning walk and share with you how
you can completely become a new person
and basically share with you three
things that helped me
become this new person and shift my
identity i want to stick around to the
very end of this video because i’ll
really be sharing with you uh some
personal stories and
giving you concrete examples of how you
can begin to use these three things
immediately so without further delay
let’s get started now let’s talk about
the concept of identity shifting why you
shift your identity why you need to
become a new person this is all based on
the principle
that anything that you’re seeing
externally any goal that you want to
achieve externally requires
the internal competence that’s
equivalent to that
so what i mean by that is if you’re not
the right
person if you’re not who you need to
become if you don’t if you’re not able
to do what’s necessary
in order for you to achieve and maintain
those goals
you might either achieve the goal by
sheer luck
and squander it self-sabotage because
you don’t feel good enough to
maintain it and we’ve seen so many
clients you know so many people who’ve
joined the program that has happened to
them in the past
i’ve seen people who’ve had businesses
that did adk a month but then
you know they self-sabotage somehow they
found a way to
doubt themselves and doubt doubt their
decisions they didn’t feel good enough
for it so they quickly lost it just as
quickly as they got it
so what an identity shift does
is it allows you to consistently
maintain and
effortlessly achieve and live from that
goal make that
a core standard okay so in my life
what i’ve seen is that whenever i’ve
achieved a goal it was all as a function
of who i became right so your internal
your external world is a reflection of
your internal so that’s why
identity shifting has been a crux of my
life and
the teachings of this channel and what i
my clients to do so
that’s number one now the number two
thing is
most people just blindly you know try to
shift their identities without
getting clear on what it is they truly
want right so it always begins with a
clear picture of
what you want to achieve and then
when you externally see what you want
and you get clear on that
then you can get clear on who it is you
need to become to achieve that
so clarity is a key piece to this
and the other key piece to this is that
of expanding your comfort zone
so as you’re going to see in the three
things that i’m going to describe to you
you’ll need to expand your comfort zone
in order to
experience something that’s not already
an experience right now
so to give an example of that you might
be living a certain way
but in order to achieve and maintain
those goals let’s say you want to make
more money in your business
let’s say you want to be a leader or you
want to get to you know the top of your
whatever it may be you need to become
who is capable of embodying that on a
routine basis maybe right now you’re not
but you know your identity is flexible
who you are is very very flexible
okay so let’s get to the three things
that’ll help you do that number one
the number one key thing that helped me
shift my identity
and become a new person was changing my
so this is both the physical
and the social environment okay
to give an example of that i was
at school and in college when i first
started this journey
of growing my business and
and what i saw was that you know in my
immediate environment there were people
who were just looking to get a job
or looking to coast by through life and
just be satisfied with being mediocre
and that’s not something that i wanted
for myself so surrounding myself with
these people
wasn’t benefiting me in any way so
why does surrounding yourself with
like-minded people
and you know why can’t you achieve your
goals from having the same friends you
might be wondering
well you can but it’s just you’re the
average of three of your closest friends
and this is because of a concept called
if you click up here there’s going to be
a little eye somewhere up here
you’ll see a video about what pendulums
are and essentially a pendulum is
a a an energetic structure
that you know has like-minded energy
that extracts energy from like-minded
individuals so to give an example
a sports team supporters of a sports
religious groups they’re all pendulums
so if you surround yourself with
like-minded people
you’re going to start to think like them
and this pendulum will
extract your energy from like-minded
thinking that’s why
there’s this thing called mob mentality
sometimes people do crazy
and they don’t even know why they
did it they’re like oh i just got caught
in the moment
it’s because this pendulum extracted
your energy so when you surround
yourself with like-minded people
these pendulums are going to extract
your energy make you do things that
you wouldn’t have consciously chosen to
here’s the flip side of it there are
constructive pendulums and destructive
so you can surround yourself with
like-minded people who
benefit your growth and like-minded
people who
are destructive to your growth so it all
again depends on what your goals are
so i had to go from surrounding myself
with people
who were destructive to my goals who
wanted to party all the time and wanted
do things that gave them a quick burst
of dopamine things that brought an
instant gratification
to people who were more business
oriented and they wanted to grow they
wanted to start up as well
so when i started to change my social
that’s when i started to become this new
person this aided the transformation in
becoming a new person
the other thing is the physical
environment as well your immediate
that also plays a huge part because
chances are you’ve cultivated a certain
identity based on how you place yourself
in your environment if you’ve been
living at home
with your parents which is what i used
to do i was a different person there
as soon as i moved out i had different
responsibilities immediately
and that prompted me into becoming a
different person
so i imagined myself being a different
person in this environment and it became
a self-fulfilling prophecy
so now you can see the power of
expanding your comfort zone this is
something that was outside of my comfort
zone and when i did something outside of
my comfort zone
it allowed me to grow it allowed the
sphere of my world to expand a little
so that’s number one environment number
two is kind of funny
it’s your appearance so um
what i mean by that is if you start to
dress and look a certain way and you’ve
been doing this your whole life
the other subtle characteristics the
other subconscious characteristics are
tied in with that
so your mannerisms your habits are all
going to be tied into how you dress
all of a sudden if you get a haircut or
something completely different
now you have an opportunity a gateway
again expanding your comfort zone
to becoming someone new so what i did
i imagine myself to be a completely
different person
someone who’s fit to running a business
someone who’s
who can stay in and work long hours and
want to party all the time because
that’s the kind of person i was but now
i’m the kind of person who can
stay quiet introverted and focused and i
imagine myself to
have shorter hair when i did that so i
just got a haircut
and according to that i aligned myself
to this shorter haired version of quasi
who now focuses who works on growing his
right and as a result of that i was able
to achieve what i wanted
appearance is a big one so i used to
dress really flamboyant now i just don’t
care about how i dress i just wear
simple stuff
yeah i keep my hair short everything
neat and tidy i was more of aloof
you know in my hair my appearance i was
more like rugged and like
had longer hair a crazy beard if you go
back to my older videos you’ll see that
as well
changing your appearance is a big part
of it too
that’s number two right number three
is changing your lifestyle
what do i mean by that my lifestyle when
i was
at a certain period of my life when i
was back in college that college version
of myself
was stay up as late as you can like two
three a.m
go to bed at four and then wake up at
and i still made the videos and did all
of that in that lifestyle
and i was eating a different way
everything was just different my
lifestyle was different
i was single yeah everything was just
very very different
but now my lifestyle is a complete other
right now i i’m the complete opposite of
that i have to have had to train myself
to be the complete opposite of that
so now i go to bed by 9 10 pm
and i wake up at 6 00 am 6 7 am
and i work certain hours and
you know i need less stimulation now
because i’ve trained myself over the
years to be this way
was it as easy at first no
but i again this goes back to that crux
of i needed to know
i needed to get clear on who i needed to
become in order to have a successful
business in order to be that
revolutionary coach you know in order to
have that mansion in la
and that car that i wanted so all of
those things i had to
reverse engineer it to who i needed to
become in order to
be able to move towards that to see
movement towards that
and having a lifestyle change even the
kind of food i eat i used to eat a lot
of junk food
because i just didn’t care i thought i
was invincible but i saw that it started
to affect my performance to
so i had to change the kinds of food i
eat so
in this whole manner i reconstructed
myself these are the different parts
you know the lifestyle is a part of it
the environment is a part of it
the appearance is a part of it when you
reconstruct the parts
the whole gets reconstructed too so
those were the three things that really
helped me recreate myself
in order to be more aligned to what it
is i wanted and
be fit to achieve that and effortlessly
maintain that
so let’s do a quick recap of what we
talked about
the main principle is that in order to
experience something
and be able to live from that that end
you must
internally experience the same shift as
this is why i don’t like to focus on
external tactics and strategies because
those are short-lived they’ll give you a
gimmicky quick result
you can do a technique you can try all
of those things
you can try the meditations the hypnosis
but they’ll again
give you a quick gimmicky result and
you’ll never
fully get the gist of it so that’s why i
focus on the principles
so there’s that making that internal
shift becoming and reconstructing
yourself as the person
you need to be in order to achieve what
you want
and again people think that oh you know
you shouldn’t change who you are based
on what you want that’s not what i’m
saying this isn’t changing who you are
this is becoming a different version of
you if you can imagine it you can be it
there are different versions of you
you’re not static you can choose to be
who you want to be
just because you become a different
person doesn’t mean it’s not you
it’s just not you right now okay so
there is the answer to that argument as
well and
the other thing we talked about the two
cruxes that make identity shifting
happen is number one clarity
and number two expanding your comfort
zone okay
you’ve got to get clear on what you want
and you’ve got to expand your comfort
zone in order to get into that the only
reason you’re not
achieving what you want right now is
because it’s not in your comfort zone
right so there’s that and
the three things we talked about what
number one
changing your lifestyle i think it was
like no lifestyle was number three
without the board i can’t really
remember much number three was
changing your lifestyle number two was
changing your appearance
and number one was changing your
environment both your social and your
physical environment
if you do these three things you’ll
start to notice an immediate shift
and i’m making this video because
yesterday i did this test
this um i think it’s a gallup strengths
finder test
and i talked to this coach and i
showed him my results when i did it
three years ago or four years ago when i
was back in college
and my results now and he’s like in the
16 000 people that i’ve interviewed
and i’ve done this coaching with i’ve
never seen such a drastic change
because i never i didn’t have any of the
strengths the top five strengths of
that i had in the in the new one that i
so this was something insightful to see
how different i’ve become
right so yeah i hope this video was
let me know what you thought of this
style and i’m panting a little bit
because i’m not used to talking while
i’m walking
but let me know in the comments what you
thought of this what kind of videos
you’d like to see if this was genuinely
helpful or not
by the way i made a free boot camp for
you in identity shifting boot camp if
you click
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it you can enter your email and sign up
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i share stuff there that i can’t really
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and yeah thank you guys for watching
until next time

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Cultivate the Internal World of a Successful Entrepreneur

How to overcome the revenue barrier and scale your business to 7 figures by shifting your identity

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