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Who we help

We work primarily with entrepreneurs and professionals who are aspiring entrepreneurs, who feel stuck at their current income level. They find that what’s keeping them stuck is not a skills or knowledge deficit, rather a mindset problem; they feel a lack of motivation, confidence in their decisions, self doubt & a general lack of clarity in their life path.

What we do

We help these entrepreneurs master their businesses by first mastering themselves. This is done primarily via our 2 flagship offerings: first, Reality Mastery, where we get to the crux of one’s identity to help them become the successful entrepreneur first, and then their reality will follow. Next, through Transcendence, where we help coaches who are already established at 6 figures grow to 7 figures and obtain even more freedom from their businesses whilst making a lasting impact, just like our founder Quazi Johir has done.

Our principles

  1. Student obsessed – Client success is our success.
  2. All in or go home – Either push the gas or the brakes, not both. No 50%.
  3. Minimalism – Less is more. Path of least resistance, highest efficiency.
  4. Authenticity – Complete transparency on what works, even if it hurts.
  5. Principled – Focus on timeless principles rather than temporary techniques.
  6. Unorthodox – Not afraid to innovate when regular doesn’t cut it anymore.
  7. Process oriented – The right process produces the right results.

Our story

Chapter 1 – Is this it?

It all started from a place of deep frustration with the status quo…could this be it? I was offered a full time engineering job and a manufacturing plant that would pay $50k/yr right off the bat, and I was frustrated. I looked around me and everyone at my new workplace looked depressed. Surely the next 40 years of my life couldn’t be this, right? At that moment I made a decision. I would be in control of my destiny, not society, not my parents, not my college…me.

Chapter 2 – Uh oh

I looked at 2 close friends of mine at the time, Arlin & Rafael; they were both my age & living the life I wanted. Arlin is a friend from college, he was living the rockstar lifestyle – popular kid at college, had 100k subs on youtube as a lifestyle vlogger and he was selling merch & making $10k/m. When you’re a broke college kid, $10k/m is a crap ton of money.

Rafael was a college dropout, making $10k/m & traveling the world thanks to his dropshipping business. 

They were both living life on their own terms and had broken free from the matrix. How? I wanted that desperately.

I noticed at that moment that they both had 1 thing in common: a youtube channel.

I sucked it up, overcame my fear of public speaking and of embarrassing myself and in 2018 I decided to start up my own channel as a new years resolution. I had no clue what I was doing, but I just wanted to share things I was interested in at the time: namely manifestation, personal development & becoming better every day.

Chapter 3 – Identity shift

7 months in, I was just making youtube videos in my college apartment, with hopes that one day I would somehow make money from it.

I kept visualizing my ideal scene: waking up next to my beautiful partner (I was single at the time), walking downstairs in my mansion, going outside to my red ferrari & driving off into the sunset…ah I’d manifested everything I wanted!

I had no clue how I would break free from the corporate shackle & monetize this small youtube channel at the time, for all I knew I would sell merch!

Then one day it happened…a lady reached out to me via email asking me if I could coach her via email in exchange for $300.

This was a eureka moment for me…I could sell coaching! My whole life, I’d been a great teacher, a great student and all I had passion for was learning and growing + seeing others grow. This was perfect & a godsend.

So my decision to become a coach solidified.

Still I had lots of limitations…

How would I learn to set up a coaching business? 

What gives me, a college student, the right to coach all these middle aged people with more life experience than me? 

How can I sell?

I had to go through an identity shift & become the coach & entrepreneur.

Chapter 4 – A New Reality

Fast forward 4 years later, I didn’t just grow a coaching business enough to grant me freedom…we have helped over 1000 customers master their own destinies.

The business grew from a mere 6 figures to doing over 7 figures every single year.

I’m still learning, growing & shifting myself (you can see my progression on the channel, starting from the very first video that I made).

Currently, I’m living in south Florida, with my wife & 2 curious cats in our beautiful home, a life that I could not have even imagined when I was starting off…I would’ve just been happy making a mediocre 50k/yr as long as I didn’t have to work that job!

That is life, if you abide by the correct principles, it can deliver you more than you’ve ever imagined.

Our goal is to collectively help every single human being on Earth master their destiny. It’s a lofty goal, but it all starts with you.

If you become the best human you can be, then I am certain that you’ll inspire at least 10 others, and this effect will compound.

So join me on our mission here at RealityCreator.com to help every single human on Earth, by starting with you.

Our Team

Quazi Johir

CEO & Founder

Creates content, manages operations & helps clients.

Heena Hemrajani

Customer Success Manager

Ensures customer success & manages our customer communities.

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