Action vs Intention: Why Most Fail To Achieve Their Goals


Today I want to highlight the difference between action and intention. By the end of this video, you’re going to learn the most effective method of goal achievement (being the ideal self) and why a sole focus on “doing” is ineffective. I will also share with you 3 keys to help you access that ideal state.

Most have a huge misconception around this topic; they believe that action is the one and only- the ultimate thing that brings about results.

What we fail to see is that one can take all the action they want, if they don’t take the right action there will be no fruit.

A massive part of taking the right action has to do with the intention behind the action.

Consider the following example:

  • It’s a particularly bad month in terms of revenue in your business.
  • You’d like to sell your services/products.
  • You reach out to prospective clients, as it’s a bad month, you feel needy and the importance is very high; you need to make this sale.
  • The prospect can feel this neediness from you and immediately gets turned off and starts making excuses to get off the call with you.
  • You come from a place of scarcity and now your action(s) perpetuate more scarcity.

On the contrary, consider the following:

  • It’s a great month in terms of revenue; you’re about to have the highest revenue you’ve ever made!
  • You sell products and services.
  • You reach out to prospective clients and don’t feel needy at all- you could make this sale or you could not, all’s well anyways and your importance level is low.
  • The prospect can feel this “non-neediness” from you and sees that you have no hidden agenda- you genuinely want to help. They decide to sign up with you on the spot because you’re a genuine person who gives off awesome energy!
  • You come from a place of abundance and now your action(s) perpetuate more abundance!

This example goes to show the power of the intention behind the action. This is why we focus so much on the state of “being” of the individual before they act, in our Reality Mastery program. The “doing” is always an expression of one’s “being”.

So here’s what I discuss in the video:

  • The seen vs the unseen source from which the seen stems out of
  • Acting from a place of fear and scarcity – the biggest pitfall most fall into
  • Why acting from fear is actually escaping the fear
  • Doing vs being: how doing is an expression of your being
  • The most effective solution to changing one’s state of being

Hope this was helpful! Make sure to leave me a comment with your thoughts below.


quazi here and in this video i want to
share with you what
acting from fear really does to you and
subtle nuanced point about letting go
and how to
truly let go this lesson took me
years of internal reflection to figure
and really by the end of this video
you’re going to learn
why fear and the actions that you take
out of fear will always keep this fear
and how to get out of that state and get
rid of those hidden blockages that keep
stopping you in your business
keep stopping you in other areas of your
life as well okay i want you to stick
around to the very very end of this
video because
what i’m going to share with you here
was is probably something you’ve never
seen before
before i begin this video i wanted to
quickly announce that spots are now open
for the free one-to-one consult
with me and my team for the reality
mastery program so
make sure you wait around till the end
of the video for the announcement on how
to enroll for that
and with that let’s get started so today
i want to talk about this nuanced point
of action
versus intention and you might be
wondering what the hell does this even
you know most people usually think that
action and intention are the same things
right they think that there’s no
difference between the actions that you
and the intentions that you have but
it’s what comes first in the chain
it’s usually the intention that comes
first and the action
is an expression of the intention so
most are always focused actually more on
actions that can be seen aka appearances
than the hidden source from which this
intention arises okay so let’s write
that down real quick
we’re mostly focused on the appearance
of action
or the the physical equivalent of this
appearance rather than source
rather than source
why do i say that well what’s what’s
even the fundamental difference between
that let’s
understand that first of all with an
example so if you think about
you as a business owner right me and my
business in terms of getting clients
when i would start off in my business
and i wanted to get clients and i had no
i was in a place of scarcity okay i was
in a place a um
sort of feeling of scarcity and from
this feeling of scarcity i was
made to act i was compelled to act
okay so what was driving me was this
feeling of scarcity
and when i acted from this this place of
scarcity and i went out to
and reached out to prospective clients
so the activity the action itself
was reaching out to prospective clients
and presenting my services
pitching making offers right that was
physical action the appearance of the
action but
the intention was i don’t have clients
i’m in scarcity i need clients
i need to make money and when i did that
the prospective clients could actually
feel the scarcity coming from me
and something would turn them off and
they would make up all sorts of excuses
like oh
now is not the now’s not a good time oh
i’m moving or i got to talk to my
husband or wife about it all of those
excuses were coming up
but deep down i could feel that they
weren’t really convinced but they
weren’t telling me the truth
do you see what’s happening
my feeling of scarcity neediness
is compelling me to take these actions
and when i take these actions the
actions actually
propagate the feeling of scarcity to the
point where the clients feel it
prospective clients feel it and they
on the other hand let’s take the same
of reaching out to prospective clients
pitching services
making offers but from a different place
a place of abundance
let’s say now i’m good i’m having a
great month
hit 100k awesome
everything’s going well no problem
speaking to a prospective client make an
they feel the abundance coming from me
wow he sounds so confident
i really think he can help me he sounds
so genuine
he doesn’t sound like he needs anything
from this
you know what let’s do it let’s do it i
have faith in you let’s do it
and then they become a client so
in both these scenarios we have the same
activity happening the same
thing the same action is happening
but the intentions are different the
intention in one of them is to take
i’m empty i’m i’m scarce i need to take
something to feel
more full in the other instance
oh i’m already full i’m great already
let’s see what i can give do you see the
so this is how focusing on actions will
always you up
because it’s not it’s never the action
that produces the result
it’s always the intention that’s in line
with the action
okay so most people have you know their
pointed the wrong way their intention
goes left
but their action is to the right they
want to get more clients but they
don’t feel that they’re worthy of
clients they don’t feel that
you know they can help the clients so
they kind of force it
instead of changing themselves first
they kind of force it
and that’s why your prospective clients
can start to feel that
and that happened to me for a very very
long time until i figure out
how to kind of manipulate my internal
state of being
first come from the place of being first
and then approach the actions the doing
okay i hope this is making sense if it’s
not please rewind and look at it over
and over again
but this will be applicable to any area
of your life not just business
because it’s the same with fitness you
can never come
internally from a place of scarcity and
expect something to happen
you must be there first in your
beingness you must be there first
and then your reality will catch up to
you this is
what’s known as the mirror principle of
life i made a video on it click
here to check that out but you can’t
expect the mirror to smile
before you smile first that’s
essentially it
now let’s talk about this fear and
scarcity mentality and why
you keep staying stuck in it most people
when fear
arises what they do is they’re quick to
when you feel anxious when you feel
fearful what’s the first thing you want
to do
oh let me do something oh man i’m so
antsy oh man i gotta do something take a
you know smoke some drugs i got to do
that’s the first thing you want to do
because it’s so uncomfortable
and instead of staying with this
discomfort it immediately compels you to
right so whenever fear arises
we’re quick to act
there’s a huge problem with this and
only recently i realized that
actually the problem is three-fold and
i’m going to explain that to you right
why is acting you know whenever
theorized why is acting
immediately a problem
let’s find out so the three parts to it
are basically
why is it a problem
if we act out of fear number one
whenever you feel fear and it
immediately drives you to action
it rewires you to act only in a state of
i’m going to say that one more time
whenever fear and anxiety arises let’s
let’s say for example your business
isn’t doing too well this month
and immediately what it makes you do is
it makes you oh
reach out to more clients or you know do
more ads spend more money in ads
do this do that so what you’re doing is
you know you’re just
trying to do for the to get
i’m doing this in order to get i’m doing
this to supplement my
lack of beingness okay
it’s very very nuanced but i hope you
understand what i’m saying
the problem is it rewires you to act
only in a state of fear
okay rewire
problem number two and this is a very
very key one
is acting immediately when you’re in a
state of fear
actually is escaping that fear
when you’re in a state of fear and
anxiety and you quickly act
you’ll see that most of the time that
action is is a distraction
it’s actually not tackling the fear
but it’s actually escaping the fear
you do something you smoke the drugs to
escape that fear
you turn on the tv and you watch
something on television to escape the
anxiety to escape
confronting the anxiety you eat food
when you’re anxious
to escape that feeling of anxiety do you
see how this is happening
it’s kind of insane but when you act
immediately from a place of fear you’re
actually escaping
you’re escaping the fear and finally
oh by the way escaping this fear is a
because when you escape a feeling
what happens it it gets suppressed and
then it gets repressed
when that happens the the point of
it’s going to come back up at different
points in your life
right now it’s unconscious it’s going to
come into conscious awareness
at different points when it’s the most
inconvenient for you
it’s going to keep coming up and it’s
always going to be this unconscious
that keeps holding you back you’ll never
be able to explain why certain patterns
keep happening in your life
why certain relationships keep repeating
themselves over and over why you keep
staying stuck in your business
a lot of it will be just unconscious to
you because you keep burying it deeper
and deeper into your unconscious
there’s a solution to this i’m going to
get to that right in a second but for
now i understand that escaping it is a
problem because
it suppresses it and then represses it
and finally when you act from a place of
it actually propagates that fear and
that scarcity
okay propagates
what do i mean by that so to give an
example in that instance of let’s say
your business is going down and under
you get panicky you get fearful you’re
like oh i gotta do something about
oh i can’t you know it can’t go on
like this
and then you immediately act you go out
there and you send out a massive email
or you go out there and
pump more money into your ads what
happens is the
you taking these actions from a place of
will keep the scarcity going your ad
money will probably just get become a
sunken cost
nothing will happen out of it because
you’re still you’re just putting more
money into a broken strategy that hasn’t
worked for you this whole month anyways
in your email when your prospective
clients read it they’ll still feel like
something is off
even though it’s just words on a page
energetically something will be off
again the intention will always
influence it
they will be able to feel it energy
never lies
and then for some reason you know your
email didn’t schedule you you
know enough appointments with with your
prospective clients
oh no nothing’s working out what needs
to change here
your state of being needs to change
you’ve got to
find a way to go from this this feeling
of scarcity
this your attention is on lack
okay predominantly your attention is on
why isn’t this happening why am i
bad bad bad what’s good what’s working
there’s two sides to the coin always two
sides to it
but you’re just focusing on one side of
and that’s the side that the mirror is
you keep focusing on lack the mirror
says oh
you think you’re poor here’s more
you think you don’t get clients you’re
that’s what happens this is on this is
really why a few people become
because despite whatever is going on out
they’re like now somehow it’s going to
happen it’s got to happen
if you read into the story of elon musk
his car company you know a tesla
it failed for years
it failed for years he was in in the
hole he was
he had anxiety every single day he was
dying every single day
he was having heart attacks his wife was
describing how he would wake up with
panic attacks and scream in the middle
of the night
before he got to the point where it
succeeded where both companies succeeded
spacex and tesla
right why he still persisted despite
he knew deep in his heart he was working
towards a vision he was in the vision
instead of ah you know this is going
wrong that’s going wrong and he would
never tell his employees by the way
of how much of a financial strife he was
because he’s never that’s not in his
world that’s not in his focal point
he deals with it as it comes up
different people have different ways of
dealing with it did elon musk use the
most effective strategy to deal with it
not but it worked for him right
so these are the three biggest problems
that i’ve found
when you act from a place of scarcity
when you act from a place of fear when
let your fear and anxiety drive you when
you let it
make you act you become reactive
to your fears to your anxieties
so what should happen instead you know
the question now is
well what do i do instead quasi like
what’s what’s the best thing to do
you probably heard me say it a hundred
times i’m gonna say it again
so this brings me to the process of
what surrender is is essentially a way
of processing your feelings it’s a way
of processing your thoughts and feelings
and letting it dissipate
when you escape it so that there are
basically four forms
of dealing with your emotions
i actually made a video on this by the
way so click up here to check that out i
probably fully don’t remember right now
but the first way
is when it comes up you
express it through acting you express it
when you express it a certain amount of
gets released the rest of the amount
actually gets escaped
okay the rest of it gets escaped just
like we talked about
when you express it and you act on that
certain amount of it goes out there and
you propagate it
and the other probably 95 of it gets
suppression is a conscious way of
pushing things down over time
the suppression becomes repression
certain patterns that you were conscious
of you’re no longer conscious of it it’s
become a part of you
that’s repression so there’s expression
repression and the way
to dissolve them and not have them get
pent up and built up
is surrender is letting them go okay
i’ve made a video on this
please make sure you check it out on how
to how the surrender process really
works and the most effective way to do
but it’s essentially three steps okay
i’m going to outline it for you
step one whenever this fear arises
we’re doing something different now
we’re no longer gonna act on these fears
we’re never gonna act from a place of
fear if we have to act
it’s gonna be from a place of abundance
step one theorizes
it’s in your experience now your
attention is on it now
you ask a very simple question
can i allow this fear to be
can i allow this fear to exist
can i allow myself can i give myself
permission to feel this
can i allow
a question mark
at first the answer is going to be no i
don’t want to feel this i don’t like it
maybe for some of you it’ll be yes
you’ll force yourself to say yes
but it doesn’t matter see why it doesn’t
what the answer is and it only matters
what the question is
is because whatever you question
you cannot be if you can question this
you you’re not it you can only question
what you can look at do you see what i
i can when i don’t question
my existence
i’m attached to it when i don’t question
pain in my body
i don’t see the pain i am the pain but
the the moment i start to question this
pain you know there’s a pain here
what is this pain now this pain is no
longer me
now there is no longer an identification
with this pain
but the pain in me was separate now
because i can question it
so that which you can question you can
never be identified with
this is the process of self-inquiry i’ve
made a video on this as well if you
click up here you can check it out
but it’s how to arrive at your true
nature by asking who am i
okay can i allow this to be
first question second question
can i let this go
can i let go
so when you ask the first question what
happens is
can i allow this feeling to be now the
feeling actually arises
more of it arises from your unconscious
can i let this go now you
sort of get prepared to release it
any time anyone ever made a change to
to like a to like a state of being
they’ve been in whether it be anxiety
whether it be depression
it was all because they made the choice
anytime anyone made a change in their
they said i’m sick and tired of feeling
sick and tired
this this has to change now and
when they made that choice
that’s when change started to happen
it’s the choice that we make
that makes the changes in our lives
nothing else
if you make a choice and you’re firm
about that choice it’s gonna happen one
way or the other
okay can i let this go
finally when
when when are you willing to let it go
obviously the answer is now and you’ll
see like a progressive
lightening as you do it over time
again this won’t happen overnight
because this fear has been coming up
over and over and over again for a very
long time right
so you won’t feel crazy good after
the first time but the key thing is to
cease all activity and just be with this
just question it let it take as long as
it needs
don’t try to change it don’t try to
resist it
just investigate it feel it permit it to
and with that i conclude this video
thank you so much for watching i i
really do think
this was one of the more uh
nuanced videos that i’ve made so i’d
love to know what you thought of this if
this was helpful
i do hope this was helpful for you let’s
do a quick recap of what we talked about
today we talked about the difference
between action
and intention and why your actions
aren’t bearing fruit you know you keep
working hard but you’re not getting
and what we talked about uh how most are
focused on the appearance
of intention which is what you’re
physically doing right now
how you’re acting as opposed to
the intention behind it the context
behind it the field in which this action
is happening
and i gave you an example of getting
clients and you know talking to your
prospective clients
how you can do it from a place of i need
this client
to pay my bills or you can do it from a
place of
you know what bills or no bills
i think i can help this client let’s see
how i can help this client
and then we talked about how whenever
fear arises it quickly makes us act
very few can remain still when there’s
an internal discomfort
and so we become reactive to this fear
and the three biggest problems with
immediately acting from a place of fear
is number one it rewires you to act from
a place of fear what’s crazy is
now there are people who can only act
from a place of fear if something’s
going wrong
only then they’ll act or else they get
too comfortable
so they can’t act from being driven by
vision but they have to be driven by
some pain right
and it also makes you
escape the fear the more you act
whenever you’re fearful and finally when
act from a place of fear it propagates
that fear it keeps it going around
it propagates that scarcity like a
boomerang it comes back to you somehow
maybe things seem fixed but they’re not
and we talked about the process of
surrender again i ask you to check out
the video that i’ve linked i’ll put in
the description box
uh in the comments section i’ll pin it
but thank you so much for watching i
sincerely hope this was helpful
as i mentioned before uh the free one to
one console with me my team for the
reality mastery program is open
now who we typically work with uh people
who are entrepreneurs who
want to take their businesses to the
next level and they have all of the
tactics or strategies
and they know kind of what to do right
but they’re just unclear
about the path to go in and they have
uncertainty they start to doubt
or they see that you know there’s
something else some internal blockage
that’s preventing them from
getting those results and keeping them
you know they do get the results or
maybe they’re inconsistent
and if that sounds like you you want to
scale your business you want to take it
to the next level in 2021
but you want to do it the right way by
making an internal change by fixing the
person first the user
the operator of the business rather than
try some tactic and a new shiny object
i invite you to click on the link in the
description below to
sign up for a free console and let’s see
how we can actually help
and uh the free facebook group is also
open for you to take advantage of the
link for that is also in the description
thank you so much for watching until
next time peace

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