Break The Addiction To Negative Thoughts: This Simple Exercise Changed Me


Today I want to share with you how we get addicted to negative thoughts and feelings, and how to overcome this pattern.

As I look into my own psyche, I see this pattern of getting addicted to negative patterns of thinking and surprisingly, finding solace in them!

Eg “oh it probably wouldn’t work, why implement this change to my business” which either prevented me from trying it, or half heartedly trying it, which in the end just confirmed the negative hypothesis with an “I told you so!”.

So I started to ask: why? Why does this happen, and why does it feel so good to be a pessimist?

See we are naturally afraid of the unknown, as your attention always looks to grip onto something and assume a form; it cannot rest in its natural state comfortably. Just as silence, or darkness, or lack of stimulation is unsettling, so too is the lack of identification.

When we get identified with that which is always subject to change, suffering becomes natural.

The key parts here are: your attention and the object of your attention. When the object of your attention is ever changing, you move with this change. When the object of your attention is permanent, then your attention stays still.

We get deeper with this video on the nature of your attention.

Here’s what we talk about:

  • Awareness, consciousness & mind
  • Why you cannot be conscious of being aware, but only aware of being conscious
  • The world of duality and its transcendence
  • Identifying with that which is permanent
  • The tool of self inquiry and how I’ve been using it for inner stillness

Hope this was helpful! Be sure to leave me a comment with your thoughts below.


quazi here and in this video i’m going
to share with you why you’re addicted to
your negative thoughts
and how to overcome them and how to get
to a point where these thoughts no
longer have such a strong
pull on you and you don’t move in these
patterns over and over again in your
life and
have them actually affect your actions
okay by the end of this video you’re
going to learn a two-step method
to help you immediately take a step back
from these negative thoughts and never
thoughts tugging at your life and
controlling you
so before we begin this video let’s
understand the nature of thoughts
okay so let’s say this is your
attention right and how thoughts occur
they sort of arise from nothing and then
they move into nothing but then we
capture we hold them
right so these thoughts come up you know
and then this thought moves like this
it comes it arises and moves through
your to your attention
and then you become attentive to these
thoughts but the interesting part about
it is when this
thought will come up the negative
thought let’s say you don’t just
watch the thought you watch as the
okay this is the problem with thoughts
they’re very very sticky
they will come up thoughts and feelings
will come up and you will
look through them and when you look
through something
an interesting phenomenon happens if i
look at these glasses right now
i don’t even know i’m not aware of
these glasses they’ve become a part of
me okay
there is no awareness around it i’m
identified with
i’m just thinking that okay well this is
how the vision happens
so just like that with all of our sense
perceptions we get identified with them
just like that with our thoughts
we get identified with them right so we
start to become
we start to think that these thoughts
are personal they’re happening to me oh
no why did i have this thought and we
start to judge these thoughts instead of
leaving them alone
when we start to you know fight with
these thoughts we get tangled in them
why you get addicted to all of these
thoughts more than positive thoughts
right and depression happens is because
these negative thoughts they help you
strengthen a sense of an identity
okay the negative thoughts have have
more of a pull
feeling like a victim it it has this
emotional pull
okay so you get a a short-term dopamine
spike from feeling this and allowing
yourself to feel this
kind of like that and this feels so good
you know it’s a sick twisted pleasure
you feel pleasure out of thinking these
thoughts because it gives you permission
to be who you are right now instead of
you know seeing you for you your true
so the biggest problem the biggest
reason why we get identified with our
positive or negative right it’s because
we start to think that they are us we
start to personally identify with them
so the question becomes how do you
overcome this right and that’s what the
two-step solution i want to share with
you by the end of this video
is but before we even get to that when
we get identified with these thoughts
right we move with them so if you have a
negative thought
for me for example if i’m anxious about
something i’ll keep checking my email
i’ll keep checking social media
i’ll keep you know binge eating food
just to try and escape that while the
will be like in my from my throat to my
stomach area
it’ll still be there whenever i have to
do something uncomfortable oh i don’t
want to do that and then i escape it i
procrastinate on it
and it gets stronger and stronger why
because the more you keep
suppressing it and repressing it it just
gets hidden deep down into the layers of
your psyche
okay so the big reason why we
get addicted to these negative thoughts
you know you might be asking why not get
addicted to positive thoughts because
they don’t have as much of a
pull on you as negative thoughts right i
made a video up here why society likes
to keep us in the
state of anger and fear and all of those
emotions and thoughts
but understand that where there is pain
there is pleasure where there is
pleasure there is pain this is just a
duality of life unless you can transcend
this duality you’ll always be trapped
you will always suffer the way to end
this suffering is to
because there’s always a need for
identification okay this is just
how attention is it gets identified to
something when you’re born
and all these memories come up from your
body you know
the food body if you will your attention
gets identified with them
you see things in your environment it
wants to latch onto something the baby
the child wants to latch onto something
but instead of latching onto something
that which is permanent it latches on
something that is always changing
naturally suffering happens so when you
latch onto these thoughts
and your expectations and your fears and
your doubts and
your hopes and your desires you will
always suffer because they will always
these are just coming from the ether and
just going back down based on memory
based on environment
these are always changing so the big
general solution
is to identify with that which is
permanent okay
solution because there’s always going to
be a need for identification
identify with permanent that which never
okay some may call this awareness
some may call this you know pure
consciousness supreme reality
whatever but recently i was reading this
book it’s called i am that by
nisar maharaj i ask you to read it as
but in it he talks about how
you have the mind which is the thought
okay we have the mind and then
the mind is just thought it’s bundle of
when you move with the mind you’re
when you can start to see your thoughts
as not you
you’re conscious you get to
consciousness so this is consciousness
see yes this is mind
now when you start to become
conscious that someone is watching you
actually start to observe
consciousness the watcher if you will
now you become aware okay
a better way to describe this is like
we have a big circle
a smaller circle and within it another
smaller circle
okay and then maybe this board is a huge
infinite you know it describes infinity
the smaller circle here is the mind it’s
the most limited and always changing
your state of consciousness is always
changing as well but less so than the
right why does your state of
consciousness change because you can be
conscious and you can be unconscious
but here’s the thing
there is someone that’s aware of both
consciousness and unconsciousness
okay you can
say that you were unconscious and deep
sleep but you weren’t unaware
there is no unawareness there is just
awareness is beyond all duality
okay i want you to experiment with that
you can be
aware that you’re conscious but you
can’t be conscious of being aware
okay really think about that the biggest
is awareness
and anything beyond that is beyond even
discussing in this video because people
will call this like
yogis will call this supreme reality
they will call this
nothingness they will call this
awareness pure consciousness or whatever
right but it’s beyond words
this is the cusp of the mind okay when
become aware of everything
and how you identify with different
that’s when you connect to awareness so
if i were to describe this
every time you have a thought you say i
am anxious
i am this even when you say you have
something you are
you say this is mine as in i am this
right so there’s identification with all
of these things
going beyond that though when you just
attend to the sense
i am and you start to deny
everything that this i am follows and
you ask
am i really this who who is this that
thinks this
and you really inquire into all of that
the illusion breaks
okay once you attend to this sense of i
am and you really ask these questions
was i born will i ever die was did i
really exist
before i was born just because i was
born does it
you know i was born and i’m conscious
when i’m born but
does it mean i wasn’t aware before i was
born all of these questions just asking
these questions every single day to your
you’ll start to break this shell of
identification and you’ll start to see
illusions as illusions and the reality
is real
okay so that which is real never changes
that which is unreal is always subject
to change
so the two things you’ve got to do let’s
talk about the tool to break the
the main tool is
how do you inquire
anything that happens desire
fear thought
observation of anything in your
who is aware of this who who is it
that’s watching this
who is it to whom does this desire even
to whom
ask this question these questions aren’t
meant to be answered
they’re not meant to be answered with
verbal this is beyond the verbal
to whom does this occur and you become
aware of this whom
and the natural answer is me
i to whom this is a occur
it occurs to me and the question
that’s left to ask is who is this i who
am i
who is this me
simple two-step question
and when you reach this state that’s
that emptiness that blesses the sliver
of awareness
the more you keep inquiring into it the
more the shell starts to break
this is beyond experience by the way
experience is always subject to change
therefore it can’t be real
right even the experience of
peace but there is that which is beyond
okay find that and with that i conclude
this video
thank you so much for watching i
sincerely hope this was helpful in this
video we talked about how to
break this pattern of negative thinking
and addiction to negative thoughts
okay i could give you a technique or a
tool that just allows you to deal
and suspend these negative thoughts like
oh yeah you know you just
just jump around jump up and down and be
really happy and just fake a smile
then you will end this negative thought
because if your body smiles then
your whole mind will smile but that’s a
temporary solution it’s not the real
i want to give you the real thing which
is what i’m talking
in this video about right so
let’s see what we talked about we talked
about how we get identified with the
thoughts that come up
right and they move we start to see as
the thoughts and not at them we can’t
look at them and we talked about the
three different levels the mind
consciousness and awareness and how you
get addicted to negative thoughts
because you get a dopamine spike
and it matches the identity that you’ve
created unconsciously
and society likes to keep us in these
fear and angry states i’ll put a video
up there about
that video i mentioned
mind consciousness awareness
consciousness watches the mind and the
thoughts awareness watches
consciousness and the mind so within
awareness consciousness and mind is
okay the tool to help you break free
from all thinking
is self-inquiry it’s not for all it
won’t be easy
a lot of your illusions will be
destroyed but not a lot of people are
ready for that
right people aren’t ready to go beyond
they want to explore this material
further but the more you start to
question this illusion
and you inquire within the self
whom does this desire rise to who is
who watches this and who is experiencing
this right now
is this real just because i see it does
it make it real
who am i who is this eye that even
is aware of all of this would that i
conclude this video
thank you so much for watching i
sincerely hope this was helpful if
you’re new to the channel make sure you
like comment subscribe and hit that
little bell there so you’re notified of
any new video that i put out
and i’ll see you next time thanks

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