Cultivating Focus To Achieve Your Goals FAST (Full Tutorial)


Today I want to show you how to cultivate focus in this world of distractions. This is actually the 2nd part of a 2 part series (click here for the first part) where we discuss how to cultivate laser sharp focus.

As a famous man once said:

The degree of freedom from unwanted thoughts and the degree of concentration on a single thought are the measures to gauge spiritual progress – Ramana Maharshi

If you can focus on a single goal with all of your attention, you’ll achieve it much faster than you thought possible.

However a huge problem arises in this modern day and age: there are lots of distractions.

Starting with social media apps like facebook, instagram, clubhouse…you name it. A new distraction pops up every day.

So in today’s video, I will give you the exact tools that I use to block out all the distractions and focus in on what I want to achieve.

This took me a whole year to learn, especially the harmful effects on your dopamine receptors when you start wiring yourself for short term gratification (which I discuss in the previous blog post).

So here’s what you’ll get from this tutorial:

  • Suite of tools I use to block out the noise
  • How I structure my days for maximum productivity
  • How I consciously use social media for my business without letting it use me
  • The one “way of living” that changed everything for me

Hope this tutorial is helpful! Leave me a comment with your thoughts below.


quasi here and uh i want to do a
different style video today where we’re
going to follow up from the last video
that i did
on focus if you haven’t checked that out
click on the link in the description
where it’s basically how i show you to
succeed in 2021 and why focusing is the
number one thing that will help you
succeed and how that was the biggest
that i actually learned last year in
2020 so
just a brief overview we basically
talked about social media
and why it’s become a nightmare like
it’s so distracting
you know so especially if you have a
business that’s online
and you rely on social media you’ve got
to know how to use social media without
letting it use you
i’ve found that it can be very easy to
fall into a trap and go into someone’s
feed and go into someone’s instagram
post and then
three clicks later end up so deep in
this rabbit hole that you just can’t
find your way out so
in this tutorial what i’m gonna show you
tools to actually help you optimize what
my desktop looks like
what i use and what i’ve personally used
to help me get focused
and basically try my best to make it as
valuable as i can for you
so yeah i hope you enjoy it so number
one what i want you to remember that
these are just quick fixes right these
are just me giving you some
fancy shiny tools that’s going to help
you optimize the last 10 percent
you’ve got to understand the core
principles the core principle really is
have a a guided direction that you’re
going towards
it’s to have clarity around your life
and what you want to accomplish with
this you know what this piece of life
what it really wants to accomplish right
and that’s pretty much what we do in our
program help you go and craft the
and help you go from that to all the
top level like the service level tools
and you know
ninja level that’s going to help
you optimize the last 10
so this is that last 10 okay so make
sure you watch
part one as well or else this won’t make
much sense and
um yeah let’s get started with it so
this video is going to have
two parts first of all we’re going to
talk about elimination most of it 90
80 to 90 of this process of getting
focused is elimination
you eliminate distractions what follows
focus right
and number two we’re going to talk about
addition or conscious use
because you can’t just not use it or
else if you have a business
it’s going to fail so who this is for is
basically entrepreneurs who have an
online business probably
or business owners that find that they
want to focus on their work but they
get distracted and the biggest
distraction comes from social media you
check your screen time you see that it’s
more than two hours a day which is
right and you just find that you can’t
do deep work you can’t focus on one
thing for long periods of time
and this is the biggest reason why and
that’s what i’m going to show you so
let’s get started with number one so
number one the most important thing
is to eliminate okay so in elimination
we’re going to start with our two
the biggest sources of distraction by
the way if you have more than two
devices get rid of it
if you have an ipad get rid of it you
should only have a phone and
a desktop or a macbook or like whatever
laptop you use
right if you use an ipad it’s just i’ve
found it unnecessary look our business
does 100 grand a month
i’ve been in masterminds with people who
do two three four five 10 million a
they don’t have an ipad they just have a
and a phone and they don’t even use
their phones for their business just the
so do as have as little as you possibly
get rid of anything that you minutely
even suspect that you don’t need
okay so number one with your phone what
you want to do is delete all your apps
so if i go to my phone right now this is
what it looks like
basically it’s just a home screen with
nothing on it right
and then when i scroll to the right then
i’ve separated out all the apps into 80
and 20.
so 80 is this so this is basically the
80 20 rule i learned this from my friend
uh he basically separates out 80 of his
that he doesn’t use the 80 that’s like
not useful
into a folder called 80 and 20 of it
that’s useful in 220 and i’ve been using
it since college has been really helpful
so you know what what’s in the 80 if i
look at it
it’s apps like clock waze i should
probably get rid of that
camera uh bird bike
whatsapp app store so all of the stuff
that you don’t really use and 20
it’ll be stuff that you use day to day
like reminders like books like
chase bank like amazon
like safari calendar so all of those
things that are useful the 20
of it and even as i’m looking at i’m
like oh i could get rid of a lot of
these apps
but i’ve tried my best and even if you
go to like
the screen that’s like you you swipe
right to it there’s nothing there no
widgets or anything
so i’ve deleted instagram i’ve deleted
youtube i’ve deleted
uh facebook i’ve deleted gmail you don’t
need it
okay you don’t need to be constantly
checking on your phone
just check when you’re working that’s it
after work you don’t need to check just
be present at the moment that’s what’s
helped me
the most and turn off all push
notifications you might think that you
need gmail you might think that oh i
need to check instagram though but i
need to do messenger etc
you don’t you only need it when you’re
working if you have
special circumstances like you’re doing
sales and you’re always on your phone
and you find that you’ve got to like
you know deal with a prospect as they
and it’s time sensitive then maybe you
do but
give yourself be strict with it you know
see how much you can eliminate because
your life is just going to become a lot
more peaceful i promise you that
so that’s number one number two
if we go on my computer we’re gonna look
at my chrome extensions and what i use
to eliminate all of these distractions
so i have to use facebook a lot because
our customer community for now
is on facebook but these are the top
tools that i use
so number one what i use is something
called kill news feed
okay this is going to be very very
important for you it just gets rid of
facebook news feed facebook has just
absolute garbage it’s just full of
political stuff full of look at me ism
and it gets you into oh comparing
yourself against other people
yeah people just like peddle something
that’s not really real
so that’s just become completely garbage
for me so i’ve just
gotten rid of news feed so if you go on
my facebook
what it basically looks like is this
right i have nothing on it and that’s
great because now i can
look at my shortcuts and the groups that
i use like our reality mastery customer
the reality creator community and
everything else that we use
right so uh i’m offline on chat
you know i don’t want to be there as
so this prevents you from getting
distracted this will if you look at
something on your newsfeed you come here
to do work with your customer community
you try to do some
like you just log on you’re going to
find something on your newsfeed that
catches your eye and it’s going to
immediately distract you so you want to
eliminate that
okay that’s number one kill newsfeed
helps with that
uh number two something i like to use is
momentum and this this basically
replaces the new tab with a personal
dashboard kind of like this
and you can it’s kind of cool looking
instead of having google right so
it’s kind of motivational stuff here but
i just find that it helps me
get inspired and then you can write down
your main focus for today
you know whatever you want it to be my
main focus for today is to focus
boom so that’s
number two momentum that’s what i like
to use you could also not use it
and have google as your main home page
but it’s better to have
something like this than google
number three what i use is remove
youtube recommended videos
so you can customize this you know maybe
you want to look at some videos maybe
you only subscribe
to people who post good videos
uh but you can like when you get this
app you can look at what you have
what you want and what you don’t right
so you can hide even comments that which
is cool
but i have comments on so keep in mind i
don’t use the youtube app on my phone
so as you can see my home screen has
nothing on it
and then when i go on some videos
quasi on the right hand side i won’t
have the recommended stuff
so that this is pretty much it
and this also helps you prevent
so yeah that’s number two remove youtube
recommended videos
number three oh that’s actually number
three number four i’ve found this
immensely helpful
is an app called stay focused
so how this works is you
open stay focused right and then you can
have blocked
sites so you can add sites that you
block so what this basically does is you
can set a certain amount of time
per day and you can set like okay well
this time i’m not allowed to use
no matter what i do i’m not allowed to
go anywhere else i’m not allowed to go
to any of these websites so you kind of
like force yourself to
eliminate it so facebook instagram
google these are the things that i check
a lot and i find that i just get
distracted i don’t even think right it’s
just you just
press this and you just go on it and you
just keep checking
so you want to eliminate that
and i added these to my list and then
what happens is
if i go to nuclear option and i put like
two hours and these are the settings
only websites on my block list
block the whole sites uh starting when
newcomb so now what will happen is if i
try to go on facebook it’s not gonna let
see this is what happens if i try to go
on instagram it’s not gonna let me
i’ve eliminated that so this is what’s
helped me
really focus so now i can fall into a
state of deep
work okay so that’s number four
and also what you want to do as a as an
added bonus to this is clear your
you see i have nothing just important
stuff and one folder
that’s where i keep everything and then
i have testimonials that i like to post
we have like a ton of them in there
and then like
projects that i’m working on that are
important right now after i’m done with
them i’ll remove them
okay clear your room if you look around
you is there a lot of clutter because if
there is it’s not going to help you
clear your clothes things that you don’t
need this becomes a lifestyle of
simplicity and minimalism
okay you want to clear everything that’s
even if you suspect that it’s
unnecessary get rid of it
and just your whole life okay apply this
principle to your whole life how you do
one thing is how you do everything
that’s why i don’t have a million and
one different programs that we offer
just the one program because we
focus on actually getting people results
if i focus on three or four different
programs at this moment
my focus would be diverted our customers
wouldn’t be doing as well as they are
okay so that’s really important
and let’s get to the second part now
which is basically addition and
conscious use
so it’s not effective if you are an
entrepreneur and you like get rid of
everything because
you need your social media right that’s
where you do marketing that’s where you
check your ads
etc so what i do
is i consciously use it so two to three
times a day i’ll
check social media so once before
i’m eating before lunch time around
1 or 2 p.m and once before the end of
the day
around 6 p.m right so those are the two
times of the day i’ll check
social media i’ll check all of those
websites and i’ll check my
phone and then after that i’m done
okay and this will make your life a lot
more peaceful
i can promise you that and you’ll just
be able to put your head down and get to
work and not
be distracted continuously one thing you
want to do is you never want to make
that time first thing in the morning
never check your social media first
thing in the morning it gives you that
dopamine rush
and it gets you into a whole momentum of
checking your phone throughout the day
it gets you into a momentum of checking
social media you just can’t even control
it your fingers just go there you become
so reactive
so never start your day with a state of
reactivity at least give it three to
four hours before you check social media
okay that’s key
and the final thing is music when i work
i like to use music
one thing i’ve used is the deep focus
playlist from spotify
i like that but another thing i’ve also
used is
brain dot fm so you could try these out
the focus playlist here is really really
good so i recommend that
but if you have spotify use a deep focus
playlist i just use that plug my
headphones in get to work
that signals to me to get to work
another thing i use is incense
incense helps me focus as well so what
happens is it
it’s a trigger like these things are a
trigger when i put on deep focus
playlist it’s a trigger for me to focus
when i put the incense on it’s a trigger
for me to focus
so you want to create these triggers for
you to get into that state
whenever these events happen your
sensory perception comes into contact
with this stimulus
you immediately get into a state of
focus okay with that i conclude this
video i hope this was helpful
and i’m not going to do a quick recap of
this but
i hope you re-watch it make sure you
watch part one because that’s gonna be
a real big help and it’s gonna
complement this but yeah thanks for
watching see you next time

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