From inconsistently generating 0-5k/m to consistently making $10k/m+


In today’s interview I want to share with you Joel’s story.

Joel has his own wellness business and sells products on pain relief.

Joel was certain in his ability to help his clients. What he was uncertain about was where to focus.

This led to him trying out many different business opportunities and having this “shiny object syndrome”.

He would jump from business to business, starting off focused and seeing that focus waver, and with it the business would disappear as well, leaving him with no consistent source of income.

That changed once he took the leap to join us in Reality Mastery.

He was able to go from many businesses and inconsistent revenue, to 1 business and generating $10k+/m from it effortlessly.

Here’s what we discuss:

  • Why Joel decided to join Reality Mastery
  • The perpetual state of anxiety and inner conflict you face as an entrepreneur
  • Jumping from one business to the next; ending shiny object syndrome
  • Fear of failure and how it brought on more failure
  • Managing inner expectations and high standards to perform
  • The most effective way to shift your identity and what happened after Joel did it
  • Dating during the pandemic
  • How every single area of his life started to change once he changed
  • The power of clarity and how it breeds focus
  • Effortless action: how to get out of “forcing” and into ease

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Quazi (00:00):
Hi guys, welcome to this new client interview today. We have Joel Joel is from Finland, Roscoe, Finland, right? Yep. Awesome man. And he is currently staying at Hungary. Now, Joel actually went from when he started with us, from what I understand, you were absolute zero, you know, in, in your business, you know, it was doing well, but it was very inconsistent. You would jump from one business opportunity to the next,
Joel (00:21):
At my old business. And I wanted to move to this new business. I made the jump from like the old structure to the new thing.
Quazi (00:29):
Got it, got it. And you know, we saw you go from like absolute zero to having some clients and some results and then going back down, but then all of a sudden it clicked and you went from zero from then to now doing 10 K a month consistently, but also every single other area of your life has started to fall into place as well. Not only that you also found this awesome partner and that’s why you’re in Hungary right now. Um, you tell, he was telling me a little bit about the zoom dating experience and then in the past, over dating, COVID dating, um, that, and also investing your wealth, having like, cause I remember you posted in the group, you were like, Oh, I only have like 30 cents in my account and now you have 170, 150 grand in wealth over, over a year and just under a change. So that’s been a huge change and I would love to get into a little bit about that and understand your experience. So, you know, let’s get started with why you decided to jump into the program. You know, what was life like before that kind of made you say, you know what, I need to do this.
Joel (01:32):
Yeah. So, um, I had had this pattern at least for a couple of years and had probably been happening earlier in my entrepreneurship, especially the last couple of years had been like quite bad where I would get really excited about something. I would put focus on it, you know, due to hardware, the consistency and everything. I went to work like the one and a half, two, and then I would get like burnt out and it’s huge like act side. They will creep up on me and I would end up in this void and it would come up, you know, few times a year when I was really getting things done that go to, you know, take me a little bit further on the business. And then it was most of the time it was struggle. Right. And I started to realize like, no, this is not like that take not strategy, not technique, not the business side of things.
Joel (02:24):
I started to realize more and more. It was on, on demand dollar and the mindset side. And it started to feel like down, like there’s nothing that seems to be, uh, helpful for this thing. And um, I remember following your YouTube videos every now and then, and then, uh, we were on the same, uh, this community discussion board and I saw how you, uh, uh, interacted with other people there. And I started into, if they look at this feeling like, okay, this guy has something that I don’t have and that this guy knows something. I know. And then, um, I, I contacted you, we hoped on, on, on the call and you know, my thought was just like, okay, I’m just here looking for, if I can get this feeling like you understand my situation. And I got the feeling like, Oh, was he asked me to write questions.
Joel (03:18):
Like, like he seems to understand that being able to pick my brain and, and, you know, put the right things. And then I remember this thing, like you asked about what do you want to know about the program? And I was just like the price so I can know how much money I need to get in. And the best part was probably, I said to you, what made you like, okay, give me two weeks. I would get the money. I like five days later, I was like, I actually have the money. It was really funny because before we actually, or I started the program, uh, so just making the decision already, things started to click and, and, um, I was surprised how fast I got the money at the sales in once, you know, I got into this place of, okay, I’m focused on this, this field, school, this thing, okay, let’s do this and
Quazi (04:06):
Got it. So you had that intuitive thing where it’s like, Oh my God, everything is just like, I made the decision. Now everything’s just aligning. This is what I need to do. It’s like a, like a logical next step in your journey for you to get to that next level.
Joel (04:18):
Right? Yeah. It’s like, you decide to push one thing and it creates this mini domino effect. And couple other things fall into place just because you made this one decision and took action.
Quazi (04:31):
Right, right. That’s awesome. I want to go back to what you were describing. Two big things that stood out to me, Joel were, first of all, you were mentioning that burnout. And the second thing you were mentioning was the shiny object syndrome, time, trying out all of the different strategies. And you have this period of time where you focus really, really hard on this one thing, but then something else comes along and then you start to lose faith in this one direction. And then you withdrawal back all of your progress and go into that and hard work on that. So I want you to tell me a little bit more about that, that shiny object syndrome, how you actually conquered it. Cause I feel like a lot of entrepreneurs go through that because nowadays is what this clubhouse app. And everyone’s talking about jumping on that and then going on Instagram, going on Facebook and all of these social media platforms that every single online entrepreneur wants to try. So how did you conquer that shiny object syndrome and actually focus on your business? What helped you do that? Get, I suppose the anxiety might be a big part of that too.
Joel (05:28):
Yeah. So this, the thing that, uh, I have been able to unravel little by little and I think I’m still in process of mastering this thing, but I’m getting better bit by bit. And, uh, when I started the program, um, I had this great vision of what I wanted to do in, in, in my business. At that time, it was just like, I was unable to do something, was holding, holding me back. Others stuck in this anxiety, motivation, uh, destroying the progress slope. Um, and, and I have this demanding personality side of our, on me. And I had realized like lots comes from that. I’m trying to, um, having these ideas of like how things should be, what I should be doing, or this is the best way of doing things. But on a practical level, things are not perfect. You know, the perfect act action is many times to imperfect.
Joel (06:26):
So it’s been able to, uh, especially now, lately in the last week to realize like where I’m maybe trying to be too demanding and put my focus on the right bonds, like, okay, just do what you love. Everything else will fall in place. And this has been this long process and I’m still going through that. Uh, an example, the business that I went from zero to 10 K when I started, started rebuilding mastery, uh, I kinda APA and I’m doing it after that because I realized something wasn’t working on that, on that business. I went actually a little bit back into my old business and then I got that working better than ever. And now I’m taking, uh, new leaps to new businesses because I have realized like I was trying to force myself into direction where I’m not actually wanting to go, but it was just dislike.
Joel (07:16):
This is the best way to do this. You know, this seems to be the most meaningful thing I could do. Uh, this seems logically good thing. I know there’s demand for these things. It’s like crap that it’s all about doing what you really love. What’s your idea of yourself follow that. And that will lead you to where you need to be. And then you can use your logical mind to figure out what is the best way to do that thing. But I was trying to lead with the logic logic rationale mind, and then I had this demanding side of me holding me and controlling me and I didn’t see it. I thought that I was just trying to be really good entrepreneur puppet, just my learned demandingness consoling me. Yeah.
Quazi (07:58):
Right. It’s interesting. You say that because a lot of people are kind of ashamed of doing that, right. They’re ashamed of going back to their old business, but it’s interesting you say that, you know what, I started different business opportunities, but then I actually had to go back to my own business and I saw that I could take that to 10 K a month. So most people would view that as a step back and would never do that. Right. But in the grand scheme of things, it’s actually a step forward. You know, it may look like in the moment to your limited thinking that it’s a step back. Oh no, I’m going back to this old business again all. Why am I doing this? But it’s interesting that you, you know, actually courageously did that and you committed to that. And as a result, you were able to go back and apply what you learned now to help grow it to that Mach. So I suppose, how were you feeling and what is the business by the way, first of all.
Joel (08:47):
Uh, so when I started really at the mastery, I was focusing on doing, uh, business coaching for other wellness entrepreneurs. I must ask therapists myself and my old business is selling like this cheap online courses about self-treatment for neck and shoulder problems, mobility, training, stretching, foam, rolling, and actually that, uh, business date last, uh, end of the last year, like something like 15 K profits for most, every every month, no, no per month. And every, every month on every time, like I did, uh, not that many hours per week in that business, but of course there’s a lot of old crowns there that I had put on the patients. I already had the products. I already had some email lists and stuff, but it was just being able to like click the missing business or putting something in base and being yourself in better mental place. So you can actually achieve more of the success because I had the BCS, I knew I had the PCs, but I was able to put them better in place. So I could actually create the real money and the real success. I’m not just having potential.
Quazi (10:01):
So interesting. You say that because a lot of the clients we see as well, they have the strategies and the tactics, but they think that they don’t, they think that they’re missing something and they think they’re missing the strategies and tactics. What they’re missing is the right perspective,
Joel (10:15):
Missing something. Then you should probably check your emotional site. Not that that’s my, if, if you seem to be thinking something and I’m not, I must be missing something. They’re probably missing it because you are on your logical brain and you cannot see with your logical brain, what is happening inside you on your emotional side? Hmm.
Quazi (10:35):
Yeah, for sure. And also one of the first results we saw from you in the group, I still remember this was you getting a great sleep school. Like you’ve been able to sleep for once and, you know, tell us a little bit more about that because you told me when we began, you were having trouble sleeping, you’d get really fatigued. And every single day there was a struggle. So how did you overcome that? What in the program really helped you overcome that and get to that, you know, sleeping better?
Joel (11:02):
Nope. I have had all of this, uh, this like problem of like racing mind and going little bit like hyper activity, my mind on being creative, creative person. Um, but it was like, um, being able to step into my ideal self better and uh, like let go of the old, the links and things. And now when I was able to step in my, my ego self, my disorder desire itself, I was more relaxed. I was letting go of stuff and add like, not stressing so much about stuff and not forcing so much. So now my mind was, uh, more relaxed and, and I, I fell asleep faster and was actually getting more restful sleep. And the sleep thing is one thing that I’m still working, but it’s, it’s been getting better. And I have been better able to, uh, relax my mind. Also. I think this is one of those things that it has been with me always.
Joel (12:07):
So it’s distinct that I’m all the time learning to, you know, uh, do better and better and, and see like what things trigger my mind. And then I cannot sleep well. And what things actually show with my mind and, and so on. But it was, it was amazing when I had that night that I was like, checking my aura score. And you know what I felt on the morning, I was like, I happened two or three months. I haven’t had singled this coach sleep. Of course I’m going to sleep well. And it’s a thick. And it’s like, when you’re tired, you get caught on the negative emotions. A hundred percent by the venue are more energetic. You have clarity of mind and you don’t get caught up in the negative thoughts and emotions and thoughts loops. And when you are on the positive mind, you get done. You’ve got your success. You relax. It’s it’s positive feedback loop
Quazi (12:57):
A hundred percent. Yeah. It’s like feeds back into each other, right. If you’re anxious and stress, you’re going to get bad sleep. And if you get bad sleep, you’re going to get more anxious and stressed. So yeah, everything just feeds into each other, but it’s awesome to see that. Um, yeah, those were the, that was one of the first results we saw from you. But I remember when we got on that initial call, uh, I remember like feeling that, getting that energy from you, that you were really like anxious and you were really stressed out and it just seemed really dark at that time. Like you weren’t fulfilled, you know, but now the energy is so much light to like, I even notice it, like, you have much lighter energy. It’s like much more fun. It’s much more loose instead of like gripping.
Joel (13:39):
Yeah. And add one thing, one thing I want to say is like, it’s not like, uh, this is August when people watch like this interpersonal stuff, you have this thought like, Oh, that person went from that there, but there, and now they’re happily ever after now. It’s like, for me, uh, it hasn’t been like I have come from here to here I every now and then have really bad days or like those low points. But it’s like if like one year ago, my low points was like free limo and really long, they’re now shorter, not so deep. And I’m better able to pull myself back from there and notice those like, Whoa, this old pattern is happening. Okay. Let, let, let let go of this and okay. What would my, either ourselves do? So it’s one thing to remember that, you know, there will always be that motion change. It just means that you are alive. You’re not dead. That things stay put in the same place. And it’s just, you know, making those that it’s grow, your amperage is growing. You’re getting better on average per day and day. And then some day you might, you know, look back three years and be like, actually I haven’t had any bad sleeping last three months or something, but I’m not expecting things to happen. Like these, like, you know, sometimes you have these little breakthroughs, but the long-time breakthroughs will happen in years. Not in days. Yeah.
Quazi (15:03):
Yeah. For sure. For sure. So you mentioned these breakthroughs and these realizations, cause I remember there was a point in your journey when you posted in the group where you were like, I only have like 30 cents or like $3 in my account and I have bills coming in, but you know what, I’m allowing that to be. I’m even comfortable despite that. What in the program really helped you get to that state of just complete relaxation, complete letting go and getting rid of that anxiety that was always with you about that pressure in business having to do well?
Joel (15:33):
Well, one big gear thing that I learned was, uh, what you talked about, uh, uh, what was the excess excess meaning? When you want something you easily put too much meaning to it, you are too attached to it. You try to force it through, you’re working too hard on it and, and you choke yourself and then the life takes it. The thing further away from you because you’re putting too much meaning to it. And for me it was like, okay, like if I cannot pay that bill, what will happen? I will look at, in a reminder in one week they will look a little bit more, uh, charged me a little bit more on the bill. Okay. Then that will be new reminder and lots will happen if I cannot pay deal. And then, well then someone comes to me and, and you know, um, declared bankrupt or something. What happens to them like I’m alive,
Quazi (16:36):
Worst case scenario,
Joel (16:38):
Worst case scenario is go get the nine to five job. Right. But most people’s happy. Normal life is my worst case scenario. So I’m just like, this worrying. I was just focused on, you know, what that really wants to do. And of course, then that money is what starts to come in. Yeah,
Quazi (16:57):
For sure. And I think there was a big turning point for you in terms of clarity as well, you know, getting clear about what you actually want and then getting out of the intellectual side of things and logically thinking about it and seeing that if I’m really passionate about it, then all of those things are going to come. How did that realization come about? And what has your journey been like in terms of clarity with the program?
Joel (17:21):
Mm, yeah, this thing like getting, uh, stuck into the logical mind and that, that has been something that, um, has been clicking for me. Like, especially now in the last, last, last week, um, when I have, uh, had also like, like other mentors and things, but I think the journey started with you. You were, you were the first mentor for me who, you know, really caught me to click like, okay, yeah. I have to tap in to the feeling, you know, the flow and, and it’s just like, I have been. So I have been growing in this pattern of, of Leonor logical thinking and this demanding this and, and everything needs to be the rational that I get sometimes lost in those times. And I don’t notice it myself and, and it’s, it’s, uh, it takes some time to work on that, but
Quazi (18:16):
Joel (18:16):
Think it comes down to, you know, really digging deep on, on what you’re really like really like want, because when you dig down there, you realize like, what do you really want are not rational things. If you think about, I want that million dollar business and you think, you know why I want that the reasons are all emotional. And then when you start to think about those emails, hunch, and you think about when I can feel those emotions, just like you can feel them right now, it’s all about your perception of things. And if you cannot feel those things at this current moment, you cannot achieve the results neither. Or if you will achieve the results, they will be taken away from you because you cannot hold that state of being right. And now once you are able to step into diagnosis of those feelings and act like that person who gets things done and deserves that and, and is able to pull off of those good things, that person starts to make those sales, that the person finds those opportunities with ease.
Joel (19:29):
And it’s, it’s more like going into a desired result, taking that, implementing it to your current life and living it right now. And, you know, being like, Hey, I can feel that Apple dumps right now, nothing is blocking me except myself. So it’s more like in a stepping, you know, uh, out of your own way, in a way, like you’re blocking yourself, your perception of things and just scream all that and start living, you know, what you want and things start to flow. And then the external reality starts to change and then it confirms, and then you really pick on that person. And then the, uh, the things that the old version of you was happy is now your minimum standard, right? Like, it’s simple for me, it’s like making 10 K amount of sales. It’s like, you know, it’s, it’s hard for me to imagine a business that is making less sales from 10 K a month because I have been there for so many months already. It’s it’s for me, it’s like basic.
Quazi (20:37):
Hmm. So you’ve turned that into a core standard for you. Mm Hmm. Awesome, man, I suppose let’s get to that relationship side. How did that come about?
Joel (20:51):
So, uh, actually, um, after really the mastery, uh, the next, uh, coaching I took was, uh, this online dating to help me with online dating and how to navigate that because I realized that’s entrepreneurial. Like
Joel (21:06):
I just don’t have the time to be socializing everywhere, especially out onto COVID times, then online dating, it takes. So it’s so distracting because you are talking with several people on same day and you are, you know, sending one message on Tinder and then they answer you two hours later. And you’re both jumping from one thing to one thing. At the same time, you tried to shave your energy and focus into pieces and it’s it’s. So that, um, that coaching helped me really, you know, to be able to navigate online, dating better and get more, more confident and get more actually interesting dates, uh, had great summer with dates, et cetera, and went to say, fall came. I was like, okay, I have been to like 30 dates this year. And I like, I’m tired of, you know, just dating, you know, I want to meet, you know, actually, you know, and people, and I started to relax and be more like, okay, I go into the dating, like I’m just here to meet great people.
Joel (22:07):
If something happens, something happens. And I only open conversations with people that I genuinely find it, uh, attractive. And if conversation doesn’t going on, I will test up and donate if someone doesn’t answer to me. No problem. Uh, do you know, they’re not just found somewhere to put, dating up down the road with a date a couple of days later. Oh, really interesting person on June that we are talking at, five-hour sign out. I’m like best day this year. And you know, I mean, Hungary, all, it all came kind of like, you know, I had like, okay, I’m not a girlfriend. Okay. I need to get dates to find that person. Then it’s like, well, to get the dates, I would probably need Tinder matches, be able to get the conversation going on. And I was like, okay, this is taking too much energy. I hired the coach. I got better at that. I got the date, I got better dates. I got confidence. And then I was like, okay, now I have the dates. Next thing is to get the quality in struggling to find the right people and, you know,
Quazi (23:09):
Think about it like an entrepreneur, like a business owner. It’s all about the conversions. It’s all about the attraction. Getting more leads in
Joel (23:16):
This is funny because with the goat goats, we talked somewhat so many times, uh, how much parallels are in, in dating and, and business because you’re like marketing yourself and you have to convey your best sites to get them interested. And then you have to, you know, see where the conversation is when you’re going to, you know, go, you know, ask for the date and they will actually be willing the ask and then know, you know, what’s your prospect you’re looking for. And, and everything like this. And, and there was also like I did couple of months, quite hard work with the dating. I went for several dates and was talking, you know, I don’t know how many different matches I had on Tinder, but it all was needed to lay the groundwork that on the fall I was confident enough. And I like knew what I was looking for.
Joel (24:05):
It’s like, when you’re starting a business, you might need to talk with hundreds of people. It’s us to learn the basic lessons that enable you to get to the point where you can see an opportunity or you have the needed skills to take that opportunity. And that’s one thing in entrepreneurship that I think people only learn through experience that it’s probably good to learn earlier. It’s like, it’s like focused on doing the right things and trusting the progress because it’s highly likely that you just need to put enough time and work on certain things to get the shirt certain level and have little bit luck, but you don’t need to have the skill. And I’ll put the me to seize the opportunity or the skills to seize the opportunity when you are present. And we did, and it needs some work and he will never do that work if you’re anxious, or if you are trying to force things that you don’t feel a lot of doing. So start something that your fears about your lobbying, you know, figure out what is the ideal self you want to be focused on that, you know, put into action and work and things will present themselves to you once you are ready for them.
Quazi (25:19):
I think you put this quote up when the student is ready, the teacher will appear.
Joel (25:27):
It’s so true.
Quazi (25:30):
Looking at who you were back then, the version of you that was in this perpetual state of anxiety versus this version now, which is maybe in a lot less anxiety, but more in a sort of free flow, more aligned more of, I don’t really give a what happens, you know, let’s see where this can go.
Joel (25:51):
I have so much more like this. Like, uh, how, how I would say like, if earlier, even if I had free time, I was anxiously thinking about business. Nobody’s I have more of this time at that, where I’m just more just thinking about life and being made like, you know, amazed by life instead of being anxious. Okay.
Quazi (26:15):
Okay. So that’s what I want to know. How did this change come about? What in the program really helped you make this realization and get to this like new version of yourself? You know, if you could pinpoint one or two things that would help people who are watching this tools, maybe, maybe even a week in the program that was the most profound for you.
Joel (26:33):
One tool was the peer meditation. I mean, the first time I tried it, I was like, Holy moly. And for people who don’t know what it is, it’s like, it says like a, is guided meditation where you jump into your ideal character. And when I’m being your champion, the title character, uh, many times when I opened my eyes eyes after the meditation, I had this, like this girl feeling of that the world around me had physically changed. And it’s interesting feeling when you open your eyes and you’re like, everything looks the same, but it’s not the same. It’s like I would have shifted the reality or the simulation, I mean, or something like that. And also related to that was like, um, learning, you know, what being like present and focused on the current moment, like really is the current frame in the movie, a movie off of your life, because you cannot change things unless you can tap into the now, because if you’re not in now, you’re in future or past, and then you are caught in this loop.
Joel (27:51):
And only way to get out of it is to be able to first get into the now, because then you can look things objectively and change things, um, and you know, change your state of being and your emotions. And then you start to get different results and, you know, the loop starts to change, but it all starts from getting this, you know, what it means to be now and starting to learn that I think pure meditation is really good tool because it’s not just getting into the now, but also jumping into the feelings, emotions, and thoughts of the EDL itself. And then when you open your eyes, it’s like, just take action with your new self. And I think actually I think one of the best example from, for tasteless, like one morning I did this, then I was going out to the city. I jumped on the bus.
Joel (28:46):
And one thing I had on myself mastery guide is like, uh, ability to strike like interesting conversations, even with strangers. And when I hopped on the bus, I immediately saw from the bus driver that, you know, something’s going to happen. I had this feeling like he’s looking at me in this way. And it’s like, when you hop on the bus, they never thought you’d like, anything like that, just like, Hey, okay, good day or something like that. And I sat on the first seat on the bus where the bus driver is like fried two meters away from you. And he stopped to have a conversation with me, like with old buddy. And we ended up talking about my favorite hobby orienteering. And when I hopped off the bus, 20 minutes later, I was just like, what’s it happened. It’s like, it’s, it’s like, this has never happened. And it was just the thing I had read from my, uh, self-mastery journal at the morning, then through the peer meditation, I hope on the button. And I was just like, Whoa, Whoa, Whoa. It was this moment when you just stop and be like, this happens only with the movies. Right,
Quazi (29:57):
Right. I totally get it. It’s like, you would never would have expected it. But for some reason, like today you get all of these premonitions.
Joel (30:04):
It feels that it’s different. It’s not just like, Oh, this past priorities day, it just happened to be chatty or something, but feel right on the moment, like something’s going to happen and it’s good. You, you are conscious like on that situation, it’s not happening unconsciously. It’s not thrown at you. It’s happening because of reasons.
Quazi (30:26):
Awesome. So it sounds like being in that present moment and the pure meditation were big,
Joel (30:32):
Big game-changers. Yeah. Yeah. Definitely. Definitely. I think it’s the, it’s like the good soil that everything else in the program fits. If you cannot get into the dyno and figure out how, how it feels to get into your like idol, self, everything else you do is pointless because you’re throwing to see it’s on dry soil, so to speak. So first you need to tap into now be able to click the art. This is feel how it feels to shift into my idol self, and then everything else starts to stick.
Quazi (31:04):
Right. Another thing you mentioned right before the interview, which was super interesting was you that the, the big thing that you got out of it was getting into a state where you’re no longer controlling, but rather allowing things to unfold. Naturally. Can you tell us a little bit more about that and how that was, um, that was helpful in your journey?
Joel (31:25):
Well, it’s like, if you think about it, when you’re being the ideal self, the character you want to be, uh, then the things will happen easily, effortlessly. They will just happen because you are that kind of person. So now if you’re forcing things or controlling things, unconsciously or consciously, it means that you’re not being your ideal self, because when you are your ideal self, you don’t need to push anything because things are happening because there’s alignment because you’re acting and thinking like the person who example, you know, gets those sales or gets those deals or funds those opportunities, or, you know, has those amazing conversations. It’s it’s, I think it should be more like you put the effort on finding the right, um, frequency, but once you find the frequency, let it flow. But what people are trying to do is that they’re on the wrong pregnancy, trying to, you know, shape the frequency to be the right kind of frequency. It will not to Barrick. So at first, you know, use the time and effort to find the frequency. And once you find the find it, right.
Quazi (32:43):
Okay. That’s pretty interesting. You describe it like that. Don’t try to change the frequency, but just choose the frequency that you want to be at. Don’t try to change the world to fit what you want, change yourself, fit what the world you want to be a part of.
Joel (32:59):
Yeah. And the example now, now I got this thought like, uh, everything is about energy in this universe and it’s just vibration. So it’s like, there’s your vibrational level, your emotional level, where you are being, and then you just need to find the frequency and vibration. You want to like imitate. You want, you want to let be, and then you need to, you know, resonate yourself with it, to get the frequency, right. And then just like, let’s be in this residency, let things happen. It will confirm it to you through experiences and feedback. And it will become more and more your natural state that you will be waking up every morning. But it’s about takes some repetition for your physical body to start to grow into that mode. Because for years you have been fed this different kind of state and, and you have been growing in certain kinds of, of, of, of environment.
Joel (33:55):
So it’s, it takes some time for the physical body to start the support. It’s like, if I go on the gym, I might do the X exactly the perfect training for today that I should be doing, but I need to do that over time for let my body have time to change things. And like physically, you know, two molecules, you know, going into different places. [inaudible] yeah. So same thing like back some time and consistency to see the big shifts, because your physical self needs time to change. You know, you can hop into your idol self right now when you know it and, and you have a good tools and a good program and good mentor, but you need to do it consistently every day for it to become the standard. And the basic thing it’s like, I have been running. So my running physic has gotten better. So now when I woke up in the morning, my physic is better without doing anything, but I had done some work for a couple years to get, to bring it to the standard. Right. Yeah. Yeah.
Quazi (35:02):
That’s pretty awesome, man. All right. So relationships, check business, check wealth, check. What’s next.
Joel (35:12):
Right now I’m focusing on truly going, like after like 100% ditch after what I truly love doing no matter, uh, we like at pate, we like at clients, you know, we let grow big business. Will it have any impacts on this bird factor impact? I would want to do what I really love to do. What resonates with me? Everything else will come after that. You know? So it’s relax. It’s just life.
Quazi (35:43):
Most of the time, it’s the thing that you love to do that actually ends up making an impact, not when you focus directly on the impact first. Cause that’s, again, your logical mind. It’s like I should be giving to people. I should be making an impact. That’s what I should be doing. That’s why a lot of coaches get started in the first place. And then they start to forget that they did this because they love the feeling of giving value to other people. But they start to think that it’s an obligation, you know, like, Oh, I should be giving value to other people and I should be doing this and I should be doing that. They forget that.
Joel (36:14):
Trying to think what I love.
Quazi (36:19):
Awesome, man. So yeah, I guess before we conclude this interview, Joel, I would love to know, um, who would you recommend this program to? And uh, basically, you know,
Joel (36:30):
Y yeah, so I thought this, because I knew you, you are going to ask this. So, uh, for people who know this, um, that they are held back by their old identity, the old patterns, the old self, uh, people who know this, that, uh, they’re getting stuck into these loops that need to be broken up with, you know, learning to stay like in the present, present moment. And for those people who also, uh, want to get more clarity online, like, uh, what kind of, what, what is like your idol, self, what kind of person you’re becoming and you want to become, because it’s the three thing, like letting go of the old being able to be in the present, uh, and being more aligned of what, like w what you actually want to be and want from the future. And those three things, when you’re, you know, you click, it has an effect, it starts to compound. Got it. Hmm.
Quazi (37:44):
That’s fantastic. Joel, any, any final thoughts, any final words of wisdom you’d like to share with us?
Joel (37:52):
So that’s like for anyone viewing this, you know, sit while, uh, in, in, uh, in silence after this video feel how you emotionally feel physically in your body and use your thoughts and imagination to shift that States to whatever you want to feel, what kind of person you want to be change the vibration level in your body. And then when you are in the new frame, new and level, ask yourself, what does this version of me do right now? And let that unsure pop up inside. You don’t answer with your logical mind, let it come from me or EDL cells and from those feelings, and it’s the deep guidance, you know, you can get. And it’s like, if, if you’re trying to do this and you have no idea how to do it, then you need to reelect the mastery program because it’s like, I have no Santos. Right. You know, teach people these things and then had to have people being like, I kind of get it. And it’s like, that’s exactly the point you’re needed because you know, you know, it takes some time it took like, you know, a big thing. So, yeah, for sure.
Quazi (39:14):
All right. Awesome. Joel, thank you so much for joining us today, guys. I hope you found this helpful. I’m going to insert your social zoo so that you can get in touch with him, or, you know, you can follow him in the pin comments or in the description box below. And, um, yeah, man, thank you so much for doing this the next time. It’s nice to chat pace.

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Cultivate the Internal World of a Successful Entrepreneur

How to overcome the revenue barrier and scale your business to 7 figures by shifting your identity

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