How I Overcame Anxiety


Today I want to share with you how I overcame anxiety & why it almost destroyed me. See when I started my entrepreneurial journey, it wasn’t easy. There were lots of expectations, pressures…internal & external. What I realize now is that all of this pressure was self created.

“Must get to that $10k month” “Must prove parents wrong” etc etc.

I fought every day, against myself. Even when I thought the battle was over, it was not. Some next obstacle would arise and consume me. Even when I was doing $50k a month in the business, all up until doing $100k a month. The same anxiety would slowly consume me.

At one point it was difficult to get up in the morning. This was no way to live.

So instead of running away from it, I started to confront it. Poke at it from all angles like a scientist. Finally I realized that anxiety and stress is not something that should be managed, but discarded altogether.

That’s why I made this video for you.

Here’s what I discuss:

  • Why most fail to overcome anxiety
  • Symptom vs source – sealing up the wound
  • Memory, imagination and the present moment: how we get entangled
  • Self inquiry & realization – what frees you from the shackles of the mind
  • The 3 keys to help you become a complete master over your state

Hope this helps! Be sure to leave me a comment with your thoughts.


quazi here and today i want to talk to
you about anxiety
and how to get rid of it and how i’ve
been personally struggling with it
my whole life and ever since starting up
my business how i deal with it
and really learn by the end of this
video how you can totally manage your
mind and your internal state
so that you never get propelled by
anxiety and it never causes you any harm
but you’re truly in control of how you
put yourself out there
this was something that was very very
important to me because if i didn’t
understand how to manage my own internal
state and my state of anxiety
i probably wouldn’t have made it here
where i am today i probably would have
gotten consumed by it
because it can get that overwhelming
okay so i want you to stick around to
the very end of this video because i’m
really going to show you the nooks and
crannies of your mind
and how to totally learn how to manage
your mind so that you never become too
attached to anything
and anxiety never takes control of you
so before i begin this video i know i
don’t mention this enough but the free
consultation spots have opened up for it
for the reality mastery program if
you’ve been trying to schedule
i promise you spots aren’t going to last
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announcement on how to sign up for that
okay and with that let’s get started so
today i want to talk to you about
anxiety and how i’ve been struggling
through it
and how you can overcome it and why we
go through anxiety
okay so what happens is when we go
through anxiety the
first reaction is to go ahead and try
out some
technique or some medication to get rid
of it
so the primary concern here is to go
towards like the symptom of it
you see the symptom of anxiety you see
this fear you see this
feeling this overwhelming feeling that
you can do nothing about
and then the immediate reaction is oh my
god let me just take something to run
away from it
right so this is what every single
person does this is what we all do we
want an immediate escape and relief from
so that’s why we seek all of these
relief through medication
as opposed to going to the actual root
and the source of it
so people rarely ever go to the source
of it right if you go to a therapist
they’ll prescribe you some anxiety meds
but they won’t really tell you how to
overcome it they won’t really show you
how you can manage yourself so that this
never comes into play so in this video
instead of
putting on another band-aid to this
problem we’re really gonna go
and pull the curtains aside and really
go down deep into why
this wound is even happening okay
so the real problem the real reason
anxiety actually happens is because of
your identification with something that
non-real let’s talk about that let’s
define that
so this is because of some unconscious
right what do i mean by that
well when you identify with something
that’s not
real right it’s like identifying with
something that’s always
changing if you get too identified with
your business
then whenever your business doesn’t go
your way it’s going to affect you
when you identify with your house with
your wealth with your relationship with
the state of things that are impermanent
it’s always going to affect you when
they change because
nothing material is ever permanent it’s
always subject to change
this is what i mean by things that
aren’t real
something that’s real is always
permanent right
it never changes something that’s not
is always subject to change so anything
material therefore
is not really real you know if you
really think about it this way i know
i’m going to get real woo-woo here but
if you really think about it this way
this world only appears real because you
return to the same atmosphere the same
environment the same people come to it
if you kept having a recurring dream
every single night
and you kept you know returning back to
the same environment
same people you would think that that
dream is real right the dream would
appear real to you
and that’s the insanity of it this all
real because we keep returning to it
over and over
so therefore if it is subject to change
if things
are going to change tomorrow and
everything is always in a constant
state of unfolding and becoming
therefore this isn’t really real
right so when we identify ourselves to
something that’s not
real naturally suffering is going to
occur naturally anxiety
naturally fear all of these things are
going to affect us
right so this is what i mean by
unconscious identification you get
identified with something that
is not you that’s not really you
and what do i mean by that we’re going
to talk about that in a second but for
now i want you to keep this in mind
and to give you an example in my
business too you know where something
happens something breaks down an ad
account shuts down
oh the volume of sales that we’ve done
this month is low i would get anxious
i’d get really anxious and i would see
that this anxiety would drive me to do
things that i normally wouldn’t do like
constantly checking up on social media
and constantly checking on my email
you know constantly trying to escape
that anxiety by eating
junk food by you know playing video
games or doing something just to get my
mind away from it
i just wanted to get my mind away from
it and run away from it and i saw that
this was slowly starting to destroy me
okay because i just couldn’t do the
things that i needed to do i just wanted
to escape them
i would wake up in the morning with this
this intense feeling of anxiety in my
right and this feeling of anxiety would
continue on throughout the day and it
would happen over and over again and i
just wanted to kill myself
like it got that bad it gets so bad to
the point where you’re like oh
i just don’t want to live anymore like
this is prison this is hell
so i started to see why this was
happening because you really got to peel
away these false
layers to start to see what’s actually
going on
okay and there was this realization of
this unconscious internalization
i was unconsciously identifying with
things that weren’t really me
you know you’re not your business you’re
not your relationships
you’re not your money these are all just
things that
are in your possession right now okay so
the key here is to understand how to
manage your expectations but more so
manage your mind because your mind will
start to grab onto things it sees
that’s just how it is you know anything
that it sees it will try to grab onto it
and say mine
when you say my car you immediately
identify with the car
and if the car weren’t anymore tomorrow
it would destroy a piece of you
if you watched harry potter it’s kind of
like voldemort and his horcruxes
because he i he split his soul into
seven and into the different horcruxes
one of our horcrux would get destroyed
he becomes less and less of himself
right so now i want to share with you
how you can
manage your mind and never have anxiety
be an issue again
i promise you this is the only thing
that you need to do so make sure you pay
close attention to this
okay this is the thing that set me free
so let’s let’s let’s understand this
diagram and what it really means and how
it can help you
right now you have a mind and a body
okay you have this mind and you have a
whenever you feel a feeling in the body
the body gets stimulated when you think
a thought the mind gets stimulated
okay there is someone that’s observing
these feelings
and these thoughts so there’s a witness
behind these thoughts
and these feelings what is that
that is what we call this awareness when
the awareness gets too drawn into the
mind and its thoughts and
its material then that propels the
actions that you take
when it gets too engaged with the body
and its feelings
then that propels the actions that you
take again
when you feel terrible and you feel pain
you immediately want to do something and
escape it
right same thing with the mind whenever
you think a thought
that’s too powerful
too fearful to desire for
then it propels you to do something
about it right so this mind and this
body is all a material of this this
ever changing this impermanent
thing okay that which is permanent is
really this
is that which observes the mind and the
body okay
so really think about it this way
whenever you think a thought
your awareness gets identified to it and
when your awareness gets identified to
it it immediately propels you to action
okay this is how your anxiety starts to
control you and the actions you take
your actions aren’t even your actions
you’re consciously choosing to take but
rather they’re influenced by these
thoughts that you have by the memory and
the imagination
you have past experiences of traumatic
fear arises you have future projections
of how
bad things could be and what you could
lose then you hallucinate and then you
have these fearful projections and then
they drive you to action so all of these
things are really influencing you
the awareness gets identified to all of
this material junk
and therefore it starts to think that it
is that but it’s not
so the solution to this is to no longer
have your awareness tied
into your mind and your body okay
so to give you an example when you
observe your breath your awareness is on
your breath
when you observe a piece of your flesh
let’s say your hand
you put your awareness on it you really
feel your hand then your awareness is on
your hand
but whenever your awareness is on
something it is escaping itself
okay so the key here is to turn your
awareness back
on itself when you turn it back on
itself you
identify with that which is permanent
okay this awareness was and will always
like really think about it this way you
think that you
are right now because you were born
right and you think that you’re
unconscious when you’re asleep
so i want you to pay close attention to
this because this is going to be a
turning point
you think you were unconscious when
you’re asleep but you just don’t
remember that you were conscious right
your state of consciousness
is based on your memory because you
remember yesterday you say you are
and just because you’re asleep doesn’t
mean you’re unconscious and you’re
it’s just that you don’t remember it you
could have been fully conscious you just
don’t recall
you know sometimes when you fall
unconscious and you know you daydream
you forget that you’re conscious right
so that memory isn’t there but that
doesn’t mean you weren’t conscious all
day yesterday
right so certain things there’s certain
parts of it the memory is missing from
you don’t remember what you ate three
months ago
on the 1st of july right
because it’s not because you weren’t
conscious it’s just because you don’t
i hope this is making sense so this
means that this consciousness this
is eternal just because we weren’t born
doesn’t mean that this awareness wasn’t
at play we just don’t remember it
this is getting kind of crazy but i want
you to replay that over and over again
so this shows you that this awareness is
actually permanent it’s not temporary
what you call is consciousness right now
is basically states of remembering
okay when you turn back this awareness
back on itself and you start to observe
the observer
aka who is it that’s witnessing all of
all of these thoughts all of these
feelings that’s when you connect to that
okay so the way to do this and there’s a
great book on this it’s called who am i
by ramana maharshi
it’s who am i you keep inquiring within
the self
whenever you have a thought or a feeling
to whom
does this thought and feeling arise who
is feeling this right now
okay there are just two questions you’ve
got to ask every single time this
every single time you have a thought and
you really have to realize the answers
to these questions and not just
you know be like oh yes it’s to me it’s
to me
you can’t just answer the question the
whole point of it is realization
so question number one is whenever a
thought arises
who thinks this
and the natural answer is me or who is
this me who am i
really realize this like who is this
once you get into a deep state of
realization of
who am i that’s when there’s just peace
you know there’s nothingness absolute
so this is beyond all feeling this is
beyond all
thought because it’s the one that’s
observing this thought and this feeling
and when you ask these questions then
this awareness gets
turned back on itself because awareness
is trying to observe awareness
and this is how you end this cycle this
is how you destroy this cycle of
identification of mind and body
anytime you feel anxious just ask
who feels this who is actually observing
and feeling this feeling
me i am who is this i
and there is like this deep stillness
right this is what we call the the space
between two successive thoughts
the empty space between two thoughts
is pure awareness once you can learn to
tap into this pure awareness
anxiety is a thing of the past like
you’re beyond all feeling you’re beyond
all thought
right this is something that’s much
better experience than it is
me making a video about so if you don’t
do this it won’t be effective at
all the reason i’m making this video so
that you can intellectually understand
it if you intellectually understand it
you’re going to use it okay so the only
way to know
to really know this is to experience it
so now i’m going to share with you the
three keys to allow you to use this and
make anxiety a thing of the past
key number one is keeping that internal
any time you find that you’re getting
too drawn into what’s happening outside
this internal eye is missing this
awareness is missing
if you really want to change your life
and achieve your goals the one thing
that you need is self-awareness if you
can be aware of
yourself and how you’re placed and how
you relate
to this material world you’ll be able to
change all your patterns
just like that it becomes very simple
but it’s the self-awareness and deeper
layers of self-awareness that’s missing
that’s the problem so keeping an
internal eye means
conducting this awareness exercise where
you ask these two questions and then you
keep inquiring into the self
anytime the attention moves away
from the internal to the external and
you keep your focusing on your business
or you’re focusing on
social media or something you’re doing
something who is it that does this
and who am i just take a step back learn
to take a step back and smell the roses
key number two understand that fear
any single feeling that’s temporary
these are all impermanent right these
are all temporary
it’s not real what’s temporary is not
what’s dependent is not real that which
is independent is only real
okay so fear and anxiety are just
either past memories of future
projections they’re not the present
moment within your memory and
imagination in between them
lies present moment that’s when
turns back in on itself and becomes pure
number three be acutely aware of how
your thoughts are driving you
like if you just start to observe your
thoughts and you see how they propel you
into action and these patterns that keep
you’ll gain a little bit more of
self-awareness and the more
self-awareness you gain
the more you’ll be able to determine
your fate and what happens next
okay and with that i conclude this video
i sincerely hope this was helpful
let’s do a quick recap of what we talked
about i know it was really heavy
please bear with me this is difficult i
understand it took me a long time to
fully understand this but if you keep
practicing this
you will get it it’s just an experience
that happens
okay what we talked about was
anxiety and how to control it you know
instead of coping with it instead of
trying to treat it
we want to get rid of it we don’t want
it to be a thing
and the only way to not have it be a
thing is when you stop bothering with
the mind
you let the mind do the thinking you let
the body do the feeling
you just stop energizing it you stop
identifying with it
you just turn back awareness on itself
and then it doesn’t matter what happens
in the mind and what happens in the body
it’s irrelevant to you you’re not it
you just are so what we do is we treat
the symptoms when we see anxiety we’re
like okay
i want to manage this anxiety so i can
keep on thinking and being the mind
but i just don’t like the anxiety i like
the good feelings and not the bad
feelings well if you
want the good feelings and the bad
feelings come along with it be beyond
all feeling
okay the real problem is unconscious
you just fall asleep and your awareness
just falls astray you’re not becoming a
i’m sorry but the the way out of this is
to become a police
you have to become a police of your
thoughts in not trying to control
your thoughts that’s not what i mean but
just by
bringing awareness back to its center
and resting is awareness
at first it becomes very difficult but
over time it gets easier and easier
because it becomes your natural state
you start to see past all of these
okay and the key we talked about was
understanding how awareness attaches
to the mind and to the body and the
process of self-inquiry
okay we talked about how awareness gets
into thought and it propels you into
action awareness gets in the body
propels you into action
suffering is evident because of this
because you’re always in the mind and
you’re always in the body you’re always
going to move up and down with how life
goes how this
illusion goes and the key out of that
is asking the two questions whenever a
thought occurs
who thinks this whether it be a good
thought or a bad thought who thinks this
i do who am i get into full realization
of that
keep this internal eye understand that
fear anxiety desire all of these are
based in
past and future memory and imagination
three understand that your thoughts can
propel you into action when they get
when you energize a certain thought with
awareness it propels you into action
right and with that i conclude this
video thank you so much for watching i
sincerely hope this was helpful
if you’re new to this channel make sure
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just in their lives
not just in their businesses but in
every single area
of their lives okay and these patterns
are reflecting out in their businesses
and it’s preventing them from going up
patterns like self-sabotage patterns
like procrastination
patterns like they can’t charge the
prices that they know they want to
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for watching
until next time peace

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