How Mike Went From Burnt Out At $4k/m To Crushing $26k/m With Ease By Shifting His Identity


In today’s interview we have Mike Morelli, cofounder of Peak Prosper, where he helps adventurous men find fulfilling work/careers.

Mike was extremely entrepreneurial, but lacked the internal world required to have a successful entrepreneurial venture. Like most getting started in this space, he bought into the false idea of “grind hard” and “sleep is for the weak”.

This led to him putting a lot of pressure on himself, which prevented him from seeing and capitalizing on opportunity, and as a result staying stuck at barely making $5k/m.

All of this changed quite quickly once he joined us in the Reality Mastery program.

He was able to go from barely making 5k/m to crushing $26k/m in his business, and now is on an upward trajectory!

Here’s what we discuss:

  • Mike’s personal development journey
  • How he got into entrepreneurship, how it developed and why he got into it in the first place
  • Personal development as a bandaid: the trap Mike fell into and the key realization he had
  • Expanding the comfort zone and kissing a strange girl (you’re gonna want to watch this interview, really)
  • The hustle hard mindset vs letting go: how to actually do it, and what happens if you can do it
  • Operating from your strength zone vs your weak zone
  • The big realization and the shift it accompanied
  • How to make your personal development journey more fruitful (what to focus on)

Hope this was helpful!

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Quazi (00:00):

Welcome guys, welcome to this brand new interview today. We have Mike Marelli. Mike joined us about, I believe around four months.

Mike (00:08):

Yeah, it was actually, it was actually the big, the very beginning of July. I joined like July 1st.

Quazi (00:14):

Nice. And, um, Mike has his own coaching business where we teach us adventurous men to find meaningful work now, but it wasn’t always this niche, you know, he had a little bit of a pivot in a nation off the, you know, getting a little bit more clarity around where he wanted his business to go, which we’ll dive into later, but this is what his niche is now. He has his own coaching business. And I believe before you joined us, you know, you had, when you basically got started off in this business with your business partner, your launch was great. You know, you guys had 15 K in cash or revenue. And after that, you couldn’t quite replicate that it was always ups and downs. So, um, Mike went from that to last month hitting a record month, $27,000 in revenue booked and 16 and a half thousand dollars in cash collected. And that was, you know, an upward trajectory ever since he joined us in the program. So I want Mike to, you know, I want you to kind of introduce yourself, man, a little bit about you, where you’re from, where you’re at right now and standing. I don’t help us get to know you a little bit.

Mike (01:18):

Yeah. Thanks for the great intro. Clausy um, yeah, so my name is Mike Marelli. I co lead peak prosper with my business partner, Scott rally, and yeah, we help adventurous men find meaningful work that’s aligned with their purpose. It definitely wasn’t always that, um, coming in, but yeah, right now living in Costa Rica, um, and yeah, just love being out in nature as much as possible surfing, uh, being in the mountains. Um, so I’ve always kind of just been drawn towards that lifestyle, for sure. So yeah, here, I’m in Costa Rica right now,

Quazi (01:51):

Mike, you know what the w w what I find memorable about you? The most interesting thing that I remember was that first post that you did that

Mike (02:02):


Quazi (02:02):

Expansion. So can you, can you tell us a little bit about what happened?

Mike (02:06):

Yeah. So, um, so I’m going, I’m taking the course and we’re talking about, you know, just like breaking out of your current character and for those of you who have been maybe watching quasi, um, stuff, or, uh, maybe new to it, like, so really who you are in this, in this current moment, right. As a collection of stories, it’s a collection of beliefs that really we’ve been telling ourselves over and over, and it kind of gets molded into a very strong character, like, oh, I am Mike Marelli, or I am a skier. And so we identify so strongly with these characteristics, which was, you know, my problem, even though I was kind of aware of that going in, but there was this question that you put out and was like, go do something right now that would, uh, that you would never do. And so for me, uh, I’ve always, you know, I’ve always really judged guys who, um, this is such a funny story to tell. I’ve always felt like really judged guys on YouTube videos that were like, go up to girls and just be like, Hey, what’s up. And like, you know, get their number, like straight away and like film it and then like kiss them and stuff like that. I was always like, wow, those guys are like D bags and that’s never, that’s never been me. Right. Like also,

Quazi (03:20):

It’s just like, it’ll never be me. I’m too good for that. I’m too much of a gentleman.

Mike (03:23):

Yeah, exactly, exactly. And so, you know, I grew up in a family with four sisters and just very, um, my dad’s very virtuous, you know, American man. And so I was like, you know, the, probably just trying to think of some ideas, like what would one thing I would never do? And I’d be like, oh, like, I don’t know why that idea popped in my head. I was like, I’m just going to like, get on my bike right now, bike down to the beach. I was living in Hawaii back in July. So I just biked right down to the beach in the middle of the day, which is challenging for me too, because I was always like, yo, we’ve got to work for like eight to nine hours straight bike down to the beach, walked straight up to the first girl that I saw and was like, Hey, what’s going on?

Mike (04:01):

Um, I have like question to ask and she was like, what’s up? And I was like, Hey, like, this is, uh, I’m taking this personal development course. And, uh, I just wanted to ask you if I could kiss you. And she was like, she’s like, what? She’s like, what? And I’m like, and her friends were like burst out laughing. And I’m like, look so she wasn’t alone. No, she was with her friends, which was even better. That’s amazing. So, so everyone was like, what? And like some laughing. I was like, yeah, like you have to go do something that you would never do. And I’m telling you, I would never do this. And I feel like such a deep bag right now, but I have to do it. Like you, you have to understand and were friends. And then her friends were my coaches holding me hostage.

Mike (04:46):

Sue was like, what’s the name of this pro program? And I’m like, reality mastery, quasi look them up. Like her, her friends were like, her friends were like, kiss him, kiss him right down. She was like, she was like, you know what? Like come here. And she just grabbed me and we just started kissing and it was hilarious. It was seriously so funny. We all ended up like going on a date the next day. Didn’t it didn’t amount to much, but it was more about just like breaking out of, it just was actually so powerful to like break out of your, your way of thinking. And like the, these ways that we, we, we hold ourselves so concrete and like, oh, I am this way when it’s really just such, it’s an unconscious choice.

Quazi (05:30):

That’s so interesting that you mentioned that. And even that instance of you breaking out of your shell, I’m sure it’s transferred in many different ways into your business as well. So huge, I guess, diving into that, Mike, like what got you started in this niche? Like, what has been your entrepreneurial journey? Like when did you get started? What did you get started with? How did it evolve?

Mike (05:49):

Yeah, this is a great question. So two years ago, and I was actually reflecting on this posse, um, because before we started this call, I was telling you about, I was on that little four day vacation. I was just reflecting on this the other day, but literally two years ago to the day to the day we’re shooting this right now, I was working in an absolutely soul-sucking job. Um, restaurant server. I had been doing it for too many years. Um, I’ve been a guy that when I graduated college, I was like, I don’t, I didn’t ever see the value in like, spending all that money for a degree. I never even wanted to go, but it was just kind of that society pressure. And, um, I wound up like doing all these odd jobs throughout my whole life, like traveling the world. And the last job that I landed on was the serving gig.

Mike (06:35):

It actually paid really good money, short hours. I could ski every day, but there was no, like there was, I wasn’t leaving any of my own authenticity there. I wasn’t actually creating value for people. And I really wanted to inspire and help so many people. I just didn’t know what that was. And I just reached a breaking point at that serving job where I was like, I cannot, I cannot do this one more day. And I actually developed TMJ, which is a Jada Jada sword from grinding your teeth in your sleep at night from stress. And I had so much anxiety. I had lost all my self esteem. Um, and so I quit and I, and I was like, I want to become an entrepreneur. And I started reading like rich dad, poor dad by Robert Kiyosaki. Um, killing sacred cows by Garrett. Gunderson is an amazing book on, um, money and sole purpose.

Mike (07:24):

And then I read the four hour workweek by Tim Ferriss. And, uh, I was like, all right, I want to continue traveling. Cause it’s just, it’s a part of my lifestyle. I love it. I want to continue being able to spend time doing the things I love, like, um, like being in the mountains or surfing, but I also need a business at the same time. And so I just dove head straight into, um, into like trying to figure it out. I was like flipping Airbnb properties. Nope. I took a stock investing course not for me. Um, I was like re watching all these YouTube videos on passive income. Um, and eventually I actually landed on consulting accelerator. Like my, my mom was actually like, yo, you should just try this out. Funny enough. Huh. And I went into it and discovered like, Hey, you know, actually coaching is definitely a strong point for me.

Mike (08:17):

Um, and I wound up starting my own coaching business and I was doing that for a year. It has been a massive struggle, like barely hanging on that type of thing. Um, and then I actually worked with a coach Scott rally one-on-one I hired him and it was a very powerful experience. And we realized that, Hey man, we’re actually doing the same thing. We’re in the same niche. And we’re actually on the same level. So at the end of doing one-on-one with him, we were like, dude, let’s team up. He’s also a back country, skier. He lives in Montana. We saw life in a very similar way. We had the same aspirations and goals. And so we teamed up and in that first, like when we joined, we were, we were saying, okay, let’s put what we do into a course. Um, and you know, similar format to RM.

Mike (09:03):

And it was, we had like a huge launch. And I think there was because there was so much emotional intensity behind it, to be honest with you, which we’ll, I’m sure we’ll talk about that. But yeah, we had like this big first month of like, you know, 15 K and we were like, all like euphoria, like we did it, like we’re gonna like do this thing. And then over the next six months, it was just like, you know, down, down, down, down, down, and like back into that, like rock bottom, stuck place again of like freak out. Um, and there’s so much more to that story, quasi, like, to be honest with you with this like serious physical injury that I had and all this stuff kind of going on, but yeah, that was like kind of the journey over the last two years in a very condensed form.

Quazi (09:49):

Got it. Got it. So, yeah, I guess like how long had you been in the coaching business with Scott with this new business that you made and what was it initially? Like? What was the niche initially?

Mike (10:00):

Yeah, so Scott and I have been working together now for, so I was on my own for the four, maybe a little over a year. And then I’ve been working with Scott now for, I believe it’s about nine to 10 months. Okay. And when Scott and I joined, we were, we became peak prosper and it was dude, I couldn’t even tell you when we first started off, I think it was become the man your mentality. Like we were like, we help high-performing adventurous men become the man they’re meant to be, which is, which is, I mean, that doesn’t mean anything to me. I don’t know. So people like, what do you do? And we were like, we help Ben become the man they’re mentoring. That’s kind of embarrassing.

Quazi (10:47):

I mean, you know, you needed to learn that lesson. Cause I remember when I started off, I was like, oh yeah, I just, I just teach people identity shifting. Yeah. Like what does that mean? You just shift your identity, you know? Like, but then you learn those business lessons and how you got to clarify and you get more focused in one direction. And I think that’s one of the epiphany that you had that made that big shift.

Mike (11:08):


Quazi (11:09):

Yeah. But before, right before we get to that, like how did you find out about reality Marsha? How did you find out about me and what made you think that, you know, you don’t need a business strategy right now, but actually like a mindset to get unblocked in your mindset.

Mike (11:22):

Yeah, because I, we knew that here’s the funny thing. So this guy that I told you about this book that I read killing sacred cows by Garrett Gunderson, I actually knew I was able to get his phone number and I had emailed him and being like, Hey man, I’m doing my own coaching business. And I did this because I’ve read your book. And it’s like changed my life on all this stuff. And he was like responded to me two weeks later and was like, Hey man, I literally never, like I never check email and here’s my phone. If you want to get in contact with me. So actually a phone conversation with this guy right before I joined RM. And I said, you know, I was like, Hey dude, we’re so stuck in our business. I don’t know what the hell like, you know, like what’s going on and all this stuff.

Mike (12:08):

And he pretty much was like, and this is a money guy. Right. Big business guy. And he’s like, yeah, dude, you’re just hitting your own internal blocks. He didn’t give me any business. He was like, dude, I never read business advice, books never. And I was on the phone just being like, and he was like, I only, like I only asked myself, how can I love myself more every day and realize that it’s the internal, you’re hitting your own internal blocks. And until you work through those things, like you’re just going to keep hitting the same cycles. And that I didn’t fight that quasi because deep down I knew that I just didn’t know like really like what I needed to do because I was so burned out from personal development. It’s the most exhausting space in the entire world. You’re, you know, we talked about this before on calls, but like you’re always like broken and you’ve got to like heal yourself and you know, you gotta like fix these unwanted thoughts and it’s, you can really get, also get caught in that trap as well.

Mike (13:04):

So I was also like in this conflict where I was like, I just don’t want to work on myself anymore though. You know what I mean? Um, and so I walked away from that phone call being like, all right, there’s I know I have two problems here. I know that, um, I know that I’m hitting my own internal blocks, but the other problem is that the work that I’m doing, I actually don’t enjoy, which was like such a crazy thing. I was like, I actually don’t enjoy any of it. Like all the things that I’m doing to like get clients is exhausting and draining. So it was like, I need to get those two problems solved. And at the same time my business partner, Scott was like, yeah, dude, you know, who has like a, kind of a similar business to us, but not really at all, is this kind of quasi.

Mike (13:49):

And I was like, who’s quasi. And he’s like, he’s in Sam ovens guy. And whenever I hear that someone’s successful from Sam ovens. I there’s a, there’s an immediate trust there because I have so much respect for Sam ovens. Um, and I looked you up and I watched like one video and I was like, yeah, this is my guy. Like, it was just like, it was just that I’ve seen so, so much stuff in personal development and mindset or whatever. And I was like, nah, this guy, this guy, this is my guy right here. And so I, uh, I watched a YouTube video and it was like, yep, like this is, this is legit. I hit up Scott. And I was like, yo Scott. I was like, I don’t think that we should go by consulting or now like level or whatever from ovens, because I knew we didn’t need business strategy.

Mike (14:39):

I was like, we don’t need a business course. I was like, we need to like get down to the core here. And that’s when I just hit up like Daniel BOE. I think he was working for you at the time on Facebook messenger. I was like, yo, like, can I just set up a, set up a call? I just want to see if I’m a good fit for the program. And that was it really. That was the story. It was just, I watched one video and I was like, yeah, this is my guy. And I want to talk to them and see if the program is a good fit. Like your testimonials are crazy. You know, I like watched the video and then saw the testimonials and I was like, son of a. All right, Dude, there was one video where, uh, I can’t remember the guy’s name, but he went from, I cannot remember his name. Super like the interview you did with him. He’s like super uplifted positive guy. Uh, I think he’s an American dude. And he went from like, I don’t know if it was like five K to 50 K or something like that. Joseph. Yeah. Peter Peter.

Quazi (15:43):

He’s, he’s a, he’s a great client. I love.

Mike (15:45):

Wow. Is that when I saw that, I was like, holy, holy crap. Okay.

Quazi (15:51):

Yeah. Yeah. He has a, he had his, I think he has a, he has his own coaching business as well, but he does like seminar, like one to many, like a group coaching kind of thing. But he was like a, like an airline, a flight attendant before went down. Yeah. Yeah. He, he absolutely knocked it out of the park, but he like, just like all of our successful clients. Like he took the principles to heart and like live by them every single day, you know? Yeah,

Mike (16:14):

Yeah. Yeah.

Quazi (16:15):

But I want to go back to that point. You made about when you started to get sick of personal development, you said you getting sick of working on yourself every single day. So how do you go from that to like investing in a pretty much a personal development and mindset program?

Mike (16:31):

Manifesting was something that was always really, um, really interesting to me. I’ve kind of like slowly gone more into that realm. Uh, I, I had worked with a hypnotherapist and that was really profound and I wanted to, like, I’ve always been really drawn towards nature, but always right. And I think actually nature has all the answers. Like we are a part of nature. Right. So just like when I was watching your video, it just, it made sense to me, like you weren’t talking about the next hack or the next like quick fix or like do this thing. And it was more of like, yeah. I mean, it was like, we’ve talked about it before and that’s what your course is like principle-based and it was such like an uplifting kind of positive transition that it didn’t yes. It’s personal development, but it’s, it’s not also at the same time. It’s just how to be a human being. Yeah.

Quazi (17:33):

Um, you know what I mean? Yeah. Yeah. Cause I think like the, my biggest problem with the personal development space was that it’s not really about personal development. It’s more like what, where you can do, like, what’s the next thing, try and the next thing to do or the next, you know, it’s more like external focus, external doing, having focus. It was never really being like, who can I be? How can I change myself really? And get a foundational, permanent shift.

Mike (18:03):

Yeah. So, so actually here’s another thing that might, might make even more sense in the first module you were like, society doesn’t teach you how to think society doesn’t teach you how to be. And when I heard that, that was, that was something that I had been looking for for so long, like a mentor in that space that also thinks that way, because I have really felt that way about life and about society and, and um, and yeah, like I was looking for something that was like encouraged, like free thinking and like following your own path. And that, that was something I was really, really looking for because I, Scott and I, I kept saying to Scott, like, dude, like, we’re just, you know, like we’re, we’re just doing to do in our business sometimes. And it doesn’t like we were doing this like direct outreach thing. And I was like, why are we doing this? Like, why are we doing this? Why am I still doing this day after day after day? Like, this is not what I was born to be doing, like sitting behind a computer being like, yo man, what’s going on? Like you, like, you dig that video. Like you wanna like jump on a call, like, and no offense to anyone that does that because some people get a lot of fulfillment out of that, but it wasn’t for me. Yeah.

Quazi (19:18):

I get it. Um, I think we got on one of the Q and a calls. And after that call, you had this epiphany to change the way you were doing things like you did that 15 day challenge. So I want to talk about that. Like what made you, what, what takeaway did you, what was the biggest takeaway that you got from the program that really shifted how you viewed your business and how you thought about life in general, that led to you going from like barely making 5k a month and losing money to now, you know, having your record month,

Mike (19:54):

The biggest thing, it’s such a hard question to answer, man. Cause there’s so many, there’s so many monumental things that I learned in that course that I meet. I’m applying all the time. Even in this, even meeting this amazing woman over the, over the last couple of days, it’s just, let’s see, to make that shift when we did the challenge, you know what it was, man? I think so we were talking about current character. There’s a lot of things and probably what I’m about to say here, but, and feel free to stop me and pick it apart. But we talked about the current character and then the new character, right. So I love this process. So you define what you want. Right. So I was like, all right, this is what I want out of my life and my business and the money. And like, this is what I want it to look like.

Mike (20:46):

And you say, okay, who do you need to be to live that life? So then it goes, all right, I’m just, now I’m going to define the characteristics or the, or this like kind of new version of Mike Murley who is living that life. And so one of the things that came up was, you know, why the events like teaching and live events, that impact thousands of men. And so now that I have that now it’s like, okay. So once I have I’ve identified that, oh, micro is, this guy is actually impacting thousands and thousands of people through his teaching, then the doing follows. So it’s like, it’s not someone saying like, oh, you need to do this. Now it’s actually your own accord. Right. And when I, when the doing followed, I was talking with this other guy and I was just being like, I was putting it out to the universe.

Mike (21:36):

So thank yo. Um, I want to impact like thousands of people. I was sharing it with people. I was telling my friends and family and I was having a conversation with this one, dude, oh man, I almost get chills saying this. But I was like, yeah, man, like me and my business partner, we want to impact thousands of people. And he goes, oh man, that’s so interesting. I said, why do you say that? And he goes, dude, my business partners just ran this like live event. And they had thousands of people there he goes, you should try that. And as soon as I heard that, I go, that’s it? Like, it just, it was right there. And to anyone listening, I think a lot of the times that when you identify something that you want, it’s always, it’s almost always going to come to you in an unexpected way, which is that has freed me so much from control.

Quazi (22:24):

Oh my God. Holy

Mike (22:26):

And that has changed my life. That has really changed.

Quazi (22:30):

No, like whenever we start to look for stuff and w with like the actual intention to find it, it never really happens in that moment. It’s when you let go of needing to control, needing to find it. That’s when it organically comes to you, it’s literally like finding something you’d lost your keys or something, your wallet, all of a sudden one day, you’re not looking for it. It comes out of nowhere.

Mike (22:51):

Yeah. Yeah. So, so this guy tells me all the challenge and like how, and like helps us, like kind of like configure it. Scott, my business partner is like an absolute genius at like the backend automation, um, systems tech building. My strong point is like marketing sales, like writing. Good copy. And dude, we just put all of our energy into this challenge and we’re like, we’re not going to think about the money. We’re going to show up to this thing and just blow people away. And at the end of the challenge, there was a delay period that you talked about. And when a week went by to the challenge, we had only gotten one client. So we actually like covered our money, but we were like, so disappointed because we had to put like all of our energy into this thing. And then a week or two weeks after the challenge, like it was like, we had this like moment of clarity being like, dude, it’s not become the man.

Mike (23:48):

You’re meant to be. It’s none of that. Like, why did we get into personal development? The both of us for the same reason, why are all the guys in our program joining our program? Like, what is the, what is their problem? And we were like, dude, it’s it’s meaningful work. And we changed our marketing message. Like we were like, dude, we have to do this, changed our marketing message. And literally the next day it was like, boom. And we did, yeah, dude, we did $27,000 in books in 30 days. It was crazy. It was like the craziest month I’ve ever had

Quazi (24:25):

Just from one simple tweak that literally came from you, both of you just becoming introspective looking within. Yeah. So it’s so interesting. You described this because we never, like you mentioned, society never teaches you to look at who you’re being and who to be, but teaches you what to do and what the next step is to take. So in a way we never really even get clear and fully accept what it is that we want. We get fed by outside of what we’re supposed to want. We’re supposed to want money. We’re supposed to want the American dream. We’re supposed to want what society tells us to want, but we never take a moment to actually think for ourselves. But the moment you start to think for yourself, your life actually goes beyond your wildest dreams. You know, you actually start to reflect on what you really want.

Mike (25:17):


Quazi (25:17):

Which is insane.

Mike (25:20):

It’s, it’s so insane. And you know, I think the number one reason, most people don’t get what they want in life is because they don’t know what they want in life. You know? And I think we get so caught up in, in our society and our world today. And everyone’s like wobbling over, you know, no, this is the right path. And this is the right thing to do. And, and, you know, um, you know, this is the way the world works and it’s like, whatever you believe to be true is going to come true anyways. Right? Like it’s all going to manifest. So you, you may as well believe in something that you do want, right. And that is like, got that emotional kind of drive behind it. That’s meaningful to you because at the end of the day you are going to die. Like, it is a simple truth of nature that you don’t need to fight.

Mike (26:08):

Right. So it’s, I don’t know. I mean, I always think back to like when I’m older, maybe 50, 60, 70 years old, and I look back and be like, I don’t, I do not want to have that feeling of being like, oh, I left it on the table or I didn’t do this because of fear or whatever the case may be. You know, that’s always a driver, but yeah, when you get, when you have clarity, oh my God. It, it really, I believe it personally, it changes everything quasi. And, and you talked about it just a second ago. I really want to reiterate this to anyone listening that isn’t going to be a business tactic or strategy that’s going to solve the problem. And I really, really believe that because just look around, right. Look, even look at the coaching space that there’s thousands, maybe tens of thousands of successful coaches.

Mike (27:01):

And none of them are doing things the same. Like the way that we run our business is totally like the way that mean meaning Scott get clients is totally different than the way you get clients. Yeah. You know what I mean? But we’re following similar principles. And once you shut out the noise of the world and really get down and think for yourself, it’s really about, in my opinion, just getting down to your natural state, like your natural operating state, like when you were a kid, right. And you were doing things for the joy of just doing them now for the, not for the praise, not for the accolades, not for the money. Right? Not for the fact that it might impress some women, but purely because you want to do those things. Like when you get down to that state, again, as a human or as old as an older human, as an adult, I think that’s the most powerful place to operate from personally.

Quazi (27:48):

And I think you’ve done just that through that 15 day challenge. And I think now that you approach, like looking at the way you’re approaching your business now, as opposed to how you used to approach it before, when you thought you needed to do the direct outreach, you thought tell your soul grind. That’s like the biggest difference I’m seeing. You’re no longer like doing things that you don’t like to do. Things that you are quote, unquote weak at, but now you’re operating from your strength zone, things that are natural to you, like serving people, like giving value, like doing live events and basically just knowing what you’re good at.

Mike (28:23):

Yeah. And that’s that’s man. That’s another, one of the biggest things that I learned from, from, uh, your, your program is, is that exactly what you just said? And I think the thing came after the challenge after we had that huge month, we did like a dip again, you know, like a, a dip, like totally cool. And I found myself going back to the old self and I, like, I caught it after like two days or three days. I remember like talking on a call about it. And I think that’s, it’s, it’s so easy to like go back into this, like slip back into like the unconscious or like the old self. But it’s really just having that awareness like that the program teaches you so much awareness and it’s like, wait, hold on. Like, hold on a second. Let’s, let’s go back to what we do on here. And again, just like, bring your focus to that. Um, yeah. That’s been, oh, there’s so many dude. There’s so many key things. It’s, it’s hard to, hard to put all of them and of them into words, but it’s just been such an amazing, um, experience and fun to it. Hasn’t been like, oh, I gotta do the work. It’s like, yeah. Like I’m actually excited to like learn some new stuff today.

Quazi (29:35):

Yeah. That’s literally what I wanted to happen,

Mike (29:39):

Dude. And people, the crazy thing too, is, uh, people have been noticing too. And I don’t mean that to be like, oh man, like, you know, to be honest, I don’t really care too much about what people think. Um, but just like even strangers that I’m, that I’m meeting, like when I was away on the last four days of my little holiday, you just, even people just being like, yo, like you’ve just got like such a good energy about you. You’ve got such a good vibe about you. I feel like I’m way more like present in the conversations and not like seeking to take, you know, I feel like that was also a big problem for me, but just like allowing yeah, man, like allowing like the energy to just like transfer and yeah. And like not getting so tangled up in life so much as you put it in the course as well. But yeah, man, it’s, it’s just been a, it’s been an amazing, um, it’s been an amazing experience and I don’t see any reason why we’re not going to hit our target of 60 K a month in the next few months. We’re running another live challenge and yeah, we’re just, we’re loving it.

Quazi (30:41):

That’s fantastic, man. I’m really glad to hear that. So I guess if I could ask you like, what’s one module or one tool, one practice or any one thing that was like a, like a big turning point that you took away from the program, what would that be?

Mike (30:55):

Yeah, I actually, and I actually like say this to people now or like teach it to people now for sure. But it’s the releasing attachment. That is the game. That is it. I think that’s the secret key, because if you think about the way that the program works, you know, you’re talking about like I was, I was identifying too strongly with my new character as in the beginning of the course, the first few months and getting really frustrated by it. And if you think about the process, right. Like clarity and then it’s like define new self and also like defining that like energetic, like burning desire, then it’s like, okay, what do you do now? Right. And for me, because I’ve always been someone that I can tend to be obsessive at times, and I’m not going to stop until I get what I want.

Mike (31:43):

It’s also creates very strong attachment. And when you talked about the way that energy works in nature, right? There’s water coming down a mountain stream and it hits a rock. It doesn’t try to go through the rock. Right. It hits the rock and goes around it. And when you release attachment, it’s a S it’s almost that in a sense, right. Quasi it’s like, I don’t need you to be happy. I don’t need you to, to, um, be fulfilled or feel successful. Like you can actually just be that independent of external circumstances or sources or goals. So it’s almost sounds counterintuitive, right? You’re like, oh, here’s this goal. Here’s my burning desire of why I want it so bad, but I don’t need you. And that that’s like almost like trips you up in a sense. Right. Because it’s like, wait, so it’s not important. No, it’s important. But it’s almost like allowing instead of like controlling the outcome or like controlling the path to get there, you’re letting go of the attachment. You’re letting go of the need for it. And really what nature’s going to do is take you by the easiest means possible to achieve the goal. Do you feel like I explained that correctly?

Quazi (32:48):

Yeah. It’s almost like you have an underlying faith that you are going to get there. Like the assumption and the decision has been made that you are going to get there. It’s just like, is it going to happen now? Or maybe in a few months from now, or a few years from now. And you’re okay with it either way, because you know, you’re just having fun in the process. You’re not trying to force anything or trying to make the jigsaw fit.

Mike (33:07):

Yeah. And I do, I’ve been doing that so much about like all these different things. And I had an experience over the last couple of days where I, I wanted something so bad and there was so much like positive energy flowing. And I just caught myself, like almost getting caught up in it and just being like, you know what, like if it happens, it happens. Cool. You know, if this happens, it happens. If it’s meant to be, it’s meant to be, but either way, like, and I’ll talk to myself out loud or like, whatever, I’ll say either way, I’m still going to be the same person at the end of it. Like I, you know, I still am going to love myself at the end of it all. And just those conversations have, man, it’s just changed everything rather than like, I got to do some like hack or I got to do some like mindset thing or I got to like, like work on myself to like, make myself feel better. It’s like, nah, man, I’m this is who, this is who I am in this moment. And yeah, whatever happens, happens.

Quazi (34:03):

So interesting. Cause I was actually thinking about that the other day when, um, a lot of us get into the personal development space, we get into it with the internal feeling or the, we come from a place of brokenness or like I’m broken. Therefore I need to fix myself. But in my life when I’ve found the most progress, like just the best things happen, the most forward movement happened is when I’ve accepted my own value. I’ve accepted myself already as perfect. I’m okay. I’m great. But it can always be better. I’m great. Let’s see where we can take this. So if anyone’s like listening to this, there’s always these subtle dynamics that we don’t really understand. We’re always like, all right, well, you’ve got to do this. Quasi said this, and this is the principles that do that, but we don’t explore again, deep down how we really feel about ourselves. Like you mentioned, loving ourselves like that book, you mentioned, how can I love myself more? Every single day you are perfect, but it doesn’t mean that you can’t improve and get better and because you can improve and get better, doesn’t mean you’re not perfect now. It’s just, it becomes a fun game of where can I take this? Let’s see what we can do with this, how we can mold this, what we can change about this.

Mike (35:14):

Yeah. Oh my God. Everything that you just said. I, I feel, I feel in total alignment with that. And if I could speak on that, I would, I would add one more thing. Um, and tell me your thoughts, palsy, but for so much, I would always think that like, you know, cause like personal development is always like, yo transform yourself and like transform, like, you know what I mean? And yeah. And I don’t think personal development realizes that they associate the transformation a lot of the times with like more money or business growth or a new girlfriend or whatever the case may be. Like, I don’t even know sometimes if they realize that they’re doing that, but I, I actually think your course made me have this realization that the transformation, yes, it is internal, but it’s, it’s not about like going to the next level per se in terms of like more, more of X, it’s actually more about like shedding the layers, you know what I mean? So like the trans the transformation is actually like a D transformation. It’s like, it’s like a return to homeostasis.

Quazi (36:22):

Yeah. A hundred percent. Yeah. I don’t know if I ever mentioned this, but this is like how I feel about it too. It’s like your already, it’s like, um, Socrates used to say this. He was like, we already, when we’re born, we know everything that we ever need to know. The moment of birth when it happens, we just forget everything. And the rest of our lives, we spend trying to get back that knowledge that we had right before we were born. And that was so powerful. I learned that in college from like a philosophy class or something, but then that’s always stuck with me and that’s like kind of shaped the basis of, I’ve seen that proof, a proof of that. So many times in this whole personal development journey that I’m even on, you know?

Mike (37:04):

Yeah, yeah. That is, that is the game changer. And I think once you have that awareness, it saves you so much unnecessary suffering. But as soon as I find myself going to like chase something, I’ll like, wait, don’t like, dude, don’t do that because you know, the illusion of life, you know that you’re going to get that thing. And then you’re going to be like, yay for like a week. And then you’re going to, you’re going to return to the way that you are, you know? And it, again, it doesn’t mean that yeah, I want financial freedom and I’m going to get it right. But I realize that it’s, it’s not something that is going to per se change, change me. It’s through the principles that I change. Hmm.

Quazi (37:44):

Hmm. Amazing man. This was a, I think this was like a really eyeopening interview. Even for me just learning all of this stuff from you, man. Like the way you are seeing things and you know, how your perception has changed. But I think the last thing I want to kind of understand is you mentioned that, you know, that there was this period of injury that you had and you know, this is something that you recovered from. So I guess if we look back at, before you joined and right now, um, how would you describe your old self and how would you describe yourself now?

Mike (38:21):

Old self old self was, yeah, I’m trying to control every outcome and frustrated, uh, frustrated, grinding is the big word, just grinding, uh, and exhausted. And now I would say, um, and I, I don’t want to like, make it sound like before I joined the program that my life was in shambles. It wasn’t in shambles. Right. I mean, I was also living in Hawaii and living with a good mate and surfing. Um, but yeah, just kind of, I’m thinking a lot about the past. A lot of like a lot of my thinking was like, how can, what do I need to do when he said that in the program, I was like, it, you know, that is me so bad. Like what do I need to do to get that? Um, and yeah, so I’ll be caught up in a lot of that. And every day was just like pressure. Yeah, man, pressure grinding thinking about the past a lot. And to now I’m way more peaceful. Um, way more, uh, I feel like I’ve been laughing and smiling more than I have in a long time.

Quazi (39:41):

Do you do to the way he just smiled as he, as he thought about like where I’m at now?

Mike (39:46):

Yeah, dude, like one of the, one of the affirmations that I have, uh, or like character traits that I look at every day in the, in the journal is a dude like Mike, really? He just laughs at himself every day. Like you have to laugh at yourself. You can’t, I don’t take myself as seriously anymore. And I’m like way more open to just like spontaneous change, um, where before it was like more controlling. So now I have like incorporated a little bit more of the, just the spawn spontaneous. Um, yeah man, and just, I would just say much calmer internal state. The biggest thing is I’m so it’s almost scary how, how much clarity I have and like what I want in life and every domain. And that’s been the, that’s been the game changer dude is the clarity component because I know I’m so, um, I have so much faith in myself when I looked at my past, I go, okay.

Mike (40:40):

Everything that I’ve like truly wanted in life has manifested it has come true. So why is any of this going to be any different? Okay. If it isn’t going to be any different than it’s just a matter of time. So if it’s just a matter of time, like just continue to focus on who you need to be and doing the things that you love and yeah. And, and just allow life to just take you there on its natural course. Just like when you were a kid, right. Just like when you were a kid and all of those amazing things happened, you weren’t trying to control outcomes and people going to get the

Quazi (41:12):

toy, you’re going to get it to

Mike (41:13):

Be patient. Yeah. So, yeah, man, I th that was the big, um, that’s been like the big change and I’ve also served some really good waves and the last months that’s amazing, man. Yeah, dude, thank you so much. I’d love to hear that.

Quazi (41:29):

So I guess just to conclude, you know, if you could recommend this program, if someone were on the fence and you know, you could say a few words to them, what would you say to them?

Mike (41:39):

Yeah, I would a hundred percent recommended. It’s been, it’s been one of the best decisions in my life. And if you’re on the, I mean, if you’re on the fence about it, I wouldn’t even just say, just book a call and just have a conversation. Cause I, I thought that the call that I had was, was great. Right. It’s not like a, um, it’s not like a sales call or anything like that. Like it’s really just diagnosing where you’re at and if the program can help, then, then, then perfect. Like that’s what you would want. Right. If you’re like listening to this and your resident and being like, oh, I dunno, I’m unsure. It’s like, well, if this program can actually help you then happy days for you. So yeah. Th the, um, the program has been, life-changing the ability to just like tap into your, um, energy network quasi, and like, just show up and ask him conversation, uh, ask questions and have conversations with you is huge.

Mike (42:34):

The community is like super supportive and positive, which is cool. People are just like sharing wins and, um, which is something that we’ve taken. Dude, we’ve taken a lot of, uh, just like some of those things and put it into our program as well. And now our whole program guys are like sharing wins and, um, stuff like that. So, which has been really cool. But yeah, if you are on the fence about this, you have to, like, you have to remember that same actions equal same results. It’s a fundamental truth. If you continue to take the same actions, you will experience the same results, new actions, equal new results. So go do something that you wouldn’t do and, and book a call or go do something that you wouldn’t do and reach out to quasi. That’s what I would recommend because yeah, you, at the end of the day, one has to take new actions. That’s just fundamental law.

Quazi (43:26):

Awesome, man. I’d love to hear that. And Mike, honestly, it makes me so happy to see you living your best life, to see you smiling, to see you happy. I don’t care how much more money you make, but as long as you’re fulfilled and you’re living the life that you want to live, that’s what we aim to see with all of our customers, men. But yeah, I hope you guys enjoyed this interview. I’m going to leave Mike socials, his website down in the description. You can reach out to him, maybe connect with him if you’re interested in working with him. Um, but thank you guys for watching till next time. Peace.


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Cultivate the Internal World of a Successful Entrepreneur

How to overcome the revenue barrier and scale your business to 7 figures by shifting your identity

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