How Reality Works (how to control it)


In today’s video, I’m going to share with you the ultimate model of reality, and how it actually works. This is very important for you to understand in order to be able to influence your reality the way you want.

This takes me back to the quantum model of reality. See there are two frameworks & models of understanding reality: the newtonian model which relies on cause and effect and linearity, and the quantum model…which is understood more by the probabilistic and nonlinear realms.

In this quantum model, every possible reality exists. There is a reality in which you’re successful and wealthy, where you’re poor, where you’re sick/dead etc. All of these combinations exist simultaneously. Based on the predominant thoughts and emotions you have,  you are currently vibrating at a certain frequency, which is attracting your current reality. So the task is simple: change your thoughts and emotions, and you will radiate the frequency that will attune you to a different sector in the quantum field, right?

There are 2 main problems that prevent people from doing that: unconscious internalization & need vs want. That is what I want you to pay close attention to throughout this video.

Here’s what I discuss:

  • The quantum model of reality
  • Why you’re experiencing what you’re experiencing
  • The power of your attention and the different qualities of attention
  • Past, present, future & time.
  • Heart and mind coherence and why this is the single thing you must master
  • The 2 biggest problems that keep people stuck
  • Unconscious internalization and why society wants to keep you at a default state of anger & fear
  • Need vs want and how to break out of the scarcity paradigm (very subtle)

Hope this was helpful and make sure to leave me a comment with your thoughts!


quazi here and in this video i’m going
to share with you the most comprehensive
model of reality
and really how you can shift into your
desired reality and make a conscious
choice to do so
rather than keep unconsciously
experiencing a reality that you don’t
even like
this was something that i’ve spent the
whole past
three four years trying to figure out
how to get yourself into your ideal your
desired reality
and part of it really took comprehensive
study into understanding quantum physics
and the quantum model of reality i
really want you to stick around to the
very end of this video because by the
end of this video
you’re going to learn the two biggest
problems that people go through
and the two different things and
solutions you can implement right now to
really help you step out of your current
reality into
a one that you actually prefer
before i begin this video and to quickly
announce that a couple of spots have
opened up for the free one-to-one
consult with me and my team for the
reality mastery program
make sure you wait around till the end
of the video for the announcement on
that so with that let’s get started
in this video i want to talk to you
about the concept of reality shifting
and how you can step
into your desired reality and why most
people fail to do it
and really this comes from a deep study
of understanding quantum physics
okay and different parallel realities
that already exist
so the quantum model suggests
that every single reality that is
manifestable is already there okay
every single parallel reality already
the process of creation is already
this is also an agreement with a lot of
books and you know if you read the gita
and if you really look at
ancient yogic texts they really say that
the process of creation is already
complete you don’t need to create
anything anymore you just need to choose
the reality that you already want
okay so all of it already exists
all realities exist
this is key to remember because then you
go get into the egoic stance of oh i
need to create my reality and
the level of difficulty in your mind and
how much meaning you put onto it
it decreases so now the choice is simple
you just choose whichever reality you’d
like to experience but the problem right
is everything we’re experiencing is
largely unconscious
there is a conscious choice you can make
or an unconscious one
okay we’re going to get deeper into that
later but for now realize that
every single possible reality that can
be manifested already exists
your job and your mission is to choose
the one you would like to experience
every single person has the right to
experience whichever reality they want
okay this is your own personal intention
right so understand the current sector
you’re experiencing
is determined by the frequency of your
thought energy
what do i mean by that whatever
thoughts you have predominantly whatever
your focal point is on
based on that the current reality is
manifested okay
now there’s a masculine and a feminine
aspect to it which brings us to
the mind and the heart okay the mind is
largely masculine and it thinks about
the heart is more so feminine and it
really wants what it wants
there’s really no why and no reasoning
behind it because it’s beyond reason
right so when your heart and your mind
come together in something
then it makes a shift in a lifeline okay
so i’m gonna describe this concept of a
lifeline and parallel realities to you
so this is really the most comprehensive
model you’re probably gonna see on
youtube even
being talked about parallel realities so
understand that let’s draw you as a
this is your current life okay this is
the current reality you’re experiencing
now you want to get to a different
reality but understand that this space
contains every possible combination of
realities that can be experienced
okay so here is reality number one
and we have reality number two i’m gonna
do it in red
and let’s say we have the third reality
amongst the
infinite possible combinations
reality number three now what happens is
based on the alignment in your heart and
you’re experiencing a certain reality
you actually come from the past
and based on what meaning you’ve put
onto past events and what has happened
in the past and how you
internalize it with the heart and the
mind and the alignment in it
you’re experiencing this current reality
in your current reality if you’re
or if you’re poor if you’re sick or
you’re not it’s all a result of karmic
proclivity okay yoga talks a lot about
but essentially what that is is you’re
experiencing something based on what
you’ve done in your past life and how
you’ve been conditioned in your current
but what most people don’t understand is
just because it’s predetermined
doesn’t mean you can’t change it okay
because we buy into the idea that it’s
predetermined and we can’t change it so
be it
right and that’s why you can’t change it
but if you really buy
into the idea that you can change it
from this moment
forward you can push your karma out the
way you would like it
okay everyone has that conscious choice
we’re just falling and running around
thinking that we can’t change anything
and that’s why it happens and that’s why
these same patterns keep running over
and over again
so there are two models of reality the
fate model where
you believe that everything is
predestined and predetermined so you
don’t try to change anything at all
but the reality creator model where from
this moment forth
you have complete responsibility and the
complete choice
to pick which trajectory your life
follows is it going to happen overnight
probably not but it is still a
possibility for you
for you to choose really which reality
you want okay so i want you to remember
so here you are in your current
situation and you want to move up to a
different situation
let’s say if you continue on in this
trajectory you would keep experiencing
the same thing
if you were to have a change of heart
and get more negative right
then you’d shift to a negative lifeline
so let’s say this is a negative lifeline
where things actually get worse
you could also shift to a positive
lifeline where things get better
right so how do these shifts happen
please listen to this very very
carefully how these shifts happen is
when your mind and your heart comes into
complete congruence
your thoughts and your emotions are in
complete congruence
that’s when a shift happens so to give
an example
with fear right if you’re completely
fearful of something and you fear losing
and you think about it you think about
losing money and your heart agrees with
your mind and fear
then you come together in the thought
and the emotion that you feel
and because of this coming together a
shift happens in lifelines
you’re a tuning your thought energy the
frequency of the energy
that you’re radiating is in direct
alignment to that negative lifeline
that corresponds with the fear and
basically like losing that money so
because of that the losing money
actually happens that reality actually
manifests itself somewhere in the future
so what these things are they’re certain
okay what you’re experiencing right now
the the present moment
is continually becoming the past so
what you’re experiencing right now has
been predetermined by something else
further in the past so reality occurs
with a delay
all of these manifestations occur with
the delay because of the
the physical quality of nature because
these things happen with a delay there’s
going to be a delay
in which you actually manifest the
reality you would like to experience
okay so the thoughts and emotions that
you have now are going to influence
the future reality you experience okay
this is just the quality
of this physical reality where
everything will manifest with a delay
so what you’re experiencing right now is
occurring with a delay
based on the thoughts and attitudes
you’ve had in the past and the thoughts
and attitudes you have today
is going to occur with a delay based on
what you manifest in the future
okay so in that sense there is no point
trying to change this current script
okay people try to change this current
reality instead of choosing what they
would like to experience in the next
that’s the biggest problem it’s futile
to try and change anything that’s
happening now
instead choose what you’d like to
experience in the next
moment okay choose what you’d like to
upcoming in your life don’t try to
change what is
because the best thing you can do is
accept what is and once you
start to accept what is it then you gain
the power to change
what will be right i want you to
remember that so
when your heart and your mind come in
alignment whether it be worst case
scenario best case scenario
that’s exactly when that reality starts
to manifest
you shift into that lifeline and you
follow that script up until the point
that that life
that the basic parallel reality becomes
a physical reality
okay so to understand that if you become
grateful about what you have and you
become grateful and
you focus on money and the abundance
that you would want and your heart and
your mind comes together in it
then that’s exactly what you’re going to
experience right
instead of focusing on the lack and
scarcity which is what most people do
and i’m going to describe this when we
talk about the two biggest problems
focus instead on what you’re grateful
about and what you’re grateful for
in that way you’re going to shift to
more favorable lifelines
okay so understand that present
is continually becoming past so present
is becoming
past so the key takeaway i want you to
take from this
is when you achieve alignment in your
thoughts and your emotions
a shift happens so there are three
qualities of your attention
okay your emotions that you experience
is the
meaning that you’re putting onto these
events this is getting kind of complex i
want you to keep up with me
okay your attention has three qualities
there’s a positive attention a negative
attention and a neutral
tension what do i mean by that
positive and negative attention have
power to create reality
so to really understand this nature
doesn’t give a about whether or not
you’re positive or negative attention
it looks at the intensity of that
attention if you have
if you really strongly feel against
losing money more than you want to make
money then that’s what’s going to happen
right if your emotional intensity and
the fears you have are stronger than the
desires you have
then you will keep moving towards the
fears this is what’s common with most
their fears they fear with all their
but when they love something they don’t
love with all their heart
because this is just how we’ve been
conditioned okay
so understand that any single thing you
want to experience you must have
complete alignment
and emotional intensity towards that
what do you really want
what do you want to see happen for your
life do you really want that
or do you want it because you want to
avoid being poor you want to avoid
being lonely you want to avoid being
skinny or fat
what do you really want what place is
that coming from really look into that
okay so anything that you want to
experience all you’ve got to do the
mission for you is to
just completely get into alignment with
it it’s easy to get the heart on board
but the mind is the thing that doesn’t
want to believe
okay it’s difficult to get the mind to
believe because the mind is
so conditioned into a limited paradigm
of oh if it hasn’t happened in the
past how is it going to happen in the
future if i’ve been poor up until this
point in my life
how am i going to be rich tomorrow it’s
very very difficult for the mind to
grasp that
okay so this is why you work with what’s
what we call
faith right faith is completely devoid
of belief
there is belief and then there is faith
when you just have complete faith in
something you say
to hell with belief somehow this is
going to happen
somehow whatever i want i’ll get to it
this is why simple-minded people
achieve their goals much easily than
complex-minded people who analyze every
single little thing
because simple-minded people just go to
the temple and they just pray and they
god somehow you must give me this you
must make me rich
somehow i’m gonna get you know this much
money and then it happens for them
because they don’t have the doubt in
their mind but then people who are very
very complex
and like to think and analyze and are
very analytical they’re like okay
well the money can’t happen because i
haven’t had this condition hasn’t been
i haven’t seen this many clients come
into my business and this hasn’t
happened that hasn’t happened
this is why analytical people suffer
their minds
where people who are simple-minded just
go with faith and somehow
life makes it work for them because they
don’t have the counter intentions
okay so whatever you want you want to go
towards that with
unwavering attention whether it be
positive or negative
okay both positive and negative
attention manifest reality
being poor isn’t bad you know the
reality when reality looks at it it’s
just a neutral event
okay being rich is the same as being
it’s the same thing it’s just a
different quality of energy to it
right you hate being poor that’s why you
say stop being poor
you hate being poor more than you love
being rich that’s the problem
so we’re gonna get into that when we
discuss problem number two but now let’s
get into the two biggest problems that
keep people stuck here and
in their current realities okay i want
you to really pay attention to this this
is going to blow your mind and this is
going to be something you’ve never
seen before never really seen it this
way before at least so
let’s get into that
the number one problem every single
person suffers this
is unconscious internalization right
what do i mean by this
let’s think about your life you’ve grown
and you’ve been brought up in a certain
society you’ve had parents who’ve had
certain beliefs and certain
and you’ve seen certain things on tv and
your community
and other people around you and you’ve
been programmed with those things you’ve
actually unconsciously picked it up when
you’re unconscious you become like a
and you soak that information and it
becomes a part of you
nowhere did you have the choice to say i
reject this
this isn’t true but you just picked it
up oh being
poor is the new normal oh being in a
nine to five is a new normal
you know that’s just how it is so when
the when the desire comes for you to get
and entrepreneurship or following your
heart and going towards a creative
career then your beliefs are like oh no
well people who are artists they don’t
make money
or people who get into entrepreneurship
nine out of ten businesses fail so those
are the beliefs that are in the back of
your mind which keep blocking you from
getting there
because you’ve unconsciously
internalized all of these things have
made them a part of you
right this is why we do identity
shifting in the reality mastery program
to help you step away from who you are
right now and just
just drop with this you know just drop
this current identity completely because
it’s not serving us
and then choose a completely new one so
the number one problem is unconscious
now why does this happen why does
society program us to be
in constant states of fear and anger and
pride and holding on to things rather
than being blissful rather than
moving frictionlessly why does society
do this why is everything around us
programmed that way
you want to know why you want to know
the real reason why here’s why
look at this graph okay if i were to
draw this
like this right and we have
let’s call this energy reactive energy
aka reactivity and this is frequency
actually i’m going to draw it bigger
because i really want you to make sense
of this and once you do
your whole paradigm is going to change
i’m going to erase this
so if we have this really big graph
where we talk about
frequency f
reactivity r and
it sort of looks like a bell curve
most of you watching this video you’re
familiar with the levels of
if you’re not i urge you to check this
video out
actually up here click on here click the
little i here you’re going to see it
but the levels of consciousness they
move in certain levels and it’s
a topic discussed a term coined by david
r hawkins
where he looks at the levels of
consciousness and the predominant
emotions you feel
at a certain level of consciousness it
goes from zero to one thousand
zero is the lowest level of
consciousness which is basically apathy
to the point where you can’t live
thousand is complete enlightenment and
bliss right
when you go from one level to the next
if you move up one point
it’s actually moving tenfold in energy
so it’s to the power of ten it’s a
logarithmic scale
i want you to remember that so what
happens is the most
resonant energy lies at around 200
200 to i would say around 150 to 200
150 is the level of
fear 200 is the neutral point which you
get to courage
right but the level of
actually 150 is anger that’s what it is
100 is fear
anger 100 is
fear now here’s what i want you to
anger fear and pride pride is 175.
these three levels still lie below the
courage is the neutral level after this
you get to high vibration energy
below 200 is low vibration energy above
is power below 200 is force above 200 is
life sustaining energy below 200 is life
depleting energy okay above 200 is
giving energy
below 200 is taking energy it’s toxic
energy so what you want to understand is
these levels from fear
to pride are the most emotionally
levels they’re the most resonant levels
where people have the most
energy but they’re still life sucking
so in society there exists a thing
pendulums okay this is a concept
discussed in a book by this russian
author called vadim zealand
um and what he talks about is really
there are different pendulums that are
in existence which
suck your energy to feed these
they are energetic structures which
actively go out there to seek your
okay and what it can best feed on are
energy levels from fear to pride
right why because when you go above that
then you become conscious
now you can say no and not feed this
energy this is the level of reactivity
so if we look at this graph you’d reach
the highest level of reactivity
at the frequency of 100
to 175
right and after that this would be the
level of 1000 which is
basically enlightenment so an
interesting thing you will see
is that people who get higher and higher
in levels of consciousness
they become stiller and stiller why does
it happen have you ever seen something
really flicker
many times you know if you see something
move really fast
it doesn’t move anymore it becomes very
still if something vibrates at a very
very high frequency
it just looks still this is crazy so
people when they reach higher and higher
levels of consciousness people who are
they become very very still because
they’ve reached such a high vibration
to the point where you can’t see the
move anymore but at the same time in
this human domain
the most resonant frequency to the point
where things move the most
happens at this point okay this is the
highest resonant energy
for of reactivity okay
this is when you become the most
reactive at the level of 175
to 100 this means when you’re at the
level of fear
to pride which is below 200 the neutral
of integrity
you’re the most reactive in fear
people can mold you and program you in
pride people can push you into
directions you don’t want to be pushed
right you will do anything when you’re
angry you will
destroy everything when you’re angry
when you’re fearful you will only do
things that are that you know make you
alleviate the fear you’re stuck in
survival conditioning society wants to
keep you in this level
so that it can feed off this energy and
make you do things to fulfill its agenda
right so that’s why levels 100 to 175
are the sweet spots for society that’s
why it wants to keep you in these levels
and this is why everything around you as
you grow up keeps you in fear mode
in survival mode because then it can
make you a cog in its machine
and then you can keep feeding it with
energy the moment you become conscious
pendulums have no choice but to make you
its god
because when you become really really
high in energy
and frequency now the pendulums can’t
take your energy
and what they do is they actually turn
you into a pendulum where other people
have followed you
now you’ll see other people following
you right that’s this is why celebrities
who walk their own path
they’re not necessarily enlightened but
they’re at a certain level where they
can make their own choices
but they’re still part of bigger
pendulums but they have pendulums under
right so this becomes a whole structure
which kind of takes your energy
so this is what you have to understand
this is kind of getting like a complex
topic but
from the levels of 100 to 175 society
can program you the best
that’s why it wants to keep you here
that’s why everything you see on social
media on tv
it kind of keeps you in fear mode
everything with co video seeing on the
news right now
like i saw something ridiculous
yesterday like
on cnn it was something like trump
accuses priests of
alien dna or or something it was
ridiculous like
why why does that why is that even on
the news
you know what i mean so it just wants to
keep you at this level
that’s why it gives you fear-mongering
stuff to confirm your suspicions and
stuff to keep you in this cycle of
unconsciousness and reactivity the only
way to break out is for you to become
conscious and to wake up
right that’s what i want you to remember
when you unconsciously internalize all
these things
then you sort of live in that and you
carry that within you
every single day okay so
to get out of that the solution
lies in consciously
putting a meaning onto things so
to really tie up loose ends to this
every single event that’s happened in
your life it’s pushed you more and more
towards fear
when you’ve gotten bullied in the past
you’ve put a bad meaning on that you’ve
unconsciously internalized it and you’ve
said to yourself oh
i’m like this because i got bullied i’ve
become this way because i got bullied
right and because you say that every
single event that happens after you’re
like oh i can’t do that because i got
oh i’m introverted because i got bullied
etc and etc
so all these excuses become a reality
for you because of the meaning you put
onto that past event
and there are deep unconscious levels of
this programming that are haunting you
right now
so the solution to this is to really put
a positive meaning to it
and consciously do so every single thing
that happens in the past
you say this has happened to me to
actually serve me
and to serve me to become a better
person when i got bullied in the past i
had to consciously change the meaning
that i put to bullying but you really
buy into those programmings
so i remember i saw somewhere that oh
people who are bullied are actually more
emotionally resilient
i actually really believed that i
started to believe that and i started to
live accordingly to that
and because i started to live
accordingly to that now my life
has unfolded in such a way that every
single thing that happens
it’s because oh thank god i got bullied
now i’m more socially adaptable
now i’m actually socially better now i
know how to calibrate better
right so i want you to go into the past
and really look at all of these things
you’ve placed a handicap on or the
traumas all the things and actually
place a good meaning on it
you’re not damaged you’re only damaged
because you keep telling yourself you’re
every single thing that’s happened in
the past is actually making you better
it’s just for you to see that there are
two sides of the puzzle based on what
side you see you’re shifting to a
parallel reality
do you see how this is happening you put
a bad meaning to an event in the past
then your future events you shift to a
negative lifeline
the railroad tracks shift to a negative
lifeline but you put a good meaning to
it you shift to a positive lifeline
i’m rich because i got bullied in the
past that’s what i say
so keep saying something like that any
sign that you see 11 11
whatever oh there’s something good
happening for me
this is how you consciously change those
patterns right
so conscious internalization is the
how do you consciously internalize go
back into the past any event that
happens now
it’s all positive it’s all an advantage
you lost a ton of money this is
happening for a reason you can’t see it
but it’s happening for a reason it’s
teaching you a lesson so that you can
become better tomorrow
i’m serious if you put this meaning onto
it you’ll quickly shift onto positive
favorable lifelines
this is how you make a shift happen that
favors you this is how i’ve been doing
it for the past
three four years and every single event
has ultimately certainly even though
in the short span of it it looked like a
loss in the longer term
it was a gain right so please remember
that this is how you solve problem
number one
by consciously internalizing all right
so problem number two
we discussed this before is the concept
need versus want okay so this is
actually related to problem number one
and here’s why society
keeps you in needy mode because of the
programming that you’ve had in the past
it keeps you in survival mode need is
survival mode
when you’re in need your focal point is
on getting out of scarcity
you want to get out of scarcity more
than you want to get into abundance
when you’re in true want you want to get
into abundance more than you want to get
into scarcity
so this is the balance
right 50 or more of you
is in negative
in one 50 or more of you
sorry 51 in both of them 51
or more of you isn’t positive so
in want you’re focusing on movement
in need you’re focusing on movement away
when you’re in need mode what happens is
you look at
the lack of money you’re like i want to
get out of the lack of money
how do i get out of the lack of money oh
do this quick job here and there
which keeps the cycle going on more and
more because guess what happens
guess how reality works it doesn’t care
about the nature
of the emotion or what you want
but the content of your focus that’s how
reality works
reality works in target fixation
whatever you focus on you will move
towards if you focus on getting away
from something
then that something is what you’re going
to move towards it doesn’t care about
the nature of your focus
okay but it cares more about the content
of your focus
you keep focusing on the bills you have
to pay you keep focusing on the debt
you keep focusing on the lack of clients
that you’re getting in your business
that’s what you keep moving towards
that’s what it keeps affirming
remember we discussed the positive and
negative attention
it doesn’t care what quality of
attention it is
as long as it’s positive or negative
you’re going to move towards that
if you have negative attention towards
scarcity you’re going to move towards
if you have positive attention towards
abundance you’re going to move towards
okay but also cares about the sincerity
of it right you can’t sincerely say i
hate money
you can’t and then have a lot of money
you know so it doesn’t care about the
of your focus but the content of it
so all desires are born out of a place
of resistance and
need right that’s the truth of it you
one day look in the mirror and you’re
i don’t like how i look let’s go to the
you look into your bank account and
you’re like i don’t like
always being you know saving up
or being nitpicky about things and not
being able to go on vacations
let’s make more money you see there’s a
there’s a difference in that
you look at it and the resistance is
born but immediately you focus on let’s
make more money
but you can’t keep that let’s make more
money alive
you always keep turning back to oh
it’s not working oh i’m not making
money oh i’m poor because of my
so it kind of comes here to one but then
you go back to need
one need one need it’s not unwavering
that’s the problem
if you can keep any single intention
in one direction you can achieve
anything you want
and very very quickly so but the problem
is you can’t keep it unwavering in that
you have no control over your mind your
mind moves in all different directions
because of
how you’ve been living unconsciously up
until this point
right we’re all innocent beings and
we’ve been conditioned and programmed in
a certain way
and it’s much easier said than done to
break out of that past program
so don’t be too hard on yourself the
problem is you also start to learn all
of this stuff and you become hard on
yourself you’re like oh
you know i move my focus in the wrong
direction ah damn it
but that’s not serving you either
so to really understand that
the the point is to really solve this
you must get into a point where you
consciously focus on want instead
anytime you catch yourself thinking
about the scarcity
or thinking about what you want to get
away from instead just shift your focus
to what you do want
this is very very important what do i
want instead
oh bills what do i want instead
experience abundance experience
expansiveness instead of contractiveness
just remember to consciously shift your
focal point to what you do want
instead so a great question to ask
yourself when you find yourself
mentalizing about what you don’t have is
okay i don’t have this what do i want
and then focus on that this is why
affirmations visualizations
meditations all of those things that get
you into experiencing your ideal reality
can be so powerful
because it just gets you directly into
experiencing what life looks like when
you do have all of these things
what does life look like what is the
experience don’t do these things to get
do these things to experience the ideal
reality and the
and the manifestation will follow as a
result of it
okay when you get immersed in the
process the results come
when you’re not looking right so
solution is to ask the question
what do i want instead
what is wanted
instead simple
just keep redirecting your attention
towards what you actually do want
if life isn’t going well look forward
and ahead
seriously i know it’s very very
difficult because we get so engaged in
what we’re doing
we just keep running around in those
unconscious mental programming
i remember i do this too you know
whenever nothing’s going well
in frustration i’ll try to escape the
frustration by going on social media or
you know incessantly like checking email
or you know just
trying to distract myself by doing
something just sit there
and process it let it be let it let it
sort of play out
and then focus on what you do on instead
and with that i conclude this video
thank you so much for watching
i sincerely hope this was helpful let’s
do a quick recap of what we talked about
so it makes more sense
today we talked about reality shifting
how to experience your desired reality
all the time
and have full choice in doing so and in
understanding that we looked at the
quantum model of reality
which assumes that every single possible
reality that can be manifested
is already there and based on your
thought energy
how you align yourself mentally and
you’re experiencing a certain sector of
there is no bad and good it’s just the
quality of
emotions and the emotional intensity and
the thoughts you’re entertaining
you fear with all your heart and your
mind so the fears come true
faster than the desires come true right
and what we also talked about is
understanding different scripts and how
present is contin continually becoming
and if you want to influence the future
the time to do it is now
and to focus on the right attitudes now
your attitudes are reflected with a
and then we understood the quality of
your attention positive and neutral both
of them have the power to attract and
neutral attention dissolves reality this
is why letting go
and just letting everything be it just
continues on
in a certain current trajectory or it
keeps burning away your karma
okay there’s positive common there’s
negative karma it’s the same karma
it’s the same karma that keeps you in
this existence karma is needed to
experience a physical
existence all of this memory it’s needed
for you to experience a physical
only when you want to leave the physical
and experience something beyond the
then it’s time to dissolve the karma
so for our purposes having positive
karma is enough
and what we did was talk about the two
biggest problems and the first one was
a little bit complex but i hope you
understood it and to recap it we talked
about unconscious internalization
and why society wants to keep you in a
anger mindset because in anger you have
a lot of resonant energy
and you’ll see that when these pendulums
they suck your energy
you get depleted people who are of
higher consciousness they become stiller
and stiller and less and
less reactive the level of your
consciousness is directly
proportional or actually inversely
to the level of your reactivity the more
reactive you are the less conscious you
the more conscious you are the less
reactive you become
okay this is why people who are very
very conscious they don’t react at all
you can just get in their face but
they’ll just be untouched
right solving problem one was as simple
putting a good meaning on every single
thing understand that somehow this is
going to serve you
what is the quality of attention you’re
putting on to it that’s what’s key
problem number two is need versus want
we’re mostly stuck in need mentality
because of the first problem as well
because of how society brings us up and
keeps us in fear mindset
to get out of that we talked about
shifting your focal point
when you get into more need you see that
you focus more on
the scarcity and getting out of scarcity
more than you want to get into abundance
what is wanted instead every time you
think about the bills every time you
think about the lack
what do i want to experience instead
experience that focus on that
look forward always look forward in the
not behind i would remember when
at the end of you know the first month i
did 20k
i was thinking about the three clients
that didn’t join the program
i was like oh i did 20k great
but three clients didn’t join the
program i could have made more
but now i see that that doesn’t serve me
either because if i kept focusing on
i would keep attracting less and less
clients joining the program
so with that i conclude this video thank
you so much for watching i sincerely
hope this was helpful if you’re new to
the channel make sure you like comment
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thank you so much for watching until
next time peace
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Cultivate the Internal World of a Successful Entrepreneur

How to overcome the revenue barrier and scale your business to 7 figures by shifting your identity

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