How To Access Pure Intention


Today I want to share with you how to access the state of “pure intention” and move completely without resistance. This had an immense impact in my personal life, and in my journey to growing my business as I would frequently see a one step forward, one step backwards movement and there was little to no consistency…for a long time I was stuck trying to hit my first $20k month.

What I quickly started to see was that there was way too much attachment to this goal I’d set – I was relying on desire. See we’re taught in the mindset space that you must desire with all your heart, and have a burning desire. Truth be told, burning desire is useless and only causes resistance.

Why? Because desire itself is “potential” that requires transmutation, just like gravitational potential energy; a pen lifted off the ground wants to desperately get back to the ground, and nature wants to pull it to the ground. Just like that the balance in nature is restored when desire is transmuted into intention.

Here’s what I discuss in the video:

  • Why desire is futile and what to do instead
  • The sweet spot for manifestation, and why it’s difficult to describe in words
  • “To want without desiring”
  • Shifting lifelines vs moving along lifelines
  • Inner vs outer intention
  • Why most have their personal will in misalignment with their intention
  • Emotional vs intellectual clarity, and why you must achieve a coherence in both
  • The 2 conditions you must fulfill for effortless goal achievement

Hope this was helpful and feel free to leave me a comment below with your thoughts?


Quazi here and in this video I want to share with you the concept of intention and why desire is very very futile and you wanting to achieve your goals and really what I want to share with you is how to access that state of pure intention so you can access the sweet spot to achieving your goals this is something that’s going to be very very nuanced and I promise you this is something you’ve never seen on the internet before so I want you to pay close attention to this video we really stick around till the very end take notes on it and even re-watch this video a couple of times because this took me a lot of experimentation to figure out [Music] before I begin this video to quickly announce that I’ve just gotta haven’t made a new website for you guys so you can have access to new tools new resources and a blog and to actually comment and discuss there so if you click the link on the description below I’ll attach it there it’s called reality created calm from this point going forward I’m gonna be attaching and uploading blog posts every single week so make sure you check that out as well and with that let’s get started so today I want to talk to you about the concept of intention and really you know desire and how desire is futile and what to do instead now I remember when I got first started on this journey it was through a book or they could grill rich by napoleon hill where he talks about this concept of a burning desire and i remember i would read this a gold card that I made my made for myself that by January 1st 2019 I’ll have $100,000 in the bank blah blah blah and it never really worked out for me and I was just in this burning desire this I need this I want this all if you want it bad enough it’s gonna happen but it’s quite the contrary because if you really think about it you know when I started to look at it very very objectively you never achieve your goals out of a place of desire and it’s not because you’ve desired it not because you dreamed about it and cried about it that you achieved it those were just what happened before the intention was made to achieve this goal right so we’re gonna talk more about that and what intention really means as well but what I want you to remember is you know most stay stuck in this thinking and dreaming mode which is actually desire when you desire something in the field of the universe if we look at it from a quantum model perspective what happens is there it generates an in homogeneity in the field meaning there’s an imbalance you know if you put this propped this pen up here there’s an imbalance in nature to balance out this imbalance nature wants to it generates what’s known as balanced forces to pull this pen back down to the ground the pen wants to be it on the ground okay to keep everything in its harmonious balance the pen wants to be at the ground but to restore that balance when we lift this pen up here you give this pen gravitational potential energy right the higher you take this pen the more it gains this potential just like that the more you desire something the more gains potential energy that needs to be transmuted into what we call as intention I really want you to remember that before we move forward with this video because if you don’t really understand this concept it’s not gonna make much sense okay so remember that anytime you have a desire it’s just potential that needs to be transmuted into its equivalent in material reality okay which is intention intention making the choice making the decision is what causes forward movement towards actually achieving the goals we’ll get more into that but for now just remember that so remember that the goal is the key of all of this the key to goal achievement is to want without desiring okay so to want without needing it that’s the sweet spot there’s a balance to this okay the balance is you want something you make the decision the firm decision for it but you don’t need it you’re okay with not getting it if you can reach that spot within yourself internally that’s when you reduce all of these artificial obstacles the invisible glass ceiling that keeps making you stuck here okay so that on top of that what’s important is making the intention to moving forward as well once without desiring plus might be in tension looks like I forgot to have a spell okay intention is key now to rehash that previous point desire creates imbalance so if we have two graphs here this one would be desire what needs to be transmuted into intention for most this is what it looks like right they have low intention but high desire we keep thinking about acting and keep thinking about our goals more than we actually make the decision to move forward towards our goals this is a very nuanced concept because how can you you know describe in words or even think about action you know how can you think about doing it’s just something that happens generally so in that way it’s difficult to communicate in words but this is something that’s more of a feeling something that’s more of a experiential truth okay so to give you an example when I had my first ATK month in my business I did not know it was gonna happen like I just had 20k the month before and I’m on an upwards trajectory okay and what happened was I literally shooted from 20k the previous month in August 2019 yeah or was 2019 was my first 20k month September was my first ATK month I never really knew that would happen but I just put my head down and aim for the goal of getting 100k months right so I made the intention to going to 100k months and that’s why this forward movement started to happen I poked my head down immersed myself in the process and stop thinking and desiring I focused on my goals you know I visualized and I connected myself to my goals but it was never sort of more than just you know really just feeling good about it you know so when you visualize you want to visualize to enjoy what it feels like to be in that ultimate state not because you need something from it that’s what most people do by the way they visualize they you know think about their goals because they need it not because they enjoy being there there’s a there’s a difference between that there’s a difference between needing and enjoying because if you look at it from an energetic standpoint right when you visualize let’s look at the act of visualizing and always remember that it’s never about the act itself but rather the place the act comes from it’s never about what you do but rather about how you do it is this coming from a place of scarcity or is it coming from a place of abundance desire naturally comes from a place of lack you desire something and you daydream about it and you keep wishing and praying that it happens because you within yourself are in a place of lack right because to yourself you’re really saying oh I don’t have so I want if I have then I will feel complete okay if I don’t have then that problem you make this attachment whenever you create an attachment life will try its best to destroy this attachment because this is just the impermanent nature of life so from an energetic standpoint if we look at it neediness is a pulling energy okay when you need something it’s so pulling it’s so toxic it’s like I need it but if you come from a I’m enjoying my ideal scene I’m grateful for my ideas seeing them I’m grateful for where my life is gonna be you go into expansiveness not contractive ‘no so radiating out versus contracting in that’s the subtle difference the black markers show a place of scarcity the red markers show a place of abundance okay that’s what I want you to remember always ask yourself any action that you do what place is it coming from you know because then you can always get lost in oh yes Kwasi said desire is bad an action is good then just take massive action there’s again a balance with that as well okay and that’s what we’re gonna talk about it’s always about finding the sweet spot at the end of the day not about doing one thing completely leaving the other off the table this is why you see a lot of you know spiritual gurus they kind of contradict themselves all the time because when people are truly successful and they truly start to see the the deeper nature of life they can play with the dual opposites they can play with the polarities that’s what I want you to get a hang on there is no objective one ultimate truth but everything is part a separate aspect of one whole model okay so now let’s get to talking about intention and desire you know how to really separate them so let’s form a a definition of desire so we can fully understand it okay desire is thinking about acting and having so desire if I would describe it it’s thinking about acting okay action plus having okay that’s desire desires when you keep thinking you keep moralizing you keep dreaming about acting about doing something taking action and about having right intention on the other hand is simply the decision to have an act so the key difference is thinking this and deciding this so to give you an example of this if you think about the scenario of you going to the post box and getting your mail you don’t really think about it you know you don’t if you want to raise your hand and into the back of your head you don’t visualize it and think about it for an hour and then do it right but more so you just do it you just do it you just go that’s what intention is this is why it’s so difficult to describe what intention is but even with an intention there is a smaller intention and a larger intention okay and that’s what we’re gonna define as inner and outer intention so inner intention is more so the decision to act okay outer intention is more so the decision to have why is this important inner intention is your own personal intention this is what I do this is what I what action I take this is when you launch your personal attack on the world and you you know take massive action and grind hard but outer intention is when it just happens of its own accord somehow life makes it happen for you our intention is the most powerful intention there is this is the worldly intention where life arranges everything for you and the world meets you halfway okay most people get really lost in these definitions because they think oh our intention is more powerful I’m gonna just sit in my couch and outter intent the out of this so I can achieve my goals right but that’s not that’s not gonna work our intention comes about when you unite your personal intention with the outer intention okay when you act completely in accordance with what you want who it is you need to become to achieve that you’re 100% correct within when internally you’re 100% correct within then the world starts to align everything that meets that sort of frequency that you’re radiating okay so your inner intention dissolves into outer intention that’s the key now you might be wondering well how do we activate an access outer intention there were ways of doing that and I’m gonna share with you the two conditions okay to activate outer intention to use this to help you get to your goals much faster okay but what I want you to take away right now is desire is futile and anytime you have a desire such as going to the mailbox and getting your mail it always lasts for a short period of time until the action is presented until the intention comes about and takes over right then you put one foot in front of the other go to the mailbox take your male achieving your goals getting to the 10k 20k months and your business should be just the same you just do what’s necessary right you become conscious and you do what’s necessary to help you move forward towards that goal and then the world meets you halfway and then those miracles happen which just didn’t make sense right and people keep saying that oh yeah you know you’ve got successful because it was a miracle that’s the best thing someone can say because they don’t understand that miracles only come about when you’re completely in alignment even in your actions when you take massive action then miracles happen you know the harder I work the luckier I get that sort of thing all right so this is why hard work is proportional to luck the more action you take the more the harder you work the luckier you get but hard work has a negative connotation because people say that oh yeah you working hard means you got to burn yourself out it’s quite the contrary if you are in the right place of being hard work becomes a natural output I’m gonna repeat that one more time if you’re in the right state of being hard work becomes a natural outcome of that so most people don’t know how to get to that they look for the action first they optimize for the action not for being in the right place so that’s why they burn themselves out there’s a mismanagement of your internal state that’s why you keep doing the same actions every single day and you keep getting the same results from it so there are different levels to be the different orders to the outcome you get there’s a first-order consequence there’s a second-order consequence so if I do this right now and I work on my business right now the second-order consequence of doing this would be me getting clients you see what I’m trying to say the first-order consequences the action comes out the first-order consequence of being in the right state of being is the action comes out but the second-order consequence of being in the right place of being is the clients come into my business do you see what I’m trying to say this is very very subtle and very very complex I want you to rewind that and play that again but to get to the next point to really consolidate this and drive this home just remember that there is inner and outer intention that we have desire is futile there’s inner and outer intention that we have enter intention is your personal resolve and your decision to act in order to get something outer intention is when you don’t care what happens somehow the world arranges it for you so that the goal comes about okay now let’s get to the next point so this is sort of describing the parallel reality scheme and the quantum model so what you gotta understand is that anything that you want creation the process of creation is already complete everything already exists it’s just about you attuning yourself the correct way to sort of experience that right now this is why we do identity shifting in the reality mastery program because the best way to completely transform yourself is to shift yourself at the being level how you identify yourself as right because if you shift yourself completely that energy that you radiate the frequency of the energy that you radiate completely changes so based on the energy that you radiate you attract a specific sector of reality okay you’re experiencing a specific sector of reality but you can change your experience of your reality by changing your own frequency by what you radiate this is done through outer intention okay to shift the material realization point about what’s being materialized right now you must tap it out or intention okay so to go from an undesired so let’s say this is you right now okay this is you currently and you’re currently headed in the undesired lifeline you know you’re stuck with bills and you have all of this to pay for you never have enough money and you’re not making enough money or your business is only doing 10k month you want to get to 20 30 40 K month you want to scale up and that’s not happening and you keep taking the actions but nothing’s ever sticking and what’s happening is you’re radiating frequency at this lifeline okay this is a lifeline and this is a sector of reality what causes shifts in the sector is outer intention okay if you want to go from this sector aka the railroad tracks changing course if you want the railroad tracks to change course you must happen to out or intention I’m gonna get into that and how to do that in a second now that’s to shift the sectors of material reality right but there’s something that causes movement along these lifelines a K along the railroad tracks that’s inner intention what causes movement is inner intention so to give you an example let’s say you shifted your material realization point and you came into a lot of money and you a Ferrari to move forward to driving that Ferrari you have to have this inner intention of putting one foot in front of the other right so that’s what you’ve got to understand this is very very subtle but very very key there is inner intention and outer intention inner intention causes movement along life lines our intention causes shifts in the sectors of this all space okay let’s call this the all space which contains every possible combination of realities that can be manifested okay right now you’re in the undesired one where your business isn’t quite doing the way you want you’re hitting a plateau you just keep hitting the ceiling well you want to go to the desired sector how do you do that outer intention you must first shift to the desired life line okay the railroad track the scepter of reality and then move along with that okay now let’s talk about the two conditions that satisfy the fulfillment of outer intention in this shift happening okay so condition number one in order to access outer intention and make a shift along the sectors of space you must first have alignment in your heart and in your mind okay I’m gonna write this down and explain to you what it is a line heart plus mind what do I mean by this okay this is gonna be very subtle so pay close attention most of the time we know what we don’t want we know very very clearly what we don’t want for ourselves our fears we can feel with all our heart and all our minds okay when there is alignment in this fear of let’s say failure then failure comes about then you shift to the failure life line so you have this alignment in your mind and in your heart about failure like oh what if I fail in my business and you know it doesn’t produce the result that I want and I go down in revenue and I just go back to the old you know stage and I lose money that’s exactly what happens because you start to fear with all your heart and all your mind your heart and your mind are in alignment with this fear the mind thinks about failure the heart fears the failure therefore you shift to the undesired lifeline so you know reality doesn’t care about what it is that you are thinking about or what it is you’re feeling but more so it responds to the frequency of it all right so when your mind and your heart come together a K your conscious and your subconscious come together that’s when our intention gets activated okay so I want you to remember this when our hearts and our minds come together in whatever it is that we want this shift happens in the material realm and then the scepter of reality okay when you have fear of bills or fear of failure and you think about failure you go to the undesired lifeline so the problem right now with fear is it’s not your personal will right so there’s no alignment in your inner intention and outer intention your inner intention is to move forward and see business success but there’s an unconscious part of you that fears do you see what I’m trying to say the unconscious part of you that fears gains this dominance because your mind responds to that unconscious part and so does your heart and therefore they come in alignment the only way to shift to the desired lifeline is to again have the same alignment in your heart and your mind about what it is you do want how do we do that right how do you do that so most of clear very very clear emotionally and mentally about what they don’t want they’re not clear about what they do want okay even if they do know what they want they know intellectually what they want so they know they think they know what they want so you can say oh I think I want um a 10k month yeah that’ll be good that’ll allow me to do this this and this but there’s no emotional alignment to that you know you don’t really want it your heart doesn’t really want it or your mind isn’t convinced that it is possible and that’s why you know it has its own rational ways of rejecting that idea this is very very important I’m gonna make another video about this but to understand this you’ve got to know that get clear the he is to get clear about what you do want to get very very clear about what your life looks like this is why visualization is so powerful because when you keep visualizing your life and what it looks like you get clear about what you do want you get clear about what you do want to see happen right and then you feel the emotions of what it would be like to be in that ultimate destination right this is why it’s also important to emotionally experience the ideal reality rather than needing something from it so remember that the only way to have this alignment in your heart and mind towards what you do want is to get clear on where you do want so paint a picture about what your life looks like you know 5 years from now 10 years from now what you actually do want to see and visualize being there enjoying it that ideal scene I’ve made a video on how to really visualize and the system I use to visualize to help me get to that state but once you get to that state then this shift happens but now what you’ve got to do is the movement along this is important right so then you do what’s necessary in your own power to help you move one step closer to that and the key to doing that is also expanding your comfort zone I’ve made another video about that because when you expand your comfort zone you also start to see more and more lifelines so more and more opportunities start to show up for you things that you would have normally not seen because when you expand your comfort zone you expand your own perspective ok so I’m going to remember that that’s the number one condition to shifting lifelines number two condition is to prevent falling back into old lifelines right so how do you do that that’s reducing importance and the attachment that you have let’s call this attachment reduction so this is the story of coordination right coordination means getting back into the original state of being and bringing yourself back because at first it’s going to be very very difficult because you’ve been predominantly stuck at the undesired lifeline where you’ve been thinking about the bills where you’ve been thinking about how little you’re making and how your business isn’t sticking and how you’ve tried for so long and it still doesn’t work and how you’ve tried so many different things and it still hasn’t worked all right so what do you do now your mind keeps going back to that and when your mind keeps going back to that your heart agrees with that and it keeps you staying stuck in this cycle so the only thing to do is to again get okay with failure okay become conscious okay become conscious about what’s happening and what’s true and not true because when you emotionally start to agree with what you’re in text in intellectually thinking then that becomes a reality for you and your nervous system you you perceive it to be a reality that’s where knowingness happens right when you’re emotionally and both intellectually on board with something when you think and you have the emotion towards that thing that’s when you achieve the alignment in the heart and mind so we want to prevent the alignment in the heart and mind happening for the wrong things how do you do that you reduce your own rid attachment to that goal that you have okay how do you reduce your testament to the goal there are many ways to do that but the key principle I want you to take away is just becoming conscious when you become conscious that you’re too attached to something naturally you can unattach yourself the key is in detachment but unattached and when you consciously choose to unattach yourself when you notice that you’re so immersed in the game that you forget it’s a game it’s time to show yourself it’s a game it’s time to do things that are completely left field to give you an example in my journey when I wanted to start up my own business when I wasn’t getting clients and I was getting too attached to starting up a business and basically growing this business and there was so much importance to it what I did was one day I was just like it I went to the park and just did nothing for the whole day I came back everything started to align itself so this is why sometimes is it so important to take a vacation and just take time off because I see every time I take a vacation I always propel up I get all of these idea vacation to come and implement and everything starts to align itself and then I start to propel up and up and up I think that were messy all of a sudden they start to fix themselves so all of those problems that were there that they start to fix themselves naturally so that’s the power behind consciously unattached detachment is a different thing if you’re detest you don’t even care about it right but you care you care enough to take a step back and get a broader view you take a step back and you can find the opening in this hole because now you’re just hitting the wall you can’t see the door and you’re blind when you take a step back you start to gain vision and perspective again ok this is what consciousness does if you want to see methods and reducing importance click up here I’ve made a lot of them but these are the two conditions that will make sure you’re in that correct life line in that correct sector of that space but also so that you don’t keep falling back to that old undesired sector ok and with that I conclude this video I’m going to do a quick recap of it so it makes sense but what we talked about today was the concept of desire and intention and why desire is futile and you’ve immediately got a transmute your desire into intention ok we talked about desiring ‘no steuby like thinking about acting and having where intention is actually deciding to have an act it’s just a firm decision if I were to describe the feeling in a general sense it wouldn’t be more so like getting your bicycle right and being able to ride the bicycle for the first time that’s kind of like what outer intention feels like inner intention is just when you act out our intention is when the world aligns everything for you when you have this subtle connection with the world because there’s a concept called the collective unconsciousness where your unconscious mind is kind of connected to the unconscious mind of everything else around you that this is where 90 plus percent of your mind actually stems as you know we use like maybe 5% or 10% of our minds right so the key is to want without desiring aka reduced that importance level still want without actually needing it because desire itself creates potential that’s unused okay and this unused potential creates an imbalance in nature which nature wants to come in and malice this heterogeneity in how much you need if you will and I explained to you how I eliminated the desire and got to my first ATK month when I got to my Tony came on that was an attached to getting to the hundred K month I just made the intention to get a hundred K month and did what’s necessary and the world met me halfway my channel started to blow up client started to reach out to me whatever needed to happen happened but I just put myself my head down and I got process-oriented to with inner intention I did whatever was necessary i align myself my heart and mind towards the goal okay and understand that there’s a space that contains every possible combination of reality that can be experienced you know there’s a reality in which you’re rich there’s a reality in which you’re poor there’s a reality in which you’re healthy and vibrant there’s a reality in which you’re dead right all of these realities exist based on the frequency of energy you’re radiating right now you’re emitting right now you’re experiencing a certain sector and this frequency of energy can be changed by getting your heart and mind on the same page so there are two conditions to doing that to shifting lifelines right to shifting the point the scepters in space number one aligning your heart in mind most of the time our minds and our hearts are aligned in fear not in pure desire okay so in this sense desire is good because it means you’re aligned in what you want rather than what you don’t want okay so I don’t want you to misunderstand the two things so you want to get your heart and mind on the same page with what you want rather than what you want to avoid most people have the emotional intensity towards avoidance so much stronger than the emotional intensity towards what they do want and that’s why they move more and more towards what they don’t want right so make sure you’re clear about what you do want and what place it comes from you know most people want a relationship because they don’t want to be alone most people want to be rich because they don’t want to be poor right it begins the the desire and the wanting this always begins at avoidance but people aren’t able to break free from that resist so it’s key that you do whenever you think about what you don’t want just shift your focal point what do you want to sit it’s as simple as that but the biggest thing to do is getting this clarity to help you do that okay number two is attachment reduction and this is the importance and the meaning that you tribute to your goals most people are so attached to their goals they’re like oh if it doesn’t happen I want to dive I mean when you put too much meaning on something you again create that potential life we’ll do anything to show you that it’s not important it wants to maintain equal levels of importance right so the only thing to do there is to become conscious become clear about what you want become conscious about what you want that way when the game gets too serious you can take a step back just like I did when I was getting too serious about getting clients I just took a step back and I said it whatever happens happens and with that I conclude this video thank you so much for watching and sincerely hope this was helpful if you’re new to the channel make sure you like comment subscribe hit that little bell there so you’re notified of any new video that I put out and also I would love to know what you thought about this video if you want me to keep making more videos like this so please leave me a comment with that also if you wanted to sign up for the free one-to-one consult with me my team for the reality mastery program to see if we’ll be a good fit to work closely together to helping you take your life to the next level make sure you click on the link in the description below to sign up and someone from my team or I myself will take a call with you to really determine where you are right now where it is you want to be and whether or not this system will benefit you who we typically work with are as follows first of all professionals who are looking to take their careers to the next level okay and you know they have all of the tactics strategies and tools and they want to transition out and start up their own businesses as well but they can’t do so and what they’re seeing is they can’t do it because it’s not the business model that’s flawed but rather it’s then they have this internal sealing that’s keeping them stuck here same thing with the entrepreneurs that we work with they want to scale up their revenues they have the business mentors tactics and strategies it was never a tactical strategic problem but rather an internal one okay they’re only worthy of the 10k 15k months and that’s what they keep staying stuck at they can’t scale up people who are creatives people who are high-performance is well looking to take their vocation to the next level that sounds like you make sure you click on the link in the from below to sign up for a console I hope I see you there and also I’m excited to announce our new Facebook group where we’re growing really a community of high minded high quality individuals that’s open for you to join there’s a short three question survey if you click on this link please make sure you fill up that survey or else we’ll have to decline the application because we’re really looking for high quality individuals in there so the link for that is also in the description thank you so much for watching till next time peace [Music]

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