How To Achieve Your Goals By Transcending The 3 Levels Of Desire


In today’s video I want to share with you how you can achieve your goals by transcending the 3 levels of desire.

Specifically, we are going to get deep into the distinguishing features between desire, and the very thing that allows your goals to come about.

See most incorrectly believe that it’s desire that’s needed to achieve your goals. While this may be true, desire by itself is just potential.

What’s interesting is that there’s another part to this equation of goal achievement.

Desire + X = Goal Achieved.

As you may know, this X = Intention.

However, there are different levels of desire that need to be transcended before a “purified” intention can come into place.

So in this video I share exactly what those are, and perhaps the very thing that’s keeping you stuck.

By the end of this video, you will also learn 3 keys I used to actually overcome & transcend these 3 levels into becoming a conscious creator.

Here’s what we discuss:

  • Why desire by itself is fruitless
  • The biggest lie we buy into
  • The 3 levels of desire
  • How I was stuck at the lowest level of desire
  • Denial, acceptance & transmutation
  • The fundamental difference between desire and intention
  • The 3 keys to help you fast track your way to the highest level

Hope this was helpful! Leave me a comment below with your thoughts?

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quazi here and in today’s video you’re
going to learn
the three levels of desire how to
through these three levels of desire and
why you must
transcend through these three levels of
looking back at my life this was
probably the single most important thing
that i wish i knew when i first got
started when i felt stuck every single
day and i just couldn’t achieve what i
wanted to now
making this absolutely effortless and
living my dream life
absolutely effortless so make sure you
stick around to this to the very end of
this video because there are some
nuanced points that i do think will be
very valuable for you
so before i go ahead and get started
with this video and to quickly announce
i made a free boot camp for you
so it’s a short training five video
series where you’ll learn
exactly how to shift yourself into your
ideal version
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if you go down to the link in the
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there you can just go ahead and access
our exclusive
email list and not only will the boot
camp be there but also other bonuses
that i can’t really share on the channel
so with that let’s go ahead and get
started so in this video i want to talk
to you about the three
stages of desire how to begin
and where the lowest stage is and what
the highest stage is
and this is going to be a follow-up from
the last video that i did on desire
versus intention if you haven’t watched
it i urge you to check it out
after at least you watch this video and
it’ll make more sense to you
but what i’ve noticed is that everyone
achieves these three different stages in
their desires before they actually
achieve what they want
okay now what i want to begin with is
the biggest problem we have
in society right now the biggest problem
is we believe
that we must desire something or
want it bad enough in order for us to
get it and the biggest bs i’ve heard is
you know you’ve got to stay hungry you
know or like
or you’ve got to always stay an underdog
you should always stay an underdog and
you should always stay hungry
if you always stay an underdog you will
be an underdog and you will always
be hungry right so truly successful
people don’t even think about it that
like imagine elon must think i got to be
an underdog or like
jeff bezos thinking oh i got to be an
underdog like they’re not thinking about
themselves that much anyways
right and that’s that’s really the gist
of it like they don’t even think about
mindset because it’s become
so ingrained in them it’s their place of
operation but for those of us who are
looking to get to that stage you’ve got
to work on yourself and transcend
yourself first
before you can get to the point where
you want to service others right
so in talking about that what i’ve
discovered is that
understanding desire and intention
was a huge piece to this for me
okay so let’s begin with defining the
problem the problem is
we believe that desire is everything
desire must be forced must be
forced now the problem with this is that
when you try to force
desire you’re actually not
being able to use it it’s using you
right so to give an example of this
a lot of people start to resist their
desires and they try to sweep it under
the rug
you know they want more money they’re
like oh you know but i can’t have more
so i shouldn’t want it and then they
fight against themselves
there’s this inner conflict that arises
right and
i don’t know if you know this but you
probably remember a period in life where
you were like
very very confused because you wanted
something but then you believed you
couldn’t have it
but all of a sudden someone or someone
you met gave you so much
hope that you could have anything that
you wanted and you felt this inner sense
of peace
you know this this kind of like almost
an inner enlightenment right because
now you’ve been taken from that dark
place and that darkness has been
and now there is a clear pathway for you
to have what you want right
and also kind of makes you feel pissed
right because you’re like
well i wasted all of this time believing
truly believing and buying into the idea
that i couldn’t have
that financial freedom or that partner
or whatever it is that i wanted
i spent all this time truly believing
and buying into that what would have
happened if this whole time if i did
believe i could have it and i just
pursued it
right so this brings me to the three
stages of desire
so without further delay let’s really
get into it let’s begin with that first
where people everyone inevitably begins
the first stage is in the denial of your
so please think about this for a second
you begin with a
general denial of your desires so you
start to deny them you’re like
ah well i want this but i can’t have it
therefore there’s no point wanting it
no point wanting it hide
and resist your desires
so that’s the key point you begin to
hide and resist your desires
if i go that far that way i don’t even
know if you can see me so
i’ll stay here and block it a little bit
but you begin to hide
and resist your desires you sweep it
under the rug so to give you an example
in my personal life when i began
before i even went to college you know i
i think i always deep down wanted to be
significant i wanted to be seen and
heard and i wanted to like
make money i wanted all of those things
but i didn’t believe that i could have
i believed that there were only a
certain there was a certain kind of
person who was worthy of that
right i believe that people were born
with the kind of talent that would make
you money
so because i didn’t believe it i stuffed
it all in and i played a lot of video
games and i
you know just wasted my time i
procrastinated on work and i just did
the bare minimum
so in school i would just do the bare
minimum to get the grades that i needed
to get
but somewhere deep down within me that
desire was still there that i wanted to
go out and i wanted to be
extraordinary i wanted to be exceptional
but i never
really confronted it until a certain
point in my life
right until a certain point where that
maturity that awareness came about
so at that stage i was in denial of this
and i was repressing it i was
suppressing it i was stuffing it away
i believed that i couldn’t have it okay
i was under the assumption that it
wasn’t possible
for me to have what i wanted and when
completely fully have the resoluteness
in that assumption you fully believe it
and you have faith in that idea that you
have what you want then you’re always
going to suffer there’s always going to
be an
internal conflict for you you’re going
to be a bitter person your whole life
so i was that kind of bitter person and
these kind of bitter people
will always look at others and be like
oh that person’s succeeding well
that’s because of this they’ll find some
reason why they’re succeeding
and you are not right so they’ll always
make up some excuses for
that justifies them being a victim so i
was always justifying me being a victim
and staying stuck in this victim
mentality oh that person’s
making that much money or getting that
grade or you know
you know attracting all of these
partners and you know
slaying it with the chicks it’s because
that person’s good looking and i’m not
good looking
oh that person’s white and i’m brown
brown people don’t get girls
it’s always some excuse that you make up
to be able to justify and make yourself
feel safe
instead of taking responsibility and
being like you know what i’m just
in my head making all these excuses none
of this is even real
i’m making them to help me feel stuck
here so at this
stage in denial you become a victim and
you justify
the reasons why you’re stuck in your
life so please look into your life right
now look at all the excuses you’re
making for why you’re not succeeding
right you want a certain thing what are
the excuses what are the reasons
what are the rationalizations that
you’re making
unconsciously to keep that that’s
making you feel okay for being stuck
here and i’m not saying you should feel
frustrated for not getting to where you
want to but at
least there should be a realization and
of all of these excuses and saying you
know what
none of these are the real reasons these
are what i’m inventing
okay that brings me to the second stage
of it
the second stage of it is acceptance
so getting to a point where you
acceptance where you accept and you
that maybe it is possible but that
fully hasn’t occurred to you yet so at
this stage it’s fully unconscious to the
point where you’re like
what’s the point even daydreaming about
it what’s the point even thinking about
money and like
where i could be because i’m not going
to get there anyways because
life is cruel and it won’t get me there
anyways that’s what happens at stage one
at stage two what happens is you start
to have a little more energy to actually
think about
your goals think about what you want and
at that stage
now there is at least a separation
between you and your goals
right at the first stage there is no you
there is just a goal
there is no goalie there’s nothing like
it it’s just it’s
it’s completely apathetic there’s
there’s a lack of energy energy is
absolutely absent
at this stage there’s now a separation
between you and your goals
but you still don’t fully believe you
can get there so you still
daydream but now at least you know that
people do achieve this but maybe it’s
not fully
for me right so now there is a
acceptance i mean i think this is
you ex you accept the fact that
you know people do get to this i might
be able to get to this
but i don’t know yet right so now this
a completely neutral stage of i don’t
know if i’ll get to my goal or not
but it’s nice to think about it so here
think about think and feel
go desires
here you give yourself permission to
daydream about them right
that’s stage two the bridge between
stage three two and stage three is a
miraculous one
because what happens is now
you are fully cognizant of your desires
you know there is desires here
here you’re trying to stuff down your
desires here you’re accepting your
in stage three you’re transmuting your
into intention stage three
is the transmutation
stage three is the transmutation of
desires into intention
to intention
now here is an important distinction
we are going to define what desire and
what intention mean
i’ve done this in a previous video
before but i’m going to do it again for
the sake of clarity in this video
desire is the fundamental assumption
that the goal will never be achieved
goal won’t be achieved
be achieved
intention is the assumption
that the goal will be achieved
one way or another the goal will be
so intention is the assumption that the
goal will be achieved
so i encourage you to think about it
this way
right think about a time you were in the
mail room
and this was an example i used in the
last video too but i think it’s so
powerful think about a time
you were in the mail room and you were
looking for a package that you thought
was delivered but you’re still uncertain
you don’t know if it was delivered or
so you keep checking you’re like i don’t
know if it’s here or not and you’re
checking your efforts are half-hearted
right you don’t fully go into it because
you’re not fully certain if it’s worth
your time checking if it’s not there but
then just as about you’re about to give
up and you exit the mail room you check
your phone and you check amazon and
you’re like oh it has delivered so
is here it’s a hundred percent here so
now with that knowledge that you know
it’s 100 here your conviction is of a
different level
right your resolve is of a different
level now you go fully in your search
until you do find it
right until you do leave the mail room
with the package
and guess what happens when you put that
much you know resolve in your efforts
you do find it right so that’s really
the difference
between desire and intention
desire is goal won’t be achieved so
let’s daydream about it
intention is goal will be achieved
what can i do right now to expedite this
somehow some way the goal will be
so there’s a complete resoluteness here
when you get to this level of intention
when you get to stage three of
transmutation okay
transmutation takes this this acceptance
and then transmutes it to intention it
goes from the assumption that wait a
i don’t know if i’m gonna have my goal
or not two i’m gonna have it
how is it gonna happen when is it gonna
happen so you start to think about that
right denial
is the complete opposite pole
of the desire right so if i were to draw
a pole of the three stages it would look
something like this
one end of the pole is complete denial
that the goal won’t be achieved what’s
the point of thinking about
it the middle pole is acceptance of it
and daydreaming about it and the other
is complete intention complete
responsibility complete intention
so please see this any time in my life
when i took
complete responsibility for something
now there was potential
for me to achieve it please
take a moment to think about this if you
start to blame
external things for why you’re stuck
those external things are always going
to keep you stuck
you’re giving your power away to
external things oh my wife made me angry
oh my kids kept me up so i couldn’t work
on my business oh i have a nine to five
and i have two full-time jobs these are
all excuses that you make
that justify you staying stuck here and
they are valid but they’re only valid to
the extent
with which you keep them valid okay
they’re only valid to the extent to
which you keep them valid
if you start to question the validity of
assumptions they break right
please remember that if you just subtly
master this
you’ll become a master of your life like
there’s nothing else you need
because we unconsciously keep ourselves
in this victim mindset
all the time all the time even i fall
when i’m doing this sometimes so i have
to become aware of
what excuses what stories am i telling
myself of why i can’t do this
right the latest example i’ve had of me
making excuses was ah you know
i don’t want to keep marketing because
everyone else is marketing and
you know i don’t want to seem gimmicky
and you know
do all of this these things everyone’s
i won’t be able to grow you know i’m
okay staying stuck here
so that was me getting into denial right
saying ah
you know i won’t grow without marketing
and i don’t really want to market so
well i guess i’m going to stay stuck
here but then
i started to become aware of what was
happening i
understood that okay there is some sort
of marketing that needs to be done
you know i need to go out there and i
need to show people the awesome stuff
we’re doing and the awesome things our
clients are achieving
how about if i do it in a way that i
like to do it
ah there you go now there’s harmony now
there is
a transmutation of of this desire of
wanting to move forward with the
business make more revenue
to now actually acting and doing what’s
necessary instead of blaming it like oh
you know everyone else is doing that
gimmicky stuff i don’t want to do it
sure so what can you do what are you
going to do instead
right and that was a big revelation for
so to give you concrete examples of
these stages you know at the stage of
i was at i was it was right before
college i was like i’ll never be
successful you know i just
i just want to like be some scientist
who does something and doesn’t need to
make a lot of money because i believe
money is evil
and you know that was the biggest bs i
was telling myself right i was just
telling myself that so that i wouldn’t
have to make money
and then i transmuted that stage to
acceptance and thinking about oh it
would be nice to have money it would be
nice to have all of these things
and once you start to think about all of
those things and you visualize
all those things eventually
you get to a point where the pain gets
strong enough and you get sick and tired
of daydreaming
and you’re like you know what i’m just
gonna go out and get it i don’t give a
anymore i’m just gonna
go out and get what i want okay so
this brings you to intention which is
your resolve to have and to act in order
have and your resolve to be whoever it
is you need to be
so it’s the resolve to
achieve your goals right it’s it’s
just that ruthlessness in that nothing
will stop you
in that you don’t really think about it
it’s kind of like going to the mail room
and getting your package you don’t
really say oh you know am i going to get
my mail today
you don’t doubt about it you don’t like
overthink it and overfeel it you just
say well
i’m just going to go to the mailroom and
get the package it’s there right
so it’s literally just like that if you
can turn all of your goals into
something like that
instead of thinking and dreaming and you
know begging for the gold tap and
putting it on a pedestal
you simply look at what’s the next step
i can take oh
okay let’s do this this is the process
just put one foot in front of the other
and the moment those doubts and fears
come along and you start to entertain
and then you fall prey to the excuses
that’s when you lose
right so that’s the game so now let’s
talk about
some actionable steps you can take some
keys that you need to
adhere to in order to access the power
of this intention
to access stage three and just go from
stage one to stage three real quick
so key number one it always begins
where do i have space key number one
it begins in awareness
so please you must become aware of what
stage you’re at you must
become aware of all the excuses you’re
making up you don’t have to at this
stage engage or try to tell yourself
just watch just watch what dialogue the
is entertaining okay what feelings
is are being entertained just watch them
with pure
awareness without needing to change or
alter it in any way
step two is
projection in a way that serves you
that’s called a positive projection
once you’ve gotten awareness of where
you are you project
you start to see what the future would
look like if you continue on like this
this is exactly what i did before i took
the leap to quit my full-time career to
full-time into my business even though i
wasn’t making sufficient money from the
right so i projected i was like what
would happen if for the next 40 years of
my life i was stuck in this
oh my god i do not want that
no way no way do i want that to happen
and so the decision became simple step
three is to make that committed decision
because that committed decision will
only come from a place of clarity
right i got clear on what i didn’t want
it’s just as simple as that if you get
clear on what you don’t want
that’s better than not getting clear on
get clear on at least what you don’t
want and you can flip it around
right that’s how it begins people begin
looking in the mirror and they’re like
oh well
i don’t want to be fat so what do i want
i want to be skinny
okay it’s simple what do i know what’s
one step i can take
to getting skinny well i can go to the
gym or i can eat less
right all these things so what’s the one
step you can take
you make a committed decision
you make a committed decision to stop
holding on to all this garbage
and let go
so step one awareness step two
if you can see step three step three is
just the decision
i’ll point it down step three is just
the decision
and to let go right i’m sorry i’m using
a different camera here but
i hope the quality is better at least
but with that glue
with that i conclude this video thank
you so much for watching i sincerely
hope this was helpful
let’s do a quick recap of what we talked
about today we talked about
the three stages of desire why you must
every single stage in order to get to a
point where you become
the creator of your life right and we
began with a problem
that most people believe they should be
in this desire and they should stay an
underdog and they should always stay
and that’s the biggest lie ever told
it’s the biggest bs
right stage one is denial you get to a
stage of denial because your heart gets
stuffed into a box and you’re like
well there’s no way i can i can have it
so how can i feel good
about the assumption that i won’t be
able to have it
how can i make myself feel good about it
you tell yourself stories to help you
feel good about it
instead of that’s ignorance right they
say ignorance is bliss
but i don’t really know about that uh
hide and resist your desires you try to
sweep it under the rug
and one day you have a midlife crisis
and you’re like what the did i do
step two is you get to acceptance and
now allow yourself to feel those desires
and you
fantasize about them you think you feel
you daydream about it and step three is
when it finally becomes enough
and the pain gets strong to the point
where you’re like this can’t happen
i want to go out and achieve what i want
and live the life that i want right
now you have enough energy to declare
i’m going to go out and get it right
so now your desires get transmuted to
intention and we define desires as the
assumption that the goal won’t be
and we define intention as the
assumption that the goal will be
okay so you have to resolve in these
assumptions that you make
and we talked about the three keys to
helping you fast track from stage one to
stage three
is you’ve got to have awareness of the
kinds of stories you’re telling yourself
at the first stage just begin with this
pure awareness and pure watching
of everything and this should be your
default state anyways
right and then you project about what
it’s costing you what’s the opportunity
of holding on to these excuses
preferably i mean particularly if you’re
in stage one
what’s the cost what’s the opportunity
cost of me telling myself these false
and then they will be realized as false
right right now they’re very real
the excuses that you make to yourself
are very real
and finally you make a committed
decision and this is very important
every single person who’s made a change
in their lives
you know kind of like a railroad track
switching to a different track
they made a change from a place of
they made a commitment to saying no this
cannot go on
any longer i want that
and i’m going to have that and you
let go of holding on to these right and
you can only do that once you get to
that maturity and that maturity comes
from that pain
right people don’t make changes out of
people don’t grow out of pleasure they
grow out of pain pain isn’t such a bad
thing it’s the greatest teacher
so with that i conclude this video thank
you so much for watching i sincerely
hope this was helpful
leave me a comment letting me know what
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complained in the past that
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but i love using this blackboard
the whiteboard is right now full with
projects that i’m doing so
sometimes i like to switch between the
two but let me know what you thought of
this if this was visible or not if the
audio quality was good if
everything else was good i’ll likely
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