How To Attract Your Goals: Become “Receptive”


Today I want to share with you how you can attract your goals that you want to achieve.

Whether this be health, wealth or even relationships.

This approach is counterintuitive to anything else you’ve probably seen out there.

It doesn’t involve hours spent meditating, visualizing, affirming, being hypnotized, praying, daydreaming, wishful thinking, subliminals. None of that.

What it involves is allowing yourself to receive through simply being open and willing.

This is an epiphany I came to recently, when I realized that the harder I worked,

the more I hustled or grinded,

there was an invisible barrier that I kept coming up against.

Putting more pressure on myself didn’t help either.

Looking back at my life, whenever I achieved some significant milestones (like my first ever $20k month in the business, or meeting the love of my life)

I was never thinking about achieving these things. In fact, the thought of achieving the goal was out of my awareness.

When I stopped thinking about my goals and let them go, they just found a way to naturally come into my life.

So that’s what I discuss today. Why this phenomenon happens and how to replicate it so you operate from this state.

Here’s what I share:

  • Mankind’s biggest misfortune
  • Why good things come to those who are open to receiving
  • How to open yourself up
  • Having, doing & being – why you should always prioritize being
  • Becoming empty so that you can be filled with greatness
  • Observing vs reacting – the true key to receptivity
  • Becoming open all the time via surrender – a perpetual state

Hope this was valuable. Leave me a comment below and I’ll get back to you!


quazi here and in today’s video i want
to share with you how you can attract
anything that you want in your life
without fighting for it without
struggling without having to battle
something but
actually just becoming attractive and
letting it come into your life becoming
actual magnet i really want you to pay
throughout this whole video because
there are going to be very very nuanced
points and by the end of this video
i’m going to share with you two things
that you can do right now
to just be attractive
and just have these things come into
your life without any
struggle without any battle on your part
so without further delay let’s get
started this video is titled
attract anything for a reason
and it’s not go out there and fight for
what you want and it’s not
let’s battle against something let’s
take some massive action and go and get
it because
all of those things aren’t really
effective you know i’ve been there i’ve
taken the massive action i’ve struggled
and i’ve done done and done but
you know all of those things they’re not
effective at all if it were i would
still keep doing them
but what really is effective is shifting
your focus from
having from doing to just simply being
and seeing what arises from this being
what kind of doing comes out
the doing then becomes an expression of
this being and the having just follows
when this whole cycle becomes complete
so most people have this false
assumption of if i want it bad enough
if i have this burning desire then i’ll
get it
i need this burning desire and i need to
want it bad enough
that’s the biggest load of bs i’ve heard
okay this is false
and i’ll tell you why it’s false because
the more i wanted something in my life
the more i
actually started to get further and
further away from it so to give you an
example when i started my business
everything had such inflated importance
and meaning you know i
wanted to get out of the nine to five
and i wanted to get out of my full-time
career and i wanted to have a business
that gave me this freedom
and this freedom you know this financial
freedom was put on a pedestal
right so everyone looks up to it
everyone dreams about this financial
freedom and i did too
i was conditioned to believe this just
as people are conditioned to believe you
need to fight
to earn your place under the sun it’s
nothing could be further from the truth
so when i started fighting against
myself every single day grinding and
trying to take action and doing doing
doing i just
it just became harder and harder all of
my efforts
were just seemingly wasted right so
that realization first occurred to me
i graduated from college and i was you
know supposed to go full time into my
and that first month in business i made
absolute zero
and that devastated me because before at
least i was making some money but the
importance was so high on just
being self-sustainable because i made a
promise to my parents that you know
if i had 5k a month you don’t you can’t
give me about not going to a
full-time career
so there was a lot of pressure and a lot
of pressure that i put on myself to
perform to
you know show people that that i can do
better to make them proud
and because of this internal pressure to
perform i just collapsed in it and
you know that collapse was reflected by
me not
making anything in the business and just
struggling and pushing prospects away
and it just reflected my my being my
state of being was so rotten it was
it was i was holding on to so many
things my actions reflected that
and the results that i got reflected
that as well as opposed to when i look
at my life now
when things are going effortlessly and
things are just happening it’s because
i’m not so
needy i don’t need it so much i can just
let it be
i can just let the little things go
right so
i hit my first 20k month when i wasn’t
even thinking about hitting 20k a month
my focus was shifted from i need this
and i need to get this and i want this
and i must take massive action to get
oh if i don’t take massive action then i
won’t grow my focus shifted from that
to let’s see what i love you know let’s
just do these videos and help people
let’s see what happens and when i
shifted my focus from i need to get this
and i need to do this to get this
to the thing that allows me to be in
place of love and operating from that
place of love
then surprisingly things started to
click for me
you know i think um in the month of july
or august
in the month of august so from may to
may was zero august was my first ever
20k month
that happened because i shifted my focus
from i need to get something oh my god
i’m so insecure
and you know things aren’t going well
two i i love this
i want to do this i want to keep making
i want to keep helping customers
and when that happened i had my first
20k a month the same thing with
relationships right i met my wife when i
wasn’t really expecting it
i wasn’t really expecting to hit 20k a
month i wasn’t really expecting to meet
my wife
i wasn’t really expecting to meet this
awesome girl right i was just
i wasn’t thinking about it at all so
just when
the thought of wanting and needing to
get something
went away from my awareness that’s when
it came to me
so i started to dig deep into this why
is this happening why
every single time is it that whenever i
let go i’m not even thinking about it
it’s not even in my awareness
i’m just completely neutral about it why
then does it come into my life
now this is what brought me to this
topic of attracting something
and without without chasing it without
trying to control it without trying to
manipulate it
right so this led me to the epiphany of
in order to really receive something you
must be open to receiving it in the
first place
right really think about it someone
who’s closed off will never be able to
receive anything
so in order to receive something you
must be open in the first place to
receiving it
now what does being open mean
lack of better words being open just
generally means being empty and
when your cup is empty then we can put
stuff in it
right when you say i know this and i’m
already great
then you won’t ever be better if you
think you’re already great like if you
think about
the greatest parents right a great
parent will never say i’m a great dad
they’ll never say that because people
who say they’re great at something
they’re probably not
they’re probably really bad at it and
they think
they’re great it’s in this ignorance
that the truth gets lost
right so to be open
you must first be empty
so to give you uh a better example of
if you look at the life story of the
the buddha had a brother who escorted
him everywhere
because his but this brother was
concerned for for his safety
right and people would come and meet the
buddha for
five minutes and they would get
enlightened and the brother
escorted and accompanied the buddha for
his whole lifetime for years and years
and the brother never got enlightened
so people were were very skeptical and
they started to ask questions around
this like
why is it that the you know people come
to see you
gautama or buddha and within five
minutes they get enlightened but your
brother has shadowed you for a whole
lifetime and nothing has happened to him
he’s still the same
way as he was to which the buddha
the spoon will never taste the soup
which really goes to goes to show that
he who is not open to receiving
will never receive the the brother had
his own agenda when he was
shadowing the buddha so he was closed
off to receiving
you know this this power the buddha was
emanating right
so just like that anything that you want
in your life it’s already there you just
have to be open to receiving it
instead of being closed off in all of
the ideas that you have about it
all of the beliefs that you’re holding
to be true about it you’ve just got to
be open to receiving it
so without getting into you know real
meta about this
let’s actually talk about how you can
become more open
how you can become more empty and how
you can become ultimately more receptive
so you don’t have to struggle so hard
but your goals just come to you
so there are two parts to this there is
the external part
and the internal part and i want you to
pay very
very close attention to this because
we’re going to get very very nuanced and
you might want to revisit this video
over and over again because
you already know all of this we already
know all of this but we just forget
and we don’t realize it you know we
intellectually grasp it
but we don’t make the realizations the
emotional the realizations
for it to be applicable the experiential
realizations for it to be applicable in
our lives so
the first thing you’ve got to do is
externally look at your life right now
what are you focusing on when you feel
frustrated that you can’t achieve a goal
what’s your primary focus on
if you look at life right now there’s a
certain flow to it
right let’s say this is the flow to life
it’s flowing this way flow
flow so there’s this certain flow
that life is intending to take and
within this flow
here you are you’re this tiny speck and
this flow that life is taking
now you can navigate the flow
or you can try to control the flow when
you try to control the flow of life
that’s when you get into problems
because life is tending to a certain way
and now you try to control this flow by
being controlling so
what do i mean by that to give an
example of that
let’s say a prospect isn’t ready to buy
your program you know a prospect isn’t
ready to buy from you yet
but you keep trying to force the
prospect to buy
you can tell that they’re inching away
they’re like oh
i don’t know about this um you know
you can just clearly tell they’re not
interested at this moment instead of
letting them go you
keep trying to burn it you know burn
this interaction down to the ground
you spend two three hours with them on
the phone call
you keep following up with them
excessively you just don’t get the hint
instead of spending your energy
elsewhere and letting this person go and
letting them reach out to you in the
you just keep badgering this one person
you know focusing on what what’s needed
this is when you try to control the flow
just like when you try to manipulate a
you try to control this person who’s not
listening to you you become
forceful so this brings me to a concept
force versus power power versus force
there’s a great book about this it’s
literally titled power versus force by
david r hawkins
you should definitely give that a check
out it was a game changer for me
but essentially in this flow we try to
force our way through this flow right
sorry this is becoming annoying
we try to force our way through this
flow instead of trying to
navigate our movement within the flow
so here’s the key difference instead of
focusing on trying to control this flow
of life
manipulating people instead focus on
your own
movement within the flow how you
navigate this flow
you can move around within the flow you
can move up and you can move down
right it’s just like you can’t just say
oh yeah you know
the stock market is crashing but somehow
i’m going to get rich
in the stock market you know this stock
is going down but somehow i’m going to
force myself to get rich instead of
just being observant and looking at
other opportunities that are already
within the flow you try to force this
it’s kind of like forcing a business
to succeed that’s not that you’re not
passionate about and
you don’t care for and there’s no need
there’s no market need for it
you know you open up some niche that
people don’t there’s no need of
you’re just going against the flow and
you don’t even care about this niche you
think you should do it because everyone
else is doing it
so that’s the key difference here
instead of trying to change the flow
control your movement within it
so that even sounds a little esoteric
what do i mean by that well
that essentially means shifting your
focus from controlling
from controlling to simply observing
control to observing
so next time someone has an opinion and
someone gives you
unsolicited advice instead of rejecting
just listen someone angers you instead
of reacting to that anger
just observe whatever’s happening
just observe and let it be and let it
even though you might not agree with it
because within that
this is this is the subtlety of becoming
open when you become
observing you become more open when you
become more controlling and opinionated
you operate from your existing beliefs
and your existing beliefs won’t get you
where you want
where you’re wanting to go they need to
be upgraded right
so how you go from trying to control the
flow to moving within the flow
is just simply going from control to
observing and acting on
intuitively what needs to be acted on
and you will know
if you just become very very observant
deeply observant you will know when to
act and when to just not act
most of the time you won’t be acting but
when you do act it’ll be very effective
and you’ll commit to it
okay that’s number one that’s how you
navigate externally
now let’s talk about internally what you
must do and this brings me to
the concept of surrender surrendering
things and letting them pass through you
okay so let’s say right now you’re
moving through life and you want to
achieve a certain goal there’s a lot of
importance on this goal
you feel a lot of resistance you can’t
get up from bed it’s it’s so hard
you’re almost paralyzed because every
single day it’s just brutal it’s just
beating you down
you’ve got to look internally of where
you’re putting attributing too much
meaning to things
and how you feel within about it how do
you feel about the goal do you what do
you really want this
whatever you’re going for do you really
want this or do you want to want it
are you forcing yourself to want it is
this a goal that you really want to
achieve or has it been conditioned by
other people within you to achieve so
for most people hitting a revenue level
like a 10k month or 20k month it’s been
something they’ve been conditioned to
it’s not what they truly want they want
what the money will bring them
if you look at very very successful
people elon musk
jeff bezos all these guys look at money
differently they look at it as a
to help them support what they want to
do for humanity
you know they have this goal for life
they have they have this goal for their
what’s your goal for your own life what
do you want to experience
and what do you need to support that
that will come
and then as your vision as your goal
gets larger and larger the money to
support that will come
so internally you’ve just got to
sometimes too all of those
things that are bubbling up under the
surface whenever there is fear
whenever there is anxiety instead of
fighting it and holding on to it because
we get this hidden payoff
you know it becomes a part of our
identity we get a hidden payoff from
being anxious
when you become anxious it’s a feeling
of familiarity because you’ve been
anxious for so long
it’s like oh this is just how i am oh
depression this is just how i am
i have this chemical imbalance and you
know i take these pills for it this is
just how i am
you would you give yourself you know you
you sort of succumb to it
right when you you give yourself an
excuse to feel that
instead of just allowing it to be and
being with it we distract ourselves then
with activity with you know drama
so that we can just escape this with
social media with binge eating with tv
that’s how your feelings run you
okay your feelings start running you
when you stop giving it your attention
and letting it dissolve in this
attention but you get distracted
in other things so this leads me to the
surrender mechanism i won’t talk about
it in this video because it’s getting
kind of long but
i’ll put a link up here you can click a
little i or i’ll put it in the
and you can click on the surrender
mechanism i’ve made lots of videos about
it too
but essentially when you
start to hold on to things your your
feelings like anxiety like pride like
fear like shame like guilt like apathy
when you start to hold on to these
things you become less open to receiving
those things that are operating from
that place of being that you need to
to achieve what you want okay the higher
frequency the higher frequency energies
okay so you become like a closed hand
we’ve been so accustomed to feeling fear
to feeling anxiety to feeling all of
these things that it just becomes a
you know if i were to hold this pen for
a whole day just like this
and keep my fist clenched i wouldn’t
that my fist was clenched this would
become an unconscious habit after a
certain point like right now this feels
but after a certain point a closed fist
would be natural
this is what happens with our feelings
we just pent them up and hold on to them
we don’t know what it’s like to feel
empty to feel peaceful
to feel joyous to actually feel alive
we’re deadening ourselves to all of
those beautiful things because we hold
on to the little things that
we’re just accustomed to right that’s
why you engage yourself in drama that’s
why you escape from it that’s why
there’s drugs and drinking
all of those things don’t really serve
so this is how you get internally more
you become instead of this closed hand
you become this open hand
any energy any feeling that flows
through you it’s allowed to now pass
okay all of this energy is now allowed
to pass
so now you can truly receive these are
the two ways in which you can truly
become open and literally receive
anything that you want
achieving your goals doesn’t have to be
so hard it can be very very easy you can
just do what you love and just
go towards it of course that’ll be there
there’ll be pain
and there’s always pain and pain leads
to more learning but it’s your attitude
towards this pain that determines
what you achieve so with that i conclude
this video let’s do a quick recap
of what we talked about today we talked
about the concept of attracting
anything that you want in your life and
notice how i say attracting
not chasing not
crushing not grinding for it but just
simply attracting
and it all begins with this
that we just blindly fall prey to
the idea of if i want it bad enough it’s
going to happen and nothing could be
further from the truth
because every time in my life i’ve seen
that i’ve just given up wanting it bad
enough i’ve just
i’ve just given up i’ve just let it go
i’ve just truly let it go
it happened the 20k month happened my
wife happened
getting the physique that i want
happened overcoming this forced belief
of i have a slow metabolism so i can’t
gain muscle and get bigger
i can’t be attractive because i’m this
all of those happened
they all happened when i let it go and i
focused on what i loved and when you
come from a place
a vibration level of lovingness
then you just move towards the things
the things that you love just come to
you to accompany that state
the having then comes the doing then
to receive in order to truly receive
something to attract it to receive it
one must be open in order to be open one
must be empty not full of
ideas beliefs thoughts not not this
of things and i gave you the example of
the buddha’s brother and why he wasn’t
enlightened and why
people met buddha for five minutes and
they’d get enlightened the spoon can
never taste the suit
and the question becomes how there’s two
first of all the external one shift your
focus from
controlling to just observing from
to just observing instead of being quick
to react to something
just observe just let it pass
navigating your your movement within the
as opposed to trying to control the flow
in the first place
internally whatever feelings arise
letting them arise letting them be
letting the fear be
letting the anxiety letting all of those
and just letting them pass when you give
it permission to just exist within you
and give yourself permission to feel it
it passes
and with that i conclude this video
thank you so much for watching i
sincerely hope this was helpful
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next time peace

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