How To Build Real Self-Esteem


Today I want to share with you how to build true self esteem and confidence, not the fake kind that is subject to destruction. Also what you will understand by the end of the video is why you have low self esteem in the first place and how to reprogram your subconscious in a way that this issue never arises again.

I recall first coming across self esteem issues when I started off in my coaching business. I would have all sorts of doubts: “why would people pay me thousands of dollars for my services”, “who am I to be charging this” even before making my youtube videos “why would people watch my videos” etc. All of these doubts prevented me from functioning at my very best and attaining my potential.

I saw that these issues were not just prevalent in the business aspect of my life, but were leaking out into other areas too like my relationships even my fitness; I never felt good enough for the girl, I never felt good enough in social settings and would try all sorts of gimmicks like dressing up well, trying to build these big muscles just to cover up for a lack of self esteem. Energy never lies.

Throughout my journey I was able to go from that place to confidently pitching and even delivering my services, my youtube videos…and truly just be comfortable with myself. See when people have a lack of self esteem, the sole focus is on the self. Those who are truly confident and are “enough” no longer think about themselves, but rather what they can go out and achieve.

There were 3 big hurdles that helped me overcome this lack of self esteem, which is why I made this video.

Here’s what you will learn:

  • Unconscious internalization and why you currently have low self esteem
  • How to reprogram your mind to consciously choose how you view yourself
  • Resistance and why fighting low self esteem is not the solution
  • Ditching the scale of confidence vs unconfidence and stopping the roller coaster between the poles
  • Ungroundedness and why you can’t commit to a particular direction
  • How to assume and ground and become a new self
  • Clarity – the true cure for a lack of confidence

Hope this was helpful! Leave me a comment below with your thoughts?


quazi here and in this video i’m going
to share with you how you can
increase your self-esteem and really the
biggest problem that most people run
into and why they suffer from
self-esteem issues and how this has been
within you as you grew up and how you
unconsciously internalized it
which brought you into this place right
now where you suffer from a lack of
which prevents you from doing the things
you knew you otherwise could do
and really by the end of this video what
you’re going to learn are the three
biggest problems that most people run
into who try to
take up their self-esteem and what you
should do and what you should avoid
to really avoid these pitfalls i want
you to stick around to the very end of
this video because we’re gonna get deep
down into the subconscious mind
how it works and how you can take
control of it to program yourself the
way you’d like to
and to have the self-esteem and the
confidence that you would like to have
before i begin this video and to quickly
announce that a couple of spots have
opened up for the free one-to-one
consult with me my team for the reality
mastery program make sure you wait
around till the end of the video
for the announcement on how to sign up
for that and with that let’s get started
in this video i want to talk to you
about self-esteem and self-esteem issues
self-confidence issues things that
prevent you from doing things that you
you could do if you just felt a little
bit more confident and why you keep
getting in your way every single time
now why i want to discuss this topic is
because for entrepreneurs
you know if you’re an entrepreneur
watching this video this is going to be
very very powerful for you
uh someone who is a business owner
someone who’s a professional you know
you start to see that you start to hit
this plateau in your life
and you start to have all these
subconscious limiting beliefs right
a sign of a limiting belief literally
means this belief is limiting you in
your current
comfort zone or sector of reality so you
can’t experience much more
and why this happens again is because of
this internal lack of self-worth
you don’t believe you’re worthy so you
stay stuck with what you are comfortable
oh no no this is only for me oh the 100k
a year salary is only for me i’m not
able to make more oh i’m comfortable
with this you know i just want to enjoy
this i should be grateful for what i
which prevents you from you know
expanding out and experiencing more of
what you want to
right so this kind of leads you into
it makes you stagnate in your life and
unable to put one foot in front of the
other and go towards what you want
because of these limiting beliefs and if
you do put one foot forward
you eventually take up a step back right
so i’ve started to see this happening in
my life you know especially when i
started off in entrepreneurship i was
like why would people pay me thousands
of dollars for my coaching services who
heck am i blah blah blah and all of
these limitations that i had which even
prevented me from going out there and
presenting myself comfortably
and then they started to leak out into
every single area of my life not just my
coaching business
you know my lack of self-worth with
women you know my inability to do
certain things and take up certain
and even you know in my fitness you know
trying to lift
bench more or try out higher weights at
the gym like oh no i won’t be able to
lift that
so it started to leak out into every
single area of my life so i started to
question it like why is this happening
why do i have this lack of self-esteem
where does this even stem from
which took me into a deep journey of
trying to figure it out and then you
know i put out this video if you click
up here about the subconscious mind how
it works
you know sometimes i remember i would
make videos and i would be very very
uncertain like oh what would people
think about this
or what if some people don’t like this
etc and etc which would affect my
self-esteem a lot
so really what i want you to know is
where this lack of self-esteem arises
is your unconscious mind you can call it
your subconscious you can call it
but it’s your unconscious right i made a
video previously about how much of your
your total being is conscious five
percent of it is conscious five percent
is subconscious and the rest ninety
percent consists of the collective
and the unconscious mind okay so it’s
like that iceberg analogy you might have
where like a little bit of it maybe five
percent of it is at the top
and the rest of the iceberg is under the
water right so in understanding that
we know that it arises from the
unconscious but something must have put
it in the unconscious in the first place
right people aren’t born with a lack of
self-esteem i can tell you that
and even if they are you know you can
nurture your way out of it out of it
so there is nature versus nurture so
this again goes back to yogic
karmic you know uh studies where you
understand the concept of sanchita karma
and prarabdhakarma
and you know the the allocation of karma
that you’re supposed to burn out in this
we don’t need to know that what you do
need to know is that as you’ve grown up
as you’ve
accustomed and experienced certain
things and events in your life it’s the
meaning that you put onto these events
that have ingrained
themselves into your unconscious so
let’s really understand how this happens
so again i told you to check up this
video about the subconscious mind but
i’m going to give you a demonstration
of how you get programmed unconsciously
so initially what happens is it always
begins as a thought right
a thought comes to your mind you think a
there are two qualities of thoughts
there is an incoming thought and an
outgoing thought
okay i want you to pay close attention
to this this is what we call the
self-reprogramming cycle if you can
understand this your life is going to
completely change you can take control
of this
and break out of this rhythm you’ve been
living in so please pay close attention
to the very end of this video
you have incoming thoughts and you have
outgoing thoughts
so let’s differentiate them incoming
thoughts are the thoughts you know you
sort of
get data you get data from your
environment someone says something oh
society is in turmoil oh covered oh
recession oh
bullshit bullshit bullshit it’s all of
this data that you’re collecting
but someone processes this data right
according to your level of consciousness
you process this data
if you’re conscious you’re going to
process this data to a way that benefits
if you’re unconscious you’re going to
process the data in a way that you’ve
been accustomed to processing it
so you process this data and then you
put out an outgoing thought
right so an incoming thought eventually
becomes an outgoing thought for most
when you get unconsciously conditioned
someone tells you you’re not good enough
oh you can’t do this this is only for
people oh you can’t do this you don’t
have the skills to do this oh you can’t
be an entrepreneur oh you can’t be a
business owner it’s only for the one
percent you’re not the one percent
oh nine out of 10 businesses fail all of
this all of these ideas get get
ingrained within you
right so then this eventually starts to
become an outgoing thought where you
start to echo
and think about these more and more you
keep thinking about oh no i’m losing all
my hair so
you know i can’t present myself the way
i used to you know i don’t have that
sense of vigor about me oh i’m not like
that you know i’m not supposed to be a
coach even though i want to be even
though i’m really good at it
i can’t present my services with
confidence so
this then becomes the outgoing thought
that you project out but what happens is
when the incoming thoughts come
and the outgoing thoughts are produced
there is an emotional reaction to it
right so there’s an emotional reaction
to it
which ties in the emotion when the
thought and the emotion comes together
if you think about a thought and you
think oh well i’m not good enough it
makes you feel
bitter it’s like oh shit i’m not good
you have an emotional reaction to it
when that happens this then becomes a
belief really think about it
there are sort of there are things you
believe that you shouldn’t be believing
like there are these certain beliefs
that you have that you know you have
but you just can’t work against them
which is ridiculous right and that’s
because they’ve become a very very deep
level of belief in your subconscious so
when a thought and emotion comes
it becomes a belief
when this belief occurs what happens is
you start to filter out
for things that support this belief
because this belief starts to form your
world view
my lack of self-esteem oh i’m not good
enough let’s look for proof where i am
not good enough
ah see that didn’t work out so i’m not
good enough and then you start to filter
out every single information where you
could be good enough
only to look for why you’re not good
enough so to think about it this way
when i would present my youtube videos i
would look at other uh
people who would have lots of
subscribers on their channels
and i’d be like oh what makes me like
them you know back when i had like
100 200 subscribers like oh no one would
listen to my stuff
you know why is my stuff different from
theirs and so i would have this limiting
belief which kept me stuck in this cycle
of trying to put out videos and coming
from a place of a lack of confidence
even if you looked at my previous videos
you would see this lack of confidence
coming about me
there was this sort of hesitation this
sort of doubting myself
and they’re sort of wavering about my
energy right if you look at some of my
previous videos you’ll see that
from a long time ago but what was
different back then
was i didn’t i had this this framework
of belief that i’m not good enough
so every single thing that i did every
single information that i filtered out
for all echoed
the lack of good enough right so then
this kept me stuck in this cycle until i
became conscious and took the reins and
changed this so we’re going to talk
about how to change this in a second
but what you’ve got to know is when the
belief forms it triggers this thing in
your in your
in your nervous system called the
reticular activating system the ras
and that’s what the reticular activating
system does your reticular activating
makes you have a certain
lens to filter out certain other things
so let’s say you could have done 10
things that were good
you know that were amazing you could
have for me i would have made
10 videos that were absolutely awesome
people were like oh my god that’s so
awesome this video helped me so much
quasi thank you for that
but then this one person would come and
be like this video is fucking shit
and i’d be like oh my god this video is
really shit
that’s the one i would focus on into
right instead of focusing on the 10
things that were good i would look at
the one thing that was bad
and that would confirm my world view
because that’s the hypothesis
that i came in with your belief colors
your hypothesis
then you start to filter out for things
that support this belief because now
your ras is programmed
so now what happens is once your ras
gets programmed you start to look for
confirmation of this
so you start to look for proof that
would confirm this
okay and when you do find confirmation
as the confirmations build up and build
up and build up
over time this unconscious repetition
of this false belief now it becomes a
okay so this is how you cycle from
having a thought
to having it evolve into a belief to
having it evolve into a conviction
there are certain convictions that you
have that you shouldn’t even be having
right so this lack of self-esteem thing
the inability to go out there and charge
the prices that you know your service is
worth of the transformation you provide
is worth
i speak to people who provide awesome
services and have gotten their clients
amazing results
but they charge peanuts for it i’m like
why are you do why
why are you doing this people you know
so to give you an example
we had a client recently who was like um
she was charging i don’t know twenty
five hundred dollars to
help families uh help their kids
recover from substance abuse right help
relatives and family members
recover from substance abuse and she was
providing that service but unlimiting
belief was oh i shouldn’t be charging
for this
oh you know i’m doing a social service
blah blah blah but again
if you don’t pay you don’t commit so i’m
like you should be charging for this and
you should be charging a shit ton of
money for this because
people need to commit to what you’re
providing so that they take action on it
and actually get the results from it
you’re doing them a service
if you charge for your services and if
you charge appropriately for your
right because i’m sure they’re just you
know spending tens of thousands of
dollars on rehabilitation
right so if they can spend 10k on rehab
why can’t you charge
you know 5k for your service which then
they would take action on
actually complete and get awesome
results out of right so these are these
limiting beliefs that plague people
and they don’t know how to break out of
it because they’ve become so
deeply ingrained such a deep conviction
in your unconscious mind
it gets difficult to break out of so now
what i want to share with you is how to
actually break out of these
and the three biggest problems people
encounter and why they can’t raise their
okay so problem number one which is the
biggest problem
is resistance let’s talk about that and
what do i mean by that
when people first find out that they
have this problem
right they have this problem of oh i
have a lack of self-esteem this is
what’s going on and this is why i can’t
go out there and confidently
present my services by the way it’s not
even just about getting a client
at some point what happens is this lack
confidence and self-esteem starts to
reflect out in your
communication with your existing clients
as well so what i would see in the past
when i would communicate with my clients
because i wasn’t fully confident
about the solution i was offering and i
didn’t come at it with that kind of
they wouldn’t listen to my advice and
they wouldn’t take that advice
so part of being a successful coach
means literally being
convinced about you you know you’re
constantly selling yourself
you know you’re constantly putting
yourself out there you’re making
yourself vulnerable
even when i’m making this video right
now i’m making myself vulnerable
someone’s going to see it and they’re
not going to like it
who cares i’m thinking about and
focusing on
the 10 people that i will benefit now as
opposed to the one person who’s
probably going to be a troll and hate on
this right so
understand that this resistance problem
comes in
when you try to resist your lack of
self-esteem so what you do is you think
oh i have a lack of self-esteem okay
don’t have this
let’s try to be confident let’s puff up
my chest and do a million different
affirmations to
be more confident right so really think
about it how many affirmations have you
done trying to tell yourself oh i’m
confident every single day i get more
confident i’m confident i’m confident
you can tell yourself that all you want
but without proof without confirmation
the mind will never accept it
right so that way you can’t ever change
your beliefs so
resisting it is absolutely futile now
what happens is and the most effective
thing to do is i’m gonna i’m gonna
demonstrate this with
a scale okay so let’s say you have this
and one side of it is you are very
right so you are confident
and this other side of it you are
people begin here and they try to go
here they try to force themselves and
resist it to go here
it’s a future you know it really is a
losing battle because the more you keep
resisting it the more you keep
strengthening it
think about it this way if you are going
on a highway
right and you look at the car next to
you and you focus on avoiding that car
you’re like oh that car’s getting too
close to me let’s focus on avoiding it
so you keep looking at that car instead
of like moving towards what you want to
move towards
your focal point is on what you want to
get away from rather than what you want
to move towards
because of that you develop what’s
called as target fixation
and as a result of that you keep moving
towards that car and the highway instead
of moving away from it even though
you’re focusing on moving away from it
just like that life doesn’t care about
what you focus on it doesn’t care about
the nature of your focus but the content
of your focus
if you keep focusing on moving away from
a lack of confidence it’s going to move
towards the lack of confidence
right so this is where this resistance
phenomenon comes in the more you try to
resist your lack of confidence
the more you’re going to have this lack
of confidence and affirm to yourself
yes i am unconfident really think about
it this way
do you think successful people sit in
their rooms all day muttering
affirmations to themselves
no they just move towards what they want
to move towards
you know they’re just always 100
100 action they don’t really like ponder
upon these things
the more you dwell upon these things the
more they become a problem for you
right so just like that this whole scale
becomes a losing battle
don’t try to be confident you can’t
you can’t try to be confident when even
when you’re trying to be confident you
are unconfident
you’re trying to be confident because
you’re not confident
the only way like really think about it
this way confident people don’t really
see themselves as confident they just
see themselves as they are
right it’s just oh this is just me
this is just unashamedly
vulnerable me confident people are
actually vulnerable
brene brown talks about this a lot
confident people are absolutely
vulnerable like think about
a time in your life when you’ve done
something courageous
and didn’t put yourself on the line you
know you didn’t have to do something
you can’t do anything courageous without
doing something vulnerable
you have to be vulnerable all the time
if you want to be confident you’ve got
to be vulnerable and accept yourself
for who you are the way you break out of
this cycle the
the solution to problem number one is to
ditch this cycle this scale
all together just completely ditch the
scale of confidence and non-confidence
and get into acceptance
okay acceptance about how your life has
been up until this point
acceptance about what you’re wanting to
do acceptance about what you want
it’s what you want don’t try to sweep
your desires under the rug
don’t try to hide yourself in a shell
because you feel ashamed
just be you know just accept it
if you keep thinking certain thoughts
that you know you think that if other
people were to listen to these thoughts
they’ll be like oh shit
this guy’s a psycho accept yourself you
that’s the best thing you can do instead
of trying to resist these thoughts
the more you resist these thoughts the
more they build this karma
and then the more it will become a
okay so if you have this lack of
right if you are going out there every
single day you’re trying to put up a
about being confident don’t just accept
who you are right now allow yourself to
be you
okay acceptance plus allowing
allow yourself to be
non-judgmentally unjudgingly unashamedly
you because if you do that people will
start to see a true value as well
and then you naturally become confident
so that is what true confidence is true
confidence is
stopping this incessant focus on me me
me and why i’m not good enough and why
i’m lack
and you direct your focus outwards you
accept yourself for what you are
and you look at what you’re trying to
i hope that makes sense this is very
very important this is something that
needs to be internalized
so to give you an example of how i did
this in my personal life
i stopped looking at me you know when i
wanted to go out there and present my
i stopped looking at me and i started
looking at my clients
what do they need to help them succeed
what do what do they need to help them
make this transformation
when i started to focus on not me
pitching my services
but more so solving a problem for a
client that’s when
i actually had a genuine conversation in
trying to understand this other person
that’s when i became vulnerable with
this other person that’s when i could
share these videos like i’m doing with
you guys
you know without trying to do some
salesy gimmicky thing
because i just want to share value and
see how i can help you guys because i
know if i help people
the sale the sales are going to come
it’s just like you know if you’re doing
something you’re passionate about
what you’re meant to do the money is
going to come it’s going to be a
byproduct of it
right so it’s about shifting that focus
of going to the results
to go into the process itself okay
so it’s becoming process oriented as
opposed to results oriented
that’s what you’ve got to remember most
people become results oriented and they
look at themselves
right so they try to make it a win-lose
situation like how can i make myself
good so i can sell
instead of looking at the other person
and accepting yourself for who you are
that is very very important if you’re an
entrepreneur listening to this this is
the one advice that’s probably going to
change your life
okay that’s problem number one getting
into this resistance mode
holding on to this scale of confidence
and a lack of confidence
not serving you problem number two is
the lack of groundedness
okay let’s call it groundedness what do
i mean by that
well it’s just that you have this lack
of patience and you expect everything to
happen overnight
that’s what i mean by the lack of
groundedness so to give an example you
know you
make this decision let’s say you’re
going to raise your prices for your
program and what you offer
you’re going to raise your prices and
you want to go out there and charge the
new price
you go a couple of times you make a
couple of offers you get a couple of
no’s and you’re like oh maybe this isn’t
working i’ll go back to my old price
so now you’re not really you’re not
committing to that direction
just like that with people who get into
entrepreneurship right they quit their
nine to fives and they commit
like okay i’m gonna become an
and then they go in that direction they
try out the different things but they’re
not fully committed
they’re half committed they’re half
committing to this they’re like
gas on and the brakes on at the same
so because of that when it doesn’t work
they’re like ah see
it didn’t work it’s confirming that
belief that hypothesis they came in with
i this is what you’re saying to yourself
when you’re not grounded and you’re half
committed you’re saying
it’s not going to work anyways so i’m
going to half commit
do you see that it’s not going to work
anyway so i’ll just have a foot on the
gas and a foot on the brake
but when you say no somehow it’s going
to work i don’t give a shit somehow it’s
going to work and you just go all in and
you just double down on it
you make these uncomfortable decisions
and these uncomfortable leaps
and i can’t tell you how many of my
clients i’ve seen do that and because of
that they’ve become successful
if you click up here you’re going to see
an interview i did with tia one of our
clients uh she went from doing
50k a year working 80 hours a week she
wanted to create generational wealth for
her family and break this curse
she doubled down on herself invested in
the program even though she was
175 200k in debt you know she was 25k in
credit card debt
still came into the program went through
it used the materials
and every single time she took another
leap another leap and another leap
right so she was then after joining the
program she quickly went to 120k
years salary from a 50k a year and she
saw that still
if this wasn’t tier 2.0 this wasn’t what
she wanted to do she wanted her own
business her own clinic
and she took the leap again her boss
confronted her
and her boss said look you can quit this
okay you can quit this job and go to
your go to do what you want to do
your business which is generating
nothing at the moment or you can stay
you can do one or the other she said i’m
gonna do my business
even though she had a cushy comfy 120
grand a year job
and her business at the time was
generating absolute nothing
but she still took the leap and went
full in she said you know what i don’t
care i’m in debt i’m going to go
all in on this what’s the worst that
could happen i’ll come back to her job
right so this is the way she balanced it
so this is how she fully committed to
that direction and now guess what
she’s quickly like within a couple of
months brought her business up to now
doing 10k a month
now she can work the hours that she
wants to work do 120 grand a year in her
but at the same time now she has
potential to scale up to doing quarter
million a year
even more half a million a year if she
hires more people
you know more instructors for her clinic
she could easily scale up so this is the
power of doubling down on yourself and
being grounded in what you actually want
to move towards
rather than what you actually have it
becomes a difficult thing to do when you
all of these obligations but you’ve
still got to show yourself that you know
this is my full-time thing so to give
you an example even when i was at my
nine to five
yeah when i made these videos i would
still make it as though you know what
this is what i’m gonna do full time
i’m gonna you know share value help
make transformations happen this is what
i’m gonna do full time
and i tried to show myself every single
time that i am committed to this
by making uncomfortable decisions that i
wouldn’t otherwise make i would invest
in different courses different programs
different coaches
to help me learn how to become better at
this and i would just move up
every single time and then i made the
uncomfortable decision to fully go ahead
and just quit
right i just told my parents look i’m
going to quit this internship
this engineering internship i’m going to
go ahead and do what i want to do
and i double down on that i never looked
back most people they double down on it
right and then they keep looking back
they’re like oh no
what have i done this is so scary and
then they try to
you know revert their decisions so
they’re in this state of uncertainty
it’s just like napoleon hill says
successful people make quick decisions
and rarely ever change their minds
unsuccessful people make very slow
decisions and always change their minds
if they have a little bit of anxiety
they just go hide back in their shells
instead of owning up to it and say you
know what i am anxious
i am uncomfortable with this decision
but i know i can
you look forward to what you do want i
know that if i double down on this
something good is going to come out of
it every single time
this is the thing groundedness and
committing fully to the direction
doubling down to what you want that’s
what helped me move forward
right so what i want you to know is
problem number two is groundedness how
do you solve a lack of commitment how do
you solve this groundedness problem
right and this ground in this problem is
again happening because of your lack of
right so in order to solve that you
don’t go
zero to a hundred real quick but you
build up to it
right you start to build up more and
more to making those uncomfortable
because if you try to like if you’ve
been waking up at 10 a.m every single
and the next morning you try to wake up
at 5 00 am you’re gonna be jumping poles
so go from 10 a.m to 8 a.m to 7 a.m
to 6 a.m to 5 a.m so you start to
you build that muscle over time you
can’t just bend
200 pounds today and just go to 600
pounds the next day
you’ve got to build up to benching that
much also
i believe it would be difficult to bench
600 pounds anyways but it’s still doable
but anyway that’s what i mean you’ve got
to progress slowly instead of trying to
jump the gun
most people try to jump the gun they go
from you know what
my program is a thousand bucks i’m gonna
start charging ten thousand bucks for it
way to commit and then when it doesn’t
work and they have no
valid basis no belief that it will
because you can’t grasp that big of a
jump so quickly
you’ve got to make the small jumps first
you’ve got to hit the smaller milestones
so you’ve always got the key principle
to know the solution to this
to know the balance is to know
that you’ve always go got to lean over
the edge without falling off
always look to expand yourself without
falling off
okay that’s how you solve problem number
two slowly work your way up to
committing bigger and bigger
and if you do commit to a really really
big direction commit
consciously tell yourself i’m gonna
commit and never look back
problem number three this is
the simplest yet most people overlook
this is clarity
why you’re not confident is because
you’re not clear
what do i mean by that i want you to
think about it this way if you were
clear about what you truly wanted
and where you wanted to go and who it is
you needed to become
it would just be a matter of putting one
foot in front of the other and going
towards it
right there’s nothing more to that you
know what you want
just go out and get it but the problem
is you don’t really know what you want
you think you want this and then the
next day you change your mind and then
you change your mind you change your
there is intellectual clarity around
what you want
but no emotional clarity to back it up
and that’s why you’re not confident in
doubling down on your decisions
because you just don’t know where you’re
going to be you’re like oh i don’t know
where i’m going to be five years from
i don’t know what i want from my life 10
years from now develop a longer term
vision what do you want
do you want to be in control and choose
what you want or do you want to
unconsciously follow
the route you’ve been following you know
it’s kind of like
knowing the end to a movie but you still
want to see how this
unfolds this is how you’re crafting your
life this is how it should be
you know you look at what you truly want
5 10 20 years from now
but you just the fun the adventure
how does this unfold most people don’t
want to set goals because
deep down they’re afraid of losing that
adventure and that fun of not knowing
what comes next
but at the same time you really don’t
know what comes next it could happen it
could not why not just set a direction
for you to follow so again get clear
about what you truly want for your life
and confidence will naturally come
you know and this clarity comes as you
keep putting one foot in front of the
other in the right direction in the
first place
because right now this is uncharted
territory you can’t fully see how
everything is going to unfold all of the
but what you can know is this is the
this is the compass this is my north
this is where i want to go so you just
keep putting one foot in front of the
and the terrain it became becomes
clearer and clearer for you as you put
one foot in front of the other
that’s the key not getting hung up on
the house and the winds
but knowing the what’s the why’s and the
okay and with that i conclude this video
thank you so much for watching i
sincerely hope this was helpful
and let’s do a quick recap the biggest
why people have a lack of self-esteem is
because it arises from
this unconscious internalization of
events that have happened upbringing
everything you’ve seen around you that
leads you to feeling you’re not good
right and uh how we described that was
understanding this whole cycle what
thoughts you feel what emotions you
attribute to them and how you react to
what beliefs you have about them and how
it programs your ras and then what
confirmations you look
to as a result and then how this becomes
a conviction
the way to break this cycle again i
would urge you to check out this video
is to consciously choose the thoughts
that you want to focus on
and when you focus on those thoughts see
how good it makes you feel
this is why visualization is so powerful
you look at
what you want the thought becomes i want
this this and this
and what does it make you feel and then
you let that emotion arise within you
and as the emotion arises then it starts
slowly form itself as a belief and then
you start to look at
automatically your mind starts to look
at proof oh look it is happening this is
starting to happen that’s starting to
life is starting to go well just like
with people like tia right she went
through the program week one gets a
little more clarity like oh
this is what i need to do to break out
of it oh look it is working
she’s counting her this is what we do
when you confirm
things that are going your way you count
your blessings when you become
grateful for what you have you count
your blessings and you give your mind
proof that things are going your way
this is very very key this is why
gratitude is so powerful
right and really the three biggest
problems that prevent people from
getting this natural self-esteem is
number one this
resistance you keep going back and forth
in this scale
one day when things go well you’re
confident next day when your whole world
gets destroyed you become unconfident
instead of just accepting what is and
accepting who you are
you just try to set up these
expectations of how things should be
and you hold on to them and this scale
kills you
so the key to overcoming that is
and allowing allowing yourself to
experience allowing yourself to have
problem number two groundedness you
become too grounded in your current
reality so you can’t experience what you
want to experience
you can’t commit fully you don’t double
down on what you want
but you keep holding on to the safety of
what you have if you keep holding onto
the safety of what you have in the
comfort of what you have
that’ll lead to stagnation if you keep
thinking the same thoughts
going to the same workplace
you know meeting the same people eating
the same food
taking the same train ride how do you
expect this pattern to change there’s
going to be a disruption of this pattern
if you want to expand out of your
comfort zone
so always double down
on what you do want take that leap of
but don’t jump the gun go at it slowly
finally problem number three is getting
clear you know most people lack this
clarity so they just
naturally can’t double down on what they
want how are you supposed to
move in a direction if you don’t even
know what direction to move towards
you’re going to constantly be doubting
yourself if there is no direction right
so the way to find your north star your
is understanding what a general
vision of what you want to move towards
five years from now 10 years from now
what you want life to look like
building up on that again this is a
system this is a whole system we do in
the reality mastery program but if you
understand these three keys
you know a lot of the things you’ve been
struggling with they won’t be a struggle
anymore but
with that i conclude this video thank
you so much for watching and sincerely
hope this was helpful if you’re new to
the channel make sure you like comment
subscribe hit that little bell there so
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out and also i’m super excited to
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transition out and start up your own
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but it’s you who you are is lacking this
clarity is only worthy of the cubicle so
you can’t break out of it if that sounds
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and what they’re seeing is they have the
business tactics strategies
formulae funnels copywriting sales
tactics it was never the tactics and
strategies that were the problem
but it was you who you are isn’t even
receptive your ras is programmed for the
10k month the opportunities that are in
your worldview right now all correspond
to the 5k 10k month and you can’t scale
if that sounds like you again click on
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next time peace

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Cultivate the Internal World of a Successful Entrepreneur

How to overcome the revenue barrier and scale your business to 7 figures by shifting your identity

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