How To Create Your Reality: The 3 Paradigms Of Reality Creation


In today’s video I want to share with you how to create your reality, and in particular: the 3 paradigms of reality creation.

There are huge misconceptions of what “manifesting” or “goal achievement” really mean.

Most view it to be a binary thing. Either you take massive action, or you just sit in your room all day and meditate and expect the world to give it all to you.

By far, the biggest problem I see in this space is in the obsession of the next “technique” or shiny object.

People are quick to try out the meditations, visualizations, affirmations, breathing techniques you name it…

While there’s obviously nothing wrong with this, this obsession with techniques keeps one stuck in the loop of “doing”.

We quickly seem to forget that we aren’t human “doings” but rather human “beings”.

This struggle with trying out the next technique led me down deep into the rabbit hole, into trying to figure out the source of it all.

Why do techniques work sometimes, but other times they do not?

Why do some people get results, whilst others do not?

What’s the source of all of this, not just the surface level?

That’s when I got very quiet, and started to explore the areas of my life in which I’d garnered unconscious success.

Take fitness for example.

I noticed that as I went to the gym, put in the work, ate healthy and just tried hard – it was a lot of effort.

In this journey though, I became a new person.

As I gained the muscle, I started to get more confident.

However, my confidence was shaky. It was always dependent on my having a “pump”.

That’s when I noticed: my doing & having finally gave me the permission to be that confident version.

My being was dependent on my doing and having.

This was no way to live life, for when doing and having ceases – who am I?

So we go quite deep in this video.

Here’s what I discuss:

  • Why everything is distorted
  • The 3 deepest paradigms of reality and how they work
  • The 3 pillars of reality creation
  • How to become the master of your own destiny
  • Intellectual vs emotional clarity – why you need both
  • Creating the internal world & creating the external world
  • The process of coordination – why most fail here
  • The 2 keys you can begin to implement right now

Hope this was helpful! Leave me a comment below with your thoughts?

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Quazi (00:00):
Quazi here. And in today’s video, I want to share with you how you can truly create your reality and how to actually manifest the correct way and why there’s been so many mistakes in so much misconception in this space. So by the end of this video, you’re going to learn the three pillars of reality creation, how I’ve been teaching this to my clients and how they’ve been, you know, becoming successful with it in their businesses and how you can use this system to do the same for yourself. So make sure you stick around to the very end of this video before we get started, I wanted to quickly announce I made a free bootcamp for you. If you want to go down to the link in the comments below, you can click on it, subscribe with your email and get access to the identity, shifting bootcamp, along with other exclusive bonuses, which I can’t really share with you.
Quazi (00:49):
And those will be shared with you via email. So let’s not delay anything further and just go ahead and get started. So today I want to talk to you about this concept of reality creation. And I haven’t touched upon this in a very long time, because I assume that, you know, everything I’ve been sharing in the channel was helpful, um, in terms of reality creation, because it all compliments it, but we’re going to get a little bit deeper into this today. Okay. And, um, as always, we’re going to start off with the biggest problems that I see in the space. So the biggest problem I see with people who get started off with them attraction with manifestation is they try out of techniques. So myriad of techniques now, why is this a problem? This eventually becomes a problem because we become too technique focus. We become too doing focus.
Quazi (01:45):
We just focus on doing, doing, doing so. There’s breathing techniques as visualization techniques that scripting affirming all of that, right? You take that cold shower, you do some Wim Hoff, and you go through this whole personal development rollercoaster. And you know, sometimes you see results with some, and then you don’t see results with others. And then the same things that were giving you results before are no longer giving you results now. So it becomes very, very weird, like why is this happening? And the very reason I went about and actually started off the reality marshy program is because I was sick and tired of trying out the next technique. And I wanted to truly figure out what the core is, what what’s the source of this instead of patching on a band-aid to the problem, you know, whenever you have some problem, you just do some meditation or visualization to like get rid of the negative thoughts instead of doing that.
Quazi (02:37):
What, why does this happen in the first place? Why can’t we live in a way that that never happens? Right? So that’s why I went about and search for the more root cause of it, as opposed to the surface level wounds that can be seen. What’s the source of this wound, instead of slapping on a band-aid, how can we actually cure this from the source? And what I found was it was never to do with doing, but rather being who you become, your reality, you experience externally is all a result of who you become internally. Okay. So I made that big epiphany and I started to test that out for myself in different areas of my life, in my academics, in my business, in my relationships, you know, I went from not having a business and doing a full-time job to growing a business, to doing about a hundred grand a month at seven figure business.
Quazi (03:27):
I went from sucking with women to, you know, meeting the woman of my dreams. And now I’m married to her. I went from like sucking at school to getting really good grades. It’s all a result of who I became. And what I noticed was I became a different person in the process. When I first unconsciously did all of this, I became a different person in the process that I turned the tables around on it. And I was like, well, what if I become that person now? What if I gave myself permission to be that person now and then do what’s necessary? So instead of what most people do is they have the doing, which is the technique. They’re like, well, when I do this, then I’ll get this. Then I’ll have that,
Quazi (04:12):
This, and then I’ll be, this could see that. So
Quazi (04:23):
Most people there’s, there’s, uh, there’s three paradigms of reality creation,
Quazi (04:27):
Quazi (04:29):
There’s the being, there’s the doing? And then there’s the habit. So what happens with most is they usually begin with having, they’re like, okay, well, when I lose weight, then I’m going to start going to the gym. What I lose 15 pounds, then I’ll start going to the gym. When I have the nice clothes, then I’ll start going to the gym and then I’ll be fit. That’s what happens when you start off, right? That’s what society, conditions us to believe and how we’ve been doing everything up until this point. But then you move on up to, okay. When I do this, when I go to the gym, then I’ll have the buddy. When I go to the gym, then I’ll have the body and then I’ll give myself permission to feel healthy. So that’s, that’s basically how you move on up a level further. But then once you really get to the crux of it, you give yourself permission to feel as the ideal self right now, and be that ideal self in this moment.
Quazi (05:25):
And then out of that being ness, you do what’s necessary in your current reality. And having this follows, this is the most effective way. This is the conscious way of doing things. And that’s what I found. And that’s what I share with all of our clients. Who’ve been getting crazy results with the program, right? It’s because they’ve consciously embodied this version first and then the doing follows and then they do what’s necessary. And then the having comes as a result of that, right? So there’s that part of it. Now, another big part of it, which we teach in the program, which is going to be crucial for you is learning the three pillars of reality creation. The first most important pillar is clarity.
Quazi (06:08):
Okay? This is when you get clear on what it is you want. Now there’s two parts to clarity. There is the intellectual clarity. I’m gonna draw a funky brain, say this is a brain intellectual clarity. And then there is the emotional clarity. Okay? What your heart, once in conjunction in congruence with what your mind is looking for, when you get a congruence between these, then you’re fully clear, then you found your own personal goal and your own personal path that will lead you to that goal. For example, when I did this process, I found out that I wanted to teach, share value with others and make this YouTube channel. My path became YouTube channel, having this business. And the goal was, you know, that mansion in LA and whatever I speak about before. But what you’ve got to understand is the goal always it gets adjusted.
Quazi (07:12):
Okay? And we’re going to get to that. This is the first part of it. Most people don’t really truly know what they want. They think they want something right there, ones their likes and dislikes have been conditioned by society. They think that they want the business. They think that they want the financial freedom. They think they want the six-figures. They don’t really want it deep down. They don’t really want it. It’s kind of like, Ooh, it would be nice to have this. And it’ll be nice to have that. I think I want that. Why do I want it? Oh, because everyone else has it. That’s why I want it. So it’s not truly yours, unless, and until you can find out what’s truly yours, you’ll always suffer. That is the first pillar getting clarity. Now I can’t cover all of this in this video. And that’s why I made a big program to do it.
Quazi (07:54):
And if you’re wanting to sign up for the program, spots for the concert are open. So you can just click on the link in the description below to speak with one of us to see if we’d be a good fit to work together. I know I’m shamelessly promoting, but that’s the best way I can help you. Uh, it just, I can’t cover the scope of all of this in one like 20 minute, 30 minute video, but I’ll try my best to cover it as much as I can to give you some actionable tools to walk away with at the end. But if you want to apply the link for that, as in the description, the first pillar of the reality marshal program is clarity to reality. Creation is clarity. You must get clear both intellectually and emotionally about what it is you want. Okay. The next step is the creation process creation.
Quazi (08:39):
Now this has to do with first of all, learning how to recreate yourself, okay? Your identity, and then learning how to compose your reality. So your internal world and your external world, that’s the way I want you to think of it as, so, learning how to recreate yourself involves like looking at yourself in the third person, having third person affirmations, but also recreating yourself through other means. We have a tool in the program called the self mastery guide, which helps you do that. It’s a, it’s a very, very, uh, deep document that you read every single day, that kind of programs you and you look at yourself. It’s important to reprogram yourself, your identity. Because if you really look at me, when I started off the channel, I had a different energy about me right now. I have a completely different energy about me in the middle.
Quazi (09:36):
I had a different energy about me as well. So who I am changes every single day, it gets iterated, right? Just like your goals never stay stagnant. You remove some stuff because you get clearer and clearer every day, this is an iterative process. Okay? So the creation process involves learning how to recreate yourself and learning how to compose your reality. So in brief, you know, this would look something like doing affirmations or doing visualizations, right? It’s the doing of the techniques, but we don’t focus on the techniques first, right? We always focus on getting clear first and how we do this. Creation process involves you Mo more internalizing all of these techniques and making them a part of you because there’s no one size fits all. Once you internalize the principles, instead of trying out some technique that you don’t even know why you’re doing, then you truly start to see a paradigm shift happened within you. When a paradigm shift happens, you become someone new. Your reality gets upgraded as a result. That’s the creation process. The last process is the coordination process.
Quazi (10:44):
Okay. And this is the pot that I see. Most people
Quazi (10:50):
Try out. Reality creation miss out. So this involves adjustments.
Quazi (10:58):
Quazi (11:00):
Adjustments in the sense of correcting course, um, getting clearer, passing the tests of life,
Quazi (11:11):
You know, um, correcting course, passing the tests.
Quazi (11:22):
What do I mean by all of this? It’s like difficult to write this stuff. So what do I mean by all of this? You probably can’t even read this, but take my word for it. So coordination involves adjustments, you know, course correction, passing the test by adjustments. I mean, adjusting the goal, you know, uh, getting re clearing yourself on it. Is this what you really want? You know, what do you want now as you’ve treaded the path? Because what most people don’t understand is it’s not like a, like a static thing, right? Your goals are dynamic, you set a goal and then you go towards the path. And as you tread the path, the goal becomes a little clearer, but you can’t tread the path. If you don’t have a goal to begin with, you begin with what you think you want. And then you’re like, okay, let’s, let’s go towards that.
Quazi (12:04):
Is that what I really want? No. So for me, this looked like trying out the different business techniques, you know, trying out trading in the stock market, reading stock market books, trying on drop shipping and all of that. And it wasn’t really for me, but I had to go through that and go towards that, to know that it wasn’t for me. So in reality, there are no steps backwards. What appears to you like a steps step backwards is in reality, a step forwards, right? So I want you to keep that in mind. And we do all of this in the coordination process. So the coordination process is how to keep still in this identity and how to adjust it. According to your heart’s core desires, right? There are some core fundamental desires that just can’t be changed that are so deeply rooted. They just need to be achieved and seen through in order to break this illusion.
Quazi (12:51):
That’s what we do in this coordination process. And also in the coordination process, we teach you how to abide as this ideal self as the 2.0 self. You created yourself how to maintain your internal state correctly. Okay? So these are the three pillars to reality creation that I found to be the most effective. Now, the biggest mistake I see most people make is either they’re not fully clear about what they want. And they’re like, Oh, I want this grade. And I want this money. And it’ll be nice to have that. They’re not fully clear on that because they don’t reflect and ponder
Quazi (13:24):
Enough, or they’re
Quazi (13:27):
Not good at coordinating. They’re not good at adjusting the sales. They’re not good at, you know, going along with the flow of life. They’re either putting too much effort or they’re too laid back and they get swept away by this flow of life, right? Either they fight against the flow of life or they get swept away by the flow of life because it’s too overwhelming. So they don’t have this balance between effort and surrender. Usually people are good with this creation process because the mind always looks for techniques. You know, it always looks for the next thing to do, but that’s the easy part. 90% of the work is actually done here. I would say more than 90% of the work is done here, here. And also here. This is the easy part. If you nailed these two pots, if you want to just fully clear on what you want, like, please think about it. If you’re very, very clear on what you really want for your life, you’ll never get distracted. You’ll never fall into like your old patterns because you’ll just look at it and you’ll have a witness, right? And this brings me to another thing. All of this, all of this process happens in the background
Quazi (14:31):
Of awareness, right? Awareness is the background for all of this awareness. Clarity begins. Yeah.
Quazi (14:41):
With awareness, embodiment of a new identity begins with awareness. Coordination begins with awareness, knowing when to let go and knowing when to put an effort, awareness, awareness is required. Okay. So to give you short examples of each of these, you can clarify something by understanding what it is you truly want and why it is you want to once you’re what and why a clear you’ve gotten clarity and we get clarity on our goals and the character we need to become. So first you’ve got to begin with what it is you want and then why it is you want it. And then who it is you’ve got to become to achieve it. Right? So what, and why reflect the dream that you want and the who reflects the person you’ve got to become and what most people misunderstand is they think they’ve got to become someone different.
Quazi (15:35):
It looks like you’re becoming someone different, but it’s actually a version of you. The truest version of you, you must become the truest version of you. And the only way to do that is to remove anything that’s been accumulated as a result of conditioning. That was just not you, when you remove that would just not, you, you can become you. That’s essentially the clarity process in a nutshell, the creation process. I mentioned to you already what it is and the coordination process. I also mentioned to you, it’s the coordination process is learning how to move with this flow of life. When the challenges come, what attitude do you present to it? How do you view it? How do you recontextualize things? How do you surrender to it and let go of it? Right? So these are all of it. So to give you a, an even more concrete example, um, let’s say you have a goal of having a seven figure business. Let’s look at the case study of how quasi built a seven figure business, right? EG seven figure business.
Quazi (16:44):
So how it began was I first got clear on what it is. I wanted to seven figure business. Why, why, why, why, why do I want this got clear on that within yourself? Emotionally getting clear on why do you really want it? Do you really want it asking yourself over and over again? Do you really want this? Why? And it doesn’t matter why it is, right. There’s just gotta be a strong enough driver, a strong enough driver to help you define, you know, get a congruence between the what and why when people achieve the right things for the wrong reasons all the time. But they suffer as a result of it. It’s best. If you can find the right things for the right reasons, but if not begin with what’s already there and what you already do know, because remember this is going to get adjusted to as you move along the path.
Quazi (17:36):
So there’s that. So let’s say you have a goal of a seven figure business, and then you go to the creation process. How do you recreate yourself? You use methods to recreate yourself. Let’s say you use affirmations, right? An example of this would look like, okay, let’s say I’m affirming. Oh, quasi has a six, seven figure business. You know, quasi successfully enrolls clients every single day, et cetera, et cetera. And then you use visualization to help you do that. And when you do that, when you use the creation process internally, you’re creating it. You’re creating this environment, but it hasn’t come into material reality yet it’s created and it’s already become a reality within now. It’s time to make it a reality with that. So then you act, you do what’s necessary. You take one foot, one step towards the goal, but what most people miss, and this is part of the coordination process is you’ve got to confirm it.
Quazi (18:38):
Okay? So the other part to affirmations is then confirming. So this goes to the adjustment process in coordination. So this is just one way we confirm it. One way we coordinate, Oh, why is he wants a seven figure business? He makes a video. The video gets engagement. Ah, see, we are moving towards that. Something good happens. Oh, look, we just hit a 20 K month. Oh my God, that’s fantastic. The other thing most people miss out on in this confirmation process is they will confirm it and then get attached to it. They’ll get a test. The 20 K months, the next month they don’t hit a 20 K. They’re like, Oh my God, I’m going backwards. And now all of the progress they’ve made has just been for nothing because now the attitude gets flipped. Remember your attitude creates your reality. This process is all about attitude.
Quazi (19:28):
This like all of this, this reality creation process is all about attitude. Your attitude forms the, uh, the frequency of the target lifeline. So there’s that target goal that you have. And it’s at like, it’s vibrating at a certain frequency. We want to vibrate at that same frequency. We want to align with that energy at the vibration level. Right? So there’s that when you confirm, you make adjustments to this and you grounded. So the confirmation process is a process of grounding it, but the key to the confirmation process is learning to celebrate without needing it to happen. Okay. So I’m going to write that down. My goal with this video is to give you something actionable that you can begin doing right now. So let’s talk about the two keys to making this work. I hope this was helpful. I hope you took some notes on this or screenshot it, whatever.
Quazi (20:31):
Quazi (20:33):
Let’s talk about the keys.
Quazi (20:40):
Key. Number one
Quazi (20:43):
Is essentially learning the balance between effort and surrender. Okay.
Quazi (20:49):
Balance, effort, and surrender. What does this mean?
Quazi (20:58):
Sometimes you’ll notice that you’re putting too much importance on something. So for example, when I started off, I would put a lot of importance on making YouTube videos and making money in the business. And the more importance I put on it in the month of may, when I first just went full time without the job, did I quit my full-time job? And I was like, all right, I’m going to do this full-time now. And when I went full time, the importance was immense. Like, Aw, man, I have to prove myself and prove to my parents that I could do this and sustain this. And the importance level was intense. Right? And I would just work every single day. I’d be making like seven videos a day trying to get them out there. And I was just burning myself out. And I saw that the more effort I put in the more of a barrier I hit, I was getting diminishing results with my actions and it didn’t work.
Quazi (21:48):
I wasn’t taking smart action. I was taking massive action. Right? So that’s when I realized that the effort was too high and the surrender was too low. I couldn’t reduce this importance. So I had to become aware first about what was going on. And I watched this in awareness and I realized the meaning attributed to generating some sort of revenue and getting something out of this it’s too high. And because of that, there was this unconscious sabotage, right? So now it simply becomes a matter of, okay, where’s the importance. Can I let go of this importance, learning to surrender it fully? Okay. That’s key. Number one, if you understand this, most of your problems will get solved. You don’t need anything else. You just need to learn how to balance your effort with surrender. You have to know, and deep awareness when to put in more of it and when to let go of it, simply just doing what’s necessary.
Quazi (22:42):
Isn’t it. That’s key. Number one. And key number two, we talked about this briefly is in the confirmation process, which is what I see. Most people get wrong. When they confirm they don’t really confirmed. They get attached to it. You know, they confirm something and they hold onto it. They expect it to happen every single day. So for example, that 20 K month, you expected to happen every single one. Well, maybe you do a 20 K months now, and next month you go down and then you come back up again, why can’t that happen? Why can’t you allow that to happen? So there’s this flow of life. And there’s a battle against this flow of life. Life wants to deliver you your goals and the shortest easiest path possible, but you keep battling against it. Don’t do that. So the confirmation process done most effectively essentially looks like celebrating without needing, celebrating your accomplishments
Quazi (23:41):
Without meeting. So
Quazi (23:43):
People get to two extremes with this. They will either not celebrate it all in fear that it might create excessive potential. It might create resistances, or if I celebrate too much, you know, I’ll just, I’ll mess everything up. I’ll jinx it. And that’s not true. If you don’t celebrate, you’re not going to get good things. If you’re not grateful for the good things, you have more good things will come, right. Or the celebrated and get unconsciously a little bit needy for it. Like, uh, you know, this has got to happen every single month. And the key realization, the frame of mind that solves for this is the attitude of this is great, but this too shall pass. This is great, but better things are coming this too, shall pass celebrating without needing it. Okay.
Quazi (24:36):
So this too shall pass.
Quazi (24:46):
That’s essentially it. So these are the two keys I want you to take away from this video, go ahead and try them out and prepare to be shocked. And with that, I conclude this video. Thank you so much for watching. I sincerely hope this was helpful. Let’s do a quick recap. You know, today we talked about manifestation, reality creation, why most fail and the biggest problem is that doing the obsession to do something or the obsession to have something and not focusing on being an embodiment first, when you simply focus on being an embodiment, the rest flow as a natural consequence of that, that should be a direct focus. When you make that your direct focus, everything else falls into place. And then we talked about the three pillars. We talked about clarity creation and coordination that we use in the program. And when you use, when you get very, very clear, both intellectually and emotionally about your goals, what do you want, why you wanted, and then who it is you need to become to achieve it.
Quazi (25:49):
Then the how and when also fall into place. Naturally. So another way to think about this is I was recently talking to this client at this prospective client. Um, and she mentioned, well, does your program help me develop solid boundaries? Because I find that I’m a people pleaser and I have a tough time saying no. And then I said to her, well, you don’t need to directly tackle solving your boundaries because if you get truly clear about what it is you want in your life, both intellectually and emotionally, then naturally boundaries are going to rise, right? Naturally, you’re going to say no to somethings like people ask me how, um, I have such a, such an easy time being disciplined and saying no to alcohol and partying and staying up late. And it’s because I’m just very clear about, I have a clear vision of where I want my life to go. And this obviously didn’t come overnight, but this was always the focus. You know, I always focused on this. And when you do that, then discipline naturally comes in a working on your business. It becomes joyful doing the things that you want to do, working on your goals. It becomes fun. It becomes joyful. It’s not like a, like a struggle every single day. And the only way to get to that is to get clear. And that’s why I say more than 90% of the work has done in getting clarity.
Quazi (27:09):
Quazi (27:11):
The first pillar is clarity. The second pillar is creation. Learning how to compose your reality through methods of visualization, visualization, how to compose and craft the character, how to form the character.
Quazi (27:26):
And then the final method. The final pillar is coordination. Learning how to adjust this whole process, how to iterate and how to eliminate stuff. That’s not useful to you anymore. How to let go of things that don’t serve you anymore. I’ve had a huge, huge evolution. Since the day I started, you know, I went from caring so much about that mansion, that Ferrari and the partner of my dreams to not caring about that anymore at all, like I could care less if I had a Ferrari, I could afford a Ferrari right now, you know, but I just don’t want it. I could afford that mansion, but I just don’t want to, it just wouldn’t make sense because now the vision is different. Do you know what I mean? When you get started off? It’s great. It’s great to want those things. It’s great to have that as a foundation, you should focus on yourself. You should focus on what you want and not try to trick yourself and say, Oh no, I shouldn’t be wanting to help humanity. That has to become a realization within you, right? You can’t force yourself to do that. So allow yourself, give yourself permission to be you right now and what you want right now and just go towards it. And as you go towards it, things will just become clearer and clearer.
Quazi (28:40):
Quazi (28:40):
With that, I conclude this video. Thank you so much for watching. I sincerely hope this was helpful. Leave me a comment below. If you thought this was beneficial, or if you’d like to see any other videos for me to make. And also if you’re new to the channel, make sure you like comment, subscribe, hit that little bell there. So you’re notified of any new video that I put out. Also, if you’d like to work together, if you’re looking for mentorship, the link for a playing for a consultation is below. You can go and apply for it. And you know, some, either me or someone from my team will speak to you to see for a good fit to work together. Now, we don’t typically work with everyone. We work with generally, those who are entrepreneurs who want to scale their businesses. They’re stuck at a certain revenue level and they see that they have the techniques, they have the tactics and the business strategies.
Quazi (29:25):
They know how to mock it, but it’s not a tactical strategic problem. They’re hitting this invisible barrier and they don’t know what it is. And they’re starting to see that this blind spot really is their mindset. Their internal world, their internal world is stopping them. They keep hitting the same barriers and the same patterns every single day. That sounds like you click on the link in the description to apply. And let’s see if we can work together. And the free Facebook group is open for you to take advantage of as well. The link for that is also in the description. Thank you so much for watching until next time. Peace.

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