How To Deal With Rejection & Failure: The One Mindset That Will Change Everything


In today’s video I want to share with you the best way to deal with rejection and failure.

When we mishandle the events that occur in our lives, they lead to circumstances and events that are undesirable.

This is especially true in the handling of rejections & failures.

I was speaking with a friend recently, who is roughly 50 years of age.

He’d mentioned how, when he was in his teens, he was a shy kid.

One day he’d decided that he’d had enough of being shy and acted out of his comfort zone.

He went up to a girl he’d been meaning to speak to, and approached her cold.

She turned him down, and he felt humiliated.

From that moment onwards, he never opened up again.

He never tried again and lived the rest of his years closed off.

It didn’t mean he lived a terrible life, but it made me wonder how different his life would’ve been if he were simply able to let go of that event.

See when an undesirable event occurs, it’s merely an event that didn’t go accordingly with the mind’s plan.

This doesn’t mean that future events will also unfold this way.

However, what determines how future events will unfold is the meaning that we attribute to the events that already occurred.

Eg. if from one terrible experience I expect all future experiences to end up in rejection, then I’ll live the rest of my life closed off.

That is the greatest misfortune.

Unfortunately, this is true for so many of us.

Why this is true is because we have unconsciously internalized our lives & the events that occurred in them.

So what I share with you in today’s video is the most graceful way to handle rejection.

In fact, how to turn failure and rejection into a source of great strength, such that it propels you in to future success.

I hope this is of value to you!



Quazi (00:00):

Quasi here. And in today’s video, I want to talk to you about how to deal with failure and how to deal with rejection and how

Speaker 2 (00:08):

To use rejection

Quazi (00:10):

And failure as stepping stones to help you become wildly successful. This is something that 99% of people don’t know and therefore never really become wildly successful. Okay. And this is something that took me a lot of failures and a lot of rejections to figure out. And, uh, I hope you hope it takes you less rejections and less failures, but it might not. So by the end of this video, you’re going to learn the biggest reason why failure and rejection hurts so many people how to not let it affect you at all, and how to become wildly successful by using it. Okay. So make sure you stick around till the very end of this video.

Quazi (01:02):

So without further delay, let’s go right ahead and get started. Now failure and rejection is, uh, uh, is an interesting topic because a lot of people don’t know how to consciously internalize. That’s the key word consciously internalize their failures and their rejections. Right. And what happens is any time they get rejected, they take it too personally and get destroyed by it. So let’s figure out what the biggest problem is. The biggest problem is we unconsciously internalize our failures and rejections and we become closed off by them. Okay. So to give you an example, you have a crush on someone. You want to go talk to them, you put yourself out there and you get rejected. And you’re like, that was a terrible idea. I’m never doing it again. I recently met this guy who said, oh, you know, when I was younger, I put myself out there with a girl and she rejected me and.

Quazi (01:58):

That was the first time I ever did it. And I’m never going to do it again. Right. And that was like, he was like, I regretted, I regret being like this for the past 50 years, because if I’d been somewhat different, my life would have been completely different. If I were just a little bit more open in all different aspects of his life, right? It just makes you become closed off. Whenever you become closed off, you don’t receive. Please think about this. If you’re open to life, you will receive anything by whether it be girls or whether it be money or success. You have to be open. You have to risk things, right? You have to risk losing some to gain a lot. So that’s what most people fail to understand because they get traumatized by failure. And this traumatization happens because of the way they’ve internalized that event.

Quazi (02:50):

And an internalization of an event happens when you have a perspective and an attitude towards it. So if you view failure as something bad, if you view rejection as something bad, then you will always battle, you know, determine your future behavior. So a big example in for business owners I see is that, you know, they do a lot of prospecting. They do a lot of sales calls and when they get started off, rejection hurts them a lot. They’re like, ah, I got rejected. Oh no, I prospected. And you know, this person gave me a negative response or, you know, you make a video of something and you get a terrible response from it. And then it traumatizes you from making future ones as opposed to just improving them for the future. Right. And it traumatizes you because of the way you put a meaning on it.

Quazi (03:42):

So I want you to be careful of what meaning you’re putting on to, you know, your prospecting efforts or your relationships and the events that happen at the end of the day. If you let the actions of others dictate how you feel within you will always suffer. Okay. How you feel within is a privilege that only you should hold no one else, nothing else. It should be completely unaffected by the external world. Okay. From following this channel, you probably know by now that how you keep your internal world will eventually where they delay be reflected out into your external world. Okay? If we keep our internal world completely miserable, completely scarce, needy all the time, then the mirror of the external world will also reflect taking when you are needy, it will reflect taking when you are afraid, you know, it will give you more things to be fearful of.

Quazi (04:46):

So that’s just how reality works. Reality can be a cruel mistress, or it can be a beautiful place for you to live in. So you make that decision by what you put out there by what you hold to be true within. So the biggest thing with dealing with rejection, I want you to take away from this. I’m just going to keep this video. Real short is conscious internalization. You will fail. Okay. When I got started off in business, I asked myself, how quickly can I fail so that I can learn the lessons that I need to learn in order to be successful? I wasn’t inching away from failure. I was open towards failure. So the next time you’re faced with an event that resembles something you’re traumatized by just look at how you approach it. Okay. Who you approach it as? Are you open to this experience or are you closed off to this experience?

Quazi (05:42):

It might even be a little experience like your wife asking you to do the chores. How is your attitude towards it? Because that’s the main thing that governs every other thing, your attitude is the way you keep your internal world. Okay. So ask yourself, what is attitude towards this? Am I open to this? Or am I closed off to this? And just have an awareness on that? Just watch it. And when you, you do have an awareness on it, and if you do realize what’s going on now, you can have a say in how you choose to show up in the future. Okay. So that’s number one. That’s conscious internalization. The second thing is you’ve got to accept the possibility of failure in the first place. Like there is no other way, like, just assume you’re going to fail. Just assume that that failure is a part of success.

Quazi (06:34):

Because if you like, please think about this life will be so boring. If you just kept succeeding at everything that you did, right. It would just, it would be fun. But without any challenge or anything, if you just like kept succeeding, it’s like playing a video game with cheat codes. There will be no point at all. If there’s no challenge, it’s not fun at all. You don’t get in flow. You don’t get to solve problems and overcome complex challenges and feel good about yourself afterwards. Right? So that’s, that’s why there’s a need. And having these challenges, all of these challenges, all of these rejections, all of these problems arise and are catered to our individuals, uh, uh, individual beings because life throws us tests that had knows we need at this point in our lives to grow. If we fall asleep in these tests and fall unconscious and start to unconsciously, internalize them, then we will suffer in the future.

Quazi (07:31):

If we consciously internalize them and see what’s going on in pure awareness and the light of pure awareness, we will grow from them. Okay. That’s simply what I mean by consciously internalizing, just choosing the meanings that you’re putting onto it, waking up to it, you know, letting it wake you up, letting you T letting it teach you a lesson. The other thing is that most people are afraid of rejection is because they’re afraid of getting humiliated. They’ve had an experience in the past, like myself, when I was bullied, when I was younger and I was like, I don’t want to do anything that will ruin my reputation because I’ve been, um, an outcast for a very long time in my life. And that was a stupid way to live because I was just closed off to everything. And again, if you are closed off, you will never receive.

Quazi (08:13):

So humiliation is actually your friend. The more you get humiliated, the more you can become humble. And the more you can become humble, the more you can become open to receiving. Okay. See to it that every experience in your life allows you to become a little more open. Okay. It allows you to become a little more curious, a little more open and your life would just unfold magically. Right? So with that, I conclude this video. Thank you so much for watching. I hope this was helpful. Leave me a comment. Let me know what you thought of this. If you would like to apply to work with us, the link for that is in the description. You can schedule a free consult with us. The link to the free Facebook group is also in the description. Guys. I wanted to keep this real short for you. I hope this helps you up. Yeah. Leave me a comment. And if you’re new, like comment, subscribe, hit that little bell there. So you’re notified of any new video that I put up. So with that, I’ll see you next time.


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