How To Manifest More Money By Identity Shifting


In today’s video I want to share with you how you can quickly move up the ranks and manifest more money into your life faster. This isn’t a gimmick in that you’ll get a lottery win, but more of a permanent solution that you can keep following to see the flow of money and abundance increase and will be especially powerful for you if you are a business owner.

Why most people get stuck at a certain level in their lives with money is because money is fundamentally energy. If you are not completely aligned in your internal state of being to what you want externally, it won’t show up. This is the mirror principle of reality. The mirror will reflect the thoughts and attitudes you present to it.

The biggest problem is that most fail to double down on the decisions that will make their businesses grow. They hesitate and choke on decisions and act like they are the “2.0 self” and when push comes to shove, they back out. I know this because I used to struggle with this as well.

Only a select few have the power to completely double down on what they truly want, even in times of uncertainty, without ever looking back.

This is the phenomenon of acting in alignment with who you’re becoming, and going against your conditioned self.

Make sure you watch this video in full because it will be a game changer.

Here’s what I discuss:

  • The 3 stages I went through to upgrade my business
  • Acting in alignment with the ideal self
  • Paradigms and making the shift
  • The biggest thing that keeps most people stuck
  • Learning how to consistently level up – what I’m doing next

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quazi here and in this video i’m going
to show you how you can recondition
yourself and reprogram yourself
to manifest more money into your life i
really want you to pay close attention
to this video because what i’m going to
be sharing with you
are basically the three stages i
personally have to go through
from when i started at a nine to five to
starting up my business and seeing
inconsistent results in it to really
taking it up
to revolutionary heights okay this is
something that is going to be a big
game changer for you and if you’re
someone who’s a professional
you know you’re looking to make more
money in your career or really looking
to even transition out and start up
your own business understanding the
internal mechanisms and the internal
workings of your subconscious mind
yourself and really your whole internal
world what you call as you
understanding that and how to
restructure that so that you can easily
and comfortably step into what you want
is going to be very crucial for you
stick around to the very end of this
video because what i’m going to be
sharing with you is one key
one big realization that i had to make
to help me shift my own paradigm
before i begin this video i wanted to
quickly announce that a couple of spots
have opened up for the free one-to-one
consult with me my team for the reality
mastery program
if you’ve been trying to sign up and you
haven’t found a spot yet make sure you
wait around till the end of the video
for the announcement on that and
with that let’s get started so in this
video i want to talk to you about
more money okay and anytime you want to
make more of what you already have
more often than not it is easy but the
problem is
you don’t see it that way okay you start
to only focus on the scarcity and what
you don’t have rather than what you
do so life brings more and more of what
you don’t have
this will lead us to actually talking
about the big key which is the mirror
principle of life and how life actually
okay but the biggest problem most people
go through
is most people hold on
to what they already have okay
most people hold on to what they already
have and they can’t
take the decisions they need to take to
help them break out of
this current cycle they’re in so let’s
look at an example of this you know
let’s say you are you have been working
a comfortable
nine-to-five job okay let’s say this is
your current world view
your current world view and this is your
is you’re in a comfortable cushy
corporate career
and within you there is a desire of
wanting to move forward but you’ve been
in this career for so long 20 years
30 years you’ve been working in
engineering job you’ve been working a
uh career and you know this whole time
sort of accustomed yourself to someone
else’s definition of what your life
should be like
okay now what’s happened is over the
that you’ve been in this job certain
events have happened and you’ve seen
certain things and you’ve lived in
certain patterns waking up
brushing your teeth taking the train or
driving to work
coming back watching tv eating dinner
going to bed only to do the same cycle
over and over again
this has become an ingrained habit
within you
right so naturally it gets increasingly
difficult to break out of a 30-year
overnight so this is why most people are
unable to do that
so let’s call this your current paradigm
this circle is your current paradigm
but now what you’re wanting to do is
expand it because now you’ve started to
realize and the pain
has actually gotten to you that you know
what i can’t continue on like this
i don’t want to be in my death bed
saying oh well i lived a mediocre
average life and i didn’t really do what
i wanted to do
so let’s say you now make the decision
that you want to become an entrepreneur
you want to start up your own business
you want to have that freedom to travel
to spend your time the way you want to
spend it so
now what’s required of you is this
all right i’ll do a dotted line
so this is the paradigm that’s required
of you but this one
has become very very solidified that’s
why i drew it in a solid line
this one is not a strong paradigm yet
because you
haven’t conditioned yourself to that yet
so now what’s going to happen is you’ve
got to shift from this paradigm
to this paradigm so the biggest issue
most people go through and why they
can’t manifest more money
is they’re always you know met with
critical decision making points
critical junctures in their lives where
they have to make a very crucial
do i invest in this program this course
do i invest in this advertising do i
you know do this and do that and or do i
do i just stated what is comfortable and
what is cushy even if they have a
business that is doing well
and they’ve been part-time they’ve
actually made the leap to transition
in their corporate career and they’ve
been doing their business they couldn’t
quite make the leap to going full time
so they couldn’t fully commit to their
decisions and because of that
this dotted line has stayed dotted
the phenomenon of you moving from this
smaller circle to this bigger circle is
what we call a paradigm shift
okay so if i went from this small circle
let’s say this is you you go from here
and you just obliterate
this barrier that you have and you go
out to the big circle
this is when you’ve experienced the
paradigm shift now what causes a
paradigm shift to occur
that is again changing your complete
conditioning what you call as yourself
this is where we’re gonna get to the key
of it which is the key of identity
shifting your whole identity your whole
conditioning your whole state of being
okay how you’ve been accustomed to
living what thoughts you’ve been
feeling what emotions you know what
thoughts you’ve been focusing on and
what emotions you’ve been feeling
all of those constitute of what we call
as you okay
we’re gonna get to that but before i get
to that i want to exemplify this
situation to really concretize it
by helping you understand my situation
and where i started
so as many of you may have known if
you’ve been following my channel
um when i first began in this journey
towards entrepreneurship towards
following my own path
there were three big stages to it okay
i’m gonna summarize them into three big
stages maybe they were more
maybe they were less i don’t know but
stage one
was where i first started off when i had
the nine to five
okay i was supposed to go for a
full-time career in engineering
okay it was paying me uh
48k a year and i was supposed to work
full-time 40 hours a week maybe even
more if the company required it
it was not a bad salary but you know at
the end of the day
what you’re sacrificing much more than
that is your time
right i was in that nine to five
where i believed my paradigm was this
oh the only thing that is possible is
the nine to five everyone does a nine to
everyone goes to college it goes to high
school goes to college and then
comes out of college looking for a job
you have to compete for
to earn your place under the sun right
that was my paradigm at the time
and you can imagine if someone were to
come up to beam be like
oh you know people actually make money
online and people
actually have their own businesses and
people actually are financially free
where they no longer have to worry about
where the next paycheck is coming from
but they have enough money saved so that
they can just
relax and do the things that they want
to do and not worry about the next
right so that kind of idea was
absolutely shocking to me
i was in the mindset of pinching pennies
oh put in your 401k
put in your retirement account hold on
to it and then when you retire
when you’re 60 and 65 then that’s when
you can relax
okay just just work hard till you’re 65
and then you can relax
right so that kind of idea didn’t
resonate well with me because i started
to see all of the people
at the workplace that i was at and they
were completely depressed they were like
oh shit
i hate this you know um every single day
they would show up they would have this
grim look on their faces
and i looked at that and i looked at
what my life could potentially look like
you know 40 years down the line and i
was like is this what i want for it
no that’s not what i want so then my
paradigm slowly started to shift because
i started to
have a desire but my conditioning was
pointing the other direction
but i was more focused on my desire i
was like what do i want
and in the internship i sort of made a
declaration to myself and i said look by
this time next year
i’m going to you know make 20k a month
in my business
i’m gonna have my own business i don’t
know what it is yet i don’t know how
it’s gonna happen
but somehow it’s gonna happen i had that
kind of faith in that
right so stage one was where i made that
declaration and i made that decision
and to go from stage one to stage two
i’m gonna give you how these transitions
happen but before i get to that i wanna
outline each stages stage one was me
being at that nine to five
stage two was me being stuck at the
you know five actually having a business
and being stuck
at one month doing 5k then doing 8k and
then going back down
right inconsistent results
inconsistent revenue right
in business and
stage three is where i am at right now
doing consistent 100k months 150k a
month but now i want to expand
and basically go from here to scaling up
300k a month you know actually having a
actually having a company structure a
and stepping away as the face of it but
actually having a brand and its own
right so that’s basically what i’m
looking to transition
into right now so i’m at this stage
where it’s
consistent 100k plus month
and hiring team
and scaling really scaling this up into
visionary heights
that’s the level i am at now that’s what
i want to get to as well
going up to 300k months so i’m gonna put
a border here
so these are the three stages that i’ve
had to go through
now the big question becomes how did the
transition from one stage to the other
stage to the other stage
even happen and how are you
transitioning quasi from stage three to
stage four
and that’s basically the overarching key
of this whole video
so the key you’ve gotta understand to
making this paradigm shift
so let’s say this was stage one for me
right the solid line was stage one
the dotted line was stage two
and the final line
that would be stage three
and the key to making
this this leap right when you go from
one paradigm to the other
is shifting your identity your internal
sense of self
shifting your state of being identity
this is what we teach in the reality
mastery program where we teach people
how to shift their identities
so they can shift their whole realities
so where this concept of identity
shifting comes from
is understanding the overarching nature
of reality
which is the mirror principle whatever
you’re seeing
outside and happening in your life is
all a reflection of the attitudes
thoughts emotions
um actions physical actions that you
you know all that’s happening within
that’s leading to all of those
right so in yoga there is uh there are
four paths to enlightenment
there is first of all the intellectual
which is guyana
you can get to enlightenment
there is the emotion which is bhakti the
way of devotion
there is karma which is the way of
action the path of action and then
there’s kriya
which is energy energetic doing yoga
doing yogic practices
all of these paths can lead you to
enlightenment right
but if you have a healthy balance of all
four of them then you can get to
enlightenment or achieving your goals
much quicker so in that manner if you
can align your
thoughts your emotions your energies
and your actions all in one direction
you can arrive at your goal
very very quickly dangerously quickly
right it doesn’t have to it could be
so you can manifest more money overnight
if you learned how to do that
but most people don’t know how to do
that because there’s a misalignment
in the thoughts emotions actions
energies right there’s
somewhere a misalignment and there’s a
there’s a wavering they can’t keep it
unwavering in one direction
so this is where this key of identity
shifting comes in completely changing
your internal world
so that your external world follows so
the mirror principle states that
you hold within will show without
okay because i kept
staying stuck in the nine to five
mentality within
that’s why it was so difficult for me to
even think about starting my business
right so to give you an idea it took me
eight months from actually thinking
starting up a business to actually doing
it even more than that
i think i recall it being eight months
but it probably could have been a year
and a half
i probably thought about it sophomore
year you know but
actually doubling down making the
commitment and going full
force that took me a very very long time
but when i did commit and i committed
it took it was very very quick right it
was almost a compound effect i went from
zero to 100k a month in my business
within 11 months of starting it
so that again shows when you understand
the subtle principles of life and
internally how to align yourself the
right things will come up to you
the problem is most people they start to
look for the strategies and tactics the
trap when you’re at the nine to five and
you want to transition out onto a
different paradigm
is the how the biggest trap most people
fall into is
how do i do it oh what can i try to do
what business opportunity can i try to
do it because
we’ve been spoon fed up until this time
we haven’t even been taught
to think for ourselves do you see what i
mean the problem is
you’ve been spoon-fed knowledge you were
like in college okay this is what you
need to know and that’s what you need to
know that’s what you need to know
here’s everything that you need to know
now you’re you know
you’re good you know you’re good for
that nine-to-five career this is why
people get such a shock when they come
out into the real world from college
they’re like oh
that’s not how i thought it would be
working in a company is completely
but it’s not as much different as you
being a business owner because your boss
still tells you what to do
right so just in that manner
whenever you want to make a paradigm
shift you’ve got to
start to become receptive to
what you actually want this is where the
concept of clarity comes in
when you get clear about what you truly
want not what you think you want not
what society tells you to want
that’s when the opportunities the how
will show up for you
but most people here they’re not
receptive because they’re not looking at
what they truly want they’re looking at
what they think they want they think
they want the financial freedom but ask
yourself this
if you were to transition from your
full-time job to something you
absolutely hate doing but it gives you
financial freedom
even you know let’s say you work four
hours a week but those four hours a week
are the absolute
worst you know it’s almost like you’re
stabbing yourself for four hours every
single week
but the rest of the week you’re
completely fine you can do whatever you
want would you do it
you wouldn’t right because you’re still
as opposed to if you were working
12-hour days doing what you actually
love to do
you woke up excited to do 12-hour days
would you do that instead
absolutely right so the thing is now
my focus when i was at this nine-to-five
stage the biggest barrier for me was
how do i get there so i tried out a
million different things
right so the problem here is how
how the incessant focus on the tactics
and strategies that will get you there
instead of getting
emotionally clear emotional clarity
helps you break out of this
emotional clarity
and then you get to stage two when
opportunities do start to show up for
when i got emotional clarity what
happened was the right opportunity
started to show up my way
the right mentor started to come to me
you’ll see a lot of people in the
reality mastery program as well
mentioning how
oh ever since i got clarity i met the
right mentors
i met the right people and the right
business strategies and tactics they all
showed up for me
up until now i was just trying a million
and one different things but now the
right tactics are here for me
and then when this emotional clarity
so with it does the tactics and
strategies the logical steps to help you
get to that level that you want to get
that’s when you come to stage two but in
stage two what happened for me was this
business revenue i wanted to manifest
more money right i wanted to manifest i
was making more money than i was here
but i still wanted to manifest more
money and consistently do so
and what i saw was that this
inconsistency arised because
internally there was an inconsistency
within myself
what i mean by this is internally i was
still stuck at this nine to five mindset
a part of me was still holding back when
i was making business decisions
and a part of me would still be like a
cheapo repo and i would like
get the cheapest way to get it done and
as a result sacrifice a lot more of my
time when i could be doing a lot of
other things
the big thing that got me out of stage
was having alignment in my actions my
emotions and
the thoughts that i had if i had
the thought of i want to go to 100k
months i want to go to a consistent 20k
months even
then emotions would follow as well what
does it feel like to be at that 20k
who would this 20k a month version of
quasi be how would he
act would he be cheap on business
decisions or would he make those
with comfort so the biggest reason why
most people
even at this stage which is what kept me
stuck in this stage was
i was acting in alignment with the nine
to five self expecting to arrive at the
business version of me
that’s absolutely ridiculous and this is
where identity shifting comes in
having actions
in alignment with thoughts
so we could say having your actions in
alignment with the ideal self
that’s the key please remember this if
you want to make a shift in your
every single action that you take has to
be in alignment with who you’re becoming
not who you are okay a lot of people
when they’re presented with a decision
they’re like oh that’s just not me
oh i just don’t make snap decisions oh
i’ve got to sleep on it and think about
that’s the trap that they fall in right
that’s the problem right because
you take too long to make decisions
that’s why you’re stuck here you’ve got
to work against yourself you’ve got to
expand your comfort zone
i remember in stage one i would take two
to three months to make a two thousand
dollar decision to invest in a
in a potential business that i didn’t
have and in stage two
it went from that to within an hour
making a five thousand dollar decision
to stage three making a thirty thousand
dollar decision within an hour
you’ll see most successful people people
like jeff bezos people like elon musk
they make very very big decisions very
very quickly
they don’t let it drain up their mental
okay they will so success a sign of sure
sign of success
is when you start to make more higher
impact decisions in a lower
period of time because you start to
understand the more you think about it
the more you’ll start to doubt it the
more you’ll start to
look for things wrong with it as opposed
to really having faith and committing
and doubling down on this decision
and following it through that was the
biggest key that helped me move from
stage two to stage three
you know making those five thousand
dollar decisions i remember
in stage two i had inconsistent revenue
and now that i look back at it
was because my coaching business was i
was still doing the one-to-one model and
i couldn’t scale up and a lot of my time
was tied up to doing the one-to-one work
with clients right and because of that i
didn’t really know i thought it wasn’t
affecting me but some
guy from some program he was harassing
me on oh you should join you know it
will really help you
um free up more of your time but at the
time i couldn’t see the impact of it i
thought he was just trying to make a
but making that decision towards the end
of it i said you know what fuck it let’s
do this
even though i’m stuck at the 5k month
i’m just going to make the decision to
free up more of my time so that i can
focus on what i need to do
as a business owner and because i made
that decision just because i made that
every single other area of my life
started to blow up the biggest fear i
had in making that decision
was that oh what if i just waste five
thousand bucks
but then i started to look at the flip
side of it what if i don’t do this and i
stay stuck here for another three four
would i want that what if i’m stuck here
for another year or two years
would i want that no then it becomes
very very easy to make these decisions
so the biggest key for me that helped me
break from stage two to stage three
was making these uncomfortable financial
decisions in accordance with who i’m
okay even though my business wasn’t at
the stage where i felt comfortable
comfortable making that decision i made
an uncomfortable decision to double down
even more in my business and move
and what do you think happened as a
result of that it really doesn’t make
but when i entered stage three my
youtube channel so my videos started to
blow up
a lot more people started to come into
the channel a lot more people started to
schedule consults
and i started to have a lot more clients
but that’s completely unrelated
to me investing in that program because
that program would teach me some tactics
and strategies to help me free up more
of my time
but it’s the impact of the decision
that you make because remember if you
want to become successful it’s not about
you know what you try to do and etc
etc it’s about the decision to have
when you have a complete firmness in
your decision to
have and be and do it’s going to
it’s gonna happen one way or the other
everything becomes a placebo
everything becomes a self-fulfilling
prophecy it’s just when you make that
and you say i’m not staying here like
this anymore i want that
and you make that unwavering decision
remember we talked about having an
unwavering commitment
towards what you want your energy your
thoughts your emotions your actions all
in the same line
unwavering then goal achievement can
become very very quick
that is outer intention okay
so that’s what helped me move from stage
two to stage three
what’s helping me move from stage three
to stage four again the same thing
having that faith doubling down even
more i’m not comfortable handing over
consults to um you know a new
coach that we’ve hired they don’t know
how to do it the way i’ve been doing it
for the past year and a half
right but i do it anyways because i have
this trust and i have this faith
because if i don’t then i’m going to be
stuck here for another
few years sure i might lose some money
maybe deals that aren’t closing with him
would have closed with me but he learned
my coach learned something and at the
same time i learn a lot of things about
training another person
right now i’m seeing that i’m becoming
the bottleneck in my business
so this is how you manifest more money
you act against your conditioned self
you act against
this self in favor of this self
okay because at the end of the day if
you don’t sacrifice for your dreams your
dreams will inevitably become the
okay so the biggest key i want you to
take away from this video please listen
is if you want to experience
more abundance more money more business
anything that you haven’t been
experiencing right now
it’s because you’re confined to your own
comfort zone it’s because you’ve been
acting thinking
feeling the same things every single day
you keep focusing on why you don’t have
and why the bills are piling up as
opposed to what you actually do want
and when you do want something and then
something comes in your world view
and you have to make a big investment
decision you just say oh
i don’t know i should hold on to what i
already have oh i’ve taken so long to
save up this money
well that’s great you can hold on to
this money but don’t expect
to you know be who you want to be and
experience what you want
good things in life never come from the
comfort zone like
growth never ever comes from the comfort
zone it always comes from the
uncomfort zone but especially when you
have a good attitude towards that
uncomfort when you become hopeful
when you become you know devoted
and you have faith that this will happen
so the key thing you can do is number
shift your identity act in accordance
with who you’re becoming
but before that get clarity around what
it is you want and
who you need to become to achieve that
act in accordance with that
okay and with that i conclude this video
thank you so much for watching i
sincerely hope this was helpful i’m
going to recap the gist of this video
and really what we talked about
and the big points of it how i broke out
of it as well
the biggest problem is most people hold
on to what they already have
aka they keep themselves trapped in
their own comfort zones
the very reason i was able to break out
and make more money in my life
was not just some magic
but it’s only magic because you know you
start to look at
the series of events that have unfolded
and how i’ve acted against myself
every single time i’ve made i’ve made
these uncomfortable decisions
every single time and in stage one
when it was the nine to five it was me
making the uncomfortable decision to
quit to double down on my business
investing money that i didn’t even have
borrowing money from other people
and just doubling down on that path
saying you know what this
is the one i’m gonna do i’m not even
gonna think about going back
oh sure maybe even if i fail looking at
the worst case scenario getting okay
with that even if i fail at least i’ve
because at the end of the day trying and
is much better than living the rest of
your life in regret
that i can tell you for sure stage two
going from those inconsistent revenue
months stuck at
0 to 5k a month to actually moving up to
100k a month what made that happen again
uncomfortable decisions acting in
accordance with who i’m becoming not who
am okay
making that decision to join that
program symbolized not just joining that
program but my commitment to my craft
i will do anything to help me get to
that next level
even if it was a bad financial decision
i will at least learn from it
and iterate and improve for the next
how am i going from stage 3 to stage 4
which is 300k months
again uncomfortable having faith in
someone else completely new
right and this whole thing happens
because your own paradigm shift
what you’ve got to understand is when
your paradigm shifts you don’t
destroy your old paradigm you don’t you
incorporate into the new one
you see how these circles are
overarching the smaller circles
it’s because your comfort zone
expands this is literally what it means
when your comfort zone expands
you’ve uncovered a larger territory of
if you keep living in this minuscule
comfort zone you’re going to grow old
zero experience of life you’re
experiencing more and more of life
as your comfort zone expands
and the key to doing all of this to
making this paradigm shift
and seeing these these changes in your
external world is by changing
your internal world completely and the
biggest thing you can do
is having your actions in alignment with
who you’re becoming
a lot of people can easily say oh yeah
i’m the ideal self i know i’m becoming
the ideal self but then they keep
doubting themselves and focusing on
uh poverty and they start to hold on to
more money as a result
they see a lack of money they’re like oh
i don’t have money and then they hold on
to what they already have
which then takes more and more of it
away from them something happens some
accident happens or
you know some business disaster happens
or they they prioritize investing in
their real estate
rather than themselves and because of
that they keep staying stuck in the same
perpetual cycle i can’t tell you how
many times i’ve seen that happen
so remember whatever you’re saying must
be true with
how you’re acting okay you’ve got to be
and complete alignment in your thoughts
and your emotions
and the actions you take and with that i
conclude this video thank you so much
for watching i
sincerely hope this was helpful if
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uh if you’re a professional you’re
looking to transition out and start up
your own business
something that gives you that time
financial location freedom and you’ve
tried the different business
opportunities and what you’re seeing
is that with all these opportunities you
just jump from one to the next only to
return back to the nine to five
and quickly you’re starting to see that
the business model that you’ve tried is
not the problem it’s not that
real estate investing it’s not the stock
market trading it’s not the affiliate
it’s you who you are is only stuck in
this paradigm of the nine to five and
this conditioning of the nine to five
and because of that
you always keep returning back to it the
same thing with the entrepreneurs that
we work with they’re stuck at the 5 to
10k months in their business
they want to scale up they want to make
more money but again
it was never a business tactical or
strategic problem
those are the symptoms that they’re
seeing there’s an unseen wound that’s
causing these symptoms
which is themselves who they are is only
worthy of the 5k 10k months
even if they do make more they
eventually return back down to this
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Cultivate the Internal World of a Successful Entrepreneur

How to overcome the revenue barrier and scale your business to 7 figures by shifting your identity

Free Training

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