How To Master Your Emotions: The 4 Step “Release” Method


Today I want to share with you a simple 4 step technique to master your emotions.


Your emotions are what propel you into motion. Imagine you were no longer at the mercy of your emotions (the past) and could consciously choose how your life unfolds.

Understanding this will help you achieve what I like to call “effortless results” in all areas of life: business, health, relationships…

Imagine no longer being gripped by fear, traumas, anxiety, anger, guilt…it might be hard to believe if that’s all you’ve known for the past few years of your life, but it’s possible…and our clients are a testament to that.

Once you let go of holding on to what’s not serving you, there’s more room to receive more of that which will serve you.

After spending years doing this deep internal dive, listening to gurus, reading books, this is the method that’s stuck, and I formally introduce to you today as the 4 step release method.

Here’s what I discuss:

  • How emotions are formed
  • How we deal with our feelings
  • Expression, escape, suppression & repression
  • The pencil analogy: holding on vs letting go
  • Unconscious gripping & the “open hand” living
  • The 4 step technique to more emptiness, bliss and effortless goal achievement

Hope this helped, please leave me a comment with any thoughts & questions you might have below.


quazi here and in this video i want to
show you how you can achieve your goals
surrendering and letting them go as
opposed to holding on to them and trying
to control
every little thing this was a lesson
that i’ve learned
through years and years of practicing
the mechanism of letting go learning how
to surrender looking at
guided meditations and just trying
you know pursuing this letting go thing
as opposed to
learning how to relax so i’ve been
unconsciously doing this process which
has been working for me but now i’ve
actually developed this into a formal
four-step guided meditation system
that’s been working for our clients and
i want to share this with you
so i want you to stick around to the
very end of this video because we’re
actually going to do a guided meditation
where we go real
deep into letting those pent up feelings
the repressed feelings and emotions
which aren’t really serving you right
now and
completely let them go
before i begin this video and to quickly
announce a couple of spots have opened
up for the free one-to-one console for
the reality mastery program just wait
around to the end of the video
for the announcement on how to sign up
for that and with that let’s promptly
get started so
today i want to talk to you about the
surrender mechanism i’ve actually made a
video on this
so i would highly urge you to check out
this last video that i’ve done on this
which will
help you make a little bit more sense of
letting go emotions
thoughts feelings and the differences
between them
and why these emotions get built up the
way that they do
now essentially what happens is we start
as we go through life and we go through
all of these experiences every single
experience gets colored
with a context of how we relate to them
okay so let’s say you got bullied in the
and an event happened that sort of
reminded you of what it’s like to get
and because in the past you put a
negative meaning onto that event of
getting bullied
now whenever a thought comes up or an
event that resembles that even closely
comes up
it’s going to invoke those same feelings
and you’re going to keep reliving the
past right now
now the ego does that because it doesn’t
know any other way to
prevent harmful scenarios happening so
because we unconsciously hold on to
these things
it prevents us from blossoming into our
final potential
now the goal really is with all of these
things to
become more open and allow these
feelings to flow through us
allow these experiences to flow through
us what happens is we don’t allow these
experience to flow through us we let it
come and then we start to hold on to
the good things we hold on to the bad
things we hold on to as well
so it doesn’t quite serve us because
whatever you’re holding on to you’re
resisting the true nature of life which
is to always be changing right nothing
in life is permanent
and because we can’t find out that which
is actually permanent within us
we start to hold on to that which is not
permanent and we try to make it
and that’s the reason we suffer so much
okay so in this video i want to give you
a four-step meditation system to help
you learn how to surrender at any single
and any stage in your life you know
whatever it is and i’ve seen that the
more i’ve surrendered the more i’ve
allowed things to happen
naturally of their own accord it was
less struggle and less of a fight
you know from my end because i saw that
in life i would just insist on doing
hard work
insist on going out there and take
massive action live this hustle culture
and work 12-hour days when you don’t
need to you know it could be a lot
but it’s just you create this game
through your imagination and you create
these rules of the game
based on what you’ve heard and what
you’ve seen so you create this game of
okay in order to be successful
these conditions need to be met where i
need to you know
work hard and i need to have an xyz
startup investment and because of these
beliefs and these conditions you’ve set
up that’s exactly what needs to happen
for you
right so in this video i want to share
with you how to overcome those
and get to a point where success becomes
right so understand that the goal is to
become more open and allowing to all of
these experiences of life
now i want to kind of give you an
example of what i mean by that and why
we’re not open
and allowing right now i want you to
imagine you know let’s say i have this
object here
right let’s say i’m holding this object
right now
and this object represents your feelings
let’s say you have a negative experience
now what happens is
i’m gripping this object really tightly
without even knowing it after a few
seconds i’ll forget that i’m actually
holding this object tightly
it’ll just become second nature to me
you know if i just kept holding this
object for the next like 24 hours
it’ll fatigue me but i won’t be able to
let go of it you know i’ll just keep
holding on to it because it’s become a
right so because i’m holding on to this
i’m not even aware that i’m holding on
to this object this is becoming a
an unconscious part of me it’s becoming
a part of my identity
just like that you hold on to your
feelings okay whatever feeling comes you
start to hold on to them the negative
feelings the positive feelings whatever
it is you start to hold on to them
now imagine i were to just let this go
and let this drop
you can do that exact same thing with
your feelings and what i learned this
from a book called the sedona method if
you haven’t checked that out i would
highly recommend you to check that out
it’s a great book it really outlines the
surrender process the letting go the
releasing process in detail but
you have the power to let go of all of
those feelings that you’ve been holding
on to
it’s just that you forget how because we
live in this expression
and repression cycle right so how your
emotions how your feelings how you deal
with feelings right now as you either
express them
which lets a part of it out but the rest
of it gets
tucked in you know it gets pushed in or
you escape it or you suppress it
or you repress it so what happens is
the natural progression of how we deal
with emotions is
something harm you know something crazy
happens our natural reaction
immediately would either be to express
it aka anger
or escape it through drugs alcohol
watching tv
you know doing things to help distract
you from it
and then when you escape it what happens
is it gets suppressed right you pen you
push it down
and when it gets suppressed eventually
over time
the suppression will lead to repression
which then hides in your psyche and it
shows up
as feelings throughout the day it’s like
whoa where is this where did this come
from you don’t even know where it came
from because it’s not in your conscious
awareness anymore okay the goal is to
bring it into awareness
and surrender it so that’s where this
letting go
method comes in which i’m going to show
you so whenever we live through this
escape suppression repression cycle it’s
now you can consciously choose to let go
and surrender it
now how do you surrender it you know how
do you get to the point where you’re no
longer holding on
but you’re actually letting go of this
grip so there are two parts to this the
first part is consciously letting go of
that which we’ve been penting up
unconsciously another part
is living in a perpetual open hand state
which means you don’t let anything in
anyways right you just
let it in and it comes out it just flows
through you these experiences flow
through you
so that’s the preventative part of it
the first part is healing
the the disease and the second part is
living and cultivating a lifestyle of
surrender okay we’re also going to get
to that
so with that without further ado let’s
get to the meditation i want you
you to have sort of an understanding of
why we’re doing this you know the scope
of this
and how it’s actually going to benefit
you before just blindly jumping into the
okay so before we get started with the
meditation i’m gonna
tell you that it’s basically four steps
an overview of it
the first step is you want to first
find out an issue or something that you
want to kind of heal
you know something that’s been bothering
you for a very long time step two will
allowing step three will be letting go
step four will be
making the actual choice to let go right
now in this moment
okay so just take a seat somewhere
you know stop focusing on whatever it is
you’re doing and let’s
get right to it
okay so i want you to begin by thinking
about an issue
you know something that’s been bothering
you something that strikes fear within
and you’ll feel this in your solar
plexus area through your throat
to your solar plexus region this is
where this fear manifests or this grief
this loss
this lack of worthiness whatever it may
be you know let’s say
you’ve been fearing something bad
happening with your business
and whenever you think about something
it makes you project that fear into oh
what if this happens in the future again
so let’s say something breaks and you’re
afraid of it breaking again
let’s say one of your ads or one of your
accounts gets shut down and you’re not
making any money your revenue completely
stops right just to give you a concrete
and you’re fearing it happening again so
there’s that core element of fear
let’s say you focus on that fear okay so
you find out that issue
or that recurring feeling that’s
happening that bothers you so we begin
with the thought
and now we trace this thought back to
that feeling what is the feeling the
core feeling that comes up
okay now you sort of feel that you know
that tight
feeling in your chest and now step two
let it arise you know just allow it to
be there
whatever you feel give yourself full
permission to feel it
just allow that feeling to exist because
what we do unconsciously is
we resist letting go
we actually don’t hold on to these
things we just resist letting go of it
we don’t even want to allow it to be
there because you don’t allow it to be
it persists
so let it arise give it
permission to exist this fear that you
welcome it i feel it
i allow it to be there now ask yourself
can i welcome this feeling can i give it
permission to be there
and now number three
once it arises
once you invoke and you welcome this
feeling you bring it into your
and now you can let it go so ask
yourself this
am i willing to let go of this
am i willing to let go of this feeling
it doesn’t matter if the answer is yes
or if the answer is no
what matters is you ask the question
am i willing to let this go
nationally the answer is going to be yes
for everyone
when step four when
am i willing to let this go
obviously the answer is now it doesn’t
matter what the answer is again
as long as you ask the question
when you ask questions to yourself
there is no one but yourself to ask a
question to that’s why these questions
naturally get directed to the
where all of these feelings are pent up
it’s like you’re having your conscious
mind is having a conversation with your
unconscious mind
once you’ve asked when and the answer is
you’ll feel a progressive lightening of
this feeling
it might not happen immediately you
might need to stay with it
there are key tweaks to this right like
it’s gonna keep coming up over and over
it doesn’t go in one fell swoop so let
it come up
keep doing this four-step process the
second tweak to this
is don’t force this process
don’t try to do this process
in order to get something you do this
and the only intention behind that is to
let go
it’s not to let go to get something but
it’s just to let go
just let go and you’ll see it’ll just
whatever it is you wanted from a long
time ago
those things are going to start to
so let’s do this exercise one more time
find an issue and something that bothers
you some thought that keeps popping up
in your
conscious mind
you begin with the thought and you trace
it back to the feeling
and now once you’ve gotten it and you
feel a little
pang of that feeling allow it to arise
give it permission to be there
and ask yourself am i willing to welcome
this feeling
number three am i willing to let this
feeling go
number four when
and that’s it it’s as simple as that but
the key thing again is
you want to attend to this feeling fully
you want to give it your
full attention because when you give it
the energy of your attention it
the more attention you give it the more
it slowly starts to dissolve it’s like a
pressure cooker that lets it out
and you’ll know that this is working if
over time you feel a progressive
lightening a progressive peacefulness
and it does work but we just aren’t too
patient with it
because now the ego knows that it has a
knife to cut through it
so it’s like oh this doesn’t work don’t
do it don’t even try it it doesn’t work
okay and with that i conclude this video
i sincerely hope this was helpful let’s
do a quick recap of what we talked about
today we talked about
the process of letting go how you can
really achieve whatever it is you want
if you just let go of holding on to
things that are resisting it
if you just let go of that resistance
towards what you want
okay because we hold on to the past we
can’t move on towards what we want
we can’t live in the present moment we
can’t move towards the future the past
keeps repeating itself
over and over and over again now the
goal is to become open like that open
instead of holding on to the pencil and
not knowing it unconsciously
you become an open hand and you live as
an open hand
and the four ways we deal with our
feelings right now are expression
escape suppression and then repression
so we go from one pole to the other we
go from expression to repression
and escape suppression are in the middle
of it
letting go is really just allowing the
universe to deliver you your goals and
letting go of those conditions that your
mind has built up
you know you kind of make this game and
you create this maze i must first go
through this door and that door
why not give yourself permission to
experience this right now
you know it’s like children children
just never
really think about their worthiness when
they go out and play with toys they just
go out and play with them
be like a child and with that i conclude
this video thank you so much for
watching i sincerely hope this was
helpful if you’re new to the channel
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until next time peace

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