How To Master Your Internal State


In today’s video I share with you how to master your internal state of being. This is hands down one of the most powerful things I did that allowed me to become a conscious creator of my reality…why?

Your internal state of being determines your external reality. If you can walk through life untouched then life will yield to you. This is easier said than done.

When obstacles show up in life, business & your endeavors, it’s natural to get phased. This is because part of our internal state is attached to what we’re seeing outside. This is how we’ve been conditioned. If our bank accounts are full, we’re happy, if they’re empty – we’re sad.

This is an unconscious mode of living, which can either help you become successful (but never maintain it) or it will keep you stuck in a failure feedback loop.

In my personal life, this kept me stuck at an inconsistent revenue level in my business – one month I’d do $10k, next month I’d go back down to $5k and there was no consistency because I was constantly getting sucked back into this negative feedback loop.

When I started to become consistent internally, it showed itself in my physical reality.

Here’s what I discuss in this video:

  • What really happens when you make an intention
  • Passing life’s test and why most fail (must avoid this)
  • The mirror model of reality and how it governs materialization
  • The 3 phase cycle and the inevitable delay time before it shows up
  • How I finally hit my first $100k month after coasting at $50-80k.

Hope this video was helpful! Leave me a comment with your thoughts?


Quazi here and in this video I want to share with you the concept of state control and really understanding how to nurture and maintain your own internal state of being to the point where you become untouchable by all of the external events that happen around you this is the one thing that I needed to understand to truly become a conscious creator of my life and really what helped me overcome all these hurdles and challenges that show up in every single day life and how to come out on top of them and really how to even use them to propel you to newer and newer heights in your life this was something that was absolutely crucial for me in the journey to growing my business in the journey to really having fulfilling relationships tracking the right kinds of people to my life and I know this is going to be something key for you as well if you just understand this one thing that I’m going to share with you throughout this whole video this is going to be a complete game-changer for you so make sure you stick around to the very end of this video take notes re-watch and really let’s sit down and get right into it before I begin this video into quickly announce that a couple of spots have opened up the free one to one concert with me my team for the reality mastery program for those of you been trying to apply the whole of last week was really booked up so if you go ahead and check now just wait around till the end of the video for the announcement on how to apply and with that let’s get started so today I want to talk to you about the concept of state control and single handedly the most powerful thing I had to learn and why this was so important for me is because as you know in this journey if you know how to nurture your own internal state of being your external state will follow whatever you see outside will eventually follow okay so most people really get hung up with this because there’s a little subtle detail that’s missing that just doesn’t bridge the gap and it doesn’t make sense so that’s why it’s so easy to get frustrated when things aren’t really working out in your favor okay I personally was a slave to my external state and waiting for the results and being results oriented but the key shift I needed to make was going from results hurryin tation to becoming more process oriented because at the end of the day it’s what you do and how you show up that really determines the fate and the direction and the life line and the trajectory really that you follow okay so what I want to begin with is that when you make an intention okay let’s say you make a new intention to move to a new a height into a new a direction in your life you’ve been stuck in a rut and you make an intention or you know you really just make an intention to manifest more money or have more business success right whenever you do make this intention life will always throw you a test okay please remember this whenever you make an intention life throws a test why does this do this why does life always throw a test whenever you make a new intention well life doesn’t intentionally do this okay this is just a process whereby it happens but how it can be interpreted as is basically understanding that it’s trying to test your new beliefs and convictions okay how powerful are you within to be able to sustain these tests and still come out on top of it there’s a reason why everyone doesn’t become successful and everyone doesn’t have a million dollars and you know get whatever they want it’s because they fail these tests whenever these tests come up what most people do is they start to get frustrated and their internal state of being gets affected so most fail because their internal state gets destroyed what do I mean by that so whenever you make a new intention let’s say you want to head 10k months in your business right you have a business and you’ve been at the 5k months you’ve been doing well up until this point and you’ve really made it up to the 5k months but now you want to hit those 10k months what’s happening is now life will start to test your conviction to see if you’re really worthy of the 10k months are you really being that 10k month version of yourself okay because you start to be their 10k month version first and then reality reflects this okay you become the 10k month version then reality will start to reflect this but before you get to that life will stutter reality will start to test you a little bit and throw you all of these challenges and tricky clients to work with or you know maybe even the next month you make a little bit less so this is exactly what happened for me right when I wanted to go to those hundred K months in my business even when I wanted to go to the 20 K months and quit my corporate career so there were two phases of this for me when I first you know left my corporate career and decided I want to double down and go full-fledged into entrepreneurship and you know this coaching business what happened at first was I just the whole month of May when I graduated college and I you know started up this business I was just doing doing doing taking massive action but none of it really yielded any effort I saw that I was just hitting this plateau the more action I took the more diminishing returns I saw so it wasn’t a problem of taking action but the place this action was come from it was coming from a place of frustration a place of neediness and I really needed this result right now and if I didn’t get this result oh you know I couldn’t prove myself to my parents etc etc so I really had to coordinate through that maintain my internal state through that and really have that faith to move forward and come from that right place and have these actions that outreach activities the talking to prospective clients the making the YouTube videos come from the right place of being as a result of that in August I had my first 20k month so from May to August was that transition period for me where I went up and passed that test but then from August I made the intention to go to 100k months next month in September I had around 60 K and then October was 80 K right but then after I had the ADK I was getting cocky I was like oh yeah it’s gonna happen it’s gonna happen but then life through that test to me to see if I would sustain and the month of November I think was was a 50 K month for me so I went from 80 K back down to 50 K so if you were a business owner the way you look at it is oh well it’s not that I made 50 K but it’s like I lost 30 K I was doing 80 K months but now I lost it the 30 K and I’m back down to 50 K what if the next month this happens and that happens so naturally those thoughts start to come up in your mind because you’re still in that place of scarce scarcity unless and until you get fully okay with failing you won’t really pass this test okay so I’m gonna get down a little bit deeper into that but this is very very crucial for you to understand so I went down to 50 K but because I coordinated correctly December was again think 95k 90 to 95 km Revenue January I hit my first hundred K cash month okay so that was the test I had to go through to hit my first 100k month in my business so this is what you’ve got to understand there’s subtle dynamics okay you’ve got to despite all of these tests that come your way it’s just life testing you and seeing do you really want this do you really want this are you really going to sustain all of these tests and challenges to get this are you gonna do what it takes are you really the right person for this and this is how life tests you okay so we’re gonna get down a little bit more into that but to understand this whole general frame and why this happens we got to get into the mirror model of reality which generally is the concept that this reflection okay you’ve formed the image with the thoughts the attitudes the internal state that you have you form an image to the mirror of reality reality acts like a mirror and it reflects your own internal attitudes with a delay okay so there is always a delay time before the image that you presented to this mirror materializes into physical reality this is absolutely crucial I want you to remember this for the next part okay so now let’s really get down into this up and understand the dynamics behind why reality works the way it does so that you can start to use it and push it the right way to benefit you and help you move forward okay so the first thing you’ve got to understand is the cycle that this mirror follows okay so we talked about forming an image and forming the reflection so the image is the internal world that you have the internal state of being that you have and the reflection is what you’re seeing outside that material result so most of the time people keep drumming up on the complaining on the poverty and why they don’t have money and why they’re so broke or why nothing’s going their way so reality starts to reflect this with a delay this is why because of the inert quality of material reality because it’s so you know matter is so dense it takes a little bit of time for it to materialize unless you have the intention energy of a messiah but it will generally take a little bit of time to materialize and it always compounds on itself the results I’m seeing today is all a result of the compound effect from the past of all the work that I’ve done from that first YouTube video that I made in January 1st 2019 or 2018 – up until to this day this is the result that I’m reaping having hundred K months in my business having a revolutionary business helping people transform their lives doing something meaningful and worthwhile so really what you want to understand is all of this will take a little bit of time for it to build up on itself but what happens is we start to get into frustration our attitude start to change and we know one minute we feel good and next minute when we see a terrible reflection when I got it’s not working so this is the biggest problem when you understand that all of this happens with the delay your frustration soother right so now you know long become so reactive but you can stay proactive and stay grounded in the original thought and attitude you have okay so to really understand this understand that there is always an image that we present with the thoughts and attitudes we present to this mirror of reality okay so the image is the attitudes that you have and reality will always reflect the attitude that you have you can control reality just by changing your relationship to your reality seriously if you change your own attitude and you start to become more and more grateful and 51% or more of your thoughts are positive then you’re going to shift into a positive life line okay so I want you to remember that and when you present this image what happens is the mirror of reality will start to form this reflection it begins the process of forming the reflection okay process begins if you keep this attitude up for long enough the key is to keep it up for long enough then this result finally materializes fully when I keep the attitude of I’m worthy of the hundred K months I’m worthy of the the business that I want and making the impact that I want you know it is happening it is going to happen war so that and oh what’s why is this going wrong and why is that going wrong so this phase is important because when life starts to make this reflection starts to create it this is when the testing period comes okay why this testing period comes is not because life wants to you over but more so life wants to sort of take the path of least resistance okay so this is path of least resistance and you’ve got to remember this life takes the path of least resistance because it doesn’t want to disturb its own balance sometimes taking the path of least resistance means you know having this temporary spanner thrown in the works meaning you know you go from 80 K to 50 K before you can come up 200 K do you see what I mean so this is how life sort of takes that path of least resistance to begin forming this flection very very crucial must remember this okay so this is the second part of it where life starts to create that reflection in this mirror once you keep that attitude up for long enough eventually the result forms and you start to see what you want in reality okay so even when life is forming this reflection you see a little bit of the results but what happens is we start to catch the negative results more than the positive ones right so what happens is here we sort of start to perceive this result in a negative light so let’s say you make the intention to go to 10 K months in your business and you’re currently doing five K months right so next month you do 7 K but then you go back down to 4 K you’re like oh it’s not working so now your attitude is changing right the image that you’re presenting to it you’re looking at this result and you’re using the result to form the image ok you’re using the reflection to recraft the image the biggest mistake most people make is they use the negative unintended outcome to distort the image rather than embellish it with the positive outcomes that they’re seeing this is absolutely crucial to understand this is perhaps one of the biggest keys right don’t use the result to distort the image that you’re wanting to create but rather only to embellish it ok I’m going to get down deep into what that means in a second but understand that before the reflection goes to the result there is a delay time which we will call delta T ok so here there’s a delta T before the result fully shows up in reality now how can we make sense of this delta T and essentially this is how if we had a graph of your image reflection and sort of the time that it takes for a result to materialize how I would describe it is you sort of have a sinusoidal right so let’s say at first you begin with forming your attitude your priorities to form the correct attitudes so you begin at this level right you start off with great attitude and eventually your attitude starts to fade you don’t see the results and then you go to the lowest point but then at this point the result comes so in terms of the image and reflection how that would look like is basically this this would be the first graph which would complete itself like this I’m gonna draw it first and explain it’ll be much better so there’s that and the second graph is showing the reflection that you’re seeing okay so this is the blue graph that we have it’s completely flipped right so to understand this it’s sort of like you begin with great attitude at this point at T equals zero you have great attitude you want to manifest what you want this is T zero you begin with great attitude but you know when you start off reality doesn’t reflect it because now you’re just beginning this process so now what’s happening is more and more as time progresses you keep up the great attitude you’re like yes I’m gonna do the ten came on so it’s coming it’s coming it’s coming but you just can’t keep it up at the original intensity because you’re not seeing the physical equivalent of it we’ve been so accustomed to seeing the physical result that without it we’re just like our nothing’s happening right so now your state of being starts to go down and when you hit your lowest point that’s when the result shows up so the reflection this is the result point right this is when the the cooking the reflection is done so this is the T critical T critical is the point where it shows up but the difference between T zero to T critical is the delta T so please make sure you understand this and even re-watch this so this is delta T if that doesn’t look right there you go so that’s delta T meaning the difference the time it takes for the reflection to fully complete itself so now the problem is you’ve come up and your state of being has gone so down low that now the 10k month shows up well just when you’re about to give up right just when you’re like ah this works it’s not really working I don’t know what to do just one of you’re about to give up that’s when this result shows up I can’t tell you how many times in my life I’ve seen this happened to me where just when I was about to give up and let go of this completely the result shows itself just when I’m about to like throw away their good attitudes and everything the result shows itself and when the result shows itself what happens now is your state of being starts to get higher and higher right you’re like yes great it’s working awesome and now the opposite happens now the mirror starts to reflect your negative state of being with a delay this is crazy this is why people keep going up and down and riding the highs and lows in the roller coaster of their lives they have no consistency in their state of being the best thing to do is just maintain that same consistency because the result will show up anyway right and now you are no longer subject to the highs and lows of life but you can just experience a neutral high and just keep moving on up and up and up okay so this is what happens whenever you get down to this level you see the result of t-critical but now a t-critical your attitude was it’s at its lowest and now reality starts to reflect this this low attitude with a delay so when you get to another t-critical equivalent so another delta-t equivalent what happens is you start to see something bad happen like you know oh none of this is working you bet maybe you go back to another fork a month so this is why people have inconsistent revenues in their businesses as well because of their lack of consistency internally I can’t tell you how many business owners I’ve seen do Eddy K months in their business just to go bankrupt the next month right all of this happens because of this inconsistency in your internal state of being but so I really want you to just recap this video right now and look at this graph so you fully understand it and you understand why there’s delay time and this cycle is happening the way that it is so now I want to conclude this video with basically the keys you need to take away from this so you can begin to apply this in your own life okay so the number one key is to know that use the result to embellish the image your rather than distort it okay so remember how we had that cycle of weather result feeds back into the image use result to embellish not distort key so what do I mean by this well essentially whenever we see because there’s always going to be that test that comes up and the path of least resistance life takes whenever you see something good you use that to make your attitude stronger whenever you see something bad you doesn’t ignore it you just understand and learn to see that Oh life is just taking the path of least resistance it’s going to come my way because we’ll never use you see that test and that challenge and you start to get fazed by it and your internal state of being starts to get fazed by it you’re you’re in trouble now because now that ups and downs is gonna happen again so understand key number one absolutely crucial key number two is understanding that you’ve got to become acutely aware of internal state at all times okay so is stands for internal state become acutely aware of your internal state at all times and learn to want something without needing it right want without needing so what does that mean well most people they want the goal and they really need it they’re like oh I really want this I need this if this doesn’t happen something Bad’s gonna happen and whenever you get into that state life will always show you its true nature which is the state of impermanence nothing is ever too important things can be important but never too important when there’s a distortion of the meaning that you attribute towards something life will start to destroy this life will actively work on destroying this this disproportionate amount of meaning you put onto something okay that’s number two all right so the final key you need to understand key number three is actually tie it into key number two and alleviating key number two is understanding that you’ve got to get into full acceptance of what is okay you’ve got to get into full acceptance of the failure scenario if you look like you’re about to fail just let it be don’t fight or don’t resist it because you’re resisting this path of blaze resistance right now so whatever it is accept failure scenario okay what does this mean well to be honest in getting into full acceptance mode of this failure scenario you’re actually moving towards success okay people think that oh if I accept the failure then the failure is gonna come that’s again a resistance unless and until you can fully let go of that neediness the only way to let go of that neediness is to just get into acceptance of what is and what is impending okay like I said you know if I didn’t get into full acceptance that oh you know what next month I could when I hit that 50k month and I was wanting to go to the hundred K months if I didn’t get into full acceptance if you know what next month I could even go down lower and I could even hit a 20k month and go back down to that would that be so bad what’s the worst that can happen then and to be honest nothing it’s just me and my own expectations and my own standards that get in my way right because if I start to resist and fight against myself I don’t become objective now the opportunities that will lead me to the hundred K months it’s not visible to me because I’m looking to avoid not hitting the 100 K months do you see the subtlety instead of wanting to hit the hundred K months and accepting everything on the path to it I’m resisting 100 K months by saying oh no I don’t want to not hit the hundred K months so that’s what you move towards life doesn’t care the mirror of reality doesn’t care about the nature of the the intention but rather the content of it if you say I don’t want to not hit the hundred K months that’s what it will reflect not hit the hundred K months instead of do hit 100 K months so that’s a key subtlety you go to keep in mind and with that I conclude this video thank you so much for watching I sincerely hope this was helpful let’s do a quick recap of it today we talked to how to control and master your own internal state of being which is something that was very very crucial to me in my journey and growing my business okay and understand that whenever you make a new intention to wanting to move to a new height and a new level in your life life will always throw you a test there’s always gonna be a test that comes your way most fail this test because they start to get fazed by them they start to change their attitudes that they form initially it starts to change okay and also understand that when I wanted to hit the hundred K months there was a huge test for me right I went from doing 80 K to 50 K and then coming back up 200 K once I coordinated the situation correctly and formed the right attitudes and maintained it and really we talked about the mirror principle of reality and how there’s an image that you form and the reflection that starts to generate but it creates it with a delay and once the reflection fully forms itself the result the outcome is produced so we can use this outcome to either embellish the attitudes and the image or we can use it to distort this image completely so to give you an example of that when you see something good you can use it to help you feel that state of being but rather you can use something that doesn’t go in accordance with the attitude that you’ve presented but you still see it in your reality like oh well I went from 10 K to 5 K and I want to go from 10 K 220k or 5 K to 10 K and then you see your income going down the next month and you’re like oh well it’s not working so now you’re distorting this image that you’re putting up so really that and also understanding the delay time that is you know the T critical and the delta T that it takes for you to get to that state of being but also more so the reflection that shows up in actual reality itself understand that whenever you get to the peak intensity of your internal state of being and you start off and with a good attitude the results are just forming themselves the reflection is starting to show itself slowly but when you start to get frustrated and get to the point of are you know what I’m just gonna give up on this that’s when the results start to show up so the key thing also is to maintain that consistency and also we really talked about the three keys to help you do this okay so with that I conclude this video thank you so much for watching sincerely hope this was helpful and you might notice the camera quality kind of going in and out I had to reshoot this like three four times because the camera kept messing up but will hope to fix that soon but again thank you so much for watching I sincerely hope this is helpful if you’re new to the channel make sure you like comment subscribe hit that little bell there so you’re notified of any new video that I put out and also I’m super excited to announce as I mentioned before the free one to one consult with me and my team for the reality mastery program is now open so make sure you click on the link in the description below to sign up for that and who we really work with are as follows first of all people who are professionals they’re looking to transition out and start up their own businesses they have all of the tactics and strategies and have tried the different business models and opportunities and they’re seeing they always make a full circle back to the nine-to-five the problem is in the business model because other people are getting successful with it but rather it’s them internally they’re only worthy of the cubic one the nine-to-five and they’re in the employee mindset that’s their identity and that’s what they keep returning back to the same thing with the entrepreneurs we work with they want to scale up their revenues and go from the 10 K to 20 K 20 K to the 40 K months and what they’re seeing is they have the business mentors tactics and strategies there was never a tactical problem but rather an internal one who they are are only worthy of the 10k 20k months and that’s what they keep staying stuck at people who are high-performance people who are creatives who want to take their creative careers to the next level as well that sounds like you please take this opportunity to click on the link in the description below to sign up for the consult and let’s see how we can help you get to that next level and if we’re a good fit to work together and also the free Facebook group is open for you to take advantage of the link for that is also in the description thank you so much for watching till next time peace [Music]

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Cultivate the Internal World of a Successful Entrepreneur

How to overcome the revenue barrier and scale your business to 7 figures by shifting your identity

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