How To Stop Negative Thoughts FOREVER: The “Letting Go” Process


Today I want to share with you how to stop negative thoughts from haunting you. It is not uncommon that I get asked how to stop being haunted by fears, worries & anxieties.

We live in a manner where we are constantly in the pursuit of our desires, & the avoidance of our fears. This way of living I was stuck in for a very long time, which prevented me from being truly present to the moment.

In constant worry of some past event recurring, or constant pursuit of my goals. Where’s the time to stop and smell the roses?

So I want to share with you how to undo the energetic heaviness of the past traumatic experiences you’ve gone through.

Please watch this video in full, take notes because it will be a game changer.

Here’s what I discuss:

  • Why most fail to properly handle their feelings
  • What happens when thoughts and feelings come together
  • The 4 ways we deal with our feelings right now: expression, escape, suppression & repression
  • Why past fears and traumas are still haunting you to this day
  • Why events can never anger you, but can only trigger the angry-ness within.
  • How to achieve your goals without struggle
  • The surrender mechanism: achieving inner peace & lightness
  • 3 steps of surrender & why most get it wrong
  • The result of proper surrender & its corresponding lifelong benefits

I hope this was of help to you this thanksgiving, please leave me a comment if this was helpful/share your thoughts below.


quazi here and in this video i’m going
to share with you how
you can completely surrender and let go
of all these traumatic experiences
you’ve been unconsciously holding on to
and as a result really find the most
powerful mechanism for achieving your
goals which really is surrendering to
and by the end of this video you’re
going to learn a three-step
process of surrender that i’ve been
using for the past two years
that has completely changed my life i
want you to stick around to the very end
of this video because what i found
is that once i understood this goal
achievement was taken to a completely
new level for me
before i begin this video to quickly
announce a couple of spots have opened
up for the free one-to-one consult with
me my team
for the reality mastery program just
wait around till the end of the video
for the announcement on how to enroll
for that and with that let’s get started
so in this video i want to talk to you
about the concept of
letting go and there’s so many
misconceptions about it and also there’s
a lot of misunderstanding about it
and i’m going to clear this up once and
for all and what i found in this journey
was when people
talk about letting go they think oh yeah
just get rid of it just resist it just
just go away
but that’s not how it works the letting
go process when done correctly is a very
very counterintuitive
process to how it’s verbalized you think
you’re letting go but instead
what is happening is letting be when you
let b
then letting go happens spontaneously
so let’s really get started with this
video because i think this is going to
be a very big game changer for you once
you learn to apply it right
and you’re going to see your life is
taken up to newer and newer heights
more and more peaceful and you’re just
seeing that goals and whatever you want
is just getting
achieved spontaneously okay and you’re
just moving towards your purpose
now most people fail to handle
their feelings because you know they
just don’t know how to
we just don’t know how to handle our
feelings no one really taught us
and even though this is the most natural
process when we grow up we get
accustomed to so many different things
which leads us to more and more
whenever we feel something intense we
immediately look for a diversion
we’re just looking for an excuse to be
unconscious we enter a room we can’t
even sit alone for
30 seconds we have to turn on a tv read
a book or do the next thing it’s always
about getting to the next thing and the
next thing the next thing the thought
what am i going to eat for lunch what am
i going to do then what am i going to do
then what am i going to do this
and when you do get to that next thing
that you wanted to do you can’t enjoy
and bask in that moment
but from that next thing you want to
even go from to to the next thing
right so it’s this never-ending cycle of
never being in this present moment
and experiencing its wholeness but
rather a part of you is always
in the next moment or the previous
moment okay so we just don’t know how to
handle these feelings
which is causing all of the strife that
we experience
why every single feeling that you have
brings up numerous thoughts
look at all of those thoughts that you
have they all
source from a core feeling
when you think of oh no this could go
that’s a thought but it’s coming from a
feeling of fear
it’s coming from a feeling of anxiety
because of some past event that’s
happened so this is how
emotions are formed emotions are formed
your feeling comes in contact with a
you have a thought which is inherently
neutral thoughts are just thoughts it’s
just data
but then you attach a charge to it a
feeling to it so
when that happens it it forms a memory
so that you know the ego has a survival
mechanism it’s like oh if i avoid that
and if i move towards that then i’ll be
good then i’ll survive
the ego is always trying to survive
because it it perceives itself to be
it posses itself to be individual most
of suffering
mankind’s suffering arises because you
think you’re an individual being
you think you have these boundaries and
your boundary is the body
this is how you identify with the body
right you think i
am the body therefore i’m limited to the
therefore everything else is an attack
on my body
and so you suffer okay so emotion
is formed from thought plus
a feeling that comes in contact with a
you come across an event
and the event is let’s say you lose a
lot of money
and now let’s say you checked your email
so so listen to this crazy story let’s
say you checked your email and you saw
that you know
you got scammed out of like 10 000 or
and that brings up a fear in you of
checking your email so the thought was
checking email and the feeling was
fear loss they come together and form
this emotion
now this emotion of loss and fear
is tied in to that thought of checking
the email so whenever
that thought of checking your email
comes about now you fear that
and with it it accompanies that initial
so that fear finds a way to live on
within you and it makes you suffer
this is how this cycle of suffering
keeps on happening whenever any thought
or anything related to that comes up
it again revives that feeling as though
it were happening right now
okay and this is why your worst fears
are realized because your heart and your
mind comes together in these
and then somehow reality begins to
attract it whenever your mind and your
heart come together
powerful things happen that’s why when
your heart and mind come together in
joy in you know your goals then you
achieve your goals
right so this is how an emotion is
formed and how it starts to
affect you later on in life this is how
trauma is built up
because now it deeply roots itself into
your unconscious so
let’s really talk about the four ways we
deal with our feelings
and how we handle them number one
the most common way and this is what
happens i’m going to go from top to
bottom from the most conscious process
to the most unconscious process
okay please understand this because if
you do it’s going to be a game changer
for you
because you’re going to know what to do
instead the four ways we handle our
emotions and our feelings right now is
number one
through expression something happens
we express our dissatisfaction to it
we express to someone we talk to someone
we get angry and act out
what happens in expression is you
actually do let
out that feeling but you only let out
a part of it and the rest of it goes
into your unconscious
okay so whenever something happens to
anger you
by the way nothing can ever anger you
these events happen
as a trigger to release what’s already
i’m going to repeat that one more time
any event that happens can never anger
it just acts as a trigger being stuck
in traffic can never anger you
it just lets out the angry person within
okay so all of these things get pent up
the more and more this process happens
the more and more emotions get built up
within you the more and more compression
there is it’s like a pressure cooker
once you have the trigger of car you
traffic boom now it gets expressed now
it gets let out
that’s how the process of expression
happens the next
level below that is escape
when the feelings are too strong you
look for a diversion
you look to fall unconscious you look at
oh tv oh food just keep drowning
yourself in food
alcohol drugs gambling whatever it may
you escape what’s there
and you direct your attention outwards
just so you don’t have to deal with it
because it’s so strong
this is the next process this happens a
bit less consciously number three how we
with our feelings is we suppress them we
just hold them down
we simply feel something but because of
because of things around us we can’t
express them and so we suppress them
escape and suppression happen hand in
when you escape something it immediately
gets suppressed
and again this is how the pressure
cooker gets built up you feel fear
instead of dealing with the fear and
surrendering it
you suppress it you’re like oh you know
what it’s not going to happen again okay
you tell yourself these stories but you
don’t really believe them
that’s when suppression happens
the next step and the the most powerful
level the one that haunts us
is repression
repression so suppression is a conscious
you choose to suppress it repression is
this is when it goes into your
unconscious mind and haunts you for the
rest of your life
when trauma gets built up when these
emotions really come up and the pressure
cooker is really
getting to its boiling point
so suppression is conscious repression
is unconscious so this is how it begins
a traumatic event happens
an event happens
already from your past karmic
whatever’s happening there’s already
some build up there in your unconscious
that hasn’t been surrendered
so naturally you express it like ah
now the rest of it gets poured in under
the surface
and now you escape that anger you go
back home you watch some tv
you do something more unconscious
instead of dealing with it
now that whole feeling that got
suppressed is now fully suppressed now
you choose to escape it now you
you feel the anger coming up and you
don’t do anything about it like
it’s just an uncomfortable feeling you
suppress you’ve suppressed it and you
consciously choose to suppress it
now this process from suppression to
repression is automatic
if something goes suppressed long enough
it eventually becomes repressed
and then it shows up in the form of
physical ailments you know you have
physical pain
you have insomnia all of that
by the way all these concepts i’m
talking to you about is from this book
called letting go by david r hawkins
i really really urge you to read this
book because i’ve probably read this
five times
every single time it becomes an
eye-opener this is probably the only
book that i’ve read so many times
so the fourth process is repression now
the question becomes how do we
get rid of these you know how do we get
rid of these traumatic experiences and
have them
stop haunting us it’s very simple
and now i introduce to you the process
of surrender and
letting go okay let’s talk about that
these are the four ways we handle our
emotions now
and it’s because society has trained us
to handle our emotions that way
we’ve just kept handling them we’ve just
kept them inside
kept them inside or we’ve expressed them
expressed them
but we’ve never been taught to deal with
them and turn
our attention back in on them that’s
what the process of surrender is
okay so let’s talk about the process of
surrender it’s very very simple
it’s three steps the greatest secrets in
life are always simple
number one let’s say this feeling of
fear comes up within you
okay now instead of escaping it or
expressing it
and you keep talking to your wife about
it or you keep talking to your
you know mom or your dad about it
whatever it is
it makes you feel good in the moment but
the rest of it gets suppressed
remember instead of doing that
feeling of fear arises you acknowledge
the feeling
acknowledge okay
there is discomfort happening
you acknowledge it without a label you
acknowledge it without resistance
feeling and then you let it arise
you give yourself permission to fully
feel this feeling
there’s going to be resistance to this
feeling too and you’re going to feel
guilty or you’re going to feel fearful
about feeling fear
it’s just time to remind yourself wait a
okay i allow myself to feel this
so in doing that when you let it be you
let that feeling just be there
even when you do the surrender process
forget about trying to get rid of it
forget about doing this surrender
process to get rid of it
just let it be and run into it run into
this feeling
okay let it be
and ignore any thought
there’s going to be a million thoughts
around it it’s like why is this
happening where is this coming from
ignore those so now we’re at the stage
okay i give myself permission to fully
feel this
and number three just ask yourself this
simple question
am i willing to let go of this am i
willing to
stop holding on to this feeling of fear
am i willing to
stop holding on to this
naturally the answer is yes but you just
need to ask this question
am i willing
to let go because i’ll tell you what
it’s so difficult to let go because
we’ve crafted our identities around it
we’ve started to craft our identities
around these feelings of fear
that we’ve been experiencing for the
past five years
for all the events that have happened
the grief the loss
our identities have been crafted around
it how do you just
let go of this one big piece of yourself
that constitutes what you call yourself
this is why you must ask this question
am i willing to let go of this so i can
experience something better
you just need to be consciously aware of
something that’s been unconscious your
this whole time and once you do
the result is going to be a huge weight
being taken off you a huge weight just
being let go
if you find that you keep thinking about
the past
investigate that you know anytime you
want to move forward all of those fears
from the past come up
what we naturally do is we try to escape
those and we like
drown ourselves and work i used to do
this too
i drown myself in work and not deal with
what was coming out
what was coming up this is what leads to
burnout physical ailments
stress stop working for a second just
sit down what’s coming up feeling
i allow myself to feel this fully please
give me more of it
more of it arises am i willing to let go
of this
you don’t even need to answer the
question obviously the answer is yes
but you just need to ask it because
when you get that approval that’s when
the letting go happens
and the result is going to be a huge
decompression of something that’s been
haunting you for a very very long time
now there are some little things little
tweaks to this
first of all it’s going to keep coming
back up because this is years and years
of conditioning that you’re trying to
let go of
so chances are it probably won’t be gone
in one fell swoop
number two when it is gone
it’ll almost feel like that was a
different lifetime
you’ll only realize your growth once you
look back at where you were
because this sort of thing that’s been
haunting you it just gets erased from
your consciousness
if it gets erased from your
consciousness there’s no even thinking
about it you won’t even think about oh
remember when i used to feel fear
only when you look back at it and you
try to jog up that memory
right that’s number two
number three it’s not a one size fits
when you go through a very very
traumatic event
let yourself escape it let yourself
distract yourself
let yourself talk to a therapist let
yourself talk to you know talk and
express it
because when it first happens the
feeling is very very overwhelming
because the trigger has been released
this is actually a good thing being
triggered is a good thing
that means now you can you know what you
need to work with
so whenever it happens
don’t try to use a surrender mechanism
immediately only use that
at moments when you’re a little bit
calmer when moments you’re with yourself
and the feeling is not as overwhelming
so those ways we handle feelings they’re
there for a reason
right expressing escaping sure
go out there watch a movie sure go out
there and talk to someone about it
but that cannot be the main way you deal
with it
okay because those will always be
limited the best way to deal with it
to handle it is when you just be with it
and with that i conclude this video
thank you so much for watching i
sincerely hope this was helpful i do
hope you give this a try because
you’re gonna see what happens to you in
a very very short period of time
okay let’s do a quick recap of what we
talked about today we talked about
the process the mechanism of
letting go based on that book i told you
by david r hawkins essentially
why we fail and we hit so many obstacles
in our lives is because we fail to
handle our feelings
and this is why we keep getting haunted
by the past
and things that are not even in our
awareness things that are so deeply
unconsciously that we just need a little
more clarity to bring it up
the four ways we handle our emotions are
expressing it
which suppresses the rest of it
lets out the energy of a little bit of
number two escaping number three
suppression which is a conscious process
repression which is an unconscious
and understand that feelings
become emotions when there’s a thought
attached to them the thought becomes a
trigger whenever the thought comes up
that corresponding feeling comes up as
well that’s what an emotion is
and the three-step surrender mechanism
is first of all whenever you feel that
feeling you know that
the signature of that feeling because
it’s so familiar
you acknowledge it just acknowledge that
feeling yes it’s there
it is there i feel it
number two just simply let it be
give yourself permission to feel it
there’s going to be resistance to the
resistance of the feeling
allow yourself to even resist don’t even
resist the resistance
if there’s initial resistance to it let
the resistance even be there
and ignore the thoughts no labels
no judging no asking oh why is this
happening why again when is this ever
going to go away
even that thought that comes up
you let it be there no resisting that
even if the thoughts come up let them be
there just ignore them
number three ask am i willing to let go
of this
am i willing to let go of this heaviness
so i can experience something lighter
so i can experience
something better don’t even ask that
just am i willing to let go of this
am i willing to stop holding on to this
naturally the answer is yes but you just
need to ask the question
so you get full approval from your
and the result will be a huge
lightness ease more peace and it won’t
happen overnight
you’re just gonna need to keep doing it
okay with that i conclude this video
thank you so much for watching i
sincerely hope this was helpful
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thank you so much for watching until
next time peace
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