How To Succeed In 2021


In today’s video I want to share with you how you can succeed in 2021. This is one of the biggest lessons I’ve learned last year, and was coincidentally what also helped me succeed.

Here’s a quote to preface what I’m going to discuss:

“In a world full of distractions, one who has focus will inevitably succeed”.

Over the last few years, we’ve seen so many online entrepreneurs and millionaires emerging. Most of these millionaires are under the age of 30. Never before have we seen so many young millionaires. Why is this happening?

The speed of information has increased. Anything that you’d like to know about and learn more about is just one search away.

Back in the day, you’d have to go to a good ol’ fashioned library and search through a myriad of books to find what you’re looking for.

However with this, a new problem arises; with an abundance of information, there is also an abundance of distraction.

The challenge for most is to focus on relevant information while shutting out distractions. This is what most have failed to do.

Want to know what the biggest distraction is? Social media.

Why I say this is because after having spoken to so many successful entrepreneurs in the various programs and masterminds that I’m a part of, those that I’ve seen to succeed have one thing in common: they have massively limited their usage of social media in favor of deep focus.

A client of ours from the Reality Mastery program, recently reached out and said the following to me:

“…Over the last few months, I got off socials and stopped watching a lot of content in general, to focus mainly on myself. I was -$20k in the hole with my eCom business in September as a result of some past decisions I made in the summer. By the end of November, I managed to clear that out while and make extra profit on top.

With that, I decided reinvest into contractors/build a team. So far this month, we’re at $210k in rev with a 30% net profit. It’s amazing that it’s exactly how I wrote in one of my goal setting worksheets from the program. Even at the lowest point, I had faith….”

This client essentially went from -20k in debt to $63k/m in profit in his e-commerce business, just by cultivating focus & having faith.

So here’s what I’m going to share in this video:

  • The power of focus in a world full of distractions
  • The biggest distraction right now
  • The 3 biggest problems social media poses
  • Shiny object syndrome, the comparison trap & your dopamine levels
  • How to use social media without letting it use you
  • The 3 keys that will help you become successful in 2021

I hope this was helpful!

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quasi here and in this video i want to
share with you the one thing
that you need to know to help you become
successful in 2021
and how this was the biggest lesson that
i’ve learned in 2020
and how all of my clients and people
have met in other masterminds and other
those who’ve actually been successful
have adhered to this one thing
i want you to stick around to the very
end of this video because this lesson
was absolutely crucial for me and it’s
very simple
i know and it sounds very hypey but it’s
very applicable and i’m going to show
you how to apply it as well
so without further delay let’s really
just get right to it
now before i begin this video i want to
preface this with a quote
that is very very relevant to this in a
full of distractions the person who can
will inevitably become successful okay
if you look all around you right now
there’s social media there’s the
every you know information is right at
your fingertips anything that you want
it’s one search away
back in the day you’d have to go to the
library and read books off the book off
the book
to find the information that you needed
right so it was
difficult to search it but now if you
just it’s one search away
so the speed of information is lightning
fast now
it’s this is also why so many
people who are under 30s are becoming
right like if you look around you a lot
of the millionaires that are up and
are made in youtube are made in social
are made on facebook and this is because
we’re shifting to a different sort of
society now right everything is going
and this online community the new
generation are thriving in it
so because of this overload of
information what happens is most people
get lost
in this so there’s a certain percentage
of people that are becoming very very
and there’s another certain percentage
of people that are just getting deeper
and deeper into
depression anxiety and just other mental
health disorders
right and why is this happening that’s
what i was wondering over
you know this new year’s eve and
what i’ve seen is that the biggest
distraction that people have
nowadays and it’s something that i dealt
with as well
it’s essentially social media right if
you look at social media it
literally wires you to do three things
the more you go on social media the more
you get distracted
it wires you for shorter term
gratification and
finally what it does is it kind of puts
you in this
shiny object trap and this comparison
so if i hold up two objects right if i
were to hold up these two things right
what do you immediately do you
immediately compare them
right that’s our natural reaction if two
things are side by side
your immediate reaction is to just
compare them so that basically means
when you’re going on social media
you’re comparing yourself against other
people you’re looking at
the success other people have you’re
looking at what they’re wearing you know
what they’re doing every single day the
lifestyles they’re living
and it’s making you compare yourself to
and then you get frustrated oh why am i
not doing this i should be doing this
and i should be doing that
never before has it been to this extent
another thing that social media does is
it kind of gets you into this shiny
object syndrome
it’s it’s a com it’s a result of this
comparison it’s the same
principle that makes you compare
yourself to someone else because
you look at all of these business
opportunities right you look at
all of the things people are doing and
you’re like oh i should be doing that i
should be trying that
and the final thing that it does is it
wires you for shorter term
gratifications every time you get a
notification and you go on your phone
it kind of wires you to get more of that
notification more of that dopamine spike
that you’re getting from it
i actually made a video on this if you
click up here you can check this out
but essentially i learned this concept
an author named cal newport he has a
book called deep
work if you haven’t read it i urge you
to read that but essentially he talks
about how to fall into deep work and
absolute focus and the biggest enemy to
is those times of boredom where you just
have nothing to do and the immediate
thing that you do
is go on your phone you’re standing
online you’re
waiting for something and the first
thing you do is check your phone
immediately you check your phone you
can’t even let that moment of boredom be
right so this behavior is making you
more and more wired for those shorter
term gratifying
activities the more you do things like
that the less
likely you are the less you wire
yourself to fall into a state
of deep focus okay so those are the
three biggest pitfalls of social media
and the internet
now why i’m making this video is because
what i’ve seen in my personal life
all over 2020 to just give you a
uh i’ve just yesterday realized that
last year we did 1.3 million
in cash for the whole of 2020. how i did
that was not by
you know trying out a different thing
not going on linkedin and instagram and
facebook and starting up brand new
but actually just by focusing on one
thing that does work for me right it’s
just by
focus focusing on youtube which is where
most of our clients come from
focusing on making videos and giving
and just doing what we’ve been doing
right like getting our
clients results and and just giving
great service to our clients
so making the product and the program
number one and then
giving value out for free on youtube and
on the facebook group that’s really what
i’ve been doing just focusing on that
one thing
and in the way i’ve had so many
distractions right so many
things that come up you’re like oh you
know someone’s doing this
strategy with facebook this organic
marketing strategy and that and that
so this is what happens to most people
they get into this trap of all passive
let’s try this and let’s diversify out
that i don’t have any passive income
strategy i don’t
invest in real estate i don’t do any of
that i just focus on the business i keep
it the main thing the main thing the
main thing
right so what i’ve also started to
notice was most of the clients we had
this one client
he runs his e-commerce business before
he started with us in the program in the
reality mastery program he was
negative twenty thousand dollars in debt
right and he just messaged me in
december he’s saying
quasi i made two hundred thousand this
year just by putting my head down and
focusing and he was the least active
uh on social media i’ve seen he hasn’t
even posted in the group he just
messages me from time to time
sharing his progress and it’s just
really inspiring to see
where he’s come just by putting his head
down focusing on doing what he needs to
do and not getting distracted by
comparing himself to others looking at
instagram looking at facebook
all the time and trying out the next
shiny thing
right he just set a goal put his head
down and got to work
right so now i want to share with you
really tools that have helped me focus
like how do you get to this state of
what are things that will help you do
that and cut out social media cut out
the internet so you can focus on that
one thing
okay i want to share with you three keys
to help you do this right now
so before i get to that i want to add
something onto shiny objects how do you
recognize something is a shiny object
right because it could be useful and my
principle that i’ve just realized i’ve
been using this whole year is
it’s a distraction until proven useful
there’s going to be
lots of new social media apps that come
out and you’re going to be wondering
should i get on it i can make money off
it i can do ads i can do this and i can
do that sure if that’s your goal to make
short-term money then you can go ahead
and do it
but if your goal is much more longer
term and you’re looking at a longer term
and you can you can afford to think that
longer term because maybe you have cash
you know you’re not worried about money
then you know it’s time to take a
different strategy so you’ve got to
understand you’ve got to get clarity
around your goals first before you need
before you go out and see what to do
so now let’s get to the three keys key
number one in
getting to more focus and what i’ve used
in 2020 was first of all just limiting
my usage of social media
if you work from your computer if your
business is based around the internet
and on social media it’s going to be
hard to do
i know this firsthand but this is the
number one thing that you can do
limit your usage of social media notice
how i said
limit and not eliminate because you can
tell yourself you can eliminate it but
it’s it’s hard cutting it out completely
it’s hard
especially if you have again your
business on social media so how you can
limit it is
you can set two to three times of the
day when you’re gonna check it and
engage in social media
right let’s say for me what i do is
before lunch and before ending the work
i’ll go on social media on facebook or
for like 10 20 minutes that’s it after
nothing right i don’t even watch youtube
videos i don’t like to watch youtube
i don’t know it’s just i like to make
youtube videos and give value but i
rarely ever watch
other youtube videos because i used to
do that in the past and it just gave me
a lot of anxiety in me comparing myself
to someone else like oh
this person’s doing this and getting a
lot of views i should be doing that
and the more you compare yourself the
less it makes you organically you
okay you can’t get ideas of your own you
just become a copy of someone else
you get into this social media echo
chamber you hear an idea you say an idea
and then someone hears your idea says
that idea and it just propagates the
same idea around
without actual rational thought being
happening okay
that’s number one limit usage of social
number two spend more time doing nothing
rather than trying to fill up the void
with every little activity
if you don’t have anything to do do
nothing just sit there be
observe your thoughts seriously it just
sounds stupid but it’s so easy
the more you do this the more you start
to wire yourself for deeper work
the more you start to feel comfortable
in nothingness
that’s the number one quality you can
have in such a distracted world i’m
telling you
because if you keep trying to fill up
the void
you’re wiring yourself again to oh no
gotta fill it up with something gotta
read a book or something go to you know
go on my phone or something right and
track yourself this is arguably
the the most important thing if you want
to improve an aspect of your life if you
go to the gym you don’t track yourself
you’re never gonna
gain if you have a business and you
don’t track your revenues you’re never
going to make more money
you know if you want to improve with
this aspect and get more and more
focused track yourself watch your screen
iphones and androids even have an app
a certain feature that maybe shows you
how to
how to how many hours a day you are on
social media how many hours a day you’re
on certain apps even
you can even check on your computer
right so
there’s maybe other apps but i’m not
sure of it i don’t use it much
because i know after a certain period
you kind of know
how much you’re using it and how bad it
becomes i have that self-awareness but
for those who don’t you have to start to
use some app to just get a baseline for
the first few weeks
and then after that you can ditch that
that’s not a permanent solution right
and if i see that i’m using it too much
i’ll again go off it
so i’ve also deleted every single social
media app that i have like instagram
like facebook off my phone and
turn off all push notifications and i
found this to be immensely helpful
so i would urge you to do that as well
if you want me to make a follow-up video
of tools and actual tools that i use on
my computer
because i use a lot of extensions on
google chrome
which blocks like news feeds and
everything and that’s been super helpful
for me
okay because like i know if you go on
the news feed you’re going to get
so those were the three things that
really helped me and
with that i conclude this video i want
to keep this short so i know this video
was all over the place but the key thing
i want you to take away from this
is focusing in 2021 i want you to focus
if you want to become successful
in this world of distractions you’ve got
to focus okay and how you focus
is by eliminating the biggest
distraction which is social media okay
this might be my opinion
maybe you have other distractive things
but social media has been the single
most distractive distracting thing
for me in 2020 and i saw how important
it was for me to get rid of it
right and use it rather than letting it
use me
okay and the three biggest problems with
social media
is it wires you for shorter term
gratification you can’t fall into deep
number two it gets you into shiny object
syndrome let’s try this
let’s try that let’s try the new thing
number three it gets into the comparison
it makes you immediately compare
yourself and size yourself up against
someone else
when in reality you’re going your own
journey right
and the three things you can do right
now is limit your usage of social media
consciously check two to three times a
day max
number two spend more time doing nothing
rather than trying to fill up every
single void and finally track yourself
okay have something that you do to track
yourself maybe you look at
units of time last hour how many times
did i check social media last
day today at the end of the day how many
hours did i check social media and then
kind of keep like an excel sheet or
something for the first few weeks
and then you get an idea of how much
you’re doing it okay so with that i
conclude this video thank you so much
for watching i hope this was helpful
leave me a comment if you like this and
if you’re new to the channel
what kind of videos you’d like to see me
make and also uh let me know if you want
me to make that part two
i’ll do like a proper screen share and
show you uh what kind of tools i use
okay so thanks for watching until next
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