Let Go: How To Prevent The Past From Determining Your Future


In this video I want to share with you how you can end the trauma cycle that keeps determining your future. This is the very concept of karma; an underpinning of reality that determines the very nature of how your life unfolds. Everything you are experiencing right now is a consequence of your karma – which literally translates to “action”. This can be action in the sense of: thought, emotion, energy or even physical action.

The biggest downfall we experience is that we unconsciously suffer our karma; there is no control over how to channel this karma to experience an exuberant existence. For example: the decisions you’ve made in the past, still dictate the life path you’re living today. We unconsciously hold on to traumatic events that have occurred in the past which make us closed off to new experiences that could help us move forward with our lives into expansiveness.

Especially in the case of businesses, relationships…too many times I’ve seen those who’ve made bad investment decisions become afraid to make future investment decisions, and fearfully hold on to their money, which keeps them stuck in this cycle for too long.

Those who have attracted a chain of terrible relationships acting unconsciously from the same place of lack, which brings about more of the same relationships.

So naturally the question becomes: how do we push our karma in a way that it serves us? That’s what I’ll be sharing with you in this video.

Here’s what I discuss:

  • The nature of reality and what determines how your life is unfolding
  • Acting from a place of fear vs acting in spite of fear
  • Unconscious internalization – the biggest killer
  • Responsibility – why this one thing will save you
  • How to break free from the toxic cycle and truly wake up
  • The 3 keys to make this concept applicable

Hope this was helpful. Leave me a comment below with your thoughts?


quazi here and in this video i’m going

to talk to you about

the trauma energy that’s really holding

you back and

really what’s coming back from the past

and starting to dictate what you keep

experiencing now and this feedback loop

you stay stuck in

this was something that was extremely

important for me to understand in order

to break free from those past patterns

and how i unconsciously internalize

those events that have happened

and i’ve started to see that the past

becomes the present and also it starts

to dictate the future okay i really want

you to pay close attention to this video

because this is something that’s truly

going to set you free

once you start to become conscious and

you start to consciously internalize all

of these things

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for those of you who’ve been looking for

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so make sure you wait around till the

end of the video for the announcement on

that and

with that let’s get started so in this

video i want to talk to you about the

secret payoff that we get from this

trauma energy

and how we hold on unconsciously to the

events that have happened in the past

and how they start to dictate

our present and also the future that we

keep seeing now

really what i want to get into here is a

yogic ancient yogic concept okay this is

the concept of

karma okay so everything is

governed by the law of karma what do i

mean by this

what does karma really mean there’s a

lot of misconception around the concept

of karma but

essentially what karma is is the very

thing that

determines how life unfolds now there’s

karma that you have from the past

lifetime that

dictates how which body you’ll be taking

now and how your life will unfold now

there’s karma that you generate in this

current lifetime as well which dictates


your present and how your future in this

current lifetime will unfold

so there are lots of complexities around

it but what i want you to understand

something simple something more

practical that is affecting your daily


is understanding that karma isn’t just

what goes around comes around

but rather it’s the thoughts it’s the

emotions and it’s the actions even the

physical actions that you have so it’s

both the internal

and the external actions that you take

so karma literally translates

to action okay so action

in the internal

plus in the external sense of it so

external is when you do something

internals when you be and when you feel

so in the internal sense

it can be broken down into thought

plus emotion okay

cool so in understanding that

we know that our thoughts our emotions

and our actions are governing

what we’re experiencing right now in

this current lifetime

so really you might be asking how is

this relevant to past trauma and


well if you look at all of those events

that have happened in the past you’ve

put them down deep into your psyche in

some way okay you’ve attached a certain

meaning to it and according to that

meaning your life is unfolding now

for example if you’ve had a past pattern

of terrible relationships

and you see that this pattern of

relationships keep going on and on and


then this is what you’ll keep

experiencing for the next few years to


but this has become largely unconscious

because of suppression because of


because of expression even and you know

all of those factors which determine how

you relate to this event that has

happened in your life okay

so you’ve sort of identified with it in

a certain way

and because of your identification with

it it’s become a part of your being

okay so i’m going to give you examples

to really make sense of this but for now

what i want you to understand is

everything is governed by this law of


and this is why these past traumas are

dictating your life now

and how everything is unfolding right

now now the biggest problem

is we unconsciously internalize events

okay i really really want you to

remember this

everything that happens we fall

unconscious 90

of the time we’re unconscious and we

sort of put these meanings onto it


okay so the problem is unconscious


unconscious internalization

it’s very wordy but what i mean by that

is you sort of look at these events that

have happened in the past

and you’ve reacted to them right really

think about it

anything bad that has happened in the

past you’ve reacted to it and you put a

certain meaning on to it

and as a result it’s dug itself deep in

your subconscious mind

with that meaning so now you’re

identified with it by a terrible meaning


terrible relationships happen for me in

the past so i’m only worthy of those

terrible relationships this is just


this has become a new normal for me oh

business failures that have happened in

the past this is a new normal for me

you know i’m just supposed to have

failed businesses oh

i’ve tried this in the past and it

hasn’t worked therefore it won’t work in

the future

so we start to make this a

self-fulfilling prophecy every single

story that you tell yourself becomes a

self-fulfilling prophecy

okay based on the sort of meaning you

attach to it

and there’s a reason why this happens

and it relates back to quantum

phenomena and understanding different

lifelines and the thought energy that

contributes to whichever

sector of life you’re experiencing so

i’m going to get into that as well but

for now remember that

the biggest problem is we unconsciously

internalize all of these events

and based on that our life unfolds right


to give you an example of this i was

brought to this realization

not just working with the clients in the

reality mastery program because i’ve

seen a lot of that happen

that the past starts to dictate whatever

you’re experiencing and

most of them are able to break free from

that but really i was talking

to this lady the other day and she was

telling me

very very proudly how you know oh i’ve

gotten cheated in the past cheating on

in the past and my ex-boyfriend you know

he just wanted to sleep with instagram

models and etc and etc

that really struck me you know because

she was saying it so proudly

and that made me wonder as well because

i’ve seen in my personal life

whenever i used to complain in the past

i used to do it so proudly as though i

was looking for some

some consolation prize like oh it’s okay

no it’s okay that you failed it’s

totally fine

you know and then you sort of gratify


by that and it gives you permission to

keep on complaining more and more and


oh life sucks yes everyone agrees that

life sucks and you sort of create this

this pendulum this sort of energy field

of negative energy

right so this is what makes it propagate

even more

what we do is whenever we fail and

whenever we have these shortcomings we

start to look for validation of those


and this is the secret payoff that we

get we put attention

onto those shortcomings and we justify

them by finding an excuse from outside

and we say oh

you know this is the government’s fault

you know everything that we’re

experiencing it’s all a conspiracy


and because of that i can’t experience

business success

it’s someone else’s fault someone else

is causing this

when this whole time it’s you you’re in

complete control of your destiny by the

virtue of these meanings you’re putting

onto these events

you’re experiencing these current

lifelines and everything that’s

happening right now

but you’re not able to see it because

you start to fall unconscious to it and

think something else is causing

your experience of life right now okay

and this is not true at all the moment

you start to take full responsibility

for where you are in life right now

that’s the exact moment where control

starts to become yours okay that’s when

you can start to take control of your

current situation and change it

and change the trajectory of where your

life was supposed to be headed

this is the biggest switch that makes

you go from the unconscious to conscious

okay i really want you to remember that

this was something absolutely crucial

for me

i used to always think that i was just

doomed to being in this existence of

doing a nine to five and

you know this is how my life was

supposed to unfold and have a couple of


but then i started to find out about

personal development law of attraction

and i was like well

this isn’t how it’s supposed to be i

actually have a say

in how i want my life to unfold and

that’s when life energy started to

return back to me

you’ll start to look at the pupils of

people who are just completely dead


because they’ve been living a certain

pattern over and over again and they’ve


so dulled by that pattern so dead by it

they have no life energy at all you know

what i mean like if you really look at

these people who’ve been going to this

nine-to-five job for years and years

and they sort of lose that that luster

that sort of

joy in their eyes and they don’t really

even like to do this but they’re

imprisoned by themselves and by their

quote-unquote responsibilities it’s kind

of crazy if you

look at it you know people go to college

invest a quarter of a million

and then spend the rest of their lives

trying to pay off college right

so it’s like this sort of pattern that

we put ourselves

into because we fall asleep and we let

the environment dictate

what our lives should be like right so

this is the price this is the secret


for unconsciousness you start to look

for gratification

of your shortcomings and why life sucks

and then you go to other people in this

negative energy this toxic energy and

you’re like

yeah look my life sucks i’ve had

terrible boyfriends and i’ve had


relationships and this is a pattern that

keeps happening to me over and over

and i can’t have business success i’ve

had multiple failed businesses

and this is how it’s supposed to be and

other people like oh no it’s okay but

you tried blah blah blah

and then that gives you permission to

keep complaining more and more about it

because now you’re getting some sort of

attention for your failure

this is the trap that you need to be

very very careful of

okay successful people don’t fall into

this trap

they don’t fall into the trap of

complaining and justifying their


but rather they always look for a way to

become better and

destroy their current selves which isn’t

serving them

right anytime you want to get to a new

and newer height in your life who you

are right now must be destroyed

okay so really to understand this

let’s go into that concept of quantum

physics and understanding

why a particular thought energy is

making you experience this particular


so if we look at it this way right let’s

say you’re currently here

and behind this

so under this we’ll call this the

present line

okay we’ll call this present

anything below this is going to be the


anything above that is going to be the

future so if i were to really

represent it

you’ve been brought here by certain

events in the past

okay so how you unconsciously

internalize all of those things in the

past maybe

parts of it were consciously

internalized but most of this was was

unconsciously internalized let’s say

you’ve had multiple failed businesses

or you’ve been stuck at a certain

revenue level in your business or you’ve


terrible relationships in the past and

it’s brought you up to here

okay you’ve put a negative meaning onto

all of those

and it’s brought you onto here what

happens is this meaning

gets continued on to what you want to

experience from this point on

at this moment in time once you take

full responsibility the choice opens up

for you whether or not you put a

positive meaning to this

or a negative one okay so now this is a

fork in the road

responsibility opens up this fork in the

road okay so we have this

now you could move in two directions

this is the negative

lifeline and this is the current

lifeline that you’re already following

right this is what you’re supposed to

follow if you put even more negative

meaning onto it you’ll shift even more

to the negative lifelines but if you put


positive meaning on to it i’m going to

color it differently

you put a positive meaning on to it

then you’ll shift to positive and

favorable lifelines and then

favorable events will start to happen

the most difficult thing to do is

looking back at your past and forgiving

and letting go that’s the most difficult

thing to do because you’ve been

accustomed to

to treating it a certain way and

reacting to it a certain way instead of

responding to it

so what happens is now that sort of

reaction gets continued on and on and on

that emotional cycle keeps playing on

and on so you bring that negativity from

the past into the

future as well you’ve had this fear of

failed businesses and that fear led to

that business failing

and then the next business you try up

the same fear comes up

and then you keep fearing and you become

anxious and you keep checking your bank

account every single day and

you keep incessantly checking the deal

has closed or you know the trades have

been made

and the more you keep doing that the

more you keep bringing that negative

feeling that fear into it again

and this fear again starts to dictate

the future events that follow

okay this is what’s keeping you stuck in

this toxic cycle

the inability to become conscious and

start to internalize

all of those things that have happened

in the past okay

so because of that the meaning gets

continued and you follow

this current trajectory by the way is

probably a negative one

because you brought the negative meaning

from the past but it can get even more


you know if you start to get frustrated

even more and you keep reacting to it

even more

you’ll shift even more to negative

lifelines things can always get worse

right but now if you take full

responsibility and you say you know what

those events in the past happen for a


there’s something good that’s coming out

of this i just can’t see it yet

you just persist on faith you know

instead of relying on belief you go on

faith i’ve made a

video on this by the way understanding

the difference between faith and belief

click up here to check that out but

essentially faith is when

you no longer rely on the mind because

the mind will only believe what’s there

what it can see

and what fits the the current world view

the current paradigm that you have

you can’t experience a shift in your

paradigm until

you before you even come from

faith so to to really clarify that up

your current paradigm is dictated by

what you’re seeing and what proof and

what evidence you have in your mind

if you’ve had proof of doing nine to

five and you’ve seen everyone else in

your community do 95s then

nine to five is going to be your

paradigm if you’ve been in a community

of entrepreneurs where

entrepreneurship is and financial

freedom is the new neutral

then that’s going to be your neutral as

well do you understand what i’m trying

to say

but if you want to experience a miracle

and innovation you have to persist on

blind faith with first comes faith and

then belief follows

okay remember that so in understanding

that if you want to change your


it’s key to first of all take

responsibility for where you are right


instead of blaming some external

circumstance i’m sure there are

a million and one different external

circumstances that led to your downfall

but it’s kind of like the chicken and

the egg it’s always you

first you present the image to life and

then life forms the reflection based on

that image

okay so on the on the symptomatic the

surface level it seems like someone else

is trying to spite you

but it’s you at the end of the day and

the quicker you can take responsibility

for that the quicker you can change your

own destiny okay

now i want to get to the three keys that

will help you do this and really break

free from those past patterns so

please make sure you pay close attention

to this

number one what do you got to do

absolutely key is become aware

really just become more conscious and

aware of what’s going on

where are you attributing a negative

meaning to

okay whenever you approach all of these

decisions and these turning points and

you know the fork in the road how are

you what place is the decision coming


there’s always the action that you take

and the intention the action comes from

whenever you make a business decision

what place is it coming from

is it coming from a place of fear and

scarcity or abundance and

expansion are you coming from

contractiveness and trying to protect

what you already have

or are you willing to take that risk to

expand yourself and experience

more okay so become acutely aware of

that and what sort of patterns

you know what place this decision is

coming from

number two whenever you’re about to

complain and look for that validation

for your past failures and to justify it

catch yourself so catch yourself when

you’re about to complain

this was very key for me because i see

that even sometimes whenever some

injustice has occurred to me you know i

want to find a way to

complain to someone about it i want to

keep talking about it

i want to see if someone else

understands me you know

you you just it’s just a human nature to

get yourself to be

understood if instead of that and it


when you complain and when you you know

go out there and share it with someone

it can be powerful sometimes but this is

a form of expression

when you express something part of it

gets surrendered and let go of

because it does feel good to talk to

someone about your problems

it does feel good instead of penting it

up inside but you’ve got to know when

the right time it is to do that and not

keeping on doing that and keeping stuck

in this cycle of complaining complaining


because now you justify yourself you

justify the failure to yourself and you

keep stuck

in this failure cycle okay so please

remember that

expression is a certain level of it a

level below expression is suppression

and a level below that is repression

suppression is when you consciously

you know pent it up repression is when

it gets deep down in your psyche and in

your unconscious

okay the most powerful level of always

letting go and surrendering

letting go is essentially letting be

when you let it be the energy

behind it dissipates and you no longer

internalize it but

it doesn’t have any effect on you this

past story this past meaning you’ve put

onto it

it no longer has an effect on you okay

so catch yourself when you’re about to


and finally this is the most powerful of

them all

is taking full responsibility for where

you are in life right now

okay taking full responsibility

and make the choice number two

make the choice and the decision that

you will no longer hold on to this

because you’re getting a secret payoff

from this

when you hold on to it and you complain

about it and you talk to other people

about it

and they justify and they appease you

and then they help you feel good about

your failure

then you sort of allow yourself to be a


right so there’s a key a subtle

nuanced difference between expressing it

and then using it to help yourself feel


to help yourself feel enough okay

so make the choice that you will no

longer hold on to this

is this really serving you are you

really willing to let this go

whenever people have made the decision

and like anything that you experience in

your life is all a result of the

decision that you make

really think about it not because you

desired it enough or you wanted it bad

enough but you simply just made the

decision to experience that

you said to yourself no i don’t want

this anymore what i do want is that

and then you just did what’s necessary

after that right the intention came

first the choice and the decision came


so really ask yourself are you willing

to let go of that are you really willing

to let go of the past and all of those

that happen

so that you can have a better future and

you can recreate a better tomorrow for


if that’s a decision you’re willing to

make take full responsibility for

where you are right now and every single

day remind yourself of that decision

and anytime you do make all of these

business decisions and

moving forward really learn to see the

distinction between the two selves

the past self which has been conditioned

by all of those failures

and who you’re becoming and see what


this decision comes from because

sometimes you’re going to make need to

make a difficult decision

right you’re going to need to make a


and this is why most people stay stuck

because they’ve had so much

so many failures of businesses in the

past they can’t even

make future decisions on where they want

to go and

make those risky decisions because now

they’re being risk averse and they’re

holding tight to what they have

right so we’ve had people in trading

for past 10 years they’ve been making a

loss and now they’re afraid to

initiate new trades because they

automatically assume they’re going to

make a loss

right this is how strong the past gets

in determining your future and then once

you help them overcome that

and start to recontextualize and have

this paradigm shift

where they no longer see it the way

they’ve seen it before but they just

shift their perspective completely

and they do start to make those

decisions they go from you know making

losses to making 10k profit in one month

right we’ve seen that happen

so many times so with that i conclude

this video

thank you so much for watching i

sincerely hope this was helpful

okay just to recap what we talked about


was this secret payoff that we get

out of failure out of holding on to the

past and out of

justifying our past failures okay

and this is why people get

controlled by their traumas instead of

it just being an event

it becomes the event that determines

their lives

it becomes the event that describes

their whole

you know existence on earth so it’s very

important you don’t give it that much


these stories that you tell yourself

these stories that you keep holding on


they start to give you so much your life

your life and the events that happen in

your life so much power

and it’s important that at least at the

very least

you give it a positive meaning as

opposed to a negative one

okay so understand that everything is

governed by the law of karma

karma means action not what goes around

comes around

any action has an equivalent reaction

okay so your thought energy

your emotions

thoughts and also your physical actions

will produce a consequence

and this consequence might not happen

immediately but there’s a delay time to

this consequence

so just like that the meanings that you

attribute and attach to these past

events that have happened

are producing what you’re experiencing

right now so

it’s very important to become acutely

aware of what you keep

complaining about every single day okay

and the biggest problem is

we live unconsciously and we fall

unconscious when these events happen

whenever something fearful that arises

fear within us happens we fall asleep

and we put again a fearful meaning to it

that past meaning that has brought us

here that traumatic event

that trauma keeps getting carried on

into the future

right so those business failures that

you’ve had

they start to become the new normal for


and to give an example of that it’s just

it was a

revelation for me when i saw that lady

proudly complain about how her boyfriend

cheats on her and

cheated on her her ex-boyfriend and how

all these terrible events happen to her

right we just get this sort of

gratification out of

sharing a story that invokes a response

in someone else

and when they gratify us we feel a

little bit better about ourselves and

our self-worth

okay and this is it’s very important

that you don’t do that you don’t

use complaining as a way to gratify

yourself because then you keep

running that past event more and more it

becomes your present it becomes your


and really what we talked about were the

three keys to help you overcome this

and the first and foremost is to really

become aware when you enter that fork

and that turning point

now you’re faced with a decision whether

or not you want to move

to that ideal self or you want to keep

living like this

whenever that business decision comes

whenever you make the

decision to invest in yourself and in

your future

you hold on to your money instead of

actually going out there and putting

money in yourself and taking that risk

anytime you make these decisions there

is always a risk

without risk there can be no growth

you’re always taking a risk

okay if you’re acting within the

confines of your comfort zone you’re

always going to stay stuck here

number two you’ve got to catch yourself

when you complain and really see

that this isn’t serving you and also ask


are you willing to let go of what’s

happened in the past are you willing to

let go so that you can experience

a better tomorrow number three take full

responsibility for where you are

currently and not blame some external


you take full responsibility and

responsibility isn’t taking the blame

for it

but rather it’s understanding that it’s

your ability to respond

responsibility is your ability to

respond everything that happens around

you you can respond to it

you don’t have to react to it you

consciously respond to it

it is your responsibility i am

responsible for where i am right now 100

not something external

and then you make the choice to no

longer stay stuck here but to

move towards what you do want okay and

with that i conclude this video

thank you so much for watching i

sincerely hope this was helpful if

you’re new to the channel make sure you

like comment subscribe hit that little

bell there so you’re notified of any new

video that i put out

and also i’m super excited to announce

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let’s see how we can help you level up

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who we typically work with are as

follows first of all people who are

professionals who are really looking to

transition out and start up their own


they’ve had all of these failed

businesses before they’ve tried the

affiliate marketing drop shipping real

estate investing stock trading

and with all of these things what

they’re seeing is that

they never get the kind of result that

they want but always make a full circle

back to the nine to five

and this is a pattern that keeps

happening and

not because they have a lack of skills

or they don’t have the right business

tactics and strategies

but rather it’s them internally they’re

holding on to the past and what’s

happened in the past

but also internally they’re only worthy

of the nine to five in the cubicle and

the cubicles where they keep returning

back to

the same thing with the entrepreneurs

that we work with they want to scale up

they want to make more money they don’t

want to stay stuck at a certain revenue


they have again the business tactics and

strategies but it was never a business

problem it was never a skills or tactics


but an internal one okay they’re focused

on the wrong things they’re only worthy

of the 10k month their paradigm is that

of the 10k month

and the 10k month is what they keep

staying stuck at they can’t scale up


if that sounds like you please take

advantage of this opportunity and sign

up for the console

right now click on the link in the

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hope to speak to you there and also a

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take advantage of the link for that is

also in the description

thank you so much for watching until

next time peace

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