Mankind’s Only Battle


In this video I want to share with you how to truly master your own self through learning coordination; you’ll learn about the biggest thing that keeps resetting you to ground zero and the fundamentals behind resistance & how to overcome it. This is an exclusive module from the Reality Mastery program.

Here’s what I cover:

1) Coordinating through the dream

2) Excessive potentials and disrupting nature’s balance

3) Inner and outer importance

4) Freeing the self

5) Demonstration of importance

6) The 3 keys to reducing importance

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– Importance elimination worksheet: Click here

– The Golden Standard of inner importance: Click here

– The true secret to mastering reality creation: Click here


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hey guys, welcome to the reality mastery program and this is week four module one mankind’s only battle. in this module we’re going to be talking about coordinating through the dream and in generate in general why coordination is so important and what this concept is even about. And next we’re going to be talking about excessive potentials, what they mean, their significance and how they actually block you from getting to your goal and why sometimes unexpected obstacles seem to always present themselves on the path to achieving your goals. Next we’re going to be talking about the cause of these excessive potentials and in general the concept of importance and what inner importance and outer importance are. And then we’re going to be talking about freeing the self and this is going to be revealing to you the key to actually decreasing importance, to eliminate excessive potential overall.


And we’re going to be doing a demonstration of importance to really understand the nitty gritty of it and understand the core fundamentals behind it, what causes it, and how to become a master over this concept so you have no obstacles left to get through. And then finally we’re going to be ending with the three keys to reducing importance. So make sure you pay attention and let’s get started. So by now you should have begun a complete consciousness revolution and your reality and you should have begun for managing your thought processes by centering your attention at least 10 times per hour and visualizing with the Plat. You know, the three questions that you ask, who am I? Where am I, what am I doing? Getting into full realization of that and also using the Platte to just in general, uh, control your thoughts and keep inventory of which thoughts you’re predominantly keeping up.


Then consciously choosing these thoughts, things you should be implementing, the mirror principle and the two identity shifting techniques throughout your day, throughout your week. And this will help you get back into alignment of who it is you’re trying to become. And next you should have completed all of the worksheets from the previous weeks, should also be doing the self mastery guide first thing in the morning, last thing before bed as a means of getting into alignment with the vision that you’ve created for yourself and of your life. Finally, you should also be tracking your reality via the reality planner every single morning and every night before bed. So with that, let’s get started. And first let’s talk about this concept of coordination and what it means. No, you’ll see that whenever you’re manifesting something, there’s always going to be three phases. And the first phase is always choosing and committed.


And you know, sometimes people get unconsciously successful at some things and they say, oh, you know, whenever I choose and really commit to something, that’s when things go to shit. Because whenever they actually consciously do that, they immediately go to phase two, which is the inevitable grace period when things germinate. And now in this inevitable grace period, as you saw from week three, module two, now there is this delay factor that needs to be counted for. And this means that reality takes some time to actually arrange things for you. And it always takes the path of least resistance. So there are always temporary inconveniences that’s going to happen because reality is just going about its own way of making things for, you know, let’s say you have a goal of making 20 k a month and you’re making five care month. Next month you make nothing, but then the following month you make 10 k and then the month after you made 20 k this personally happened to me.


So this is absolutely possible and the key is to stick to your guns. And phase three is the deliverance of these goals. So if correct coordination is not in place, then whenever you’re in phase two it will eventually inevitably lead back to phase one. So you’ll keep ending up at ground zero. And this is why people keep going through groundhog day every single day because they keep taking one step forward and one step backwards. Now what is coordination or coordination are just methods to allow you to stick to your guns regardless of what happens in your external reality. You don’t really need anything else. You just need some good coordination. That’s it. Now you know, why do things really go to shit? So before understanding techniques to actually solve them, we must understand the principles of why they even happen and understanding excess potential and resistances will really shed light on this.


And now the two sources of doom are negativity and resistance and these have an internally generated source and an externally generated source. And these are excessive potentials and pendulums respectively. So when this, we’re going to be talking about excessive potential. And now let’s talk about the devil at your heels. And as you know by now the biggest thing holding you back is yourself. This is the internally generated resistance. And now let’s talk about excessive potentials. So the definition of an excessive potential is an in homogenity or an imbalance created in the field of the universe. Whenever there is a disproportionate amount of thought energy or meaning attributed to anything. So whenever you focus too much on something and you need something in, you’re attached to it, the thought energy is concentrated on that thing and this causes excessive potential. And in general, you know the term importance accurately describes this.


So one of you put too much importance on something. The value difference between that thing and every other thing in your life is interrupted. So now as a result, nature is forced to restore this balance on its own. And if you look at this demonstration of it, you know the one thing that you put too much importance on, it raises itself up and excessive potential like this, while every other thing in your life is in balance. Now let’s say you have a specific person that you like, you have a crush on. Their value is up there, while every other person in your life or every other even thing in your life, the value of it is down there. So everything must have equal importance. If you raise, you know, the importance of your specific person to that level. You’ve got to raise the importance of the other people in your life to that level in order to get that person or even manifest that goal.


We’re going to be diving deeper into this in just a second. So here is more about excessive potential to make more sense of it. So to really understand nature, you know, nature is the only perfect system and nature we’ll never be off balance. If you attribute too much importance on something, it automatically raises excessive potential in its field. This is just natural. Now you might be asking, so what quasi well, when this access of potential is raised, then what nature does is it creates balanced forces to come in and reduce the successive potential and create stability in its field. And whenever it does generate balance through this balanced forces and you know, these balanced forces can be anything. If you look at the city of Atlantis because of the excessive potential generated by the mystical powers they were using, nature generated balanced forces to drown that city under the ocean.


This is just how nature works. Why hurricanes and everything happened is because excessive potential is being raised in nature, is generating these balanced forces to come in and balance out these excessive potentials and no, what is excessive potential? Really? What can it be like in two? Well, it’s like gravitational potential. Now, if you’ve studied science in high school, you know of this concept called gravity. And gravitational potential is essentially like if I raise a pen above surface level, it automatically gains gravitational potential energy and wants to do is it wants to return to the lowest energy state. This is the same with excessive potential. So a demonstration of this is here. So let’s say you have a pen on a table, it can’t go any lower. You know it can go to the ground level, but right now it’s at rest. It’s at its lowest energy state. So the gravitational potential is zero with respect to the table.


And now when you raise the pen to a height of h, the pen is that an unstable equilibrium and wants to fall back down to the table. So now the gravitational potential is with respect to this h height, but it’s been raised to, when you raise it even higher, there’s even greater instability in this field. So the pen wants to move lower and lower. So the Penn gains even more gravitational potential. And this is the same with your thought, energy and justice with the pen. Your thoughts also get too concentrated. Whenever you’re focusing on one thing and you really need that thing, know you were attached to that thing and this generates excessive potential.


Sort of give you an example. Whenever there is concentrated thought energy and too much meaning on something, there is excessive potential. And when this person thinks about their interview, and I must succeed at this interview, I must, I need to. Then the excessive potential is directly correlated to the intensity of this thought and attachment. So this excessive potential is generated by importance. Now let’s talk about importance and in general how it manifests itself into these two forms, namely inner and outer importance. So what is inner importance? And the definition for inner importance is whenever a disproportionate amount of meaning is attributed to any shortcomings or values and virtues that you have, this generates successive potential. So to give you an example, whenever you’re excessively cocky as well as excessively modest, this raises excess potential. So to give you an example, when I first started practicing spirituality, meditation manifestation, and I started manifesting these little things into my life, I started bragging about it and I was like, oh no.


Because I meditate. Now I can sleep six hours a night and be fully rested. And whenever I would start bragging about it, I would see that nature would just give me a slap in the face and next day I would have to sleep nine hours. And uh, I saw that whenever I started manifesting these little things, I would start bragging and bragging about it. Nature would give me another slap in the face and just take it away from me. So I had never really understood why that happened. And then I started to understand that I am throwing myself off balance by being excessively cocky. And, uh, also I saw that when I first started to never get sick. This always happens. I would always brag about not being sick. I’m like, Oh look, I’m practicing meditation, taking cold showers and taking vitamin C. I never get sick.


And whenever I would brag about this next day, I would just fall sick. It’s absolutely crazy how this works. So be careful about this and throwing this off balance. So even excessively, no extensive modesty create success potential. So with thought energy and imbalances created, whenever you attribute too much meaning to this own personal value or shortcomings that you have and nature wants to balance this out, so then the balance force forces come in even at the six has potential by taking the path of least resistance. Always remember that with anything in life, nature will always take the path of least resistance. The human mind wants to create complexities. That’s just how it is. But nature always takes the path of least resistance to deliver you to your goals or even to balance out access potential. So excessive modesty also creates excess potential, and the victim mindset actually keeps you stuck.


Okay? So excessive cockiness and life gives you a slap in the face. Excessive modesty in life gives you a slap in the face. Whenever you’re a victim and you act like a victim life or just keep making you stay stuck like a victim. Now you know, you might have a question that if reality doesn’t give to the excessively modest and why does it give to the accessibly cocky? It’s two ends of the scale, right? So one end must be correct and one end must be incorrect, right? And the answer is no. The temperature scale. So you know, everything wants to be at balance, everything wants to be at room temperature. But if you put the temperature too high, then enzymes nature, if you put it at too low, then everything freezes up. So you know, arrogance slash excessively, no excessive confidence and self deprecation are just two ends of this one scale.


So now you know, whenever you do tread on two ends of these scales, when you go from excessively modest to completely no self-deprecating, excessive potential just occurs with different signs. So you know, it goes from a positive excessive potential to a negative access of potential because this value difference is still being disrupted. So the key is to abandon the scale altogether. Cockiness and self-deprecation have born out of a dependency on external conditions and what that means is, you know you look at your external reality and you’re like, oh look, I have money. And then you get cocky and when you look at your external conditions and you’re like, oh no, I’m poor. And then you get self-deprecating and you feel like a victim. So these are both just dependent on your external condition. Now your internal state begins to become dependent on your external reality and you become a slave and you saw this in the last module and week three, module two in the mirror cycle.


Most people observe their reality first and then they formed the image by their thoughts and attitudes. Don’t do this form the thought and attitude that you have that you want to form. You can do this consciously without needing anything from your external reality. The image forms is a reflection, not the reflection to the image. Now an interesting thing to note is that true self confidence actually comes from an acceptance of your true value and cockiness is just a projection of insecurity just as self-deprecation. You know, this is just a scale. So people who are cocky, they have to be, you know, cocky and show this artificial projection of cockiness because they actually deeply feel insecure inside. Like think about someone who feels the need to brag. Why would you feel the need to brag if you weren’t insecure? You’re compensating for something. You know, someone who wears all flashy things and tries really hard to impress other people.


There’s always some sort of insecurity that they’re trying to balance out by these artificial projections. Someone who’s truly confident doesn’t need to do any of these and you know, truly confident people don’t need to exert their confidence. They just are. And it exudes always remember that when you are just deeply, you know, truly have inner confidence, then it just exudes out of you. When you realize your true value and you don’t try to, you know, put some artificial embellishment on it, then it just exudes out of you. When you let go of the battle of confidence and an insecurity, that’s when it actually comes to you naturally.


And you know, here’s the key to inner importance. So the key is nature will always take the path of least resistance to balance out any excessive potentials. So it gives you the easiest solution. So the easiest thing for nature to do when you’re cocky is take something away. The balance returns, you’re being cocky about too much money. You have nature takes away this money. It gives you a big tax at the end of the year. Easiest thing for nature to do when you’re self deprecating, leave you where you are and the balance is maintained, right? Because when nature leaves you where you are, this is just nature’s way of keeping this balance because of your thought energy. It just makes you stay where you are now by giving you what you want. It doesn’t work like that. This is just nature’s way of keeping balance because if it gives you what you actually want, it wouldn’t be taking the path of least resistance. It would actually have to exert more energy to give you what you want rather than just leave you here as you are.


So both cockiness and self-deprecation are just to projection of artificial importance, the scale of insecurity. So the temperature scale you saw, that was the scale of insecurity, arrogance, and both self-deprecation with just two ends of the scale, abandoned the scale altogether and now the golden standard for inner importance. I’m not a special person, neither are my unspecial I am, and here’s a pinup for you to download in the action items below and Nope, remember that you’re not special and neither are you unspecial you just once you see your true value for what it is and give yourself permission to express yourself unconditionally, others do as well. Cockiness and self-deprecation are both two ends of the same scale of insecurity, which inevitably leads to the rise of balanced forces. True confidence comes from within without any dependency on external factors. Go down to the action item section right now and download this. Put up on your wall. Remind yourself of this every single day. This is something that I forget. It’s something a lot of people forget, so you want to be looking at this every single day reminding yourself of this. Now let’s talk about outer importance. Now. What outer importance is, is when a disproportionate amount of meaning is being attributed to any external event or thing. And this again raises x’s potential and invites balanced forces. And when you put too much importance on your external goals, this actually disrupts the value difference in nature and tips to scales again,


and you know, this is the biggest reason why people are actually unable to attract a specific partner and putting a person on a pedestal takes them further and further away from you. And this is nature’s way of balancing things out. Really think about this, any external goal that you have, the more you try to get it, the more you force it, the more it resists you. This is because of the work of excessive potentials. It wants to create this value by taking it further and further away from you until you forget about it. So this is also why letting go is powerful. The imbalance is actually created through thought and Nope, when this thought energy dissolves,




Because you let go the flow towards your goals resumed and you know the goal is actually achieved via the delay time in the previous intention that you did have. Whenever you do let go. So sometimes people don’t understand, you know, why is it that when I let go, goals come to me.




Because the intention is still that remember the delay time? No. Whenever you intended before and you let go, now you’re just opening up the door because you are closing the door with excessive potentials with, with attributing too much thought energy to this. So once you let go of this concentrated thought energy, the delay time plays itself. And the original intention that you said about with and the previous actions that you did, it now has a smooth flow towards your goals. So to give you an example, whenever I did my $0 million revenue month, you know, I had too much importance on it. I was like, oh no, I got to make a sale, make a sale. Come on, come on. Why isn’t it working? Why isn’t it working? I’m not any money, not selling any clients, and my dad was pounding down on me. He was like, what are you doing?


You know, you just graduated college wine and do it again. An engineering job. Did you sign a claim? Did you sign a client every who would ask me? No. Did you sign a client yet? You know, did you make money? Did you make money? And obviously this put down my state, because even back then, a couple months ago, I was still very, very dependent on these external conditions, but I started to see what was happening and I just sat down one day and I cried it all out and I’ll throw, I was having that shitty month. I just let go and I said, fuck it. Let it all burn. Whenever you do that, that’s a powerful way of just letting go of importance. When I cried it all out and released it. Next thing you know, next month, boom, all the sales started coming in. And I had my 10 k month and now let’s give you a demonstration of no excessive potentials.


When a man desires a woman, no. Let’s say this man has a crush on this woman, right? And as a result of having this crush, he raises this woman on a pedestal. So now this woman’s value has been increased. And the more he desires this woman, the further and further she resists him. Because you know the intention, her intention probably isn’t, you know, she probably doesn’t feel the same way as he does about her. So the easiest path when needs you to take is to create more and more resistance within her. So she moves further and further away. And as she moves further and further away, the guy falls out of love. And her balance is, you know, the balance we established, she’s no longer on a pedestal. And this is why nature always takes away people that you keep forcing. You’re putting, you’re putting these thoughts on trying to attract in your life. There’s a way. It’s very, very difficult for people to attract a specific partner because they go about it the wrong way. They put all their eggs in one basket and you’re going to be seeing that in the solutions later.


Now, you know I already talked about this. All right, so now let’s talk about the Golden Standard to outer importance. Nothing is ever too important. If it happens, then great, and if it doesn’t, then even better. Something better is always coming along. Always remember this. You know the golden standard you want to reach without her importance is this state that ads. It’s not that important. If it happens, then great. If it doesn’t, then that’s even better. No worries. You know something better is going to come along. If you get to this state, you know that your importance level, your outer importance level is well coordinated. Now let’s talk about freeing the self and seeing the light for the first time, and this is key. Now, there are no obstacles. If you really look at your reality right now, anything that you think is an obstacle right now, it’s not an obstacle because whenever there is an obstacle that presents itself, just remember this, this is not an obstacle, but a representation of the importance that you’ve attributed to this area of your life.


So to really make sense of this now, if you just gained some perspective, if someone homeless poor and not well off or put in your situation right now with whatever problem you’re encountering, would they perceive this as an obstacle? Would they care that their business isn’t doing x dollars per month or that their love life isn’t the goal going the way that they’d like now? They’d just be grateful they have a shelter over their heads and warm clothes and warm food to eat. And why obstacles happen is because whenever there is a projection of this artificial importance, whenever you’ve just elevated something and put it on a pedestal and obstacle inevitably appears, this is going to happen. This is why there’s always going to be problems.


And this can be exchange, uh, understood by the subtle value exchange. Now remember that if you want to make money, you’ve got to give value. If you force people resist, if you see an obstacle, no, that there is importance, you’re attributing somewhere. So don’t try to directly tackle the obstacle first, but rather consciously reduce the importance level you were attached to it and then do what’s necessary. So let’s say you are encountering an obstacle in your life. You’re like, oh well quasi these businesses in doing x dollars per month, shit, this is an obstacle. Ask yourself first. Where is it that you’re attributing too much importance? Because if you consciously just reduced this importance, the obstacle, nine out of 10 times just dissipate on its own. And then you just need to do what’s necessary.


And now let’s understand why importance actually causes obstacles. And why this happens is because it occupies your intention energy. It takes your intention energy, and it ties it up into overcoming these excessive potentials. And now once we do a demonstration of this importance, this is gonna make sense. So here’s a demonstration. So let’s say a man is walking a tight rope, right? He’s trying to get from point a to point B and you know, for the first time he’s doing this first time in his life and he feels fear with every single step that he takes. Fear increases and rumor fear is a result of this inner importance that he has to protect itself himself. And also a bit of external importance too. You know, we’ve got to get to the other side and this thought energy generates access and potential. So you know, he’s trying to walk from point a to point B and he’s like, Oh shit, what if I fall?


What if I die? Inner importance? Oh Shit. Gotta get to the other side. External importance, outer importance, excessive potential gut gets to its maximum level. And the easiest solution for nature is to actually just throw the man overboard and be done with. But this doesn’t happen because the man has his own intention, energy and 99% of this intention energy is actually tied up in overcoming the excessive potential, leaving him 1% to get to the other side. So imagine this, if 99% of your intention energy is tied up in overcoming the obstacle and you only have 1% to actually no left to get to your goals, how efficient is the system?


So do you see why the biggest reason that people don’t get to their goals is because they’re attributing too much importance to these goals. If you could just reduce importance, dial down the importance level to zero, you would just calmly take whatever it is that you choose. It will be like going to a store. It’d be like going to a deli, getting a sandwich, they’re making 1 million bucks. We’ll be like going to a deli making a sandwich because there is no importance. You would just need to put in work and it would take some time. Sure. But it wouldn’t be that hard.


Now if this person were to cross to the other side, he would be exhausted having used only 1% of his intention energy to get to this other side. And you know, an experienced tightrope walker would just skip past and be completely energized as they were before. Maybe a little bit of energy would be used. And you know, in some situations in your life it’s impossible to consciously reduce your importance. No matter how hard you try, it’s going to be absolutely impossible, especially in this situation. You know, you can say to yourself all you want or just pause. You just reduce your fear. Just reduce your fear. Right now you know you’re walking on a tight rope. You need to reduce your fear and you can get to the other side, but it doesn’t work right? Because this fear has been conditioned deeper than you think. It’s in your very biology.


So we must employ other methods to actually reduce this importance. And here are the three keys to reducing importance. Solution number one, become increasingly conscious everyday. This is a long term solution, right? So this is a longterm play. If you become increasingly conscious every single day and when your consciousness, you know, reaches a certain depth, you naturally detached from the external state of things and turn within. It’s kind of like waking up in a dream. You begin to control it. Getting more and more conscious is like waking up in reality and understanding that this is all an illusion. Nothing that happens externally affects you because you truly understand that all is created from within and you learn to walk through life, play with it without getting all tangled up in it. This is the ultimate goal and with spiritual practices like mindful meditation, Yoga, centering, your attention, waking up this state can be cultivated over time. It’s very, very possible and always remember that the key is to not even put too much importance on reducing importance either because this itself can raise it. Excessive potential is what a lot of people do and they enter the feedback loop of hell. We’re going to be talking a lot about this in the techniques to reduce importance.


The second solution is to create a safety net or a plan B. Now, this is absolutely crucial in reducing outer importance. In the instance of the tight rope walk up. If there was a safety net under him, the fear would definitely decrease if not dissipate altogether, right?




If he’s walking the tight rope and we put a safety net under him, definitely the field would decrease as a result of the fare decreasing. The excess potential would decrease as a result. More intention energy will be available to him. And you know what this means is, you know, whenever you’re doing any activity that you do in your life, make sure you have a safety net or a plan B. Don’t always put your eggs in one basket.


And to give you an example of this, when I quit my nine to five job, there was a fear of failure. My business, you know, there was always a fear of failure. Like what if I just failed month after month, year after year, and you’re nothing when the right way would I be able to return to the workforce, blah, blah, blah. So as a plan B, what I did was I made sure to actually finish college and get my degree so that I could always go back. So that was my plan B. But even then at the same time, no, actually when to put positive pressure on yourself to perform. A lot of people learn about this stuff and then they’re like, oh, okay, I’ll just create safety nets everywhere so I don’t have to do anything. You know? It’s not that you’ve got to know when to crank up your intention energies and actually put pressure on yourself.


This is becoming a conscious creator of your reality, knowing yourself so intimately that you know that when you got to put the gas on, when you’re going to put the brakes on, this is known as a use stress. When you create positive pressure on yourself, this is used stress coming from the Latin root of you, which means good. If you look at the word Eulogy, Eulogy means good word. You do a eulogy at someone’s funeral, right? There is distress and there’s you stress. You want to create you stress sometimes in your life. And to give you an example, I still quit my nine to five job and I didn’t do my nine to five at the same time as working on my business because I knew that I wouldn’t have enough pressure on me to perform on my business if I actually had a nine to five on the side. If I did two of these things at the same time, then my attention would just be spread out into both of these activities and I wouldn’t be able to do well on either of them.




so this is crucial. Look at how I’m balancing this out and how I actually balanced it out. I went full in on my business, Aka keeping that positive pressure on myself, but at the same time I made sure to finish college and get my degree, not quit and drop out of college. So there’s my plan B there. Now let’s talk about solution three except the possibility of failure in the first place. In anything that you do, this is just another form of Plan B, knowing that you could just fail. But being okay with it massively reduces importance and any and external goals goal becomes too important. Just be okay and prepared for the possibility of failure. And you know, in the example of big interviews or sales calls,




I would sometimes go into sales schools back in the day and be like, Oh shit, well now I’ve got to sign this client crap. If I don’t sign this client, I don’t make money. Oh Shit.




When I started to say, ah, you know what, I could fail this one but there’s going to be more. And then big interviews are no way I could totally fail this one. I don’t know. There’s going to be more


so accepting the possibility of failure. So accept the possibility and sometimes even visualize the failure slide just to get okay with it. And what a slide means is just an image you create the visualization, an image, we talked about this before just to get okay with it, just to get familiar with what failure feels like. Don’t turn it around in your mind’s eye too much but rather a couple of times just to get okay with it. And whenever your attachment goes down, that’s when the importance has been lowered. And remember the golden standard is if it happens, then great. If not, then even better. Right? And whenever an external situation that doesn’t go as you planned and you know this actually makes you feel a depletion in your internal state of being. So to give you an example, you go to sad from happy, then the importance level for that activity was too high and life was trying to teach you a lesson. So you are too attached to that. So let’s say you are making a lot of money in the next month, you don’t make any money and then you get sad. That means you are attached to making a lot of money. And so it’s definitely making you feel a depletion in your internal state of being.


So this is how you find out whenever importance level was too high for something so you can improve for the future and become more and more conscious of it. So the key is to balance out your intention with surrender. You have complete striving within, but a complete disregard for what happens without. So this is the sweet spot to goal achievement becoming process oriented, over results oriented. This is actually an ancient yogic psychology.




And you know the ancient Yogi potentially who people thought were just a complete God and people thinking, you know, even the gods were jealous of him. That’s what people used to say. He wrote in the Yoga Sutras that the success secret with any sort of yoga practice to get to enlightenment is to balance out, fight Aga with a VSA, which is intention with surrender. So this is key. Make sure you do this and make sure you get to this sweet spot within yourself.


And here’s a bonus solution and this is called abundance setting. So when one area of your life gets too important, no to give you an example, an interview that you’d have or a date that you were about to go on, what you must do is create more situations in your life that balances out the value of each. So we’ll get to a point where you’d say, if I don’t have x, then that’s okay. I have y. So this evens out the importance level. So what you want to do is create situations of abundance in your life. So don’t get hung up over one thing, get more interviews and get set up more dates. And if you have one interview, obviously there’s interviews going to be very important. If you have one interview every single year, there’s some interviews going to be very important, but you have let’s say 10 interviews a year, then that one interview is going to get less and less important. If you have one date every single week, that date’s going to be super important. If you have 10 dates every single week, then that one date is going to get less and less important. So the value difference is going to be balanced up. You don’t want to have one sales call a day. Then that sales call becomes very, very important to me when I have six. Then this importance level is just spread out all over them.


And here is the importance elimination worksheet. So the goal with this is to allow you to eliminate importance. And as a result, reduce access them excessive potentials and free up some intention energy so you can effortlessly get to your goals and the processes, the importance elimination worksheet. So if you go down to the action items section right now, you have access to the importance elimination worksheet. Let’s take a look at that.




so step one, what you want to do is think about your goals and write down three of your most important goals right now. Now, what’s really taking up space in your mind?




write them down. Number two, write down why these goals are so important to you and then write down one reason for each. So take each of these goals. Write down a reason why that’s so important to you.




number three, envision failing to achieve these goals and the possible worst case scenario and work on it’s surrender. And we’re going to do the four step process of incremental surrender soon. But just try your best to let go off the module three. You’re going to learn a lot more about this




So just envision failing to achieve these goals and that just work on your best to let it go. Number four, what you want to do is now imagine that this goal has been achieved and feel grateful for its achievement and just rest in your new reality. This is key. We’ve got to remove the bad stuff and then put in the good stuff. You can’t just go on a diet, uh, or like you can’t just go to the gym and eat shitty food. You got to put in good food. You’ve got to remove the junk food, put in the good food, put in the salads, and then go to the gym. And that’s it for this worksheet. So just go down to the download section right now. Pause this video right now. Got under the download section, fill this worksheet up.




and here’s what we covered today. First of all, we did coordinating through the dream. Second, we worked on excessive potentials. Third, we worked on inner and outer importance. Nope, we talked about those. Understood the importance of importance in eliminating excessive potentials. And then we talked about the key to really mastering importance and freeing yourself. And why no importance actually, it’s not official projection rather than something that’s real. You know, an obstacle is just a projection of your importance. And then we did a demonstration of importance where we talked about the man walking the tight rope. And finally we talked about the three keys to reducing importance and the bonus solution as well. And here’s your action items. So first of all, you want to do the importance elimination worksheet, identify which goals you’re attributing excessive meaning to and reduced them. Number two, every single day you want to get more and more conscious and identify throughout the day when you feel a tightness, when you’re thinking about your goals. Work on using these methods discussed to reduce importance. And that’s it for this week. And here’s the true secret to mastering your reality creation. And the true secret to mastering reality creation is to reprogram yourself while working with your current programming. Walk on accepting where you are right now while moving forward every single day. Take action today while visualizing and better tomorrow. Walk with your current beliefs while reprogramming yourself with beliefs that will serve you tomorrow. And you know, get conscious more and more every single day. Increase your consciousness while still setting safety nets and plan me’s today.


So practice is principle and your life will profoundly change very, very quickly. And that’s it for this module. And I’ll see you in the next one right now.

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Cultivate the Internal World of a Successful Entrepreneur

How to overcome the revenue barrier and scale your business to 7 figures by shifting your identity

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