Reprogram Subconscious By Shifting Your Identity (Stop Trying To Change Your Beliefs)


Today I want to show you a counter intuitive way of reprogramming your subconscious mind. This involves no “changing” of your beliefs, but just throwing away the old ones, and adopting ones that do serve you.

See we’re often told that we must “change” our beliefs. Change denotes resistance to the former in favor of the newer.

Whenever you resist something, it almost becomes impossible to introduce something new. After my years in changing myself, what I’ve learned is the best way to change, is to first accept what is.

So…why even reprogram ourselves? Essentially right now you have a desire, but you are conditioned in a way that is not conducive to the fulfillment of this desire.

Eg – you want to make more money, but you can’t get yourself to do the work because you’d much rather be doing something that is more “fun”.

So the question arises: how and what is the most efficient way of reprogramming yourself?

That’s what I discuss in this video.

Here’s what you’ll discover:

  • The conscious and the unconscious mind
  • The reticular activating system and how it focuses
  • Moving into a new realm: suspension of disbelief
  • “Disidentifying” with the old self in favor of the new
  • Assumption + consciousness: the keys to stepping into a new identity
  • Consciously looking for confirmation: the final nail in the coffin

Hope this was helpful! Make sure you leave me a comment with your thoughts.


the feeling that comes up is i’m not
good enough
i’m not good enough because i make 5k a
month i am identified with this 5k a
month version of myself and it’s
dictating every single thing
quasi here in this video i’m going to
show you how you can reprogram your
subconscious mind
and really your unconscious mind which
largely keeps fighting against you
this video is going to be extremely
crucial for you if you are someone
who always self sabotages fight it
fights against themselves
and you know that you want something
your desires are in one way but you
always find some obstacle keeps getting
in your way whether this be in terms of
business you know
you want to go out there and pitch your
services but you don’t feel confident
enough whether there’s been your other
areas of your life and you just feel
that there’s a disjunct
you know one part of you is in but the
other part of you is not and you just
can’t see the other part
this video will show you how to go from
the point of
not knowing what this other part is to
being in full control of it and
functioning despite it okay so by the
end of this video i’m going to show you
three key tools that you can use right
to completely reprogram yourself and
have this
unity within yourself and not have this
battle between the two selves
okay this was something that was
extremely crucial for me my journey as
an entrepreneur
in growing my business going from the
belief of oh i’m only worthy of making
5k a month to
you know making 150k a month okay i want
you to stick around to the very end of
this video because i do think you’ll
find this completely valuable
before i begin this video and to quickly
announce a couple of spots have opened
up for the free one-to-one consult with
me and my team
for the reality mastery program okay if
you’ve been
trying to sign up for this console and
you haven’t found out spots just wait
till the end of the video for the
announcement on how to sign up for that
and with that let’s get started with
this video so today i want to talk to
you about what
i like to call suspension of disbelief
this is a literary device
if you look at it and it talks about how
sometimes you’ll see unrealistic things
happen right but you’re not able to
accept it because of your own
conditioned world views
okay your limited paradigm can only
grasp certain things that have happened
in the past
and that’s why things that happen in the
future that are completely that don’t
fit this
you’re like oh what is this this is
unknown to me so
that’s what we’re going to do here learn
to suspend that part of yourself that
can’t see it and accept it
and because of this lack of accepting of
that part of yourself you don’t become
open to opportunities
when you don’t become open to
opportunities guess what you can’t
capitalize on the opportunities and
you’re not seeing opportunities that are
right under your nose
right so to give an example of that i
had a client who came in
um he was at zero dollars a month for uh
for the past two months in his business
he has his own um he works with sas
business owners and helps them
grow helps them get leads and helps them
optimize their business so they can get
more clients
his biggest problem back then was he was
self-sabotaging his sales course he
didn’t have enough certainty in his
but also he saw that he was just
fighting against himself every single
he couldn’t see the opportunities that
were right under his nose because he was
focused on guess what
failure failure failure oh no they’re
not buying for me they’re not buying for
me i can’t close i can’t close
for two months it was absolute zero um
and then he joined the program
in the month of march so january and
february was zero dollar months for him
in the month of march he did his first
15k a month in april he did his first
20k month right so we took him from that
zero to 15 and 20k
by the way he had a proven business he’s
made money in the past before he did
you know maybe even 10k but it was
always inconsistent right
what we saw the problem was him but this
unconscious part of him that always kept
focusing on what’s wrong
so what we call your reticular
activating system your ras and your
subconscious mind okay
what this does is it forms these tinted
shades which makes you focus on certain
things and eliminate certain other
okay and that’s not serving you because
this ras gets programmed through years
and years of experience at what you’ve
built up and what you’ve accumulated in
the form of memory
okay and because of that if you start to
think that you’re not worthy and you’re
ugly you’re gonna look for proof of
where you are ugly
and every single word someone says
you’re gonna look for proof of where
wronging you and calling you ugly you
know someone could say something like
i don’t know oh you know you look really
nice today and all you’ll be able to
think is oh i didn’t look nice before i
didn’t look nice yesterday oh you lost
you look like you lost weight and all
you’ll be able to think is oh
you you thought i was fat before right
so this is how your mind works it
filters out for things that are
a positive and only filters in
negative things that don’t serve you
okay so this is the the big problem of
nowadays we’re consciously wanting
but unconsciously another part of us is
hindering us so let’s talk about how we
can solve that problem and how i
suffered with that
uh the big problem again is this
conflict between
your desires
and your conditioning okay there’s a
conflict between your desires and
conditioning you have one desire to go
one particular direction
but your conditioning is pointing
another way
unless we get harmony in this you’ll
never be able to move forward
okay if i were the 5k a month version of
me and i thought like the 5k a month
version would be where i hold on
held on to all of my investments and i
was afraid to commit to programs and buy
then i would still be that 5k a month
version right but i had to evolve
first within and take those leaps and
risks that don’t fit into my world view
then i could move forward understand so
in understanding that
you know that’s how it affected me in my
business i was stuck for a very long
time and zero to five came on zero to
five km
because i couldn’t take those risks now
that i want to move up from 150k a month
to doing 300k a month
i have to become a different version i
have to become more of a leader rather
than an individual performer
and inspire my teammates my colleagues
and my employees to perform better right
so part of that is trusting someone with
the business which is very much
difficult you know it’s harder than it
but it’s it’s something that i have to
get used to right but you don’t always
start off getting used to that at first
so how do we get used to that how do we
get used to
handing off responsibility to someone
else and allowing them to make a mistake
and that’s what i want to talk about if
you look at this circle right here
okay let’s say this is your whole being
within your whole being there are
different divisions of it your mind
let’s call it this part let’s call it
the unconscious
95 of your whole being is unconscious
okay five percent of your being is
now guess what the barrier
to from conscious to unconscious
i’m rewriting this here but the barrier
this barrier here that crosses over from
the conscious to unconscious
is crossed through the conscious mind
right so
it’s possible for your conscious mind to
influence your unconscious mind which is
what i’m trying to say
if you consciously focus on something
and you know try to create
habits it eventually becomes an
unconscious mechanism
so to give you an example it’s kind of
like you playing the guitar right
at first you have to put so much effort
holding the strings right and then
playing it playing it but then it
becomes unconscious like muscle memory
because you can’t be conscious about
every single thing
right you can’t be 100 conscious about
every single thing like your heartbeat
x y and z if you were it would probably
drive you nuts
your heartbeat happens unconsciously
your digestion process happens
so what most people do is they always
focus on the conscious part of it and
try to influence the conscious part
instead of influencing the unconscious
part the unconscious
is influenced by repetition by certain
forms of a certain stimuli okay
and the thing i’ve seen the most
effective way to influence the
is to have a harmony between your
thoughts and emotions that’s when this
opens up so if you think a thought and
you feel correspondingly with that
thought your unconscious gets an
imprint okay so let’s say you uh think
about something terrible happening
and then you fear that right the thought
is oh no something bad’s gonna happen
and the fear follows
with that and then that makes you like
do certain things your actions follow as
and when that happens it makes this
imprint this kind of memory whenever a
similar similar experience pops up
it revives this in your unconscious and
makes you and drives you to do those
things again in order to change this
pattern you’ve got to be
conscious okay you’ve got to consciously
choose so this conscious mechanism
is used to influence the unconscious
most people don’t know how to do it
because they live
unconsciously okay so i’m going to show
you how to do that
how this affected me my business is many
different ways first of all i saw that i
wasn’t able to
you know pitch my services with
confidence and certainty you know i i
would always feel like i’m an imposter
like oh what gives me the right to
pitch this service to this business
owner who’s making more money than me
you know i had people
who were millionaires and
multi-millionaires in the program who
wanted to get guidance and just
close the last bit but i couldn’t pitch
my services with certainty and that’s
why they could feel the lack of
certainty coming from me and they
wouldn’t join and sign up with me
it’s completely possible for you to sign
someone who
you know who’s passed your level
right but only if you know what problem
you can solve for them
but instead of looking at it like that i
was always looking at myself i always
felt i’m not good enough to help this
person you know i got to be better first
and then i can help this person
that’s right but i started to
believe that because it was
complete it was deeply ingrained in my
unconscious mind so that’s something i
had to overcome as well
and this inferiority complex uh
comparing myself to others
all of these things weren’t serving me
and i saw that these opportunities
weren’t present
going back to that um the case of my
client in the past when he came into the
program what happened with him
you’re going to see this in one of the
interviews by the way i’ll put it up
here if
the video hasn’t been posted yet but
what happened with him was once we
helped him
restructure his unconscious and focus on
the right things and become more open
open and up a little bit he started
doing things and taking all these leaps
opportunities that he previously didn’t
right and some guy approached him and he
said oh look i can help you with your
sales if you can help me with this he
was like
in the past he wouldn’t have taken that
chance he’d be like oh that’s such a
waste of my time
but he you know took my advice and he
did take that chance
and before that he was correctly aligned
anyways and what happened as a result
was that guy taught him
uh methods to sell and the next month he
did 15k and then 20k and then he also
learned how to maintain his internal
state from the reality mastery program
which helped him even further right so
this is how it works these opportunities
everything that you need to lead you to
the goal that you want to get to is
already right under your nose you’re the
one who’s self-sabotaging you’re the one
getting in your own way you just can’t
see it
because you’re unconscious all the time
okay so i hope all of that made sense
now i want to share with you the three
and the solution to this to helping you
out of your cocoon right now and expand
this comfort zone completely so you can
go out there and become someone new
key number one before you can go out
there and be someone else you must
disidentify with who you are right now
and i’m not talking about
i must change you must change you’re not
perfect that’s not what i’m talking
about i’m talking about the
there are certain characteristics that
are not serving you
okay your characteristics your
your body that’s not you your mind
that’s not you we get identified with
all of those meaningless things but
that’s not you that’s
those are things that are available that
are there right now but you can
influence them
right so the first thing to do is to
with these these personalities these
character traits
basically disidentify with what you call
as your smaller self
okay disidentify with self first
this is a woo-woo concept but let’s make
sense of how you dis-identify with
look at the thoughts you’re having right
now right the thoughts and the
feelings the predominant thoughts and
are they that of i’m not good enough who
thinks this take a step back from these
thoughts and learn to watch them become
conscious of them when you become
conscious of these thoughts and aware of
these thoughts and you take a step back
and see the watcher of these thoughts as
what happens is you start to see these
thoughts as separate from you
okay thoughts are just happening they’re
just coming they’re just happening
they’re not you but somewhere along the
way you’ve decided to latch on to them
because they happen so close you know
you because you hear them every single
this is why people try subliminals right
because they hear different things
and then that influences the track of
their thoughts and then they identify
with those new thoughts
so in order to step away from them to
disidentify from them
you have to learn to rest as that which
that never changes
these thoughts are always going to
change these feelings are always going
to change what doesn’t change
take a step back and connect to that i
made a video up here if you click on it
and check it out
a process of self inquiry and it teaches
you basically how to
get to that center point so that you no
longer identify with these transient
things but identify with something
that’s permanent
okay a simple way you can do that is
look at yourself right now and look at
this observer of these thoughts
whenever you inquire about what’s the
next thought i’m going to have
the thinking process immediately stops
then you ask who thinks this
and what happens right there is a moment
of bliss peace
silence and then you start to see wait a
second these thoughts that are coming up
they’re not me
okay these thoughts that are coming up
they’re not me
if i can watch them if i can
see them then they’re not me i am that
which i cannot see
okay that’s how you reach that
the place of stillness and that’s how
you identify with the self you have to
continually do this every single day
right this doesn’t really happen
overnight so
why i’m talking about disidentifying
with self
is because this self contains this
right this current self will contain all
of these disbeliefs that you have
so let’s call it disbelief as well
this is what i call suspension of
disbelief you don’t have to believe
anything right now just look at your
look at them not as them what we do
is we look as our beliefs right so there
this observer and then this lens which
is the disbelief
but we look as this disbelief instead of
at it
we look as it that’s the problem so
that’s what we want to stop
right now we want to start looking at it
look at
all of your disbeliefs and let them be
instead of trying to change them
just learn to observe them when you
learn to observe them you learn to see
them as not you
so anytime you have this limiting belief
when you think that oh maybe i’m not
good enough for this just ask like
to whom does this occur and immediately
there’s a separation between the two
right and learn to just let that
disbelief be without trying to change it
because we get so identified with this
and we see it as a problem we see it as
the enemy and we try to change them
it’s natural to have disbeliefs because
you’re living in the world of
you know you’re going to identify if you
identify with something you’re
disidentified with something else
okay that’s number one i hope this made
sense i’ve tried my best to explain this
leave me a comment if you have any
further questions about it number two
make an assumption okay you don’t have
to believe anything you can’t
try to believe something you have no
proof of you know you can’t
try to like convince your mind to
believe something it’s useless
assume just make an assumption
okay assume ideal self and whatever it
is and whoever it is you’d like to be
and move with consciousness okay
what do i mean by this whenever you’re
you can start to see the patterns of
your unconscious mind
that’s what i mean when you see the
patterns of your unconscious mind
you’re no longer identified with them
right so
when you assume this ideal self what
happens is you’re basically saying to
yourself okay
i’m gonna suspend this disbelief the
feeling that i’m not good enough
it’s coming up who’s thinking this to
whom does this thought occur
hold on this isn’t really me this is
just some pattern i’ve been living with
okay what does this version of myself
that is confident and certain look like
so you must disidentify with something
in order to identify with something else
especially if they’re in conflict with
each other right
so when you make an assumption of this
ideal self you’re first moving on faith
and not belief right don’t try to
believe something have faith first
cultivate faith and trust first
because what happens is faith is the
very thing that gives birth to creation
okay because there is faith you can go
out there and
do the things that’s necessary that are
not in your world view right now but
maybe someone else has tried it in the
you can try those same things with the
same level of or a similar level of
conviction and still get the results
from it right
so assume that you are already the
that you’d like to be and go out there
and do it anyways so let’s say you want
pitch this service so i’m going to use
an example of me pitching services to
someone who’s
making more money than me and me making
them a promise that says
you know what you know i can i can help
you with this you know maybe i can help
you grow your business but i feel
inferior because i’m not making as much
money i’m making 5k a month he’s making
20k a month how do i help this guy
right so in thinking about that i’m like
okay the feeling that comes up is i’m
not good enough
i’m not good enough because i make 5k a
month i’m
identified with this 5k a month version
of myself and it’s dictating every
single thing
okay i watched that
as separate from me this is true in the
moment right now
this is not necessarily true forever
i assume the ideal self the person who
helps anyone the person who is worthy of
helping that 20k a month version of
and i look at it from a dispassionate
point of view okay it’s no longer
emotional and hypey
i look at it dispassionately
okay and i look and see
all right well i make 5k a month but
that’s irrelevant
to whether or not if i can help this
coaches of soccer players have never
played soccer before yet they’re coaches
you see what i’m doing you see what my
mind is doing it’s looking for
ways to justify
you know overcoming that limiting belief
overcoming that unconscious belief
as you watch them first of all they
become less sticky
and now you can move towards how can i
help this person because now
if you’re not thinking about how you can
help this person you’re in your own head
you’re like oh what’s the next thing i
can say
right so now i’m like how can i help
this person
can i help this person go from 20k a
month to whatever they want to make
okay this person makes 20k a month
that’s irrelevant what’s the internal
problem they’re struggling with can i
help this person with that
then i’ll honestly tell them that yeah
look i can help you with this
and maybe this will solve your problem
do you want to give it a try
yeah let’s give it a try cool let’s do
it you don’t have to fake some sort of
right you don’t have to like be all
dancing monkey and
pitch them something you don’t even
believe in because they will see through
the fake sincerity
okay that’s how you do it and then what
number three is the longer term solution
then you flood yourself with
okay yes
agreed the ideal state is oh
he makes 20k a month i make 100k a month
i can just easily pitch this service
because i’m more confident
right but that doesn’t come overnight
that’s something you’ve got to work
right you can’t fake that certainty
without proof in the mind
so what you do is you flood yourself
with confirmation you’re like
oh well look i’ve helped this person who
works 20k a month
help that other person with 50k a month
going through something similar
therefore i can tell this person
confidently hey look we have so many
people in the program who’ve gone from
20k a month to 150k a month
you know who’ve gone from this to that
by solving this problem
i think we could help you too but before
i couldn’t do that because i didn’t have
proof because i was venturing into
something new
do you see what i’m trying to say you
have to understand the stage you are at
right now
and do what’s necessary at this stage
okay and with that i conclude this video
i sincerely hope this was helpful let’s
do a quick recap of what we talked about
in this video
essentially we talked about suspension
of disbelief how to reprogram your
subconscious mind
to a point where you slowly build up to
a new level of conviction
without getting hindered and stopped at
this current level okay and we talked
about the biggest problem arises because
there is a
conflict in what you desire and there is
a conflict
in who you’ve conditioned to be if we
don’t solve this conflict it will
forever be there
how we solve this conflict is the
three-step solution i outlined to you
but before we get to that you know this
affected my business this affected every
single area of my life because i felt
then you look at like your conscious and
your unconscious mind and how to access
the unconscious
again patterns proof it becomes a habit
guitar string
you know eventually it becomes a part of
it becomes muscle memory
doing sales for your company becomes
muscle memory
making money becomes muscle memory
and the three steps we talked about are
number one you must
you must disidentify with this disbelief
you must
suspend this disbelief don’t try to
change it
suspend it let it be okay when you let
something be
you watch it right only when you watch
it you let it be you don’t try to
interfere with it
when you become the observer that’s when
you let it be
because if you’re trying to change
something you must become identified
with it first in order to change it
so just let it be and then choose
something different
don’t ever try to change something don’t
try to change your beliefs
choose new ones
number two assume this ideal self once
this disidentification process is
happening again this is nuance you can’t
just say okay
today i am going to disidentify with my
and tomorrow i am going to assume this
new self and become no it’s not like
it’s just all instantaneous right you
just look at this current self who you
don’t want to become and who you do want
to become and you focus on that
so you withdraw your attention
by letting whatever it is be without
engaging with it
and then you assume this ideal self and
you move with consciousness why i
emphasize moving with consciousness is
is easy to fall back to old patterns
right it’s easy to fall back to this
old patterns and it’s easy to go back to
that unconscious self when you become
conscious for a
certain period of time you can create
new patterns in your unconscious
number three flood with confirmation
this strengthens this identity you’re
trying to create
when you have confirmation belief the
the final nail in the coffin for belief
is there
it’s like okay well here’s proof right
i believe it i’m a good coach i believe
it look successful clients
and with that i conclude this video
thank you so much for watching i
sincerely hope this was helpful
if you’re new to the channel make sure
you like comment subscribe
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also as i mentioned before the link to
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and what you’re seeing is the biggest
problem right now is not the tactics and
strategies you have all of that you’ve
all of that but you’re seeing internally
something is missing that’s preventing
you from using these right tactics and
strategies the way that they need to be
or even finding the right tactics and
strategies you’re unclear
you know you’re stuck at a dead-end job
and you’ve tried the different
entrepreneurial attempts it’s not
that sounds like you and you feel that
really you need an internal complete
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three question
survey the link for that is also in the
description thank you so much for
until next time peace

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