The 3 Mindsets That Allowed Me To Become A Millionaire In My 20s


Today I want to share with you my journey in growing my business to doing a million within a year and a half… and the 3 key mindsets that have stuck with me throughout this journey.

It’s easy to look at all of the successes once shared on social media, but behind the glamor there are lots of failures that have led to important lessons being learned, internalized, hypothesized and finally tested.

The main principle you must understand before we delve into the 3 mindsets is the Mirror Principle: your reality is a reflection of your attitude towards it.

What does that mean? The lens of your perception, your relationship and what you think your reality to be, as such it unfolds.

Eg. if you think your reality to be a cruel mistress, apt evidence will appear to prove so & vice versa.

Here are the 3 mindsets that I share:

  • There are only blessings and blessings in disguise.
  • You are 100% responsible. Not to blame, but responsible.
  • It’s all a game, have fun.

Make sure you check the video out for detailed examples on how these 3 mindsets have stuck with me throughout this journey of entrepreneurship.

Leave me a comment with your thoughts/videos you’d like to see me make as well?


quazi here and in this video i want to
share with you three of the biggest
shifts and basically the success
mindsets that i’ve
sort of carried on with me throughout my
whole journey that’s allowed me to grow
my business from zero to doing 150k a
month within a year and a half
and how i’ve navigated through this
journey through all the ups and downs
and the three biggest things the three
frames that have always stuck with me
okay i want you to stick around to the
very end of this video because i really
want to get deep down into this
and truly understand you know what makes
successful people successful
and why do they consistently and
you know always are able to maintain
their success without
squandering it and without
self-sabotaging without moving backwards
okay this was something that was
important for me to realize because
these mindset shifts
once you make them once you make the
realization you just naturally hold on
to them and they become a part of you
before i begin this video and to quickly
announce a couple of spots have opened
up for the free one-to-one consult with
me and my team for the reality mastery
program if you’re serious about working
together and seeing how we can help
make sure you wait around till the end
of the video for the announcement on how
to sign up for that and
with that let’s get started so in this
video i want to talk to you about the
mindset and there’s probably a million
and one different videos out there
talking about success mindset
and talking about all the affirmations
you need to do and this and that and
everything that you need to do
what i want to share with you here is
purely my personal experience
and what’s actually worked for me and
what’s worked for our clients
and what they’ve used to become
successful and
this can get very very subtle so i’m
going to try my best to explain to you
all the subtleties and all
the nuances so that you actually make
these realizations and you can start to
use them immediately
okay so make sure you watch this video
and then re-watch it and re-watch it as
long as
it takes for this to sink in and for the
realization to happen but also i want
you to remember that if you don’t
even use this stuff at all the
realization won’t happen
because it’s one thing theorizing
another thing going out there and
testing these hypotheses and these
theories and making them your own making
them personal
okay so what i want to begin with is
that anything that you see around you
right now this
quote-unquote reality it’s moldable it’s
right so reality is flexible
and what do i mean by that if you
believe something to be true
it’s gonna happen if you don’t believe
it it’s not gonna happen everything is a
everything is a self-fulfilling prophecy
you know if you
think that medication is gonna help you
if you think that you’re gonna heal from
surgery before you go into it
then you’re going to heal if you think
you’re doomed then that’s probably
what’s going to happen
so everything is revolving around this
space and there’s a certain percentage
of things happening and a certain
percentage of things not working right
right so there’s always this uncertainty
and this uncertainty goes to show that
reality is flexible even when you think
that one thing is 100
certain and 100 correct sometimes it’s
not sometimes it just goes
completely different way right so in
that sense reality is very very flexible
and because it’s flexible that means you
can influence it the way you want
and this is where this whole reality
creation scheme and manifestation and
the law of attraction comes in
okay and within that there’s a huge
principle that’s been very very relevant
to me in my personal life and
you know what i’ve been going about
doing and what i’ve been sharing in the
channel this is what we call the mirror
if you want to learn more about this
mirror principle by the way click up
here to check out a video on that
i detail it and i really talk about it
in depth we’re not going to go too much
in depth in this video if you want to
check that out then just click here i’ll
put it in the description as well
but what the mirror principle is is that
everything you see in your reality is a
reflection of your internal world
anything in your outer world is a
reflection of what is in your internal
okay and this mirror of reality
it reflects your attitude towards your
okay what do i mean by that let me write
that down first
the mirror reflects your attitude your
internal world
consists of only attitude right it’s
only your
meanings that you’ve put onto things and
how you feel about certain things and
how you perceive them and what lenses
you wear so if you think something is
good then something’s going to be good
if you think you’re worthy then you’re
going to be worthy if you feel you’re
confident then you’re going to be
right reality just confirms what you
already feel so it’s just like that
your hypothesis is always confirmed
right whatever your hypothesis is you go
out and test it
whatever you truly believe to be true
you’re going to find some proof of it
right this is where we come into
reprogramming the subconscious mind so
if you
program it with certain ideas you’re
going to find proof and evidence of
these ideas coming into existence
so if we keep reprogramming ourselves
with more positive ideas
and things that we want to see as
opposed to what we don’t want to see
then that’s what’s going to start to
there’s a there’s a lot of subtleties
behind this because most of the times
when we think we want something we
actually don’t want that
we just want to avoid the opposite of
right so most of the time when people
want money they don’t really want money
they just want to avoid the lack of
so really think about that you know you
want money because you want to avoid the
lack of money
you want financial freedom because you
don’t want to be trapped so there’s
always the duality at play
but what happens is more of the feelings
more than 50
of it is on the negative and avoiding
the negative then actually the positive
this is why you move towards the
negative so the mind works in a focusing
whatever you focus on you will move
towards it okay
so in that sense this mirror is
reflecting the attitudes that you have
about certain things
you’ve got to be very very sincere about
your attitudes and this is also why the
rich get richer and the poor keep
getting poorer right because the rich
see wealth around them they’re like oh
good i’m rich i have money more money
comes in
mirror mirror of reality reflects this
attitude that they have of money
oh i’m rich you’re rich okay let’s
reflect more of rich
and then poor people they’re like oh
i have bills to pay and i’m poor
but even though they might want money
they’re like oh but i have this bill to
pay but i have this obligation and this
commitment and i need to do this and i
need to do that
then reality gives them more of these
bills and commitments and obligations
right so this is how the mirror
principle of reality works
why am i telling you this before telling
you all these mindsets this is the
principle you need to grasp
before we actually move on to the next
part okay i’m going to keep this very
very concise
but at the same time i’m going to try my
best to really explain this to you so
that you can use it
right so now let’s get to the three
mindsets that i’ve used with actual
examples and how they’ve
affected me in my personal life and what
you really need to be successful
mindset number one there are only
and blessings in disguise okay let me
write that down real quick
there are only blessings and
blessings in disguise what do i mean by
the moment you start to divide up your
reality and everything that you see into
good and bad you’re
you have a problem there because the
moment you start to see good and bad in
things then
you’re going to start to discriminate
and you’re going to be biased
right and most of the times this bias
isn’t under your control it’s just the
one that has the most
emotional pull you want to avoid
being poor more than you want to be rich
and that’s why you
move towards poverty mirror reflects
that right
so understand that there is no good and
bad there’s just good and good in
simple as that when i started to adopt
this mindset everything started to go my
what do i mean by that in the month of
may in my business i had a zero dollar
okay so to give you a back story i have
a coaching business and
you know at what we
do is we help uh
entrepreneurs take their businesses to
the next level you know from
five 10k a month to scaling up to 20 30
40k a month in their businesses
even more by helping them solve the
internal problem you know they don’t
a tactical strategic problem at this
point they have all the right tactics
and strategies that’s not working for
them they have an internal world
now what we saw what i saw was that when
i started this business back in february
the first month i did well you know i
did 2k within this just the first month
starting up you know i had an existing
youtube channel and did very well
i had maybe a thousand maybe 500
and uh it was just growing slowly slowly
slowly and
uh i had a couple of clients that came
in and i was very excited because back
then i was in college
and i didn’t want to go to the nine to
five right i wanted to do something that
i wanted to
get freedom basically financial freedom
as everyone calls it
now in that journey i saw february was
good 2k
march was maybe 3k
april was maybe 4k and then may the
month i graduated i went back down to
and that absolutely devastated me
because i had so much pressure on me
because when i graduated i made the
choice not to go into the nine to five
but actually just just double down and
go full in on my business right and when
that zero
month happened it really shook my
and when it did that’s when i was
so this pressure that i put on myself
made me
very very insecure and big and this
insecurity started to
reflect out into my business okay my
internal world my attitude
started to reflect out into my business
so that’s why i experienced this zero
dollar a month
now how do you move past a zero dollar a
month without getting destroyed by it
well it’s supposed to destroy you you’ve
got to be destroyed in order to rebuild
so that’s what i exactly did i allowed
it to destroy me
so that i could recreate myself the way
that i wanted so when i started to see
the zero dollar month
as a blessing in disguise that’s when
the events that followed started to
change okay when i put a good meaning to
the zero dollar month
then next month i actually hit 5k
in june i had a 5k month and then july i
had an 8k month
and in august i had my first 20k month
october i went up to 50k
right so it just kept spiraling up and
up and up
so this is how if you start to realize
that there are only
blessings and blessings in disguise then
that you perceive every meaning every
attitude that you have becomes positive
when every attitude becomes positive it
leads you to positive lifelines and
you know the events that follow become
more and more positive
okay so that’s how it worked for me
number two is responsibility and what do
i mean by that this kind of ties into
the first thing
uh the first mindset shift but by
responsibility i mean
you are 100 responsible for where you
are in life and what your life is
okay you’re 100 responsible for
everything around you
every single little thing even the tree
next to you and what i mean by
responsibility is not
blame i mean the ability to respond okay
i’m going to write that down
you are 100 responsible
so this essentially means that any
single event that happens from this
point onwards
you choose how you respond to it okay
any event that happens
you choose your response to it you
choose the attitude and the meaning that
you put onto it we forget that
we think that oh because a bad thing has
happened my
reaction has to be that this was bad oh
there were ups and downs in my life
you know the way i look at it now there
were just ups there were just things
that needed to happen for me to get here
today and for me to
go where i’m gonna go tomorrow right so
all of these things they’re all
and because of that it
dictates my response when i have this
overarching frame of my life that
everything is a blessing
and everything is a blessing in disguise
i choose now
to put a positive meaning and respond
to every single thing that happens right
even if something goes wrong
i just respond positively because i know
it’s a blessing in disguise
so you’re 100 responsible and your
shapes the events that follow okay it’s
never really the action
that dictates what happens in your life
i want you to remember that it’s never
the action but the motive behind the
the motive and the intention behind the
action and the action itself they’re
they’re one whole but just in different
physical aspects they’re just different
they’re separate aspects of one thing
right you understand what i’m trying to
say by this it’s like
the action without the motive is
pointless if you just dryly keep doing
something every single day there’s no
if there’s no intention there’s no
striving there’s no desire
behind it then it’s just gonna be
useless it’s just gonna keep you stuck
in a hamster wheel there’s no point
doing it you might as well not do it
you know i made a video about how you
don’t need to do anything to manifest
you don’t need to take action to
manifest and i truly still believe that
you don’t
the action is a natural part that will
you don’t have to go out there and keep
looking at all what do i need to do what
do i need to do
what you need to do first is get your
internal world right
because your external world is a
reflection of your internal but most
people use the external world
to dictate how they feel internally
that’s why they keep staying stuck in a
right so if you look at the mirror right
if we have
two boxes and let’s say this is
e and external and this is i internal
what most people do is they see bad
stuff happening in their lives and
they’re like
i’m doomed and then i’m doomed
means my attitude towards my reality is
that reality causes doom
so the external shapes their internal
instead of the other way around instead
of you just ignoring
oh i’m seeing some bad stuff temporarily
but there are also some good stuff
but i’m sure that these these bad things
are actually blessings in disguise
instead of doing that they’re like
i’m doomed and then
now your internal shapes your external
because the mirror of reality says
you feel you’re doomed your attitude is
that of doom okay here’s more doom
so that’s how it happens so this is why
i stress the mirror principle so much of
my videos and
and you know all the time but number two
is responsibility and taking 100
for where you are in life not blame it’s
not your fault
but you are still responsible from what
happens this present moment
from this point onwards okay
number three this was probably the
biggest realization i made
it’s all a game all of this is all a
okay so make sure you have fun
this is all a game have fun
why is this so important when the moment
you start to forget that it’s all a game
you become truly attached to an outcome
and then you suffer okay because the
the nature of life is ever-changing it’s
never going to be the same but you just
you lose sight of the game it’s like
someone being a professional athlete
right let’s say you are a football
player and then you just lose sight of
the game
and you get lost in all the logistics of
all i need to perform
i need to do this and i need to do that
and your expectations start to create
more pressure in you
and this pressure again reflects out in
your game and your
you start to perform terribly because
now you’re not even thinking about
having fun you’re not
present your imagination takes control
of you like oh what if this thing
that’s happened in the past happens your
memory and your imagination
take control of you so the moment this
game you start to forget that it’s a
game and this game becomes too serious
you’re and you need to start to
show yourself this
this is a game right and why was this
important for me why was this mindset
important for me in my journey
what i saw was that i started to get
really attached to certain routines like
oh i need to do this
and i need to do that oh god if i don’t
do this i’m you know if i take a
day off i’m
like i can’t take a day off i can’t take
a vacation
in order to achieve my goals i need to
do this this and this and this this and
so you put too much meaning on certain
things whenever anything in your life
gains an inflated sense of meaning
that’s when you create an imbalance in
the field of nature
i made a video about this too click up
here to check that out it’s
understanding your own importance levels
and when you become too needy
when you become needy and desperate life
withdraws that from you because
needy and desperation means i don’t have
it affirms the state and the attitude of
i don’t have
then the mirror of reality says you
don’t have okay
more of not having so this is why
whenever it’s
you start to lose sight that everything
is actually just a game
it’s time to show yourself that it’s a
game when i got attached to all of these
and i saw that my results were suffering
because of this neediness and
i swear to god i saw like when i was
getting too
desperate on the clothes and like
talking to prospective clients they
could feel this neediness coming from me
and they’d be like they’ll be turned off
they’d be like oh this guy’s way too
needy for this
something’s not right so energy never
really lies
right and because of that i would
probably turn off a lot of clients and
maybe my videos were even
turning them off and they were like oh
something’s just not right about this
so you’ve got to keep your energy right
and the only way to do that the best way
to do that
is by showing yourself that this is all
a game nothing’s ever too serious
okay if anything ever becomes too
serious time to show yourself it’s a
all right so let’s do a quick recap and
what i really
what we really talked about in this
video and essentially the biggest thing
i want you to take away from it is the
mirror principle
right and why certain events happen
in your life in certain ways and why you
can’t understand this cause and effect
cycle and really why all of this stuff
happens is
you forget to understand that your
internal world
reflects out into your external world
and how this happens is by the attitude
you have towards events
towards objects towards people whatever
let’s just call all of them events
right your attitude towards events
creates more of these
events like attracts like and this is
why the rich keep getting richer and the
poor keep getting poorer
another subtlety i forgot to recap about
is the
subtlety of do you really want what you
want or do you want it because you want
to avoid
the opposite the counterpart do you want
to really be rich or do you want to be
rich because you don’t want to be poor
every single desire starts with
resistance of
the opposite right you look in the
mirror you’re like oh sure i look fat i
want to be skinny
but most people can’t they fail to focus
more on what they want 50
or more of their thoughts and their
feelings go towards what they don’t want
right and because of that it’s it’s not
you’re not thinking of a vision that you
have you’re constantly living in the
past of oh i was fat i was fat i was fat
it doesn’t serve you it creates the
but what moves you forward is the
not the desire right so when you look at
your horrible past
that’s why a lot of people like kevin
hart when they look at their horrible
they’re like oh i just never want to go
back there again i’m sure he’s not
thinking about
the past every time he’s doing a
stand-up comedy or
or he’s doing a brand deal or whatever
it is he’s doing
he’s not looking at the past his
intention is to move forward but he uses
the past as fuel
as the desire to build it up so that it
fuels the intention
intention is like a fire but the fire
needs fuel
and desire is what fuels up this fire
okay you can
use resistance as a fuel but it can
become dangerous it’s like a low quality
you know there are better ways to do it
and the three mindset shifts we talked
are number one there are only blessings
and blessings in disguise
number two responsibility you are 100
responsible for where you are in life
right now aka
you can respond to every single thing
and you choose your response consciously
number three it’s all a game whenever
you lose sight
that it’s a game you’re in trouble now
you’ve got to show yourself that it’s a
and i used to just you know go out there
and take a vacation or
i’ll just take a day off just do
something completely uncomfortable and
change it up
something completely left field just to
show myself that it’s not that serious
because you just forget you become so
attached to it you just forget
and with that i conclude this video
thank you so much for watching i
sincerely hope this was helpful
if you’re new to the channel make sure
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they’ve tried all the tactics and
strategies and the coaching programs but
for some reason they keep hitting this
invisible wall
and they don’t know what this wall is
and they’re starting to suspect that
it’s internal
or they know for a fact that it’s
internal because if they’ve
been aware enough to observe these
patterns okay that sounds like you
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you in the group so thank you so much
for watching
sincerely hope this helped until next
time peace
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