The Affirmations That Helped Me Get To $20k/m


Today I want to share with you the affirmations that helped me get to $20k/m in my coaching business. For those of you who’ve been following my journey for a while now, you probably know that when I first got started with entrepreneurship, it wasn’t exactly easy. I endured a lot of external and mostly internal challenges (which is quite normal once you make the choice to do something different from what you’ve been accustomed to).

These affirmations were the ones which saw me climb up to my first $20,000 month in my business, and I’m excited to share them with you in the hopes that they will allow you to achieve the same.

Here are a few guidelines to using affirmations:

  • Don’t mutter them mindlessly, that won’t work. The key is to use them to get you into the state of being.
  • Do them when you’re relaxed and receptive to auto suggestion. This is key. If you’re in a resistive state, they won’t work effectively.
  • Use them consistently. Atleast for 40 days, why? 40 days in yoga is 1 mandala, it takes 40 days to fully ground in a new state of being.

If you’ve also been struggling in attracting money in your life, then this is for you as well. I recall being stuck at $5k/m in my business and wavering up and down with a lot of inconsistency. These affirmations weren’t the only thing, but they were a big part of what actually helped.

Let me know if you enjoyed them and leave me a comment below!


1) Affirmations that helped me get to $20k/m mp3 file: Click here for the link to access


quazi here and in this video i want to
do a quick affirmation video for you
see i’ve got a lot of requests recently
after doing the meditation video
uh people asking me to make videos with
affirmations and sort of affirmation
recordings as well
so i wanted to take the time out and
really make that for you and in
what i want to share with you is the
affirmations that help me get up to 20k
a month in my business
okay so really this is more of a money
and abundance
affirmation something that will help you
reprogram yourself to get to
that 20k a month mark in your business
so if you’re a business owner this will
be awesome for you
if you’re someone who’s also just
wanting to in general experience
abundance in terms of money into your
this would be something powerful for you
as well okay so
just for both categories of people
people you know who are
professionals maybe you want to have
your own successful business and you’ve
been trying to
maybe have client based businesses maybe
a coaching or consulting business
or you’re an existing entrepreneur but
you’ve been stuck at 5k a month
really this is what i used when i was at
that 5k a month point and i wanted to
jump up to 20k a month
and after using this within the next
couple of months i was able to hit my
20k month and really break that barrier
that i’ve been trying to do
for even over the past
six seven months that i had started
doing these so prior to
six seven months of doing these
affirmations so yeah what i need from
you again
it’s similar commitment that’s the
number one thing because if you just try
this one day
it’s not going to work okay more often
than not affirmations become powerful
when it’s more tailored
to you and your personal situation so if
you are able to make your own
affirmations out of these
even better but if you want to follow
mine and one that’s actually worked one
that’s proven to work
at least for me then i urge you to
you know really use this as a tool to
help you get there
so before we get started with the
affirmations themselves there are seven
different affirmations that i used okay
before we get started with those what i
want you to do is
follow a simple step set of rules if you
right what you want to do is you want to
do these affirmations for 40 days
you want to do them in a relaxed state
not necessarily going to bed
or anything but you just want to be
it’s best that you don’t do this as
you’re falling asleep but rather just in
a relaxed state maybe even after you
wake up
in the morning you skip to the point
where we start the affirmations and you
play it
every single day maybe i’ll even make an
mp3 out of it and
give it to you guys for free but the
key points are relaxed
do it for 40 days and also when you’re
using the affirmations
use them as an aid to visualize and
experience yourself at the ideal scene
because if you’re not doing that there’s
no point
you can mindlessly monitor these
affirmations to yourself all you want
but what’s needed is that experience
these affirmations are
sounds and audio guides for you to get
into that state of being
what’s key is the state of being okay
please remember that what’s key is the
state of being
that’s what we want to get to even with
visualizations that you do
what’s key is what you feel once you’re
at the final destination and experience
you get more and more attuned to that
lifeline and that sector of reality
and you become more comfortable
experiencing that and over time it
becomes a part of you
both in your physical reality as well so
let’s jump right into it if you just
completely relax
take a deep breath and we will jump
right into it
take a deep breath and as you exhale
take another deep breath and get more
and more relaxed
exhale and let it all go
take one final deep breath
and as you exhale relax completely
i’m easily making 20k a month
money flows into my life with ease and i
am a money magnet
i am in complete alignment with money
and it flows to me like a moth to a
customers seek me out and are begging to
join my program
love flows out of me and touches the
lives of all
my family and friends give me their full
love and support
and it aids me in achieving my goals
i am the ultimate alchemist
everything that i touch turns into
absolute gold
i have been touched by the grace of god
i’m able to experience the ultimate
nature of life
and carry out my mission with unrivaled
i am at the cause and the life source
spews out of me
my consciousness level has evolved to
the level of
unconditional love and people
have magnetically drawn to me
money flows into my life in abundance
it’s always there when needed
take a deep breath
and as you exhale relax
see yourself at this ideal destination
give thanks
give thanks for having achieved your
give thanks to your friends your family
give thanks to everyone around you
give thanks to your reality for taking
care of you
rest rest in this ideal reality
you’ve made it
everything you’ve wanted
it’s happened
and slowly open your eyes
all right so that’s it for this
slash guided meditation session so again
remember that this is sort of a
visualization that we’re doing
to help you get into that state of being
what’s key is that feeling itself i’m
gonna keep emphasizing this over and
you want to get into that state of being
and have it be a part of you
right and hopefully this was helpful
leave me a comment letting me know what
your thoughts were
and let’s keep doing this for the next
40 days
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Cultivate the Internal World of a Successful Entrepreneur

How to overcome the revenue barrier and scale your business to 7 figures by shifting your identity

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