The Fundamental Difference Between “Desire” And “Intention”


In today’s video, I share with you the fundamental difference between desire and intention.

See most people wrongly believe that one must have a “burning desire” for the goal.

A burning desire will do nothing. Daydreaming and wanting will accomplish nothing.

Please think about this. If you were to stay at home daydreaming and longing for your goals, they wouldn’t show up at your door.

At least not that I’m personally aware of.

However, there is a difference between “desiring” something and “intending” it.

Desire is a phenomenon of focusing on the object of one’s longing.

Eg that nice car you want, that revenue level you would like to hit in your business, the financial freedom…

This is a mere focus on the “end result”, which brings about a familiar feeling of “wouldn’t it be nice if”.

I ask you to evaluate in the past what’s happened when you actually achieved a goal.

Were you lost in daydreaming, or did you simply forget about the goal and immerse yourself in the process?

I’m willing to wager a bet that the latter was more eventful.

This brings us to the fundamental difference.

Intention is the focus on movement towards the goal.

It’s a firm resolve that the goal will be achieved one way or another; an assumption that it’s possible!

Whereas desire is an unconscious assumption that the goal is not possible, but it’s fun to daydream.

Please see this key difference. Once you understand this, the way you approach your life will shift.

I will leave further details for you to peruse and explore for yourself in the video.

But here are the key things we discuss:

  • The difference between desire and intent
  • Why most are never able to intend unwaveringly
  • The role of desire (and why it’s not entirely useless)
  • The heart and the mind – why will combined with power yields fruit
  • The 2 keys you must understand to tap into intention right now

Hope this video was helpful! Leave me a comment below on this blog with your thoughts?


Quazi (00:00):
Quasi here. And in today’s video, I want to share with you how you can achieve your goals, the easiest way possible and eliminate any unwanted resistances, hidden resistances that you didn’t even know existed. By the end of this video, you’re going to learn the fundamental difference between desire and intention and how to tap more into intention to achieve your goals. Before I begin this video, I want to quickly announce that I made a free boot camp for you. If you scroll down and click on the pin comments, you’ll be able to subscribe to our exclusive email list and we can send you that bootcamp web it’s a few of the top videos from the channel in a sequential order. That’ll help you get a transformation right now on top of that, you’ll also get to other bonus material that I can’t really share on the channel.
Quazi (00:43):
So just scroll down, click on it and put in your email and you’ll get access to it. So without further delay, let’s go ahead and get started. So in today’s video, I have nothing on the board, but what we’re going to be talking about is the difference between desire and intention. Now, I haven’t touched on this topic in a very long time and it kind of builds up on the last topic that I covered in the channel. If you click on the link in the description, I’ll put a little icon up here. We talked about awareness and how to tap into awareness so that all of these, this content that you’re seeing around you, it doesn’t bother you. It doesn’t phase you, but you can truly draw a state from within, okay. Now why I want to talk about desire and intention is I see so many people they get into focusing on the wrong things, you know, keeping on drumming up the past and all of these resistances that aren’t really serving them.
Quazi (01:32):
So in this video, I want to vanquish once and for all, let’s get started with the biggest problem. Okay? When achieving or setting about to achieve a goal, people stay stuck in it for longer than necessary. Okay? They keep doing the wrong things or they keep focusing on the wrong things, which then leads them to doing the wrong things, which doesn’t get them results. Right? So the biggest problem I see is most focused on desire and they think that they need to want it bad enough in order to get okay. They think that they need desire, need desire to achieve goals.
Quazi (02:15):
Now, this is a big, you do not need to have desire to achieve goals. So the truth is desiring something and daydreaming about it does nothing. You can desire a daydream about your goals, all you want, but nothing will happen. Do you want to know why it’s, because what actually achieves goals is something that’s a combination of both the heart and the mind. Okay. So let’s talk about it. You have your heart and you have the mind when these come in harmony, then your were achieved. So what do I mean by that? Let’s say you really want something, but your mind can’t conceive of the possibility of it. You’ll never be able to direct your will towards it. So now another interesting terminology comes up. That’ll allow us to explain intention little bit better. The mind is capable of will and the hottest capable of palette when the heart and the mind comes together, this power is directed via the means of the will.
Quazi (03:31):
If you imagine a river and channels that are directing the river to a particular location, kind of like the Egyptians, you know, they, um, I don’t know what they did. They, uh, kind of directed the water from the Nile to their crops. And they created this irrigation system, right? And they were able to do that by creating these channels. If I remember correctly now, um, this goes to show that when you create a channel and give it a particular direction, power can now be focused in one direction. If you just have power, then you’re always going to be in chaos. If you just have will, then you’re going to lack the substance. So both are needed. So if you just go by the whims of your heart, you’re always going to be going on. The next thing that you like, and the next thing that you like, you know, you’re just going to be moving in all different directions.
Quazi (04:27):
You’re going to be guided by your likes and your dislikes. So there’ll be no focus. The mind is what gives it focus, right? The mind is capable of. So desire is in the hot intention is actually in the mind through will. But when you connect the two, you get a powerful form of intention called outer intention. Okay? So the problem is people feel that you need a desire to achieve your goals. And it couldn’t be further from the truth because you actually desire. Doesn’t really achieve goals. Desire creates impetus for you to channel it towards the goals. So if I were to describe it more like this, let’s say we have desire here, right? Desire. And you have your goal here.
Speaker 2 (05:20):
Now. Here’s
Quazi (05:21):
What happens. Desire is the direct focus on the goal. Please remember this desire is the direct focus on the goal, but what bridges, the gap between desire and goal is the intention
Speaker 2 (05:37):
Quazi (05:43):
So intention is what causes movement from desire to go. So desire is the focus on the goal itself. And intention is the focus on the movement towards the goal. Now you might be asking, well, how is this think about a time in your life when you actually achieve what you wanted. You probably just let go of that. You probably weren’t thinking about that as much as you worked before, when you weren’t achieving it, right. You were just immersed in the process. And it happened to give you an example for me, when I said about this entrepreneurial journey, and I said, these revenue goals, I remember setting these goals in one, when I set these goals, nothing would happen. I would just stay stuck. The more, I would think fantasize, daydream about the goals. Nothing would happen as soon as I abandoned or even just let go of the goals and just immerse myself in the process.
Quazi (06:37):
All of a sudden it would just happen. So my first ever 20 K a month, I never thought I would hit it as quickly as I did. You know, I wanted to get out of college and, you know, not do a nine to five and not work for a boss and just do what I wanted to do. And I was like, well, I just want to hit a 5k month. But then I set a goal for 20 K a month. And the more I focus on that 5k month, the more I was actually stuck on zero, the more I focused on the 20 K month, the more I was stuck with this inconsistent revenue, as soon as I let go of it in may, as soon as I quit, you know, I left college and I was supposed to go into my full-time job. This was may of 2019.
Quazi (07:20):
That month I made nothing because there was immense pressure on me. There was a lot of focus on the goal. The more I focused on the goal, the more I remained in desire. And the more I remained in desire, desire, what it does is it creates the separation. It emphasizes the separation between your current and your desires, you know, your goal. So your current situation and what your goal is, it actually creates more and more of this focus on you, staying where you are. So let’s get to another key point here before we conclude love that topic. Desire is the assumption that the golden never be achieved. There’ll always be a separation between current and your desired situation, AKA, where you are now and where the goal is. Assumption of impossibility, okay? The fact that you need to desire, it means that the goal isn’t within reach, therefore desiring is a sort of mechanism of fulfillment of that. A psychological fulfillment that are, yeah, the goal is within me intention.
Quazi (08:28):
Actually, the assumption that the goal is possible, let’s just move towards it. Assumption of possibility. Now, when we make assumptions would get us into an identity or a state of being, when you get into the state of being that the goal is already yours, then you shift more to favorable lifelines, where the goal actually is achievable. And you move to when you slowly start to move towards that, when you assume that the goal is impossible, then you assume that identity, the beingness, that in this life that I live, the goal is impossible. And therefore you shift to corresponding lifelines. You see how this is happening, who you are, the energy, the, the, the form that you take on corresponds to the parameters, the vibration of that target the goal lifeline. So when you say to yourself that this is possible, you start to resonate with that frequency, where the goal has been achieved.
Quazi (09:37):
When you say this is impossible, and you keep desiring, you resonate with the frequency of the life where the goal isn’t possible. So that’s essentially how it works. So going back to my story, when I set the goal of 20 K a month, I never achieved it when I let go of the 20 K a month. And I just immersed myself in the process. It just happened. I kept moving up may was zero. June was 5k, July was eight K and August was my first ever 20 K month. And I never expected it to grow like that. I thought maybe it would take like a year or two. And then when I let go of it, I just, you simply set a goal and you let go of it. Okay. I want to let go. But again, from August to January of the next year, I was able to hit my first of a hundred K month in the business.
Quazi (10:29):
So all of this happened, not because I kept incessantly focusing on the goal, but there was an incessant focus on the process itself. So this, again, emphasizes this other point that I made in one of the previous videos. I’ll also put it in the link that whenever you directly focus on the goal, you never achieve it. The companies that focus on profits and have profitability in their mission statements are never the most profitable, but the companies that focus on the customers are the most profitable, right? So this journey to go and achievement is actually oblique. The focus on the process itself brings the goal. The focus on the customer itself brings the revenue. Do you see what I mean? So intention is the focus on the process. AKA they movement desire is just to focus on the goal itself. Don’t get me wrong. We determined here that desire has its place as well because without a desire, intention would never be born.
Quazi (11:24):
So what desire essentially is, is the transmutation of this, this feeling into intention. So the desire is the feeling itself and intention contains the transmuted element of that feeling that transmuted is channeled by will. Do you see how this is working? The feeling I want is, is transmuted into a particular channel via the will. So anytime in your life, any goal that you wanted, wasn’t achieved by pure desire or pure will, but actually just by the choice that you make a combination of both of it, you made this empowered choice, there was either a pain or a pleasure associated with it. So this is why most of the time in people’s lives, big changes happen when they come from a place of pain, because the impetus is so strong that they can immediately channel it into intention. So a lot of the times, you know, people who’ve been smokers or they’ve been in destructive habits.
Quazi (12:31):
One day, they woke up and they looked at their lives and they felt immense pain. And they said to themselves, it. It can’t go on like this anymore. This has to change. And because of that, because of that firm resolve in their decision change was brought about. So that’s really how it happens in a conjunction of the two. So what another big problem most people face is, is when you stay stuck in desire, you’ve got to understand. Desire usually begins from a place of resistance. You look at your current situation and you’re like, I don’t like this, right? So there’s a scale. So this is the scale of desire. There are two ends to it.
Quazi (13:21):
One is the resistance and one is the attractive. So this is the aversion. And that’s the attractive, when we will begin, we begin right here. We look at our bank accounts and we’re like, I don’t like this. We look at ourselves in the mirror and we’re like, Oh, I’m too fat. And I’m not healthy enough. We look at like how we’ve been feeling. We’re like, I don’t like this. So we’d begin here. Most people aren’t able to switch and go here. Okay. When you can switch and go here, the faculty of will is available to you. So this is why when you say, Oh, I need to desire. I need to desire. I need to desire. Most is stuck at what they don’t like more of what they don’t like. And they keep focusing on that. When you keep focusing on more of what you don’t like, you assume that the goal is impossible and therefore you don’t achieve it.
Quazi (14:13):
So what you must understand is it’s important for you to, as quick as you can get to that point of what do I want instead, and what can I do in order to get there. So this is at least the lowest level of it. The focus on, okay, what do I want and stay, and what can I do to get there? Instead of focusing on, I don’t want this, I don’t like this. And focusing on what can I do to get rid of this instead of focusing on what can I do to get rid of this? What can I do to at least get the situation? So most people, they start a businesses because they don’t, they can’t afford their bills or something, or they don’t want to work for a boss just like me. You know, I started my business because I didn’t want to work for someone else.
Quazi (15:06):
But within that, there was still a focus on what I did want. And because I could focus on what I did want, I was able to move towards it. Right. But it can get increasingly difficult for people just because you start something from the wrong place. Doesn’t mean you can’t shift your focus. You’re not doomed, but it just requires a certain level of awareness to see that you’re focusing on the unwanted rather than what is wanted. Okay. This is one of the biggest lessons for me. If you can do this, a lot of things will change for you because you’ve just got to look at what’s going on now. What is the predominant focus right now? Am I focusing more of what I don’t want and giving it more of my energy? Or am I focusing more on what I do want and giving it most of my energy? So this is why a desire can be very, very harmful because it presupposes the focus on what isn’t wanted. Intention. The movement actually directs most of your focus to what is wanted, right? Because you’re focused on moving towards the goal. So that’s basically it in a nutshell. And now let’s talk about the keys that you can use right now to focus more on intention rather than on desire. Right?
Speaker 2 (16:24):
Key number one,
Quazi (16:30):
I hope you can see this key. Number one is if you’re focused more on the goal right now, shift your focus from the goal to the process, what you do know. Okay.
Speaker 2 (16:44):
Shift, focus from, go, not go, go to process.
Quazi (16:58):
I hope you can see that. So here’s the thing. When you focus on your goal, it actually gives you ideas on what the process would be. If I would have focused on, okay, I want a healthy body, right? I want to get fit. What’s the process. Oh, immediately. I know that. Well, if I want to help the body, I’ve got to start eating healthier or I’ve got to start working out and exercising. So that’s the process. That’s how it begins. And then you keep focusing on the process and you keep moving towards the goal. And more and more of the process becomes unfolded to you to give an example in my business. You know, I used to know, okay, well, this is the goal I want to get to this revenue number. And in order to get to that, while I just got to, you know, reach, to reach out to prospective clients and make offers, well, what’s another way do that.
Quazi (17:49):
Well, I could make YouTube videos. There’s another process while I could make ads. There’s another process. And then I focus more on the process of making ads. And then I get more ideas into the process. So all of this journey in a grand accumulation is for you to move forward towards the goal. Even when you perceive that you’re moving backwards, you’re actually moving forward in the grand scheme of things. But your limited mind, can’t grasp that you’re actually moving forwards. So sometimes you might think that, Oh yeah, just cause this month I made less money. You know, uh, I went from making 10 K to 5k. You might, your mind might think, Oh, I’m moving backwards. It’s of course you are from the relative viewpoint of your goal. But from the relative viewpoint of the universe, it might just be a stepping stone for you to move to a city.
Quazi (18:36):
Right. So yeah, you gotta know that. So shift your focus from the goal to the process. As soon as you can, the focus on the goal gives you ideas into what the process could be, but try your best to focus as much as you can towards what you want. This is a sure-fire way to focus on what is wanted rather than what isn’t wanted. Because when you focus on the goal, you can easily fall unconscious into victim mentality and desire of, ah, you know, I don’t have this and I don’t have that. That won’t serve you. That’s number one, number two, here’s what most people get wrong. They think I’m watching something like this, or reading a book where they say desire is bad. Some mentioned yogurt book. They think, Oh man, desire is a terrible, that’s fight all about desires and try to sweep it under the rug.
Quazi (19:26):
That’ll create more suppression and repression and cause more problems down the line. Instead of doing that, let your desires be, if you find, and that you daydream about your goals and the vision do it. There’s no problem around there. There’s a difference between plotting a vision and just like pure desiring. It’s this emotional pull. When you feel this emotional pull and this resistance towards your current situation, that’s, what’s going to cause this suppression and repression, not a, you’ve got to look at it in terms of what is the underlying feeling that arises is the underlying feeling resistance towards what is, or is the underlying feeling a passion towards what is one tip that kind of desire will always be transmuted into intention, but the kind of desire that entails a resistance towards what is will always take your intention the other way. Now, the goal we’ll get switched to the undesirable outcome, which is your current situation.
Quazi (20:23):
This is why people keep staying stuck in a feedback loop. They say, Oh, well I want to make money because I, I don’t want bills or I don’t want debt. So then they keep staying in debt because the goal now becomes step. The content of their focus is now debt. They’re like, I don’t want to fail business. I want to do this because I don’t want to fail business. Then their goal becomes failed business and the intention becomes how I get to a failed business. What’s the movement towards the failed business. So this, this is how people keep themselves stuck in the feedback loop. So instead of doing that, don’t resist your desires.
Speaker 2 (20:58):
Quazi (21:00):
Simply let them be,
Quazi (21:06):
Let them exist. Let the desires exist. If you find right now that there is a resistance towards your current situation, try your best to just simply observe it without moving with it. Okay. And the previous video, I talk a lot about this and observation simply means acknowledging the existence of it without labeling it. Whenever you label something negative as negative, it takes on a life of its own within you. It becomes this thing you can recall later on and be like, ah, see, this is bad. This is bad. And I don’t want bad. It’s all a part of it. The good and the bad are all parts of it. Simply observe them. They’re just content. They’re just there this way. It’ll just dissolve. Because right now, what most people don’t understand is something is trying to make its way out of you. Whether it be this desire, you know, don’t try to even fulfill desires that you don’t like, it’ll breed more desires that you don’t like instead simply watch them in awareness. You know, feel the feelings, acknowledge them, allow yourself to feel them, but know that you are not the feeler. You’re the one that watches the field, right? You’re watching this feeling.
Quazi (22:18):
There is the sense perceptions that perceive the world. And then there is the mind that processes the sense perception. But there is that, which that observes the mind, stay as that. When you stay as that, all of these things that they naturally play their course out, okay. They naturally work themselves out by themselves soon. You’ll find that you’re not left with that anymore. If you keep finding that you keep suffering through the same cycles, it’s because the same things keep playing over and over again. And you keep moving with them, breeding them or resisting them and stuffing them in. And then they come back later. That one serve you either. Instead. The best thing to do is to understand the surrender mechanism or just simply be observation, simply be the watching. So I’ve made a video on that too. I again, put it in the link in the comments below, make sure you watch that unfold.
Quazi (23:10):
This is the most powerful thing you can do. Don’t resist your desires, their desires. Let them be. Don’t fight them. And with that, uh, conclude this video. Thank you so much for watching. I sincerely hope this was helpful. Let’s do a quick recap of what we talked about today. We talked about desire versus intention and why, you know, desire isn’t bad and intention isn’t bad, but you need both. A combination of both is needed for goal achievement. But most people think that you need this burning intense desire to achieve your goals without anything else. It’s not even action. People think, Oh yes, intention is just action. It’s not you’ve grossly misunderstood it. If you think intention, it’s just action. Action is the physical equivalent of intention. Intention is actually this inner resolve, this choice that you make kind of like that choice you make. I make to hold this pen right now. You know, the choice I made to lift this pen up achieving your goal should be that easy, not such a complex battle. It’s because you’ve made such a huge drama out of it that it becomes difficult. Let it take its own time that it’s run its own course so that whatever comes up, come up, go with the flow. Don’t try to control the flow, but direct it kind of like having sales, right? Like you’re kind of navigating a boat and you have these sales that you set up according to the wind.
Quazi (24:35):
So there’s that. And we talked about the heart and the mind and how the hot is capable of desire. How the mind is capable of intention. We’re on the extreme side of the mind. There is this inner intention where you say, I will launch a battle on the world. I’ll fight to the death to get this. And on the extreme side of the heart is pure desire. It’s like, I don’t care about movement. I want this, I want this. I want this. It’s like a little child. But when the little child is led by its parent, then great things can happen.
Quazi (25:16):
So power will in the middle ground of it is outer intention when power and we’ll come together, outer intention is born where it presupposes that the goal is already possible. It’s in the bag. You’re not focused on doing something to get the goal, but somehow it happens on its own accord. And we talked about her desires. You some assumption that it’s impossible to get, but it’s just a resting in the state of wanting intent is the assumption. The state of being that it’s already possible to simply requires movement. So desires to focus. The direct focus on the goal intention is to focus on the movement towards the goal. And finally, we talked about how to get more into intention and less into desire. Number one is just shifting your focus from the goal to the process. When you focus on the goal, the goal doesn’t happen.
Quazi (26:12):
When you focus on the process, the goal comes as a byproduct. When you focus on money, money doesn’t come. When you focus on giving value to your customers, money flows as a by-product number two don’t resist desires. Just let them be. When you resist desires, you create more desires. When you feed your desires, you create more desires. When you escape your desires, you create more desires. When you suppress them, repress them, you create more of them. Instead, let them be surrender them, watch them feel them don’t resist. Don’t try to change them. Just let them be as they are, whatever is coming up, let it come up and arise as it is. Just shift your focus to what is wanted. And with that, I’ll conclude this video. Thank you so much for watching. I sincerely hope this was valuable. Just leave me a comment. Let me know what you thought of this.
Quazi (27:02):
If you have any questions, if you’d like me to make videos on anything else, and I wanted to quickly announce that spots for the free consult are now open click on the link in the description below to sign up for the free one-to-one consult with us to see if we can work closer together to help you achieve your goals. And the reality mastery program. Now who we typically work with are entrepreneurs who are stuck at a certain revenue level in their businesses. They want to scale up. They want to make more money. They want to be fulfilled by what they’re doing. But what they’re finding is they keep hitting this hidden barrier. You know, either they can’t, they have inconsistent revenue or they just are stuck at a certain revenue level. They have all of the tactics and strategies. But what they’re seeing is it’s not a tactical strategic problem, but a perspective problem and identity problem. They are operating from the same place of being expecting something different to happen. If that sounds like you, you’re wanting to take it to the next level and you’re wanting to do it the most oblique way possible, then click on the link in the description below to sign up for a call with us. Let’s see if we can help. Um, the free Facebook group is open for you to take advantage of as well. The link for that is also in the description, guys. Thank you so much for watching till next time. Peace.


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