The One Thing You Must Do With Your “Attention” To Create Your Reality


Today I want to share with you the one thing you must do with your attention in order to create your reality.

Whenever we set a goal or an intention to achieve a goal, instantly we are bombarded by counter intentions.

“what if I fail”

“what if something bad happens”

“what if somebody thinks less of me”

These thoughts start to take center stage of our attention, and most of our energy gets directed to resisting these thoughts.

Which inevitably leaves less energy left to moving towards the goals we want to achieve.

One of the fundamental laws of reality creation is this:

We get what we want

& we get what we don’t want.

Reality doesn’t care about the nature of your attention, rather the purified content of it.

So if you don’t want misfortune, that’s what you get!

I recently saw this in full effect when I was playing golf recently and kept hitting this errant shot every time.

Then in future games, I would have a fear of hitting the errant shot, and guess what I would hit? The dreaded shank!

So, the thing that I didn’t want to happen, happened.

How do we manage our minds so that most of our attention gets diverted to what is wanted instead?

That’s what I discuss in this video.

Here’s what you’ll learn:

  • Why most fail to master their attention
  • The nature of our existence
  • The voices & where they originate from
  • Resistance vs acceptance, why more energy is wasted in resistance
  • How to overcome resistance and redirect the mind
  • How to feed your ideal self instead of your old self
  • The key to effortless goal achievement (control your mind)

Hope this was helpful! Leave me a comment below with your thoughts?



Quazi (00:00):

Quazi here. And in today’s video, I want to share with you how you can achieve your goals in the most effortless way possible, but also eliminate that old self that keeps getting in your way, all of the doubts or the fears and all of the anxieties, all of the discomfort. Okay. By the end of this video, we’re going to not only learn how to get rid of the old self, but also how to double down on that new self that you would like to become that you need to become in order to effortlessly achieve your goals. So stick around to the very end of this. I’m very excited to share this with you. So before I begin this video into quickly announced, I made a brand new bootcamp for you. So if you just scroll down to the pin comments down below, you’ll be able to access our exclusive email lists, where I can honestly share stuff with you that I can’t share on the channel because of YouTube, a platform limitations.

Quazi (00:42):

So without further delay, let’s go right ahead and get started. Now today’s video is about the easiest way to achieve your goals. And I know I probably titled a lot of videos like that, but it’s because this thing that I realized recently has been, uh, has been a big epiphany for me. And I also realized that most people have a huge, have huge trouble just controlling their mental processes. Right? So, um, I saw this quote this one time and I’ve, I’m pretty sure I shared this on the channel, but the quote goes something like spiritual progress or spiritual maturity is denoted by one’s ability to focus on wanted thoughts while at the same time ignoring unwanted thoughts. Okay. So unfortunately most of us cannot ignore our unwanted thoughts and our unwanted feelings. This is where we run into trouble. So how goal achievement works is, you know, you have this intention and with this intention, you fully lean into the intention instead of the counter intention that you have.

Quazi (01:46):

So if I were to give you an example of this, let’s say you want to start up a business, right? Or you want to pivot into a new niche within your business. Let’s say you’ve been in a, running the same business for a very long time. And you now realize that I’m not too passionate about this. Now I don’t want to do this business for the rest of my life. I feel nothing. I don’t want to coach people on this, or I don’t want to sell this product, whatever it may be. And you’ve realized that wait, I would rather be doing that. You know, so I had a call with this prospective client a while ago and his trouble was, he was doing this coaching business, but he wanted to do more, something more tailored in personal development. You know, he wanted to do something more, uh, towards helping people become better versions of themselves, but he just couldn’t see the path that would lead him to that.

Quazi (02:36):

Right. He was like, well, I’m already making money here. You know, making around 5k a month here. Why would I, you know, if I pivoted, I would lose all of that and have my family to support. I have kids, you know, I have this and I have that. So you see what’s happening. Now, you have this intention of moving towards that, that personal development business, the business that you’re really passionate about, that you’d really thrive in because you fully believe in it. But on the other hand, you have these counter intentions or these moving away from intense of how would I, what if this fails? What if this doesn’t work? What if, you know, I can’t make enough money to support my family. So these two intentions are basically like two different versions of yourself, constantly fighting against each other. So the question becomes, where does this come from?

Quazi (03:27):

First of all, where do these voices come from? It’s not the voices that are the problem. And by the way, all of these voices are societaly conditioned. If you look all around you, you know, it’s stuff that you’re hearing, it’s stuff that’s coming up from your past that you’ve maybe heard from your parents, from your environment. You know, maybe people are saying, oh yeah, coaching businesses don’t thrive online businesses don’t thrive. You should just go get a job, which is the voice that I had when I wanted to start up my own business. Right? So we start to listen to these voices and we start to believe that they are our own voices, that we believe that these thoughts are all ours. Have you ever wondered how, you know, am I really me? Or am I just a product of my environment mixed with like my biological drives, right?

Quazi (04:11):

So that gets difficult to discern, but I truly believe that within every single person there is this one core desire that we all have, that we came in to fulfill. And it doesn’t really mean that, you know, you have this desire to run an XYZ business, but running that XYZ kind of business coaching or whatever, it may be fulfills that core desire that you’ve been blueprinted with. So in understanding that we know that there, there are apparently these two selves, the societaly conditioned self and the self that you’re truly meant to become that you are destined to become, or, you know, you had a blueprint to be. So what I want you to understand is that in order to truly achieve any goal, you have to want it, right. You have to want it and unashamedly wanted, and fully commit to that. Want. So to give you an example of this, if I were to drive a car and I put on the gas and the brake at the same time, there’s no point, you know, you’d be moving forward and then moving back, moving forward, stopping, moving forward, stopping, moving forward, stopping.

Quazi (05:15):

This is what happens when we can’t manage these two selves that we have within us. When we can’t manage this societaly conditioned self versus the self we would like to become. So this video is about learning how to manage that self. And by the end of this video, I’m going to share with you how to do that, how to manage these two selves. But before I do, I want to give you more context about these two selves and you know, basically where they came from and why it is the way it is. So another example of that compared to driving the car is, you know, if you were to talk to a stranger, maybe you want to approach someone of the opposite sex that you’re attracted to. And you have these thoughts of, oh, that person’s attractive. I want to talk to that person, but then you have this counter intention of wait, what if I get rejected?

Quazi (06:00):

What if people laugh at me? What if I make a fool of myself, those are that counter intention that you have. And now what’s happening is your attention is getting sucked in by resisting that counter thought. You’re like, oh no, no, no, no, no. That’s not going to happen. You know, don’t happen. Don’t happen. Don’t happen. And whatever you don’t want to happen is usually what happens. And I recently learned this while I was playing golf too. And I in golf, there’s this term called a shank. It’s like, if you imagine the golf stick or the golf club and a, the heel of the club is, is what connects the club face to the, the grip, right? And, um, if you hit it in the heel and you make an accident, then you get a shank and

Speaker 2 (06:43):

It’s been to the, oh, I shanked it. Boy, holy, holy, it’s kinda got a hold my tongue quick.

Quazi (06:49):

So what was happening to me was I had the dreaded case of the shanks. And I realized that it’s, I was having this fear of the shank when I didn’t have a shank. And I was stepping up to hit the bull. I actually had this fear of shanking the ball. And whenever I thought about shanking, the ball, guess what happened? I literally shanked the ball. So every single time, and when, when the ball shanks, it goes all the way to the right. It doesn’t follow a straight clean path. It just shoots all the way to the right side. If you’re a right-handed golfer. And from that moment, I started to realize, wait a second, this is exactly what happens when you focus on the outcome that you don’t want. AKA, the counter intention. What I was doing on the golf course was I was working so hard on resisting the shank that all of my focus was on the shank.

Quazi (07:37):

Okay. It’s kind of like being on the highway, looking at the car next to you and being like, I want to avoid that. I don’t want to go towards that car. And what happens when you focus on resisting something, you move towards it, you move towards that car on the highway, right? So our attention works in moving towards and both moving away and moving towards, um, target, fixated, whatever we focus on life, doesn’t care about the nature of our focus, but rather the content of it. If we focus on avoiding something, we’re going to move towards that. If we focus on moving towards something, we’re going to move towards that. Okay? So I want you to remember this from now on life never focuses on the nature of your focus, but rather just the purified content of it. So most of us, when we think about studying that business, we think about what we want to avoid, and it becomes a, a self fulfilling prophecy.

Quazi (08:32):

Please think about this in your life. When, if you wanted to avoid things more often than not, that’s exactly what happened. The undesirable outcome is what manifested, right? So the question becomes how, how does one shift of focus from the resistance of the unwanted to moving towards what is wanted? Okay. So the biggest mistake we make is we try to suppress and resist that old self or the socially socially conditioned self, or the counter intentions and the things that we don’t want. Now, what if instead of resisting it, we started to accept what we didn’t want. And now, you know, you might be thinking well, accepting what I don’t want might make things worse, not necessarily. So think about it this way. When you resist something, how much energy are you giving that thing versus just accepting it, think about acceptance, the feeling behind acceptance and the feeling behind resistance.

Quazi (09:30):

Take a moment to think about a time in your life when you’ve fully accepted something, versus when you were completely in resistance of it. What was the difference? Which was more draining? Was it draining to accept something or was it draining to resist something there? You have your answer. So if we were to fully accept all of those voices, if I on the golf course, start to fully accept that I might shake this ball. Guess what happens? Now I can focus on what I do want more energies now available to focus on what I do want, which is that great straight shot that I wanted to hit. When I focus on my business and starting up this business to give you a concrete example of this. When I started up my coaching business online, I took a huge leap, right? Like I quit my full-time career.

Quazi (10:21):

I had a cushy, comfy engineering job lined up for me that was paying like 40 or 50 grand a year. And I took this leap. I said, you know what? I can’t live like this. You know, I can’t, you know, spend the rest of my life and retire doing this job. So something had to change. And so I took this leap and I did this, but when I took this leap, I was in full acceptance of the failure scenario. I was in full acceptance that I could just spend a year or two just grinding away at it. And they would be no outcome at all. I fully accepted that. And in accepting that I had more energy available to direct to what I did want. Instead I do want that 20 K a month. Instead, I do want to make that impact. Instead, I do want to grow this and have that freedom that I wanted instead.

Quazi (11:12):

So do you see subtly the energy energetic dynamics of how this works when you fully get into acceptance of something? It’s the meaning that you put behind it? When I have some negative thoughts or some negative beliefs that I feel that are not serving me, instead of looking at it as this is not serving me, this is the enemy immediately when you view it and perspectivize it, as this is bad, you can’t help it resist. It it’s as simple as that. But what if I looked at the socially conditioned thoughts? Okay. I looked at all of the negative beliefs and all of the negative thoughts and feelings. I looked at those and I simply accepted them as a part of me. Now there’s no longer any resistance instead of looking at it as this is bad, and this is good. I simply look at it as this is good.

Quazi (12:01):

That is good. Right? So now I can manipulate my attention and focus more on what I do want. So this is how you become a master of your reality, just learning how to manage your internal processes, how to manipulate your own psychology so that you can manipulate your own reality and live the life that you want to live. And this is how I’ve done it. You know, at any moment you find that you’re subjugated with all of these negative thoughts, instead of viewing them as negative, you simply view them as either thoughts or, you know, this is good. You know, this is a normal process. When I go to a job interview, you know, and I have feelings of anxiety or nervousness, and I say, oh, no, anxiety and nervousness are bad. Now I’m going to naturally resist it even more, right? As opposed to, if I viewed this anxiety and nervousness as, oh, this is good.

Quazi (12:55):

This is actually excitement. This actually means I’m going to perform well. Now I’ve put a good meaning onto it. Then that’s exactly what’s going to happen. So everything is a self fulfilling prophecy. Okay. I actually made a video on this in the past on how events and the meanings that we put on these events color, the future events that follow. And this is how you create your reality by the virtue of the meaning that you put on to things and the things that you focus on, you create your reality. So the last thing I want to leave you off with it was when I committed to this journey of starting up my business, I fully committed to it, right? There was no half commitment. I accepted all of the failure scenarios, all of the fears and all of the doubts that I had, I accepted them.

Quazi (13:38):

And I saw them as natural. This is completely natural. This is okay. I give myself permission to have this. So if you’re wanting to pivot to a new niche, if you want to start up a new business, look at all of the fears and the doubts that you have. And don’t look at it as bad as something that’s going to get in your way. Look at it as something that’s going to fuel you. This is happening for a reason, okay, this is good for you. And look at the reasons why this could, these could all be a blessing in disguise, in a why is this good? Why is this fear good? This fear is good because it’s going to inspire me to perform and stay, you know, top of the best in the best shape that I possibly can. Okay. This fear, this nervousness is good because it’s going to inspire me to perform.

Quazi (14:24):

So if you start to view it as something more positive, naturally, there’ll be acceptance of it. Naturally. There’ll be a less, less of a battle against it. Okay? And in that way, you can now fully commit to the direction you wanted to take any direction that you go to fully commit to it. There’s a great quote by Napoleon hill in, um, outwitting, the devil, it goes something like a week plan executed with a definiteness of purpose, or always Trump, a strong plan executed with an indefiniteness of purpose. At the end of the day, doesn’t matter what you do. The action is what’s happening. It’s a, losery, you know, it’s what you’re seeing on the surface. What matters is the intention behind it and the commitment that you have to it. Okay. I wanted to start a business and I wanted to grow it to a hundred K a month.

Quazi (15:10):

And I was stuck at 10 to 20 K a month for a while. And I didn’t know what would do it, but I still committed to every single action that I took. One thing led to another, and I finally got to it it’s because my commitment, my definiteness of purpose to getting to that goal in my business was strong. You know, I had to pivot niches within my niches. You know, I started off coaching, every single thing and identity shifting, but then I started to niche down to more business owners and entrepreneurs because I saw that that’s what I was more passionate that’s who I was more passionate working with because that’s something I’d gone through myself. And that helped me get to a hundred K a month in my business. Right. So these, all the, all of these things, you know, you might be saying, oh, okay.

Quazi (15:55):

So quasi, the secret is you must niche down. Maybe, maybe that’s the secret for you. I don’t know. It’s like I said, the action and the events and the things that happen are illusory. What really makes the change happen is that intention that you have the thing that’s unseen, it’s the unmanifest that makes the manifest happen. Right? Anyway, with that, I conclude this video. Thank you so much for watching today. We talked about the easiest way for you to achieve your goals. And just a quick recap of everything that we talked about. We talked about the two selves, the intention that you have in the counter intention that we have, and the mismanagement of your attention, we end up resisting the counter intentions more than we double down on the intentions that we have. And so life doesn’t care about the nature of our focus.

Quazi (16:38):

It just cares about the content of it. If we focus on our counter intentions, we move towards that. So I took, I shared with you a way today in which you can learn to manage those country intentions instead of resisting it, you simply accept it and look at it as something positive, and then you can direct your attention. More energy becomes available for you to direct your attention to what is wanted instead. So thank you so much for watching. And if you’re new to the channel, make sure you like comment, subscribe, and hit that little bell there. So you’re notified of any new video that I put out. Please leave me a comment, letting me know what you thought of this. If you have any questions, if you’d like to see me make any videos in the future, that might be helpful for you. I don’t know if you saw my face due to this lighting.

Quazi (17:19):

It’s quite early during the day. I don’t usually make videos as early, but the code for it today. So let me know in the comments below what you thought of this. And, um, if you’d like to apply to work closer together with me and my team in the reality mastery program, to see if we can help you take your life to the next level, you can apply down below to do that for mentorship. Now, who we typically work with are people who are, as I mentioned before, in this video entrepreneurs and business owners who want to level up their businesses and level up their careers and go to the next level, make more money. And they’re seeing that they have an income and they don’t have a tactical or strategic problem. They have an internal problem. They don’t know what it is. They have this internal block, they keep doubting themselves. They don’t know fully how to manage their internal processes. Okay. That sounds like you click on the link in the description below to apply, and let’s see if we can help out. And our free Facebook group is open for you to take advantage of the link for that is also in the description. Guys. Thank you so much for watching until next time.


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