The Only Way To Reprogram Your Subconscious


In today’s video I’m going to share with you the most effective way to reprogram your subconscious mind.

No this doesn’t involve countless hours of meditation, visualization or affirmations.

What it does involve is a deep understanding of the mind & it’s mechanisms for creating memory.

See all of the behaviors you’re seeing are nothing but memory; they have been accumulated and are being repeated.

Eg your habit of putting things off till the last minute, your habit of scoffing at certain chores whilst welcoming others with open arms.

These are nothing other than memory.

The memories that keep you focused on the wrong things, in doubting yourself, in procrastinating, in people pleasing…are but memories.

These memories were formed somehow.

If we understand how these memories were formed, we can begin to form the memories that we choose.

So here’s what I discuss:

  • Why you keep experiencing groundhog day & the same patterns
  • Why your subconscious mind won’t obey
  • The gateway to changing the unconscious
  • Response vs reaction: what happens when you become conscious
  • Creating new impressions in the unconscious & recreating yourself
  • What truly happens if you master your “response”

Hope this was helpful!

Leave me a comment below with your thoughts?

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quasi here and in today’s video i want
to share with you how you can completely
reprogram yourself okay and the one
thing that most people
fail to understand if you understand
this one thing
and you just begin to do this every
single day
you won’t be the same person you were
the day you started to watch this video
please make sure you watch this till the
very end i know it’s a lofty claim to
make but
watch this video till the very end and
you’ll see what i mean so before i begin
this video to quickly announce i made a
free boot camp for you
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so go down to the link
click on that and enter your email
address and you’ll be put into our
exclusive emailing list okay
so with that let’s go ahead and get
started i want to keep this video very
very short
but very very powerful okay now this
took me a very very long time to figure
understanding the subconscious mind
doing the study on the subconscious mind
looking at all of those different things
looking at how to change your thoughts
how to change your mind there’s a myriad
of things out there
okay and the biggest problem is people
try out a myriad of things out there and
they just give up they’re like oh you
know none of this really works i’m still
in the same pattern and i’ve been living
the same life over and over and over
the same things keep happening to me i
keep feeling the same things and i keep
reacting the same way
okay so what i want to do just to begin
is break down why things are happening
the way they’re happening
why you even hold certain beliefs and
why you naturally feel the way you feel
every single day
okay so to get started let’s begin with
what actually happens like what happens
before we respond and react to something
before something arises within us
it always begins with some sort of a
stimulus right so
let’s say this is the stimulus you are
presented with
and no this isn’t your stimulus check
although that can make you feel good too
but any sort of stimulus that comes in
will make you feel
a certain way right so when at first
you’re presented with a stimulus
what happens is there is a cognition of
the stimulus
so what i’m doing right now is i’m
breaking down how the mind in reaction
in relationship to the world is working
okay so at first there’s a stimulus
and now there is a cognition of the
what does this mean this essentially
means that
the mind discerns between
sound taste
smell or any of the other senses right
so it cognizes it as oh my phone
well this is being seen by the eyes
and now what happens is once that
sight goes into your eyes it recognizes
it as
phone like oh this is phone recognition
recognition it recognizes it
as phone and not ice cream right and
that’s done through memory if you were
to never see this phone before
you wouldn’t be able to tell that this
is phone you’d be like oh this is
foreign object but then if you saw the
phone again
a week later you’d be like wait i saw
this before a week ago
so then you would store a memory of it
okay so that’s what happens when you
recognize it
next what happens is there is a reaction
a natural reaction arises a feeling
arises within you
let’s talk about that reaction
so this essentially is how do you feel
phone do you feel like checking the
do you feel like moving away and running
away from the phone
how do you feel about it right so um
for example if i took a different
example which i like to use and i use
this in the previous video as well
is if you listened to birds chirping
outside your window
the stimulus is birds chirping and the
cognition is this is a sound
and the recognition is wait this is
birds chirping and not dog sparking
right because you’ve heard this before
and your natural reaction is
oh i hate this sound or i love this
sound you hate it because in the past
you were trying to sleep and
when the birds were chirping it woke you
up so it was unpleasant
but now you know you you might like it
someone else might like it because it
reminds them of
nature it reminds them of a pleasant
time that they spent in the countryside
so two people have different reactions
to the same
stimulus i want you to understand this
when the phone is there for you
for one person it could be like oh
the other person could be like oh
you know check all of my notifications
go on social media and just keep
scrolling down like that could be the
natural reaction that arises like a
source of dopamine spike
right so here’s the interesting part all
of these three
responses or reactions or whatever you
want to call it
the three ways the mind deals with this
the mind reacts to the stimulus these
all unconscious okay so these
are all unconscious
this all happens in the unconscious mind
please remember this and all of this
in a split second this all happens in a
split second
okay there’s no like thinking about it
but here’s the problem
right why you are programmed
the way you’re programmed and why you
keep living the way you’ve been living
is because you’ve been living in your
reaction your reaction
has been shaping how you approach life
how you act in life so to give you an
example let’s say you’re a business
owner you’re getting started and you
want to reach out to prospective clients
and you go out there
and you’re presented with the stimulus
of oh confrontation with a client
and now this brings up feelings of oh
i’m anxious i’m afraid and in the past
whenever you felt this anxiety and you
felt this
fear it’s made you run away from it your
and the action that followed was run
flight okay
so this is why you can’t reach out to
prospective clients or you can’t do
dials that you want to do whatever it is
you want to do right
or in other instances maybe something
terrifying happens like you know you are
confronted with your crush and you want
to like
talk to that person you want to go up to
that person
start a conversation but again you
cognize it as
crush like the vision sight of this
recognition oh i know this person and
what is the reaction that arises or
butterflies in my stomach and how do you
how do you react to this butterflies in
your stomach so
the last stage to this is your conscious
response to it
okay this is how you’re responding to it
and this process
can be conscious this can be
conscious but the problem is for most
people this is unconscious
right so most people
so these all arise from the unconscious
for most people their response is
unconscious because this response is
shaped by the reaction to it
okay their reaction is their response
whenever they feel anxious the anxiety
drives the response the natural response
so they can’t consciously intercept at
this point
but here’s what’s interesting
since this is conscious we have a say on
how we respond
at all times you have a say on how you
respond to whatever stimulus
you’re presented with that is one
privilege that no one else
no one ever can take away from you okay
your response to anything is always a
hundred percent in your
control so going back to that example of
the prospect and you being scared to
confront your prospect and
speak to them let’s say you know
you get on a sales call and you’re
presented with some objections and your
natural reaction is oh no
you know objections again oh you
know i’m now i’m going to fail i’m going
to fail to close the deal
and then it makes you nervous and then
it makes you like hang up the call
right and that’s been your natural
reaction but now you can catch yourself
and respond to that differently but the
only way you can do that
is if you’re aware of what’s going on
right so the next time something like
this happens
you simply wake up and you use that as a
trigger to become aware of oh
wait a second this is what’s going on
but i have a say on how i choose to
to this natural feeling that arises the
biggest problem for most people
is that their reactions have become so
this conditioning and this unconscious
has become so strong
it’s hard to intercept it’s become real
so you don’t operate you know you don’t
look at
yourself you’re looking as yourself you
this unconscious do you see what i mean
you’re not
consciously observing the unconscious
but rather you become it you move with
whatever good thought you have you move
with whatever bad thought you have you
move with you’re not able to look at the
thoughts and you’re not able to look at
the feelings
so at a very high level this is what’s
going on but obviously we can break this
down much further
right and i actually have done so if you
click the little i up here i’ll put it
also in the description box below
or the comments below uh on how the
subconscious mind actually works the
cycle that actually determines your
but the only way you can begin to
reprogram yourself is if you start to
at this stage so the next time this
reaction comes up this fear this anxiety
comes up on that sales core
when your prospect gives you the
objections you can now stop
and take a second and look at that right
look at that fear
look at that anxiety how do you respond
to it how would you choose to respond to
would you resist it as you have done so
and flight or are you going to confront
it accept it and let it be there
and do what’s necessary so interestingly
enough this is also how you deprogram or
unprogram yourself right because if you
start to instead of going with the
natural reaction
which is resistance which is run away
from the fears
you start to confront them and you start
to watch them and accept them
and that becomes your response now this
natural unconscious reaction has
no effect on you whatsoever please see
this is how you become a powerful
creator of your life the minute you
start to
take the reins and start to intercept at
this conscious level
you can now you now have a say in what
goes on in your unconscious
so here’s what most people don’t
understand they think that oh it’s so
hard to you know intercept my natural
patterns oh i’m just
naturally this way i’m just a night owl
or a morning person
this and that they keep telling
themselves these stories but
over time as you start to respond to it
it gets stored in the unconscious
differently your natural reaction that
after a certain point it’s no longer
like oh no i’m afraid
it starts to change so when you get to
that sales call in the future like after
you’ve responded to and you’ve accepted
the objections
over time the objections don’t scare you
anymore the natural fear that used to
doesn’t arise anymore so your response
actually determines how this information
gets stored in the unconscious in the
okay the only way to the unconscious
is through the conscious mind the
conscious mind is actually the gateway
that allows you to access the
unconscious mind please
understand this if you just understand
this one thing you you’re going to
change your life
like you’re not going to have to sit at
home listening to subliminals all day
and muttering stuff to yourself all day
but you can simply just choose how you
respond to things
okay and it’s going to be uncomfortable
at first for sure because
this isn’t something you’re used to
right but over time it gets stored
differently and this is how habits are
so now let’s go to the question of why
am i this way
why am i unconsciously you know
programmed to
flight or not confront my fears or not
set boundaries with people and be a
people please and always say yes why
am i like this it’s because you think
you need to be like that to survive
in your mind you’re like if i run away
from all confrontation
i’ll survive okay but this
is a false understanding
of your unconscious okay your
unconscious thinks that it will survive
because up until this point it has
stayed alive
okay your whole being your whole
physical being has stayed alive here but
up until this point
because it’s behaved this way but if you
start to
trick it by saying no no no this isn’t
this is actually dying i’m actually
dying when i
when i please try to become a people
pleaser i’m actually dying when i
um don’t handle the objection just run
away from that
sales call i’m actually dying when every
time i see my phone i have to check it
and check my notifications
if you start to feel that pain you start
to give it
new feedback now you’re starting to
respond to it differently
the old things the old behaviors that
don’t serve you
you tie in massive pain with that and
you tie in massive pleasure with
behaviors that do serve you
right so every time you do something
right and if you respond to it with
oh you know this is good i actually did
a good job and you start to give
yourself hats on the back and you
encourage yourself it will drive in
those behaviors more and more
and if you tie in pain to old behaviors
that aren’t serving you
you’ll do it less and less okay so in
this way you’re actually reprogramming
your unconscious mind
this is actually quite a powerful way to
do it and now i want you to like look at
why some people have become wildly
successful in changing themselves
it’s because they hit their pain
threshold right they had a threshold for
pain where they were like okay
you know i’m smoking cigarettes it’s bad
for me i’m drinking alcohol it’s bad for
but then one day they got to a point
where they were like this can’t
go on like this anymore they’ve hit that
pain threshold
they’ve their natural reactions but this
is so painful i don’t want to do this
this doesn’t help me anymore and then
their response becomes
don’t drink alcohol like don’t even
touch that don’t even
like get it anymore right if you can
consciously do this
it becomes much more powerful because if
you don’t consciously do this you forget
all the reasons why you did it in the
first place because it happened
and that’s why in the future sometimes
you will relapse so for someone who’s
like unconsciously gotten to a point
where they were like oh you know i’m not
gonna drink alcohol anymore because it’s
so painful
if you get to it like that what will
happen is three years later you’re gonna
be like ah
yeah well i quit alcohol let’s start it
back up again and then they get addicted
and hooked to it again
right as opposed to if you now
consciously make a choice and you say
you know what i’m choosing from this
point forward i choose
not to drink alcohol or not to engage in
this behavior and you make a declaration
to yourself an
intention that will be
then you’ll always remember why you’ve
made that decision in the first place
and you won’t relapse okay so anyway i
hope this was helpful
with that i conclude this video thank
you so much for watching let’s do a
quick recap of what we talked about
in essence today we talked about how to
reprogram yourself the most effective
way to do it
and how this cycle actually works and
why you are the way you are
we begin with a stimulus whether this be
being presented with your phone meeting
your crush or having an objection
on a sales call and then how you cognize
it how the mind naturally cognizes it
as sight sound taste smell
whatever and then you recognize it based
on your memory
oh i’ve seen this in the past this is a
phone oh i’ve seen her before
she’s my crush oh i’ve seen this
objection before
it’s happened in the past and then
there’s a natural reaction to it you
know you feel fear
pain whatever anxiety or you feel great
you feel sweet emotions whatever and
that reaction
usually drives your response but it
doesn’t have to
your reaction doesn’t have to drive your
response your response
can be completely different based on
what you choose it to be
okay and when you choose your response
you start to
take the reins to your life and
programming yourself the way you want
okay and it doesn’t happen overnight it
takes some time
usually typically 40 to 47 days of you
responding to something differently
and then this conscious mind can begin
to influence the unconscious you start
to put a new programs in there
that will serve you so we talked about
that sales call
well if you get to the objection you
respond to that objection differently
instead of viewing it as something
that’s bad for you you view it as okay
i’m learning something
i accept this now it doesn’t become
something that makes you flee
anymore okay so with that i conclude
this video thank you so much for
watching sincerely hope this was helpful
leave me a comment letting me know what
you thought of this
i’m actually filming this with my phone
i don’t know if the audio quality and
the video quality is good just
leave me a comment letting me know what
you thought i haven’t done a stand-up
video on the whiteboard in a while too
let me know about that and let me know
if you have any ideas for any future
videos in the comments too
i hope this was helpful i wanted to
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