The “Resolve To Have”: What The 1% Understand That The 99% Miss


In today’s video I want to boil down the core concept that is responsible for the success of the “1%ers”.

If you start to look deeply, any time you’ve become successful/achieved your goal in any endeavor, this one thing was present.

Most misunderstand or half understand what it really is. The concept simply put is: Intention, but not in the normal sense.

Normally, when we set a challenging goal for ourselves and we don’t achieve it, the intention dies. This is not the case with the 1%ers.

Recently I was watching an interview with this youtuber who gained a million subscribers within a year. When asked “how did you do it?”

He responded something along the lines of: “It just had to happen. Either I would make it on youtube or I would be 85 years old, still trying to make it on youtube”.

Essentially there was no choice for him – success was the only choice he’d left himself.

With a resolve like that, it’s no surprise that he became successful.

This brings me to a deeper concept within intention: the outer intention.

So here’s what I discuss in this video:

  • The #1 reason most fail (inconsistency in their intention)
  • The feedback loop of the internal and external world
  • Outer intention – the resolve to have
  • How the world arranges all the pieces for you once you cultivate outer intention
  • The 3 keys that will allow to develop outer intention

Hope this was helpful, make sure to leave me a comment with your thoughts below.


quazi here and in this video i want to
share with you the number one reason why
of people don’t succeed and why they
don’t succeed is the same reason
why one percent of people do actually
succeed and once i understood this this
one concept it completely changed my
okay i want to share with you what the
concept is but also by the end of this
video i want to share with you tools
so that you can use to apply this
concept in your life
before i begin this video i want to
quickly announce that a couple of spots
have opened up for the free one-to-one
consult with me and my team for the
reality mastery program so just wait
till the end of the video
for the announcement on how to sign up
for that and with that let’s get started
so today i want to talk to you about
this one thing
that actually is responsible for the
success of nineteen
one percent of individuals okay and
simply put this one concept is intention
okay but most people don’t really
understand what intention means
and that’s why when you don’t have
awareness around what it actually is
when you don’t have awareness around
your problems your problems start to
tug you by these unconscious strings
so let’s really dive right into it now
most people are always um inconsistent
in their internal state okay let’s say
you begin with an intention
let’s uh start off with a loose
definition of intention how most people
would define it
you know most people think intention is
okay i choose to do this i make
the decision to do this which is fairly
accurate right but
in this decision that they make they’re
very very inconsistent
okay what do i mean by this what i mean
is inconsistent i forgot to spell for a
what i essentially mean is you have this
intention and you make this decision
you go out to do it something happens
some external obstacle pops up
makes you doubt yourself and then you
move back okay you
you start to waver in your intention so
for most what it really looks like is
let’s say we have
your internal thoughts attitudes
okay internal world
and this is what you’re seeing in the
physical equivalent the external world
okay you make this decision initially
you’re like i’m gonna go out and achieve
this i’m gonna go out and do that
makes you feel good you’re like yes
everything’s going well fantastic
now you go out to do something your
will shape your external okay this is
how it works
okay if you look at the previous video i
did here on the mirror principle
and how your internal thoughts and
attitudes shape your external world
that video will show you that but your
internal thoughts and attitudes
shape your external world but it doesn’t
happen immediately okay it just happens
with a delay because of how the nature
of this external reality is
and now what happens is because you
don’t respect this delay you don’t
understand this delay you become
so with all the efforts that you’re
putting in and you’re not seeing the
results for it
you’re like ah sure it doesn’t work now
what happens is when you say ah it
doesn’t work
that becomes your new internal attitude
the current state of the external world
feeds back into your internal world you
don’t respect the challenges that are
coming up and you don’t take it as
challenges but you take it as failures
meaning if it doesn’t happen now it will
never happen
okay that’s essentially how the mind
the mind thinks oh if something is going
wrong now
that means everything will go wrong
that’s the worst
case scenario projection how we get
attached to it
okay so when your external world
influences your internal
attitudes it becomes a dangerous game
okay it can become a great game
but for most it becomes a dangerous game
because now you’re subject
to what’s happening outside okay this
is the very reason why the rich get
richer and the poor get poorer okay the
rich get richer because they look at
outside and they’re like everything’s
going well and then they get richer
the poor get poorer because they look at
oh look everything’s going wrong i have
all of these bills and things that need
to be taken care of my business isn’t
doing well it’s just sinking
it influences their internal state which
the mirror of reality it reflects it
okay the internal
influences the external so this is this
is the dangerous cycle the cycle that
keeps happening for most
okay so the question becomes you know
how does intention relate to this so
let’s define
intention in a new way right intention
is your resolve to have an
act okay your resolve what do i mean by
it’s the resoluteness in your decision
you make a decision how resolute are you
in this decision
will something shake you off this
decision is your internal world
intact or is it subject to change
okay that’s what i mean by intention
this can be broken down into two
different types of intentions the inner
intention that you have
to launch an attack on the world and the
intention which is basically your
resolve to have no matter what happens
i don’t care what happens somehow it’s
going to happen okay
that’s the more powerful intention to
have outer intention is the
worldly intention that connects your
layer of reality okay your layer of
reality is what’s going on in my world
am i taking care of are my goals being
okay that’s your individual layer of
reality the greater layer of reality is
everything being kept harmonious you
know everything kept in balance
so nature will never bend its rules to
give you your goal
it’ll find a way to sort of
work with its rules and not disrupt the
balance because
nature is a perfect system the universe
is a perfect system it will never
destroy itself
it will never be an imbalance this is
just one of the the laws of nature which
is balance
okay it will always preserve that
balance to give you what you want
so outer intention is when you have the
resolve to have
it doesn’t matter if you’re acting or
not it doesn’t matter what happens
you make the decision to have nothing
can stop you when you can have that
level of resolve you’ll become
and recently i was looking at an
interview to see you know if this
hypothesis is true because
you know i started to form these
hypotheses from my own experience
you know having these resolves um going
out there and acting doing what’s
necessary and not even seeing results
but still having that resolve
somehow and then i came across this
interview with this youtuber who
basically grew his youtube channel from
zero to
one million subscribers within a year
in the interview he said yeah when i
started my youtube channel
i didn’t know what was going to happen
right but all i knew was
i would keep trying either i’m going to
get successful on youtube
or i’m going to be 85 still making
trying to succeed until i die right this
is where the saying get rich or die
trying comes from
when you have that level of resolve to
become successful to have what you want
nothing can stop you not even god can
stop you okay
but it’s it’s so subtle right it doesn’t
really matter what the
actions you take are when you have that
intensity in your internal state
and you’re completely unshakeable
in your resolve to have nothing can stop
you everything will start to fall into
okay so i’m going to repeat that one
more time there are two types of
intentions there is the
inner intention
inner and then there’s the outer
intention the inner intention
is to do with what you do you acting
and you launching an attack on the world
it’s me versus the world i’m gonna take
massive action and do it
you can achieve most of your goals that
way but it’s usually a struggle
outer intention is when somehow the
makes the goal happen for you you meet
the universe halfway
okay so outer intention is your resolve
to have
you don’t care about the means by which
you achieve it
it just happens somehow it just happens
on its own
this is the force that moved the
pyramids right
this is the force that allowed jesus
christ to walk on water
its outer intention him being so
with the world and nature and everything
right so most avatars they’re connected
to this outer intention everyone has a
to it but we get egoic in our thinking
and we become very little minded we’re
like oh
i gotta ensure my survival and
everything is going well for me me
me me when you constrict yourself to the
boundaries of your body
that’s when you start to act more and
more towards inner intention
because you think that i’m limited to my
body and my mind
this is me anything outside this
boundary is not me
when that becomes the case you run into
a myriad of trouble naturally there’s
going to be fears
naturally there’s going to be desires
because this piece of life will try to
do anything to become one with
everything around it
right so that’s where your material
desires really come from but that’s a
discussion for another day
but i want you to take away from this is
the concept of intention and why it
doesn’t matter
what actions you take it doesn’t really
matter what you do
it matters what resolve you have and is
this resolve going to be shaken by
okay so instead of being all theoretical
and talking about all of this let’s
actually get into the tools of how you
cultivate a rock solid resolve so that
you can
be one of that one percent and no matter
what happens be unshaken by the
challenges of life
so here are the three keys key number
most people miss out on most people
don’t understand this is
95 of the work is finding clarity on
what you want getting clear on your
goals if you find clarity
and get crystal clear on what you want
and why you want it
everything is just gonna fall into place
but most people aren’t clear
they look at one direction they’re like
oh my god should i do that and should i
do this
they get lost in the in the glamour of
the shiny objects
right they look at the next thing
they’re like oh my god that’s going to
help me too
oh i can do that as well you know as a
business owner when you start to look at
all of those fancy shiny objects
your focus gets spread out into all
these different directions as opposed to
being in one direction
if you can focus on one direction for
long enough anything you want will
right just like keeping your attention
on one thing
if you have a limited amount of energy
assuming that we all have a limited
amount of energy and time
if we use that energy in time to focus
on getting really good at one craft
we’re going to become the best in the
world at it as opposed to
being the jack of all trades master of
none right
so that’s what where clarity comes in
finding a powerful
what and why okay
what plus y
so if you think about all of the goals
you have most of them you can brush
off okay think about anything you want
to really achieve
most of them aren’t important they’re
just whims you just get these whims
daily you’re like oh
you know that would be nice to have and
that would be nice to have it’ll be nice
to have a great body
it’ll be nice to have a great
relationship it’ll be great to have a
nice to have a great car but at the end
of the day you can brush off
all of those the true thing the one
thing that you can’t brush off
and it’s a persistent thought that keeps
coming up that’s what your purpose is
that’s how you
find your purpose through elimination
you eliminate anything that’s
you try your best to eliminate
everything and once you’ve eliminated
you’re going to find that one thing that
keeps coming up to you that’s your what
okay how you find out your why is you
just ask
questions around it like why is this so
important to me
why do i want this you know what does my
life look like once i’ve achieved this
why why why why
and when you find out that powerful why
that drives you every single day
then rest assured you’ve become a lot
more clearer than you were right
so that’s what we call the core
emotional driver we do this in our
program in the reality mastery program
in helping people
develop clarity in their lives but
the why is so powerful because on days
you don’t feel
motivated when you think about that why
and why you’re doing this in the first
that’s how you cultivate that rock solid
right when days when i was almost going
to give up
making those youtube videos and i was
like oh there’s no point i’m not getting
any customers
my business isn’t growing i’m making
absolutely zero the cores aren’t closing
when i think about that why and i got
started in the first place my why was i
don’t want to be mediocre i want to be
extraordinary and i kept doing it
even though i didn’t believe it right
this is also why most people
fail because they veer towards belief
as opposed to having this faith so what
having this resolve really means
is having this kind of faith that is
okay that is independent of what you’re
seeing right now belief literally means
someone has done it it’s possible
someone else has done it therefore i can
do it faith is
no one’s ever done it before but somehow
it’s going to happen
it’s this inner knowingness that you
achieve because you’re
so clear on what you want your heart and
your mind are so in tuned
okay we’re going to talk about that
another day the difference between faith
and belief but for now
i want you to get clear
that finding your what and why will help
you get a lot more clearer okay
number two this is where most people
is and i see a lot of entrepreneurs fail
at this right when they get
lost in the shiny objects they lose
sight of who they are
four in favor of what they’re doing
be first do second
you focus on your being and your state
of being who am i becoming
who do i want to be who am i at this
ultimate destination once i’ve achieved
all these things once the what and why
have been achieved
then the who comes in who am i once i’ve
achieved all these goals
what does this version of me look like
what are the characteristics this
version of me has
am i humble am i braggy am i cocky
am i giving am i taking what sort of
characteristics does this version of me
what sort of you know values and virtues
do i live by
this is crafting the 2.0 self literally
all we focus on in the program once you
focus on
being first the actions naturally flow
okay once you focus on being the doing
follows so this is why most people take
massive action and get little fruit from
because this action has no alignment to
who they’re becoming
okay they’re not clear on who they need
to become so they excessively act as a
compensation for that
you don’t need to do much i try to do as
little as possible
and i just be most of the time okay
when you focus on being then you start
to become
receptive to what you want
and then the path to it the the middle
so from the being to the what
it bridges itself the actions become
clearer it becomes clear to you that you
need to do this
it becomes clear to you that you need to
ignore all of those distractions
when you focus on being and
understanding who you need to become
then the path starts to unfold and the
shows up for you and you don’t need to
do a million different things you don’t
need to take
massive action you need to take the
right actions the right actions that
will help you get there the most
effective ones
okay that’s number two
number three and this is probably one of
the most powerful of them all
and this is what all successful people
do it’s reframing events
the limited mind will always perceive
events as either good or bad right it’ll
always perceive it like that
like oh this event is good because it
led to a direct
benefit for me oh i’d made so much
youtube videos
i reached out to xyz amount of customers
and i prospected
this is good right
this is good for me but then they’ll
look at the result that they got from
and they’ll say oh i made amount this
amount of videos
reached the x amount of customers but i
didn’t get any results from it
this was bad okay so
what you want to do is reframe the
events that happen you cultivate a
state of being your attitude your
worldview okay
you you cultivate a worldview via a
that you live by which is which could be
my world takes care of me
it’s all part of the process there are
there is no such thing as
failure or you know success
there is only success okay
there is only success in the path that
leads to success
this is what most successful people do
they don’t view failures as failures
they view them as challenges as lessons
you need to learn in order to be
if you ask successful people what their
biggest regrets are they’ll probably be
like i don’t regret anything
right i don’t really regret anything
it’s because i had to do that to learn
the lessons that i needed to learn
okay that’s what i had to learn the hard
the moment you let failure into your
vocabulary you’ve failed
there is no such thing as failure you’re
baking a cake
right the kitchen has to get dirty
you’ve got to like
make the mistakes to learn next time how
to bake
a better cake and a better cake and a
better cake
okay the moment you start to think that
time is limited it’s like um
you think that oh my god it’s gotta
happen now
that’s when you up right you put
too much importance on this one thing
you put too much meaning on this one
event and that event starts to control
your life
okay so this is what i mean by events
and meaning
having this one world view where it’s
like failure doesn’t even enter my book
i’m gonna be successful okay cool these
youtube videos that i made weren’t
these customers that i reached out to
they weren’t successful
cool it’ll lead me to becoming
successful something will come out of it
i just can’t see it yet
so this limited mind can’t conceive of
what the
infinite mind has planned for it so this
is your limited mind that’s
constricted by the boundaries of your
this is the infinite mind that’s
prepping your order right
infinite there are some things that you
just don’t understand
and when more information becomes
available that’s when it makes sense
so many times i was like oh man this
probably wasn’t good
i i failed here but the next month from
my failures
came a lot of successes like oh oh my
good thing i reached out to that person
last month they started watching my
videos and then they became a client
right so it’s as simple as that but we
just don’t when you put a bad meaning on
what happens is basically you shift
to a lifeline that’s negative when you
when your internal attitude becomes this
was a failure
more events start to happen in your
external world because this gets
reflected this internal attitude gets
more events start to happen in your
external world which reflect failure
okay that’s why it’s so dangerous to
have a negative attitude
the worst thing you can do for yourself
is have a negative attitude
okay and with that i conclude this video
thank you so much for watching i
sincerely hope this was helpful let’s do
a quick recap of what we talked about
today we talked about the number one
thing that makes
people successful the one percent is if
you will
and it’s just intention but most people
are inconsistent in their intentions
become too influenced by what they’re
seeing outside they get distracted
they don’t have focus as a famous man
once said
you know the spiritual progress is
determined by the by one’s ability to
focus on
wanted thoughts by shutting out unwanted
the more you become able to shut out
unwanted thoughts and the more you
become able to focus on wanted thoughts
that’s what determines your success okay
and the truly successful have this this
powerful resolve to have an
act you need both you can’t just have
one or the other
you’ve got to have both inner intention
and outer intention
your resoluteness to have must be
with i’ll do anything that’s necessary
i’ll do what’s necessary for it i’m
willing to do it
i’m gonna have it or i’m gonna die
trying when you resolve
is that strong nothing can stop you
and the three keys we talked about
number one finding clarity
finding your what and why number two
identity becoming that version
first being that version first i would
experience that and
letting reality catch up when you be
you assume the internal world first and
then the
and you hold that internal world until
the external world catches up so this
leads me to that third point
holding that internal world most people
can’t do that they become inconsistent
that’s why they see revenue
inconsistencies in their businesses or
they see inconsistencies in their lives
they have a good relationship which
turns shout uh sour all these
inconsistencies happen because
internally they’re not
they’re not consistent when the
challenges come they can’t maintain
their state
this one leads me to number three having
independent attitude not having it
be fed by the external world
my life takes care of me this is all
part of the process failure is just
temporary you learn something from it
when you don’t let failure become a word
in your vocabulary
it ceases to exist there is no such
thing as failing
there’s just success in the lessons that
lead you to success
and with that i conclude this video
thank you so much for watching i
sincerely hope this was helpful please
leave me a comment letting me know what
you thought of this you know if you’d
like me to make more videos like this
what other video topics you’d like to
see me talk about and
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keep it consistent
and what they’re seeing is this is
happening not because they don’t have
the right tactics and strategies they
know what to do
but internally they have all these
personal issues
you know internally they’re inconsistent
they don’t know how to keep themselves
at that state all the time
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next time peace

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