The truth about finding your “purpose” (Ultimate Guide)


Today I want to share with you how to find your purpose in life. The only way I can effectively share this is if I share with you my personal journey and how I found my purpose.

Before we do that let’s define “purpose”. Your purpose is something that you’re essentially married to, and can see yourself doing and committed to for the rest of your life. This is an element in your life that you will continually work on every single day (maybe with some breaks to avoid burnout).

You brush your teeth every day, does that mean that it’s your purpose? Not necessarily so let’s add a supplementary condition to it. Let’s say your purpose is something you “want” to do, out of the joy of your own heart, rather than something you “have” to do for survival.

Now the question arises, how do we find this purpose that we can dedicate ourselves to for the rest of our lives?

Here’s what I discuss:

  • Pendulums and what’s blocking you from finding your purpose
  • The “comparison trap” and how I fell deep into it
  • My personal journey and how it evolved into me finding and doubling down on my purpose
  • Quitting my full time job and the leap to entrepreneurship
  • How to find your own way via self awareness
  • “One step two steps”: exploring uncharted territory and navigating with ease

Hope this was helpful! Make sure to leave me a comment with your thoughts/what videos you’d like me to make next.


quazi here in this video i want to talk
to you about clarity and finding your
life purpose
this is a question i’ve been getting a
lot and i’ve also been looking at my
journey and really what’s helped me
jump out of that full-time career and
following what everyone else in society
predicted for me
and going my own journey and what it
really takes to find that clarity and be
able to confidently double down on it
this is something that’s going to be key
for you no matter who you are if you
have an existing business even and you
think you know where you’re going
but you truly don’t feel fulfilled you
know you seem that
to have a fight against yourself every
single day you’re grinding it out and
there’s no joy and no love and no
passion for the game in it
this is also going to be really really
beneficial for you but especially for
those who are looking to transition out
do something that they truly want to do
every single day just feels like a
why does this keep happening it’s
because you’re not fully clear about
what you want
i want you to stick around to the very
end of this video because this is a
video i haven’t shared before
and it’s something that’s going to be
very personal to my story and
very very beneficial for you by the end
of this video i’m going to share with
you the three implementable keys that
you can use right now
to get much more clearer on your life
before i begin this video i want to
quickly announce a couple of spots have
opened up for the free one to one
console with me my team for the reality
mastery program
make sure you wait around till the end
of the video for the announcement on how
to enroll for your free console
and with that let’s get started so today
i want to talk to you about
this concept of a life purpose and
getting clarity
there’s been so much study on this
there’s so many videos on this there’s
so much
knowledge and material on this but yet
we still struggle with it
right and just understanding from my
personal situation why this has happened
to me in my life why i always struggled
you know with a lack of clarity and why
i was always following someone else’s
and i started studying some stuff and
just applying it into my life and
i’ve started to draw these conclusions
from my own experimentation
and this is what i’ve come to okay this
is my life’s work this is why i want to
share this with you
and the biggest thing is most people are
unclear because they’re
under the influence of what we call
pendulums okay i want you to remember
we are under the influence of these
structures called pendulums now a
pendulum swings back and forth like this
right and um i don’t know why it’s
called a pendulum this is a concept from
this russian quantum physicist but
you know basically the concept really
that whenever there is a collective
that has this like-minded energy when a
group of people come together to gossip
when a religious group when a spiritual
group when a
sports team when all these groups come
together in unison
and they echo the same ideas ideologies
the same energy the same frequency
that’s what we call a pendulum okay so
in society there are many sorts of
pendulums and the biggest pendulum is
the societal conditioning of uh
following this traditional route of a
nine to five and doing something that
gives you the security
and getting to the end of your life and
retiring only to begin life then
and when all of your vitality is dead
and you’ve been killing yourself for 65
just to do something that you don’t even
know what to do
really for now nowadays for most
people’s life begins
at 65 right for 99 of people this is how
it is
but this is how it shouldn’t be because
life begins the moment
you say it it does you know if you want
to live your life the way you want
you’ve got to follow the path that was
meant for you not the path other people
tell you to follow
there’s nothing wrong with going a nine
to five and working for a company by the
it’s just that this isn’t something we
want to do it’s something we
have to do and we need to do that’s when
it becomes a problem
so how does pendulums come into this
and why do pendulums make us less
clear about our life’s purpose so it’s
kind of like this you sort of
log into social media you know you see
all of these magazines and you see all
of these people
and you see these people living these
fun lives and you think oh this is how
it should be all of the time
your mind falls unconscious and because
of that these pendulums
grab hook of your mind and then it
implants these ideas into your mind of
how things should be
and how things shouldn’t be right this
is why there’s so much so many movements
right now
on like body shaming and just accepting
yourself the way you are because we’ve
seen like all these
magazines and they’ve set these
unrealistic standards
of what your body should be like and
what it shouldn’t be like which prevents
people from authentically being
right it’s it’s it’s kind of crazy you
look at social media and you see someone
like posting all of these pictures about
their fun lives and how they don’t work
at all
but you don’t really know what’s going
on behind the scenes they’re just
sharing all of that to keep up with that
standard that’s why i quit social media
you know i don’t even look at
social media much anymore because it’s
you know people are just like putting on
this shtick you can just tell
energetically you can tell when people
are putting on a schtick versus they’re
being genuine
right it can be a great tool but
unfortunately it gets misused and abused
right so it sets all these unrealistic
standards for ourselves and then it puts
us into deep states of anxiety
like oh no my life should be going this
way but it isn’t
that means i’m not living my life and
it’s because you’ve set this objective
standard which is no longer objective
it’s subjective it’s subject to what
you’re seeing around you
so this is the biggest problem you don’t
know what you want
you think you know what you want based
on what you’ve seen around you okay
the mind has been implanted with these
ideas of what it thinks
is right and what it thinks is wrong
this is where morality comes in like
really think about it this way
most people want to be good because of
the law or
because of what other people would think
so that’s why they’re like oh yes i
not harm people i should not say bad
things and i shouldn’t do this this and
this but have you ever
you know questioned why is it like this
you know why shouldn’t i do bad things
you know you shouldn’t murder your
neighbor because you love your neighbor
not because it’s a law that says you’ll
go to prison if you murder your neighbor
do you see what i mean so most of the
time we come from this place of scarcity
and we start to look to other people and
everything else on how things should be
and we never pursue our own paths
we never come to these conclusions
ourselves we forget how to think for
this is the biggest problem what
pendulums do
is it prevents you from thinking for
people say do as i do do this i’m doing
and this is work for me so just do it
but that’s not necessarily true
because what’s true for someone else is
not necessarily true for you
another way i can even exemplify this
even further is
i used to do all these coaching coaching
courses and programs to help me start up
my business and grow it and
i’ve invested in so many different
programs to teach me how to do x y and z
and every single guru’s like
just do this just copy paste this you
know this is work for me and it’s going
to work for you
that’s not necessarily true a lot of
people weren’t getting results from that
stuff because what’s neces what’s worked
for someone else
doesn’t necessarily work for you right
because you’ve kind of got to figure out
your own way
the best programs i’ve invested in have
taught me how to think
right how to be and how to think for
myself because this is what people don’t
teach you
people don’t teach you how to think and
be for yourself they teach you what to
do and
what to put into place oh well this has
worked for me so just copy and paste
this it should work for you
and this is why you know businesses and
markets always
move astray from the truth right so i’m
getting into a lot of abstract
concepts but what you’ve got to
understand is you’ve really got to find
your own way in order to live a purpose
for a fulfilling life so the question
becomes how do you find your own way
right and um this brings me back to
understanding uh my own journey and how
i actually went from a nine to five to
going into my business now keep in mind
you don’t have to go into a business
going into a business
might be what you think you want but
it’s probably not what you really want
you know a lot of people just want to do
a creative endeavor and really take it
to the next level they want to share
their music
they want to share you know their craft
that could be you
it doesn’t have to be growing a business
doesn’t have to be your path this is
this is my path
right so to really give you an example
of this when i was doing a nine to five
and when i was doing my internships back
in college
uh you know i was um studying
and i was supposed to go into a
full-time job i did a couple of summer
internships and i was like oh
okay well this is probably what my life
is going to be like for the rest
40 years for 40 years i’m probably going
to live like this i’m probably going to
look like these people here who don’t
enjoy their existence too much
and end up like them and eventually end
up wanting to kill myself or why do i
want to live like that
so i started to get really objective
with it is this really for me was this
really meant for me
do i really want to do this for the rest
of my life when you think about it that
way when you think about for the next 40
years of your life and you look at a
longer term vision for your life it
becomes very very simple
now it’s just like oh of course i don’t
want to do this
so at first it became more about what do
i not want to do
and then that gives you an idea of what
you think you want okay if i don’t want
to do a 9-5 i probably want the
financial freedom
then i try all of these different
attempts like drop shipping amazon fba
like stock trading none of those things
work i researched them
i started one day and i’m like ah you
know this is so much work i really don’t
want to do this etc
etc and i just moved one step forward
and one step back
right none of these attempts really
stuck i thought i wanted financial
freedom but then i started to think
well if i don’t want to do this that
means i don’t really enjoy this
i probably wouldn’t enjoy like doing
mundane drive stock trading for the rest
of my life either
it would probably be just as boring as
doing a nine to five
you know with no real concrete goal so
then i went from that to just doing
and sharing what i really want you know
like what do i want for myself
and what do i want to share with people
you know what do i want to contribute to
this world then i just started making
youtube videos i didn’t know this was
going to be my full-time thing
i just started making youtube videos and
i started sharing value
but i knew that i knew very very clearly
what i didn’t want and there was a vague
picture of what i did want which was
that final destination
okay so the big thing is people think
that you can do a
you know a mental technique and you just
get instant clarity about everything
but clarity is something that builds up
over time okay it’s something that
i get more and more clear right now even
today i get more and more clear about
what i want
and all of my conceptions of what i
thought i wanted
fall apart so this is how deep the layer
of conditioning gets
it gets so deeply ingrained you don’t
really know what you want
you think you want all of these things i
thought i wanted that mansion in la
and california i don’t really want that
i could care less about where i live as
long as it’s nice
that’s great it’s more about what value
i’m bringing to this world and what
longer term vision i’m contributing to
at first it begins with the shorter term
pleasures like oh i want to make this
much money
and be able to travel and live a life of
freedom you want all of these things
because you haven’t experienced
them once you experience them you’re
just like oh what’s next
you start to see that all these shorter
term things that give you a little
dopamine spike they don’t mean much
and it’s always about that that big
dream and that fulfillment that longer
dopamine spike
right because we’re always yearning for
that infinity
we’re just little droplets who’ve been
separated from the ocean and start to
think that it’s the ocean
but that longiness to become one with
the ocean is still within us
so we have these needs and
basic survival instincts but we also
have these thrival instincts that
spiritual instinct that wants to
expand and be vast and when you learn to
channel that that’s when you really
start to
hit that sweet spot and go towards what
you want okay
so that was my personal journey when i
went from
that professional career i was supposed
to go into and i said no i don’t want to
do this
right when i was about to graduate
college and go into that i told them no
i don’t want to come in i change my mind
i want to do this i really want to try
my hand at this
and start up my own coaching business
teach other people how to do
this in their lives right and there were
a lot of ups and downs with that but
because i persisted and doubled down on
my vision of what i wanted my life to
look like
that’s when it happened it’s so
difficult to do this by the way
and nobody ever does this right nobody
ever does this because it’s so difficult
and i’ll tell you why it’s so difficult
to follow your own path because
no one else has done it before the path
you’re wanting to that was that was
meant for you
no one else has done it before do you
understand that
the path that is meant for just you
no one else has shredded that path
before people have treaded similar paths
but on your own lane no one has ever
treaded that path
like i thought who would pay for mindset
coaching like people wouldn’t pay for
mindset coaching why would they people
only pay for like
i had all these limiting beliefs right i
was like oh people would only pay for
tactical and strategic and business
coaching maybe i should do that
but i was like that doesn’t fulfill me
that’s not what i want to do
so the number one criteria is what do
you want
if that’s not in place nothing else will
stick you can try starting up a million
different businesses
but if you don’t truly want to do this
and 10 years from now you don’t see
yourself doing this
it’s not going to stick like you’ve got
to be married to it unfortunately that’s
the truth
right you could find shorter term things
that help you gain a little bit of
capital so you can fund what you’re
that’s a different story but in the
longer run
if you can marry that you know shorter
term gain to that longer term vision
that you have that’s the sweet spot
right so it’s so easy to double down on
other people’s paths
and what they think you should be doing
and going to college and spending a
quarter million just to be in debt for
the next 30 40 years of your life and
trying to repay that debt
it can be so easy to do that because
someone else has treaded that path
before you can just follow them
right but no one else has treaded the
path that was meant for you that’s why
you’re blind in a dark room every single
day trying to break out that’s how life
should be
that’s when it becomes so exciting
because even through all of that
hardship that you went through
you look back at it and you’re like i’m
so glad that i even
you know i i’m so glad that i still
chose to go this journey
i don’t care that i’m in strife i’ve
learned so much
i would much rather do this than live
the rest of my life and regret really
think about it
even if you’re right now here at this
certain point and you’ve made the
decision to start up your business and
maybe it’s not going the way you wanted
it to
but you’re still trying you’re still
striving it’s much better
striving and failing and learning and
growing than stagnating and regretting
and going a safe path the biggest reason
mankind fails is because
we always choose the safe path because
our minds are like oh
yes someone else has done this before
this is safe we live on survival
if you want to go from survival to
thrival you’ve got to risk survival
sometimes you just have to you know it’s
best if you don’t but sometimes you just
have to take these risks in order to
grow because growth never comes from
your comfort zone
okay so the three big points i want you
to take from this is
people are unclear because they double
down on someone else’s idea
of what their lives should be like they
don’t really take the time to think for
themselves and
figure out for themselves and understand
themselves better right
so we think we know what we want but our
hearts are saying no
so we have intellectual clarity on what
we want but that emotional clarity is
this is why in the reality mastery
program we work on getting your heart
and your mind on the same page
because when that alignment happens then
you naturally just move the smoothest
the quickest path and the path that was
meant for you if you’re following
someone else’s path of what your life
should be like achieving your goals
infinitely difficult because it’s just
not meant for you you’re just
forcing and grinding your way through it
it shouldn’t be a force in a grind you
should be excited to work on your
right maybe some days you’re not but
other days you are
most of the time eighty ninety percent
of the time you are and you know how to
coordinate that state
right the second thing is the comparison
looking at other people who are doing
something that you want to do and you’re
like oh
i should be the next jeff bezos oh i
should be the next elon musk that’s
be the next you be the next quasi or
you know for my whole life i wanted to
be the next this person oh be the next
tony robbins
be the next bob proctor no i want to be
the next quasi
when i started to focus on being the
next quasi that’s when things started to
click for me
so whenever you think about trying to be
like someone else
just shift that focus on being more
uniquely you embracing who you are right
and just being more and more of that of
course maybe some things aren’t working
out you
have mentors and people that you follow
that’s different by the way
when you have mentors you emulate their
way of thinking and being
not literally what they do if someone
else is doing something don’t do that
literally don’t do that because at best
you’ll just be as good as them
you’ll never be better than them if you
want to be better than someone then
you’ve got to be yourself and find your
own way
and you should never focus on being
better than someone else you should
always focus on being
the best you can be because the more you
focus on someone else
the more you knock yourself down you
know you don’t even matter anymore
right so this is the comparison trap i
used to fall into this a lot just
looking at what other people were doing
and trying to be like them it works sure
but only it works
when you emulate their way of being and
thinking rather than
granular detail what they do okay
and really just understanding that this
is a journey it’s going to be like a
dark room you haven’t figured this out
okay it’s not supposed to be easy it’s
not supposed to happen overnight
this is something you’re building for
your life okay now i want to share with
you the three keys that will help you
develop much more clarity in your life
how i did it and what the three big
things that really helped me
number one stop comparing please just
stop this
stop comparing
on what’s work for others and
thinking that it’ll work for you
surround yourself with that energy
invest in mentors and coaches and be
around them because when you’re around
them when you communicate with them when
you go through their programs you start
to see the way they think
you start to see the way they operate
okay and if they have systems
use them but understand that you have to
tailor those systems for yourself as
because if you don’t then you’re just
gonna dryly like be another person in
the market trying another business
and everyone’s gonna have the same
right everyone’s gonna have the same
funnel in the market
everyone’s going to have the same sales
script and every person is just going to
be the same there will be no
differentiating point and then one
person will come in and do something
different and that person will just
crush it
this is why businesses you know become
massively saturated and you don’t find
these blue oceans
if you will number two self-awareness
this is
hands down the biggest thing gaining
what do i mean by this if you can take a
step back
from yourself you take a step back from
yourself and evaluate the character
and its actions you know learn to see
oh this is working and this isn’t
working instead of getting
so immersed in it and you fall asleep
this will be very very powerful gaining
self-awareness is the
the biggest thing that’s changed my life
you know aware of my own patterns
what i like what doesn’t work for me
what i dislike and trying to do more of
things that i dislike
just to you know be clear what i don’t
what i do want to get clarity around
your life you’ve just got to know first
what you don’t want
right it always begins at what do i not
want oh i don’t want this nine to five
that’s for sure i know what i don’t want
that’s a great place to start
understanding the constraints and what
you don’t want and then changing your
focus to what you do want
most people fail to do that they just
keep focusing on what they don’t want
and stay stuck in that
what do you not want use that as a basis
for what you do want
oh i don’t want the nine to five i must
want financial freedom great that’s
actually a first step
what do you like about financial freedom
well i like that i can
work on my own terms
and then once you reach that you’ll see
that it won’t be enough okay what’s next
actually making something great well
i’ve gotten financial freedom
now i can just stagnate here and relax
and do the shorter term dopamine spiking
activities like traveling
there’s only so much traveling you can
do seriously
there’s only so much traveling and
drinking and
you know doing those dopamine spiking
activities you can do until you realize
that it won’t give you the kind of
fulfillment you’re looking for
that’s when you start to see what’s
bigger than you that’s another thrival
mechanism but you’ve got to move through
this you’ve got to
fulfill your shorter term desires before
you get to that
you know you’ve got to buy the rolex
you’ve got to get the shiny objects to
realize that that’s not what you want
right so get this self-awareness you
know what stage are you at right now
what do you want get to that experience
it by all means
don’t try to skip it just because you
know quasi’s working on that longer term
or this person or jeff bezos is thinking
longer term doesn’t mean you’ve got to
do it
do what’s necessary for you and follow
your own path
number three one step two steps i’m
gonna explain what this means
one step two steps this
is the only thing that allowed me to get
more clarity and still allows me to get
more clarity
what i mean by this is this essentially
paint a picture for what you want and
that longer term vision it’s very vague
right there isn’t much materialization
in it and people think oh yeah if you
just have beliefs you can do everything
but how are you supposed to get beliefs
when you haven’t seen proof of it so
what we do with this concept of one step
two steps
is we craft a picture of what we want
and then we take a step there
and we see what’s happening we look for
confirmation of this
and we use the confirmation to fuel our
beliefs and then we move two steps
and when we move two steps forward we
look for more confirmations
right so to give an example when i
quit my nine to five and went to my
business full time
i was looking for proof where i’m going
the right way look for these
confirmations oh the videos are doing
more views more subscribers more
engagements confirmation it’s working
this is what i was meant to do
now i take two steps oh look a new
client oh
more confirmation instead of looking at
what’s not working you look at what is
most people look at what’s not working
because they set these huge expectations
based on what they see and compare with
other people
oh this guy grew his business in three
months to like 100 grand a month why
can’t i do it
there’s probably some side story too
that that person probably hasn’t
or maybe that person did do 100 grand a
month in three months so
you’re going your own journey in your
own path focus on yourself
be a little bit better than yesterday
and you’ll see what happens
right one step two steps understand that
every single step you’ve got to ground
i move forward a step and i look at the
terrain and i get more clearer
right i get a little more clarity i
wasn’t clear that i
actually didn’t care about having that
mansion and having that car
i cared about something else but i only
knew that because i actually moved
through the motions
so it’s kind of like you move through
unknown uncharted territory and you
sort of have an idea where the top of
the mountain could be
and you take a step forward and more of
the terrain becomes clearer to you
because now your field of vision it
grows a little bit
because you’ve explored the uncharted
territory behind you
and then you explore a little bit more
but then you see this isn’t working then
you come back
then you explore a little bit more and
then you see that there’s a bridge
between these two terrains
right so more and more of it will get
clearer to you as you keep moving in
that direction
as you move in the direction you double
down on if you really want to get out of
your full-time job and
you know double down on your business
then do things that double down on that
invest burn the bridges
quit the nine to five go even part-time
on it do uncomfortable things
when you’re moving the surefire way you
know that you’re moving in the direction
that was meant for you
is that it’s so uncomfortable
and it’s uncomfortable because you just
don’t know what’s coming next
if you knew the end of the movie you
will be so boring
you know if you knew how the movie ends
and how everything progresses you’ve
already seen this movie it’s so boring
and it’s supposed to be fun it’s
supposed to be interesting it’s supposed
to give you the ups and downs it’s
supposed to be painful
it’s supposed to be joyous right all of
these things are part of it that’s what
makes it fun this roller coaster
you don’t know what’s coming next and
with that i conclude this video
thank you so much for watching i
sincerely hope this was helpful let’s
today we talked about getting clarity
around your life’s purpose and how to
really do it
most people expect that some great
solution is going to come to them in the
moment of meditation
maybe it could happen i don’t know that
hasn’t happened to me so i can’t tell
you that
what has happened for me is
understanding all these things and the
number one thing i had to stop doing was
comparing to other people and falling
into these pendulum traps
just because someone else has done this
doesn’t mean it was meant for you just
because some coach says
oh just follow my systems input my
funnels and
copy my ads just copy paste
doesn’t mean it’s gonna work for you
your business is different
you’re different you know you chances
are there’s a different solution for you
you can follow the principles of what’s
worked for this person the principles
never change the subtle things about
what makes a business work
you know that never changes so follow
those subtle principles
how people think how people are how
people feel
those are something that that’s never
changing but those
nitty-gritty what they do they’re always
subject to change
right and i don’t fall into that
comparison trap i also shared with you
my journey and how i evolved from that
nine to five and going to a full-time
career to
transitioning out and doing something
that i really love to do and how i did
that was basically by doubling down more
and more on it
right and uh what we talked about were
the three keys first of all
again i can’t emphasize this enough i’ll
tell you this many times stop comparing
stop comparing to other people don’t
fall into this trap
there’s a reason why i don’t like share
with you like books i’ve read and
oh you know i’ve read this in this book
and this concept i’ve been studying so
much about this
i can only share with you what’s worked
for me and that’s what i do maybe i’ve
read some books that have helped me
gain some jargon and learn some buzz
words and learn something
but i can’t really share it with you
until i’ve done it myself
or else it wouldn’t be authentic it
would just be like
oh this guy’s just sharing something he
read in a book you know
maybe that’s that’s great for people who
do it whose channels are based around
sharing stuff that they’ve read and
learned maybe i’ll do that in the future
what i feel is more authentic and more
powerful and i can explain it better is
if i’ve understood it
used it intellectualized it internalize
it experientially
myself right stop comparing bu
number two self-awareness understand
your likes and your dislikes
what patterns do you see yourself going
what do you truly want for your life you
know if you’re
fully involved in something right now
just take a vacation
and just learn to figure out yourself
you know you’ve got to take these breaks
just do nothing
do nothing make the intention to figure
out more about yourself
let it go and your default network and
your brain will start to work on that
it’ll reach into what we call the void
or the subconscious mind
and then pull stuff in there and then
it’s going to come in as a
like an unformed
intellectual mess and then you’re going
to start to make more and more sense of
it’s just going to happen automatically
but you’ve just got to make the
intention to do it
number three one step two steps don’t
expect to get your whole life handed to
you on a platter
of clarity by one exercise or one mental
it takes some time it takes years i get
more clear
right with that conclude this video
thank you so much for watching
i sincerely hope this was helpful if
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stuck at a certain revenue level in
their business
and they have inconsistent revenue even
if they make a lot of money
they still find that they fall back to
these old patterns and their old revenue
level and what they’re seeing is
it’s not the techniques or the tactics
or the funnels or strategies they have
all of that but what they don’t have and
what they don’t know is how to use these
funnels and tactics and strategies
because internally they’re not in a
receptive place
to where these actually work for them if
that sounds like you make sure you
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thanks so much for watching until next
time peace
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Cultivate the Internal World of a Successful Entrepreneur

How to overcome the revenue barrier and scale your business to 7 figures by shifting your identity

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