What To Focus On For The Quickest Results (law of attraction)


In today’s video I answer the age old question of “what to focus on for the quickest results”.

See in this space, there seem to be 2 schools of thought: you either get obsessed with the goal, or you take massive action to the point you drop dead.

Should I focus on the goal, or the process?

This question plagued me for a long time too, until I found the sweet spot of what one ought to focus on.

See whenever there are 2 completely different ideologies that almost seem to oppose each other, usually one that strikes a balance between the 2 is always correct.

What I saw in my personal life was that whenever I focused on the goal excessively, there was no movement. I just kept on daydreaming and kept reaffirming to myself that I wasn’t good enough for the goal.

On the other hand when I launched a massive attack on the world and tried my best to force my way into a result, unnecessary obstacles kept creeping up.

Until a found the balance between the 2 and that’s when it clicked.

So here’s what I discuss today:

  • Goal vs process – what you must focus on
  • What happens when you focus on the goal
  • What happens when you focus on the process
  • The 80-20 rule
  • Focusing on the process within the context of the goal (the secret)

Hope this was helpful! Leave me a comment below with your thoughts?



Quazi (00:00):

Quazi here. And in today’s video, I want to answer the crucial question of whether or not you should be focusing more on the goal or how you should get to it, AKA the process to achieving that goal. There’s been a lot of questions that I’ve gotten around, you know, should I focus on the goal and keep focusing on that ultimate, that final goal? Or should I focus on that next step to get to that goal? So in this video, I’m going to talk about exactly that what you should be focusing on to become successful, the quickest way to achieve that goal, the quickest way you possibly can. So stick around until the end of this video, because I do think this will be very valid.

Quazi (00:44):

So go ahead and begin this video into quickly announced that I made a brand new bootcamp for you and as well, you can have access to our exclusive email list where I share stuff that I can’t really share on the channel. The link to that will be pinned in the description and also in the comments section below. So just scroll down, you’ll be led to a page where you can put in your email and you can access just that. So I want to keep this video really short and actually share with you some key things on goal versus process, because there’s a lot of confusions around this. So this video will be centered around goal process and what to focus on exactly so that you can have the quickest path to achieving it. Now, there are different schools of thought in this, some schools of thought talk about taking massive action.

Quazi (01:26):

And they’re like, well, you should take massive action in the pursuit to your goals, right? You should do that next thing. And the next thing, and the next thing, as opposed to just focusing on the end goal and just, you know, sitting on your couch and thinking about the end goal. And then there’s the other school of thought where it’s more, I believe Neville got art school of thought where you should just focus on the end goal and let the universe take care of the rest. So there’s two differing thoughts here. And in this video, I want to really bring a balance and a harmony to both of those. Okay. Now what I’ve seen in this journey is that whenever I focused on the goal, I never really moved towards the goal, but it actually helped me get an idea of what process would help me move towards the goal.

Quazi (02:13):

So to give you an example, when I was in my full-time job, I was doing a full-time engineering career and I knew what I didn’t want, which is to be here for the next 40 years of my life. So that inevitably made me question what I do want. And then I started to think about the things that I really want in my life. And I started visualizing them. I started affirming them. You know, I looked at, well, I want to live in this mansion in California and drive this kind of car and wake up to this kind of person, this, this woman of my dreams. And I want to have this time and financial freedom and never have to worry about anything ever. Again, those are the things that I kept focusing on. Now, what happened was as I focused on that end goal, which was very, very far away from my current destination, I received ideas and insights into the ways that I can, I can get to that. Okay, please see this. I received different paths that will lead me to that goal. So if I were to demonstrate this, we have this goal and let’s say, this is the goal. When you keep focusing on this goal, the different pods to achieving this goal show up for you. They become clearer to you. One path, another path, another path. So these are all different parts to achieving the same goal pods.

Quazi (03:42):

Now, this is the crucial point that there are many different paths to achieving the same goal. There are many different ways of getting to the top of the mountain. For me, the path that really resonated with me was making YouTube videos, establishing an online presence, coaching, helping people. I didn’t know that in day one, right? I thought about the different ideas I thought about starting my own e-commerce business. I thought about starting my own online business. I thought about using my engineering degree to open up some engineering firm and doing all of those. And I thought about all of those things, because I’ve seen other people do those, right? Like, oh, I have an engineering degree. What use can I make out of this? Instead of thinking what I really want when I started to think about what I really wanted the right path, that was the strongest became more and more prominent and I could move forward towards it.

Quazi (04:36):

So one day as I kept visualizing this goal of me being in my ultimate destination, I had this idea of just starting up a YouTube channel and I just followed it. And I was like, okay, well, let’s see what can happen. I never knew that I would use this to sell my coaching services and help people get a transformation. I thought maybe at best I’d build some audience in like sell merge to it. Right. But that’s not something that resonated with me when I, I thought about it. So, you know, when I kept visualizing the goal, the path became clearer, but I still had to follow the path and visualize myself getting into the next step and the next step in the path. Okay. So the biggest confusion, the biggest problem is that people have this confusion of goal versus process. It’s either one or the other.

Quazi (05:20):

It’s a binary answer for them. But in reality, in any given system where there are two different schools of thought, okay, two different, completely different ideologies. The one that strikes a balance between the two is always going to be the correct answer. Now the balance is different, everyone. Okay. So the question and here isn’t goal or process or goal versus process, it’s go and process. The question is how much do we focus on the goal versus how much do we focus on the process? So I want you to think about this. If you have a goal of establishing an eight business and you have nothing right now, you have to first get to one, figure two, figure three, figure 4, 5, 6, 7, 8. So, you know, you’ve got to focus on that next step and that next step, those mini goals that you set become a ladder that leads you to that ultimate goal.

Quazi (06:20):

Okay. So please think about this. Yeah. If you have a goal of setting, you know, establishing a, I dunno why my pens never work. If you have a goal of getting to a $10 million a year business, 10 million, right? You got to first get to 1 million at least, or a hundred grand 0.1 million, right? So you’ve got to transcend the stages and move up the ladder. Otherwise you can’t just skip steps and go from kindergarten to doing your master’s degree. So this basically shows that focusing on the $10 million goal, visualizing it, focusing on it. We’ll give you an idea of how to get to your first million or give you an idea to get to your first 0.1 million, which is a a hundred grand, right? So all of these steps need to be fulfilled in order for you to get to that ultimate goal. And even the ultimate goal is probably a step towards getting to something else that you’re not clear about. So here’s what I wanted to take away. When you focus on the goal, it will not cause movement towards the goal.

Quazi (07:31):

Focusing on the goal doesn’t cause movement towards the goal, but it gives you an insight into the processes that can allow you to achieve this goal. Focusing on the process causes movement towards the goal. Now here’s the pitfall you can excessive focus on the goal just creates inaction. It makes you feel overwhelmed. And you were thinking about the whole marathon instead of the next step or the next mile. You can run excessive focus on the path or the process makes you have no direction makes you do something for the sake of doing it. So to give you a more concrete example about that, the very fact that I’m making this video, I could be making any video. I’m making this video talking about governance process relating to my target audience of entrepreneurs and business owners where people wanted to get into business, right? Because my goal is to attract them. And my process is making this video. I could make a video about anything. I could make videos for the sake of making videos, but I’m making a video targeting the people that my goal audiences in. So do you see how this is working? The process is effective only when it’s within the context of a goal. So I want you to write that down or, you know, keep that in mind. The process must be in context of the goal process in context of goal. That’s the key

Speaker 2 (09:11):


Quazi (09:11):

If you don’t have a process within the context of a goal, you’ll always move in all different directions. Okay. You’ll have no direction. You will like focus on the next shiny object. And the next thing you can do when you just blindly focus on the goal, you will stay stuck and there will be no movement. Okay? There’s only movement. When you focus on that next step you can achieve right now that you know, you can achieve right now. What’s that next step you can take in order to move one step closer to your goal. Focus on that. So when I started to look at that goal of getting to a hundred grand a month in my business, I looked at, well, first I got ahead of 20 K a month or a 10 K month or a 5k month. And I started to look at what that 5k month would look like.

Quazi (09:51):

And I focused on that. Okay. And I focused on, oh, look, when I’m hitting the 5k month, I’m making these videos and I’m doing all of that. And I’m reaching out to prospective clients. I’m offering my services, I’m selling, I’m asking for the sale. All of those things, my clients are succeeding. I’m making great products. I’m providing great service. All of those things I focus on when I’m thinking about that next step, right? So what I’ve noticed, another key balance is that whenever you want to get to a goal and you have ideas about the process, as soon as you get insight into the process, 80% of your attention goes to process. And then the 20% of it goes to go at first, it begins a hundred percent to go, and then it gets split up. Once you get an idea and you commit to that idea, you commit to that path.

Quazi (10:38):

And then 80% of it goes to process and 20% goes to the goal. So you might be asking, well, quasi, why doesn’t a hundred percent of my attention go to the process. This is exactly why, because you must, the process must be in context of the goal, right? It must be within the context of a goal or also your view in all different directions that it won’t make sense. And you won’t be asking why not a hundred percent of the goal. Why not? Why don’t I just keep focusing a hundred percent on the goal? Well, then you’ll just get clear on the path and you just won’t know what to do. You know, you’ll just keep overthinking about it. It’s kind of like someone knows what they need to do, but they just can’t do it. They just don’t do it at all. Right? Because they keep overwhelming themselves with the goal.

Quazi (11:18):

So the key is to always focus on the goal, but a little bit more on the process. Okay. 80% of the process when you get the idea, because this is what causes the movement, this is what causes additional insight. Why 80 20, and why still have a focus on the goal? Because keeping on focusing on the goal will give you a direction, first of all, and also it’ll give you additional insight that might not be clear right now. Okay. So with that, I conclude this video. Let’s do a quick recap of what we talked about. We are onto the crucial question, which is, should I focus on the goal or should I focus on the process? And real answer is in any given system where there are two different ideologies, both and neither are correct. There’s gotta be a balance between the two. And that balance we struck was 80% focused on the process.

Quazi (12:04):

20% focused on the goal and why we did that was we understood why we focus on the goal. What focusing on the goal does and why we focus on the process and what focusing on the process. That’s and we defined it as focusing on the goal. We’ll give you insights into the different processes. If you don’t have a goal in mind, you won’t know what will get you there, right? You, you won’t, you just won’t know. It will make sense. If you keep focusing on the process too much, there are many different processes. You’ll just go all over the place and you will move anywhere. So the conclusion that we derive from this was we’ve got to focus on the process within the context of the goal. And we also showed that the balance of 80 20 process go is the key. And I gave you the example of me making this video right now.

Quazi (12:58):

I can make a video about anything I could talk about manifestation. I could talk about X, Y, and Z. I could talk about like my personal life and why am I not doing all of that? Because I want to keep it relevant. I want to keep it helpful for my target audience, right? And that’s my goal to attract more of my target audience people I can truly help get an extraordinary result in a very short period of time. So with that, I conclude this video. Thank you so much for watching. I hope this is helpful. Leave me a comment, letting me know what you thought of this. If you like this style, if you’d like me to answer more questions like this, if you have any more questions, just leave it in the comments. If it’s popular, a lot of people are requesting it. I’ll make a video about that.

Quazi (13:34):

If you’re new to the channel, make sure you like comment, subscribe, hit that little bell there. So you’re notified of any new video that I put out. And also if you’d like to work closer with me in the reality marshy program, uh, you can apply now in the link in the description below who we typically work with are people who are business owners and entrepreneurs who want to scale their businesses and take it to the next level. And what they’re seeing is that they have the tactics and strategies. They know what to do, but the doing isn’t the problem they’re seeing that their internal blockages are reflecting out into their business, who they are as the problem. If that sounds like you click on the link in the description below to sign up, let’s see if we can help. And also the free Facebook group is open for you to take advantage of that link for that is also in the description. Guys. Thank you so much for watching till next time.


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