Why “Faith” Determines Your Destiny, Not Belief


“In order to achieve your goals, you have to believe in them.” – The biggest BS ever told.

Here’s why I say that: I desperately wanted to start a coaching business and grow it to 20k/m. After 1 year and 1 month of setting the goal, I finally hit 20k!

Did I believe that I would make 20k a month at the time of setting the goal. Absolutely NOT.

I felt lucky at the time to have received a full time offer letter for a 60k/year job. Never in my wildest dreams would I believe that I would be working for myself, earning 20k/m.

So if not belief then what?

The magic word here is “faith”.

What does faith mean?

According to dictionary(dot)com: “confidence or trust in a person or thing”.

The key word here is “trust”.

When you step into a car you’ve never driven before, do you “believe” that the car will get you from point A to point B, or do you simply “trust” that it will get you there?

Here’s the essence: you can’t believe in something you’ve never experienced before. In order to see movement towards something you’ve never experienced or achieved before, you need trust (or faith) that it will somehow happen.

What trust essentially does, is it allows you to start the car, put your foot on the accelerator and drive.

If you don’t drive, you won’t get to point B.

Trust allows you to drive.

Trust allows you to go from point A to point B.

I use trust and faith synonymously.

So in today’s video we discuss trust, how to cultivate it, how to nurture it and ultimately how to stop being a slave to your beliefs and stop staying stuck just because you’ve never experienced your goals before.

Here’s what I reveal:

  • The key difference between faith and belief
  • The “belief reliance trap”: what it is and how to avoid it
  • My personal story on how I cultivated faith and how it helped me
  • Why belief lies in the mind and faith in the heart
  • The 3 things you can begin doing immediately to cultivate more faith

Hope this was helpful! Leave me a comment below with your thoughts?


quasi here and in this video i want to
share with you the difference
between belief and faith and why
ultimately you need to cultivate
faith over belief to truly succeed
by the end of this video i want to share
with you my personal experience
with belief with faith and why relying
on my beliefs and
what i thought to be true was
at the end a very ineffective strategy
and why i had to cultivate
this sort of trust in the unknown in
order to
you know do something that i love doing
and take it to the level that i wanted
to take it to
i want you to stick around to the very
end of this video because i’m also going
to be sharing with you three keys
to help you cultivate more faith in your
life and start living from that place of
knowingness that the end has already
been created it’s already done
before i begin this video i want to
quickly announce that i made a free
boot camp for you a five video boot camp
some very very valuable videos on the
identity shifting
paradigm click on the link in the
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we’ll send it to your email address
and with that let’s get started so today
i want to talk to you about cultivating
faith over belief and why most people
fail to succeed
and why i see a lot of people who get
started off
you know they go a couple of weeks
couple of months
a couple of you know they get the shiny
object syndrome and they start
another strategy and the next thing and
the next thing they quickly deem that
what they’re doing
isn’t working okay and the reason why
this is is
most of us we become dependent on that
which is manifest so you become very
very dependent on whatever is
already there and what already can be
so to give an example society conditions
us to get into this nine to five mindset
and we look at everyone around us and
we’re like oh this is the right
thing to do this is what we should do
right so belief is i should be doing
this because others are doing this
and then maybe you want to start up a
business but most people don’t become
successful with businesses because they
don’t do what they want to do
they do what other people tell them to
do what these business gurus they tell
you about this strategy and try this
plug and play try that and you start to
follow all of these things but you
realize that it wasn’t meant for you
so with all of these things you see a
certain level of success but the
fulfillment doesn’t come
because these paths all of these things
they weren’t meant for you
and this happens when you function on
belief right
belief literally means this has happened
in the past
therefore it can happen again but what
belief fails to allow you to do is take
those leaps into the unknown and figure
out your own unique path what was meant
for you not the path other people took
for themselves
okay so that’s the downfall
of belief eventually belief will run out
it won’t be as fulfilling
it won’t help you out any longer on the
other hand
people who become wildly successful they
start to rely on something different
and this is what what i like to call
faith or trust
okay and faith literally
gives a big middle finger to beliefs
right because it says
well it hasn’t happened before and i
don’t know how it’s going to happen but
it’s going to happen
it makes no logical sense so to give an
well success unmanifest
i just want to write that down before we
move forward
so faith is a reliance
on that which is unmanifest and to give
you that example
if you look at people like elon musk he
has a vision of having civilization in
it hasn’t happened yet he doesn’t know
if it’s going to happen
but he has this sort of
vision unde independent
knowing not knowing that is dependent on
things that have happened before
but an independent knowing he’s striving
with something that’s beyond
reason and logic okay and this is beyond
the mind
this faith is beyond the mind this is
the reliant on that which hasn’t been
into physical material reality yet
but it lies in the unmanifest sector
doesn’t mean it’s not possible
but it just needs some time to come into
this physical reality
right a lot of people who’ve become
have and have achieved feats of what can
only be called miracles
have relied on faith if you look at
roger bannister the person to run the
four minute mile i believe yeah
he ran the four-minute mile when
nobody else ever ran the four-minute
mile back then it was thought to be
they thought it was the human limit the
the four-minute mile
but as soon as roger bannister ran that
four-minute mile
high schoolers started to be able to run
the four-minute mile shortly after
right and all of this because back then
roger bannister was this man of immense
faith he had this
faith that somehow it was possible even
though he couldn’t see it
even though no one else had done it
before but then when other people
started to see it
they started to believe it and then they
were able to do it as well
right so ultimately what will happen is
if you keep relying on your beliefs you
will get to a certain level of success
right you can get to that nine to five
you can get to that successful business
but what we’ll be missing is that
fulfillment and that drive and that
thirst to go towards something
that is much larger than life itself
right so this is why we see a lot of
people who get burnt down in their jobs
and their businesses and they can’t
quite innovate and get it to the next
level because their vision isn’t big
for them to have some sort of faith to
move towards right so this is the belief
reliance trap if you rely on your
beliefs too much
you always look to others for
your inspiration will never be unique
it’ll never come from within but you
always look for
external tactics and strategies ideas
from other people
who’ve done it before and you’ll never
get your own path toward it
so to give an example in my personal
story right i was taught and conditioned
in that nine to five mindset go to high
school go to college get a degree
and then you know pursue a job and do
that for the rest of your life
i never knew there was anything beyond
that until i found out about
entrepreneurship and how other people
were succeeding in that
and then i started to look into it and
it slowly it started to seem to me like
oh no you know it’s
only a select few people who can afford
to take that risk do that
oh i can’t do that because this i can’t
do that because i’m this way in that way
and you start to rationalize with all
these excuses that were based on your
beliefs about you
about what you should do and what you
shouldn’t do
right so these beliefs start to hold you
back in that way and you
become so reliant on your beliefs right
that if you don’t believe something
you’ll never pursue it
so that’s why you always look for oh man
i don’t believe this can happen i should
be believing that this can happen
i shouldn’t have doubts about this do
you know how many successful people
doubted everything that they tried like
elon musk was stuck in
so much debt and he had no idea if the
companies were going to do well
but he just had that inner knowingness
right that inner knowingness is what
faith is when you’re driven by vision
and not you know
not fear you’re driven by your desire
but not
you know avoidance of fear most people
are driven by oh avoid the bad
avoid the bad just avoid the bad not go
towards good
does that make sense so this is what the
belief reliance trap
is when you get too reliant on your
beliefs you need it to function
you can’t innovate you can’t do what you
truly want to do
because it doesn’t fit your world views
or your beliefs
okay so going back to my story when i
was in that nine-to-five mindset
i in order to break out of it i had to
expand my comfort zone
i had to start doing things that i would
never do which first of all was
starting this youtube channel back in
january 31st
2018 or 2017
about three years ago i started this
youtube channel made my first video
and back then i didn’t know that this
would evolve into a business but i was
doing something
that made me uncomfortable when i was
sharing ideas
and you know at best i thought that i
was going to sell merch
and i had a friend who was doing that
back then
and he was making like 10 20k a month
and i was like oh maybe i’ll do that
but i didn’t know that i was going to do
something like coaching and help people
and be able to do this full-time i
thought this was going to be some side
business that i did
right while i was doing engineering
full-time but then as time progressed
and i started to look at
my vision for my life what i really
wanted and also got clear on what i
didn’t want which was the nine to five
you know continuing on that part for the
rest of my life i made a detailed video
about this story if you click up here
i’ll put it
in there but as i got clearer and
clearer about that
and i focused on what i did want it
started to align my way of
opportunity started to show up that
showed me that this was the right way to
go for example
i had a lady reach out to me for
coaching and i never thought you could
do coaching
via youtube and i was like oh wait if
people are reaching out for coaching
that means
there must be more demand for this so
then i started to
after a year of having my channel i had
my coaching business
but even when i started that i had a lot
of doubts right i had so many i didn’t
even know if this was going to be viable
you know one month i’d make 3k the next
month i’d go back to zero
come up to 5k go to 8k and then go to
zero it was this roller coaster
inconsistency in my revenues
so then i truly started to ask myself
well i don’t really believe i can do
i don’t i didn’t believe i could do it
but i had faith
and i trusted in the process let’s see
what can happen
faith is basically saying to yourself
i don’t know if this can happen i don’t
really know what’s going to happen
but let’s see what does happen i’m
interested and curious to see what does
and you move forward based on that
okay so the key i want you to take away
from this
is the belief is in your mind okay
whenever you are mind-centric you close
off to opportunities that will allow you
take that part that was meant for you
when you live in the mind
you always go the part that was meant
for other people
okay i want you to remember that when
you live in the mind and you
live on your ideas of what things should
be like
you go off the path of other people and
not your true path what was meant for
right i never knew i could start a
coaching business from youtube and do
over 150k a month i didn’t really think
it was possible
i didn’t think i could make 10k a month
from this
that this is beyond my wildest
imagination right but
i had faith and i trusted the process
and i just kept
going forward with a vision in mind
belief lies in the mind faith is in the
okay faith doesn’t rely on what has
happened in the past
it’s more reliant on what can happen
what possibilities
are there in the future belief relies on
what’s happening right now what’s
possible right now and what was possible
in the past
but the world is changing you have your
own path you should do something that
fulfills you
or else you always success without
fulfillment is the ultimate failure
right stoney robbins would say so
those are the two keys i wanted to share
with you now what i want to share with
you is
how you can cultivate more faith right
because that’s
the deepest question right now how does
one cultivate this faith
if you’re starting off if you’re in a
certain path and you’ve been trying out
this business opportunity and it hasn’t
been working and you’re thinking about
how you cultivate more faith so you can
stay persistent because persistence and
focus is all it takes to
if you put all of your energy and
attention towards one path
you’re going to be successful there’s
just no other way
so let’s talk about how you can
cultivate more faith
okay the number one thing i did to
cultivate more faith and i mentioned
this was expanding my comfort zone
expanding comfort zone
what do i mean by that well expanding
your comfort zone essentially means
doing things that are left field that
fit in with your world views do things
go on adventures
explore go to a new country and you
place a new city
open up your mind because the mind
is closed off and if the mind doesn’t
accept something
it becomes a battle within yourself to
do it just like expanding your comfort
zone is
a little bit of a battle but it makes
you feel exhilarated afterwards after
you conquer that battle
right when you expand your comfort zone
you start to
get comfortable in the unknown all faith
is becoming comfortable in the unknown
if you want to be successful with
you have to get comfortable in the
you have to let go of your reins of
and just let life take you and see what
comes up and work with what comes up in
the moment
okay that is the secret to
entrepreneurship that i learned
and why i’m so you know hell bent on
stuff about entrepreneurs and
entrepreneurship because this has been
the deepest
test for me you know this has been the
the greatest
personal development test was
expand your comfort zone try new things
constantly try new things
i can’t stress that enough that’s
probably one of the most powerful things
you can do to
cultivate faith and this trust in the
okay think about it this way if you buy
a new car
and you want to drive it for the first
time how do you know it’s not going to
explode on you
you trust it there’s a level of trust in
when you turn on the ignition and you
start up the car and you
put your foot on the pedal you trust
that it’s going to get you from point a
to point b
safely right there is a trust there when
you get into an elevator
there’s a trust it’ll take you safely to
your destination
without trust nothing can happen all you
need is trust
trust is this thing
that’s beyond your mind it’s beyond
belief in what can happen what can’t
right so expanding your comfort zone
building trust like that is one of the
most powerful ways
another thing you can do is you can
actually use belief
to feed into faith okay
how you do that is you look into your
past for when miracles have happened
that kind of went against your world
so look at
past what do i mean by that well look
into your life when
things you never thought could happen
did happen that will give you more faith
more courage to try out things that are
so for me looking back at this journey
of entrepreneurship starting my youtube
getting to my first 20k a month getting
to my first 80k a month getting to my
first 150k a month
you know helping all of these people all
of our clients
become successful in their journey
that’s huge proof for me
that gives me a lot of faith to try out
new things so look into your past
and when things happened that gave you
proof that gave you confirmation that
you know you were going a direction that
you truly wanted to even though you
didn’t know
how you’d get there that’s number two
number three expose yourself to
so exposure to
contradictions or contradicting ideas
however you spell that so if you expose
yourself to contradicting ideas that
challenge you
it’ll allow you to see beyond all of
at core principles that are really true
so if you start to look at duality
if you look at oh yeah you know you’ve
got to have chaos
and order in your life you can start to
see beyond contradictions into
understanding core principles which is
balance you know there’s no
one right or wrong thing you can’t hold
one thing true
all the time you can’t believe one thing
all the time your beliefs are subject to
based on what you want right
the the greatest way to live life is to
have your beliefs in line
with what your passions are putting your
number one and putting beliefs number
having faith first and then believing
you’ve got to have faith first and then
follows once there’s enough proof right
i didn’t believe i could do 20k a month
until it happened and then i started
believing that it’s possible to do 20k a
do you see what i mean so when you start
to put your passions your heart
your faith first your trust first
then you’ll be able to cultivate this
sort of healthy ecosystem where you’re
always fulfilled no matter what
right a great way to do this to
cultivate more faith
is to expose yourself to contradictions
and contradicting ideas
because if you start to first of all
expose yourself to contradicting ideas
you battle test your existing principles
and you see if they hold true
right your existing beliefs they get
second of all if contradicting ideas do
get to you it kind of opens you up more
just like what faith does faith and
trust open you up
to more opportunities to trying out new
things that you normally wouldn’t have
tried out
right and with that i conclude this
thank you so much for watching i
sincerely hope this was helpful
and let’s do a quick recap of what we
talked about today
we talked about faith versus belief and
cultivating faith over belief is the
best thing you can do
for your fulfillment and actually
achieving your goals
and why if you have fulfillment
achieving your goals becomes really easy
if you love what you do it becomes very
very easy to achieve your goals
if you hate what you do and you go on
someone else’s path
because you believe that’s the only way
to go you’re always going to be
miserable and it’s always going to be a
like if you weren’t meant to do a nine
to five and by the way not everyone was
meant to have a business some people
love to work for someone else
and another company and you know work
towards a common vision
there’s nothing wrong with that but some
people have their own
ideas and what they want and they want
to pursue those
right so
belief makes you dependent on that which
is already seen
and that which has already happened in
the past
and when that happens you start to
hit a barrier because it might not
always align
with what actually fulfills you so for
example the business strategies the nine
to fives
social conditioning they all train you
up that way
and to truly become successful you’ve
got to find out
what you actually want and usually this
relies on that which that hasn’t
happened yet
only you can tread the path that was
meant for you no one else has treaded
that before
that’s why it’s the unknown it’s the
unmanifest right
and when you start to rely and have
this trust on that which is unknown you
start to do crazy things like elon musk
right you start to go towards wilder’s
visions and things that haven’t happened
like settling people on mars and
you’ll always fall into a trap if you
rely on your beliefs too much because
you’ll need it to function
i can’t tell you how many clients i have
you know coming on our coaching calls
quasi i don’t believe this can happen
how can i move forward oh no i need to
believe this i need to believe this i
need to believe this you don’t need to
believe anything
you don’t you just need to be open to
that’s all you need to do you just need
to open yourself to receiving
the only way you open yourself up to
receiving is if you shut up the mind
just shut up your beliefs for a second
you don’t need it that’s a false
that again is a false belief that you
need to believe
you don’t need to believe anything you
just need to be open that’s all
and i shared with you my story on how i
didn’t believe i could
have a business and i couldn’t even
imagine myself doing 20k a month let
alone with youtube videos and on
personal development
but it happened and it happened to spite
my beliefs
and it happened because i had faith i at
every single
stage in the process i could carry out
the process because i
trusted the process this is why people
talk about trusting the process
if you hit failure and you rely on your
beliefs too much
you’ll never be able to move past
because a failure is a fork in the road
that wasn’t meant to happen
and that’s the only reason you call it
failure and in order to
overcome all of these forks in the road
what you need is faith
right and beliefs lie in your mind
faith is in the heart the three keys we
talked about to cultivate more faith to
more trust in the unknown is expanding
your comfort zone doing things you
would have never done before go
to a foreign country go skydiving
don’t sue me if you go skydiving and
hurt yourself i don’t recommend
going skydiving i haven’t done it myself
expand your comfort zone do things to
expand your comfort zone number two
look at your past for when miracles
happen like
when have you done things and achieved
things that you thought you never could
that’s a huge confirmation that it can
happen despite what you believe and
don’t believe
right and expose yourself to
contradictions read books that you
wouldn’t normally read before you know
expose yourself to ideas articles and
other things that challenge
your own beliefs and ideologies because
if you start to do more and more of that
you start to see the things that
you know the thing that’s the principles
that are beyond
your beliefs right you start to find out
what you truly want
and don’t want and then you can choose
what you believe in to serve that
with that i conclude this video thank
you so much for watching i sincerely
hope this was helpful
if you’re new to the channel make sure
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that i put out and also i wanted to
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and what they’re seeing is they don’t
have a tactic or strategic problem
but even if they do think that they have
a tactical strategic problem they deep
down have an internal problem
that prevents them from making the right
tactics and strategies even stick
they doubt themselves they doubt their
services they doubt their offers or
you know they procrastinate they can’t
do the work
something internal is stopping them from
getting to what they want
so if that sounds like you click on the
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thank you so much for watching until
next time peace

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