Why Most Entrepreneurs Never Succeed: The failure to achieve “clean thinking”


In today’s video, I share with you the biggest pitfall most beginner entrepreneurs fall into…even some non beginners!

This biggest pitfall is also the #1 reason only a select few succeed in entrepreneurship, and why I almost failed when I started.

Hands down, this was one of the biggest lessons I learned in the year of 2020.

Before I get to the lesson, I want you to take a minute and look around you. See how society functions.

  • How companies are structured.
  • How most businesses are structured.
  • How schools and the education system is structured.
  • How even the stock market is structured.

Do you see a commonality in all of those?

All of these structures breed “like minded thinking”.

Society essentially trains us all to “do as I do”.

Eg in school, they spoon-feed you information, which fosters more “do as I do”-ism.

At the work-place you report to an employer who reports to their employer and tells em what to do.

Every business tries to replicate other businesses that have succeeded.

Everyone is investing in the same stock, and hype drives stock prices.

This prevents individuals from thinking for themselves.

No wonder we see so many people feeling lost in their lives, aimlessly pursuing goals they don’t even want!

That’s what I discuss in today’s video, how to foster “clean thinking” to truly succeed.

Here’s what you’ll learn:

  • The pendulum trap
  • Proven systems vs reinventing the wheel
  • What failing businesses optimize for vs what succeeding businesses optimize for
  • Cultivating “clean thinking”
  • The 80/20 rule and how I use it
  • How you can easily succeed if you just do this
  • The 2 keys you can implement right now

Hope this was helpful! Leave me a comment with your thoughts?


quazi here and in this video i want to
share with you the biggest reason why
entrepreneurs fail with their businesses
how i almost fail with my business okay
this lesson
was probably the most valuable lesson i
in the year of 2020. i want to share it
with you and also i want to give you the
three keys to help you
implement this lesson okay so i want you
to stick around to the very end of this
because we’re really going to dive deep
into the entrepreneurs the successful
entrepreneurs mind
and what really differentiates the
successful one from the unsuccessful one
before i begin this video and to quickly
announce that spots are now open for the
free one-to-one consult with me and my
team for the reality mastery program
wait till the end of the video for the
announcement on how to sign up for that
and with that let’s get started so today
i want to talk to you about the biggest
reason why entrepreneurs
fail with their businesses and it has to
do with clarity and purpose so
if you’re someone who’s a business owner
maybe you’ve just started out or
you’ve already been in business for a
very long time but you’re finding that
it’s fluctuating now
you know you’re not doing as well as you
did before
then this could be the reason why now
what i want you to know is
nowadays in society most people are
trained we’ve become
conditioned to copy and replicate
okay so we’ve become conditioned to copy
and if you look at the market a lot of
products just bear crazy resemblances
some are just blatant fakes like
copycats right
and when this happens the market
strays away from truth and moves towards
and optimizes for
replication okay it doesn’t optimize for
truth anymore but for replication so
to give an example if you go to school
they’ll teach you how to
you know copy and do stuff that’s
a curriculum and you basically just
follow instructions
jobs teach you how to follow
instructions as well you report to some
employer the employer reports to some
employer only the person at the top is
actually dictating and making those big
decisions for the company right
so society actually trains us to
follow instructions and because we get
this instruction following mindset we
can’t think of innovative solutions for
we always look to what someone else has
done and
try to copy and mimic that right so this
can at a certain level don’t get me
wrong this is important when you’re
starting off to have foundations but
we’re going to get right into
when to copy and when to not copy as
well by the end of this video
but that’s what i want you to know first
of all we get trained to copy
now what you’ve got to know about the
market in business
is just supply and demand right if
someone wants your server and needs your
service they’ll pay for it
but the market is dynamic it’s not
it’s always changing it’s never going to
be the same
trends change people change everything
people get rich because they can predict
trends only those who can predict the
future get rich
right that’s basic stock market 101. if
you have information
no one else has you’re going to get rich
so the market is very very dynamic
but the problem is if people start
copying each other they’re not
adapting to the market they’re adapting
to copying
so that’s the biggest problem with
copying now i’ve seen this happen with
and what essentially happens is you get
competition focused right so you look at
what other people are doing maybe people
who are similar to you what they’re
doing and what’s
working for them and then you start to
copy them without actually understanding
wait a second this could actually break
what’s already working
instead of actually giving it thoughtful
consideration you blindly copy
i saw that this was the biggest killer
for me because
in school whenever i stopped thinking
and started copying i started to fail
you know when i started to memorize
things i started to fail my engineering
but what happened was i then realized
what was going on
and then i actually made an effort to
think and to persevere on a problem even
though it’s difficult
so if you look at society now most
people just don’t even want to think
they don’t want to use their brains
everything right now all the foods all
the junk foods all the
dopamine spiking activities all the
social media or the entertainment
it’s getting us into zombie-like mode
right it’s getting us into
this perpetual zombie mode where you’re
brain dead we’re just walking around
brain dead not
making these choices for ourselves but
rather make allowing everything else to
make these choices for us
and then we complain about why our lives
aren’t going our way
right so this is the general problem
with society right now why most people
are just
following some pre-dictated path for
and this brings me to a concept called
okay a pendulum is a collective
structure that’s
built with collective thought energy so
to give an example
supporters of a sports team are part of
a pendulum supporters
followers of some religion are part of a
pendulum okay
whenever you’re part of a pendulum and
you succumb
to a collective ideology that pendulum
now has
your energy it can suck your energy okay
so the biggest pendulum right now is
societal conditioning you having to
adhere by certain
to certain laws in society so pendulums
aren’t all bad
even though they suck your energy
they’re not all that bad because there
are constructive ones and destructive
but the problem is we’re mostly never
able to discern
one from the other right so
what i want to share with you in this
video is how to follow your own path and
get unstuck you know get less sticky
from pendulums and just walk your own
path which is the part that’s going to
help you become successful in business
but ultimately help you have a more
fulfilling life okay
so true freedom comes when you follow
your own path
now you might be wondering quasi how do
i find my own path
well that’s something you’ve got to
discern for yourself
you’ve got to look at what you really
want for your life you know
and if you’ve had everything what does
life look like
so we’re going to get right into that in
a second but i want to share with you
that the solution to this
is following your own path rather than
some path society is laid out for you
if you follow a path that society is
laid out for you you’re going to grow
more and more miserable because
in your mind you’re always going to be
trapped in a prison okay
this is always going to be something
that you didn’t choose to do
and now let’s get to the final point of
following a proven system
versus reinventing the wheel because a
lot of
people who sell business programs talk
about this right they say
oh you should just follow this proven
system that’s already worked instead of
reinventing the wheel
and instead of doing one or the other
you’ve got to do both
what has worked for me is doing both
what do i mean by that in a system where
two opposing ideologies
one that brings a balance between the
two is going to be the optimal solution
that’s personally what i’ve found so you
balance using a proven system
with reinventing the wheel and you
produce your own unique solution because
it’s never going to be one size fits all
i can give someone a diet but they’re
going to follow it differently than
another person
the same diet won’t work for another
person each person has their own body
and its own needs right each person
learns differently
so while one thing might have more
effect on one person it might not have
more effect
the same level of effect on another i
hope that makes sense
so what you’ve got to do is learn to
take a proven system and see the parts
that have actually worked
by trying it out yourself and double
down more on one
what works and experiment
with what you think could work so a
general principle that i use is the 80
20 principle that’s always served me
eighty percent of the time i’m doing
what’s proven twenty percent of the time
i’m doing
and experimenting new things okay now
this is probably not equal at different
stages in your life
so for example in the year of 2021 there
could be 80
experimentation and 20 doing what’s
right but in the year 2022
it could be completely different but the
average of it is just 80 20.
okay most of the time it’s 80 20. i’m 80
what’s proven 20 what i’m testing out
because if you don’t test out you’re
going to always
become static you’re always going to be
optimizing for what’s already working
and you’re not going to be able to adapt
to a growing market
okay so this is how i’ve crafted my own
path you’ve got to understand what your
own path is
and follow that so the 80 20 is
something that’s worked for me
okay so there’s the balance between
using a proven
system versus reinventing the wheel for
yourself obviously if you are just
starting off you can’t reinvent the
wheel because you don’t understand the
imagine you’re learning the alphabet and
you start to invent your own
you’re never gonna like let’s say you’re
learning to write
prose and you’re writing like a novel
but you don’t even know the alphabets
you’ve got to learn the rules first
and how to structure clauses and
sentences and paragraphs
before you can start to mess around with
literary devices right so there’s that
learn the structure now let’s talk about
the solution to this how to
organically follow your own path and
achieve this sort of
freedom from pendulums okay
two-fold solution really number one is
something steve jobs calls
clean thinking it’s when you take
something very very complex and you just
break it down into
more simple simple simple solutions and
how you achieve clean thinking is when
you get
freedom from all of these pendulums so
if you take some time
off and you just disconnect yourself
from society from social media
you’re going to truly understand for
yourself what this means
so you know for a week or so take some
time off
go somewhere remote if it’s possible
maybe in a couple of days
and don’t do anything just be
don’t try to do anything or make any
noise or
talk much just stay in silence and just
ponder and you’ll see you’ll get to this
place of clean thinking when there isn’t
that much clutter in your mind
that’s number one when you achieve the
level of clean thinking you’ll be able
discern between
what really the market needs versus
just copying something over and over
again because it’s easy to see these
shiny objects
that’s the most dangerous thing of them
all right you see a shiny object which
could work but you already have
something that is
working but you’re like oh but that
could work better and then you get
distracted by that
this is why bill gates takes that think
where he just isolates himself for a
whole week
to research and look at the future and
make his own decisions
and his own conclusions from his own
research rather than following what
someone else is saying
because it’s even more dangerous now
because of how discourse has changed
you know it’s it’s with television media
social media
and you can’t discern from what’s true
from what’s false
everything appears real because
everything emotionally spikes you
someone’s opinion
emotionally spikes you right
that’s number one number two is finding
clarity around
your own life’s purpose which is
actually the foundational thing
if you don’t know what you want for your
life you’re never going to be able to
anything because you’re just going to go
in all different directions you’re going
to get
distracted by everything and if you
don’t stand for anything you’re going to
fall for what’s the same if you don’t if
you stand for nothing you’ll fall for
right finding clarity around what you
actually want
and reasoning via first principles this
is something elon musk talks about
but it’s essential because when you
reason via first
principles you give up reasoning via
most people reason via analogy oh one
person said this so it must be bad
investigate for yourself accept nothing
okay don’t accept anything reason for
explore an experience for yourself if
you’re wanting to you know join a
program and you’re like
oh you know it seems good i’m seeing a
lot of great results about it but then
one person’s like oh it’s bad
join the program anyways see for
give it a try yeah
that’s reasoning via first principles
not listening to what others is saying
and using that as ultimate truth but
making these conclusions for yourself by
breaking everything down to its
fundamental truth
i actually made a video about this if
you click up here you can check it out
it’s the difference between reasoning
via first principles and reasoning via
but i go much deeper into that and with
that i conclude this video thank you so
much for watching i
hope this was helpful let’s do a quick
recap of what we talked about today
essentially we talked about the biggest
reason why entrepreneurs fail
right and i see just people copying each
other left and right
and not having any sort of organic
about it and why this happens is because
we get
trained by society to follow follow
instead of leading instead of going our
own paths
if you go your own path you create your
own pendulum
and we also talked about the concept of
a pendulum which is a collective
like-minded structure
that feeds off this like-minded thinking
so a group of people who have the same
form a pendulum this pendulum structure
it’s just an energetic structure it
forms by itself
you know it’s not like something you can
see it’s invisible but it’s
through resonant thought frequencies
that it forms
and it sucks energy there can be
constructive or destructive pendulums
and the biggest problem with copying is
that the market is dynamic if you can’t
organically form thought
then you’re always going to be subject
to copying copying copying and
that’s what you’re going to optimize for
and true freedom is when you follow your
own path in order to follow your own
part you’ve got to be clear on what
you want at least begin with what you
think you want
most people are afraid to do that they
think that what they want
is bad and it’s wrong they judge
themselves for wanting something don’t
judge yourself
it’s what you want it’s fine it’s okay
allow yourself to want that
let that be and
we discern the difference between a
proven system versus reinventing the
do both don’t just follow one or the
other it’s got to be a good balance
between the two
because if you don’t find your
innovative solution you’re always gonna
be subject to copycat ism
right and the two solutions are
forming clean thinking by not being
influenced by anything
these feed into each other clean
thinking clarity around what you want
what your goals are
and reasoning via first principles
breaking everything down
to their fundamental assumptions what’s
the fundamental assumption that you can
make oh
gravity right so that’s a fundamental
assumption you can’t break it down any
so taking something breaking it down
into its fundamental assumptions and
then building up from there rather than
listening to analogy and hearsay
okay with that conclude this video thank
you so much for watching i sincerely
hope this was helpful
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thanks so much for watching the next
time peace

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