Why You Should Stop Trying To Just Reprogram Your Subconscious Mind (De-Program It First)


Today I want to share with you the biggest mistake I see most make in trying to “reprogram” their subconscious minds. Essentially the urge to reprogram arises from a conflict that arises between your desires and your conditioning; you want something, but your mind/body/energy is not aligned in that direction.

So quickly we begin the myriads of techniques: the affirmations, NLP, hypnosis, meditations…

To our surprise, often we do see results, but they are never permanent, just short lived. It feels as though there is another side of you trying to bring you down!

In this video I’m going to share with you why that happens, and what to do about it:

Here’s what I discuss:

  • The subconscious mind and how beliefs are formed
  • Why you must empty the cup BEFORE you try to fill it
  • How to empty the cup and deprogram yourself
  • Intention: doing vs having
  • The power of emptiness
  • Affirmations & confirmations: grounding new beliefs & how to do it

Hope this was helpful! Leave me a comment with your thoughts/videos you’d like to see me make?


quazi here and in this video i want to
share with you why your subconscious
mind just won’t listen to you
and why you can’t program it and even
though you try the affirmations the
visualizations the guided meditations
and the nlp
you’ll still keep falling back to those
old patterns and old ways of being
this video is going to be very very
crucial for you because by the end of
this you’re going to learn the three
keys to help
you not just step out of the old
programming but learn how to become more
moldable so you can program any idea in
there that you want
and actually have it produce results in
your life
so let’s get right to the point okay
if you want to understand your
subconscious mind you’ve got to
understand how you work
how do you go about every single day how
have you been living
what is it that you want and what is it
that you’ve been programmed to achieve
the biggest problem is we all want
but we’ve been programmed to experience
something else completely different
our desires never really match the way
we’ve been conditioned
okay and because of this we will always
right but this is just how it is we
always want what we can’t have
and that’s why the the pursuit towards
our desires really begins
so the challenge becomes how do we get
to that right place of being you know
program ourselves correctly so we’re no
longer struggling against ourselves
because the biggest battle you go
through is the one against yourself
right so let’s understand how the
subconscious mind works
and how beliefs get formed by the way i
made a video on this if you click up
here there’s going to be a little i
if you click on that i’ll attach the
video in there as well as in the
but really how your subconscious mind
works is in the following way
anytime you are accustomed and you know
you’re presented with a new stimulus a
new idea it
enters as an opinion you don’t really
know whether to believe it or not
because you haven’t seen sufficient
it doesn’t have as much grounding in
your psyche okay
because of that it always begins as an
and now what happens is this opinion
gets stronger and stronger the more you
experience proof the more you keep
thinking about it the more you keep
feeling something towards it
okay and then it becomes a belief okay
really start to believe it because
you’ve started to see it everywhere
and then this belief eventually evolves
into a conviction
okay and this conviction is something
you will never challenge
please check out this video for a
detailed understanding on that i’m not
going to get too detailed into that in
this one
but essentially to give you an example
let’s say you start to really believe
that you’re not good enough
right let’s say you believe that oh i’m
not good enough to sell my products i’m
not good enough to sell my services
and i’m not good enough to make money or
i’m not good enough for this partner
whatever it may be
and you start to tell yourself this
opinion comes in oh wait a second maybe
it’s because i’m brown
you know maybe some other absurd thing
maybe it’s because i’m short
or maybe it’s because you know i talk
this way maybe it’s because of some
other insecurity about me
okay and you start to have this opinion
you start to have this thought maybe
someone said it maybe someone commented
on your instagram or maybe someone
commented on one of your social media
and now what happens is you start to
look at that
opinion and thought and you correlate
your failures toward that
right and you you kind of connected
together the pain
the feeling of pain from your failures
is now connected to your insecurity
what happens is now you form a
neural network now you’re like wait i’m
a failure because i’m brown
i’m a failure because you know brown
people in america and minorities don’t
have don’t get a chance or whatever
other thing that you make up
and now you truly start to believe it
because the emotional intensity of it is
so high
so whenever a thought is there and you
put enough emotion into it it eventually
evolves into a belief whether it’s a
positive or negative emotion
right most of the time it is negative
emotion because those are the ones
you know we live in fear mode nowadays
more often than not and now what happens
is the more you keep
you know acting on this and you go
around and you start to repeat this to
yourself and you keep
feeling the pain more and more it’s like
oh you know life isn’t fair
the world isn’t fair to brown people
i’ll never be successful because i’m
brown it becomes a conviction
okay so whatever insecurities that you
have it eventually goes from this
to belief to a conviction a conviction
is something you’ll never challenge
you just say oh it’s just this way
because i’m brown
you know that’s the level of conviction
you’ll get to and
it some of this stuff becomes absurd we
never really challenge these beliefs and
where they came from
and that’s the problem you know they’ve
become second nature to us we start to
see through these lens we can’t look at
the lens we’re wearing
and just take them off right so that’s
a belief gets formed and how it becomes
a conviction
now what most people try to do is they
try to change
this conviction without actually seeing
this as a conviction in the first place
they’ll see it but they won’t really
investigate it so what they will do is
they’ll try the affirmations and the
visualizations they’ll try the
so whenever they feel this pain and this
the most common thing people will do is
tell an affirmation like oh no i’m
successful i’m worthy i’m rich
an interesting thing happens here
because all of these things that you’re
they are techniques right they’re
supposed to help
facilitate the transformation but
they’re not the key principle
they’re just the technique itself the
technique is just an extension of the
okay so i’m gonna get into what i really
mean by that but for now just bear with
essentially you’re trying to now change
what you believe instead of destroying
first what you believe and stepping into
a new belief
so in order to understand that think
about it this way
how can you you know have a piece of
that’s already filled in with color and
try to paint something
new in it you’ve got to get a new piece
of paper you’ve got to find a way to
erase the old
stuff you’ve put in there right so this
is the
process of deprogramming yourself first
in order to reprogram
yourself you’ve got to deprogram
yourself in order to make something it’s
got to come out of nothing you know
that’s how god or the universe
came about it came from nothing right so
we try to when our cups are full try to
fill it up with more tea instead of
emptying the cup first
so in that sense doing these
affirmations in a state of resistance
doing these techniques from a state of
resistance is very very futile which
brings me to my next point that you’ve
got to understand
which is intention okay intention
literally means what place is this
coming from you know the affirmations
and the visualizations that i’m doing
what place of being is this coming from
okay which brings me to the two
distinctions doing
versus being you can do something
or you can really do it from a different
a place of being that is
that serves the goal itself okay i’ve
made lots of videos about this you can
click up here and check that out
but the key thing i want you to take
away from this is what is the intention
that you have
do you want to are you doing these
affirmations to resist
this lack of self-worth let’s say you
know let’s say you’re not able to sell
your services and you can’t attract
qualified prospects and qualified
clients so what you do is oh
you know i’m good enough you know my
services are good enough i can sell
but you know whatever you do whatever
tell yourself it just becomes more of a
means to a resistance
the very fact that you have to tell
yourself these things actually affirms
that you’re not good enough because
someone who’s good enough wouldn’t need
to tell themselves
this so really investigate how these
beliefs come in the first place they
always come to you
the opinions and the thoughts always
come to you at a place of emptiness when
you’re the most
receptive when you’re in a place of
resistance when you’re feeling too
strongly about something you’re never
going to be receptive
right so the best way to reprogram
yourself is to first
be receptive and be in an empty relaxed
state in the first place
just like when you’re watching tv you’re
relaxed that’s why you get easily
programmed with these ideas on
right so most people come from
resistance and keep focusing on the
everything that they do all of the
techniques that they try all become
a focusing mechanism towards the
you want money because
you don’t want to be poor you don’t want
money because you want to be rich
you want money because you don’t want to
be poor you’re doing these affirmations
and you want
to be successful because you don’t want
to be unsuccessful so
the focus now doesn’t become on moving
something it actually becomes on moving
away from something else
this is a key distinction you’ve got to
understand as well now let’s get to the
three keys that you can begin
implementing right now by the way i’ve
already kind of hinted at these keys but
i’ll just summarize everything that
talked about in this video for you the
best way to reprogram yourself
the best way to reprogram your
subconscious mind
is number one reprogram yourself from a
place of emptiness
and relaxation the best times i’ve found
are first thing in the morning and last
thing before bed
when you’re just about to fall asleep
you can listen to your affirmations you
can say your affirmations to yourself
or when you wake up in the morning first
thing and you can visualize then
because throughout the day you know
you’re confronted with lots of things
and it
brings out pre-existing fears and
you know desires within you and it just
brings up more and more of that
so if you’re going to be doing these
techniques the best time to do it
is at least you know right before you
fall asleep or first thing in the
morning as you wake up
right that was actually number two the
time frame when you should be doing them
number one was
coming from a relaxed state of being
number three
is whatever affirmations whatever new
program that you’re trying to program
yourself with
make sure you confirm them every single
day any little thing that
signals progress towards you becoming
someone new to you achieving something
that you want to achieve
make sure you’re rewarded make sure you
notice it and appreciate it
and reward it so to give an example of
let’s say you want to program yourself
to be a successful business person or
make 20k a month in your business
and let’s say this month you know this
week you’ve had a client reach out to
you for your services
whenever someone reaches out to you for
your services this actually signals
progress towards what you want
make sure you notice that and give
yourself a mental pat on the back
oh my god it’s working oh wow
this is really working wait someone
responded really well to one of my
prospecting emails
fantastic this is really working i’m
actually moving forward
when you do this what happens is now
you’re crossing the threshold from
opinion to belief
because when you show yourself
confirmation now your reticular
activating system is like wait a second
this could just happen and now it starts
to filter out for things that actually
lead to that
okay this is the biggest reason why
business owners stay stuck at a certain
level and they can’t
notice the opportunities right under
their noses because they’re always
focused on
what’s not working rather than what is
start to notice more of what is working
and ignore what’s not working
if you’re going to address what’s not
working at least address it
in a positive from a positive frame of
being from a positive standpoint like oh
here’s something i can improve on if i
improve on this i’m going to get better
right so with that i conclude this video
i’m going to do a quick recap
for you the three keys we talked about
in programming yourself is
first of all number one you must come
from a deep program state
a state of relaxation a state where
you’re not stressed out
don’t matter your affirmations when
you’re you know
super stressed out when you’re in an in
terrible place
like let’s say you’re in a stressful
situation right now
with your boss or something or you’re in
an interview just don’t go to the
bathroom and start saying your
affirmations to yourself
whatever it is just let it be let it
come up let it be
become emptier and now you can program
yourself with whatever it is that you
okay number two the best times i’ve
personally found are first thing in the
thing before bed and number three make
sure you
move up the levels from opinion to
belief to conviction
you’ll see that it’ll become a part of
you you know once you start to
really look for confirmations and moving
you know i remember i started at zero
dollars a month in my coaching business
and then i grew to 5k a month and i
really rewarded that progress but what i
started to see was
you know when i was going to 5k a month
i was inconsistent because i also
to place a lot of emphasis on what’s not
to give an example i was looking at the
clients that i didn’t sign
as opposed to the clients that i did so
i shifted my focus from that
and only focused on the clients that i
did sign and this actually made me
progress much more
right and then i had 20k 100k 150k a
and all of this happened because i
progressively moved from that old
version of myself to this current
version of myself
i’m going to attach a link in the click
the little i and also in the description
of how you can really reprogram your
identity at the very very core so you
can become someone different and as a
result experience a different reality
thank you so much for watching this i
sincerely hope this was helpful
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thank you so much for watching until
next time peace
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